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Discover the Layers of Your Energy Body

Understanding the Layers of the Human Energy Body. The human energy body refers to the energetic structure of a human being. This is also sometimes called the aura. It contains the 7 chakras, a number of subtle bodies, and it is the overall energy that surrounds and animates our physical being,

As human beings in today's day and age, its common knowledge that the physical body is comprised of a number of different systems that work together as a part of the whole body. For example, the circulatory system, digestive system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system, etc, can be perceived as unique structures or systems within the physical body. They are separate systems within the one physical body, and each system is an essential part of the whole.

Understanding the Human Bodies Energy

In a similar manner, there are different systems within the overall energy body of a human being as well.

This knowledge about the structure of the energy body is more esoteric in nature, meaning it is less understood and known by the masses. Understanding it however, can create a powerful framework and foundation to support your spiritual growth, healing and esoteric abilities as well as your conscious expansion.

Discover The Structure of the Energy Body

Discover The Structure of the Energy Body Understanding the Human Energy System can get a bit confusing… And if you've ever looked into the structure of human energy, you may have noticed that no one can seem to agree about how exactly it is structured. This is because there are actually many different systems for how the energy body is organized. This is not by mistake.

Depending on the spiritual lineage, teacher, or tradition you're studying… This structure of the human energy field may be presented in dramatically different ways.

No one system is right or wrong. Rather, how our human energy bodies are structured depends entirely on how we consciously perceive, develop and structure them.

Certain traditions and lineages will intentionally structure the human energy body in a different way through specific conscious and spiritual practices.

Its important to note here that changes in consciousness can and will impact the energy bodies. And on the other hand, changes within the energy bodies will also impact consciousness.

In other words, you can consciously restructure your energy bodies through conscious focus and practice, while at the same time you can expand and uplift your consciousness by developing the layers of subtle bodies that make up your entire energy field.

The main reason or purpose for the different systems and structures of the human energy field is this:

By perceiving our energy bodies in certain ways, new practices and experiences become available that do not work within the context of another traditions structure.

Dr Robert Gilbert really helped me to understand the different layers of the human energy field across a number of different lineages and spiritual traditions. By learning the perspectives of different traditions it becomes clear that each point to the truth, and by viewing things from 12 different perspectives, we can better and more fully understand the truth and whole.

If you'd like to deep dive into this topic, check out Dr Gilbert's course on the essential teachings and practices of Spiritual Science on

For now, in this article I'm going to share with you insight into a 4 different Human Energy System Structures so you can get an idea of how and why differences in these systems may manifest.

By viewing things from many different angles and perspectives we can better understand the Truth.

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Theosophist System For Understanding The Energy Field

To start, lets look at one of the most commonly taught modern Metaphysical Structures that is based on the teachings of the Theosophist Society of the 1800's. This is a 7 Subtle Body system where each of the 7 Subtle Bodies together makes up the energy body as a whole.

1. Physical Body

The physical body is the part of you that is the densest. It is the part of you that you can see in a mirror, weigh on a scale, and move through physical reality with. The physical body by itself is inanimate. Its only though anchoring the next energy body into it, the etheric, that the physical being wakes up so that it can move, breathe and become alive.

2. Etheric Body

The next layer is the etheric energy. The etheric is the actual life force energy that animates your physical form. Without the presence of this Life Force energy, the physical body is inanimate and dead. This is what happens at the time of death, when the Etheric energy detaches from the physical vessel and leaves the physical body intact, but inert.

The Etheric Body is essentially the same concept as Chi, or Prana. It is the Life Force Energy that when anchored into the physical form allows you to move and breathe.

In the Rosicrucian Tradition, the Etheric Life Body is seen to contain your memories, circadian rhythms, and timing cycles.

In the Indian Vedanta Lineage, which I talk about more below, the Etheric Body is called the “Sheath of Vital Energy” and is seen as the prana life force that animates and sustains the physical form. The etheric energy anchors into the physical form through each chakra… More on that soon too!

3. The Emotional Body

The next layer of subtle energy is the Emotional Body which is sometimes referred to as the Lower Astral Body.

This relates to all emotional functions of your consciousness.

4. The Mental Body

The Mental Body is sometimes called the Higher Astral Body. It is your mental function including logic, intellect, and rational abilities.

What About The Astral Body?

The Astral Body is a combination of Mental and Emotional functions. In systems such as within the Rosicrucian Tradition, the Mental and Emotional are combined into one body which is called the Astral. 

In the Theosophist system, however the Mental and Emotional are separated into two separate bodies and the Astral is not specifically mentioned.

5. Casual Body

The Casual Body is seen as the link between your higher spiritual faculties and lower bodies.

The Casual is said to contain the spiritual imprint of your karma, how it will play out, how to become fully conscious of it and how to change it through spiritual and healing work.

6. Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Body is the body of your advanced spiritual capacities and functions. It allows you to journey into and experience higher spiritual realms within which your lower physical being cannot navigate nor reach.

7. Divine Body

The Divine Body is the highest body within your energy field. This is the essential Spiritual Core of Divine energy you have access to within your energy structure. It is your Divine I Am Core and presence.

The Indian Vedanta System of 5 Sheaths

Next up, lets look at the Indian Vedanta System. This is one of the next most commonly taught and known systems for understanding the human energetic field today. Interestingly, it is from this Lineage that we also have learned about the Chakra system, which explains is how the Etheric Life Force Energy anchors into the Physical Form through 7 Spinning Wheels or Sacred Disks of Energy called Chakras.

The Indian Vedanta System organizes the Human Aura and Energy field into 7 Sheaths or Koshas. They are as follows:

1. Sheath of Food

In the Indian Vedanta Lineage the densest, physical level of the human energy body is called the “Sheath of Food”. It is literally seen as the physical body that is built and sustained by food. A pregnant mother assists the child in her womb in developing a physical body by feeding it food, and the physical body is then sustained throughout life through ingesting food.

2. Sheath of Vital Energy

The Sheath of Vital Energy is can be understood as essentially being the same as the Etheric Body. It is the Prana, Chi, or Life-force energy that animates the Sheath of Food.

The Etheric energy of the Sheath of Vital Energy anchors into the physical body through the 7 Chakras. Each chakra anchors the etheric life force into the physical body, and has a specific area of life, health and spirituality that that chakra energy “oversees” and reveals.

Many people today mistakenly think the chakra energy centers are the structure for the human energy field, when in reality they are one small but essential layer of a much greater whole.

3. Sheath of Mind

The Sheath of Mind is the energy body which processes information and stimulus received through the 5 senses. This is the layer of the energy body that empowers direct perception of the external physical world.

4. Sheath of Wisdom

The Sheath of Wisdom is a body of higher consciousness. It empowers our discernment and access of higher knowledge. I see and interpret this as being the higher mind. Through the Sheath of Wisdom we are able to access the wisdom of the Higher Self, and tap into a higher level of awareness than can normally be attained and tuned into as a physical being.

5. Sheath of Bliss

The Sheath of Bliss is the innermost core of the human energy body in the Vedanta structure. It is your Divine essence manifest through Shiva- the Divine Masculine essence of consciousness, and Shakti- the Divine Feminine essence of consciousness.

Also called the Anandamaya Kosha, this is the pure Joy and Bliss which surrounds the central core of your Divine I AM Presence and Core Truth.

Ancient Mexican Model for the Human Energy System

Next lets look at The Ancient Mexican System for Understanding the Human Energy System as taught by Sergio Manana in his book Caves of Power. This system is organized into 5 body structures.

As Sergio explains: “Just as we need five fingers on each hand for them to work as a whole, so we need five bodies to express our full physical, mental and spiritual capacities.” Within the Ancient Mexican Lineage these 5 Bodies are as follows:

1. Tonacayo

The Physical Body allows us to experience the material plane and physical reality.

2. Ihiyotyl

The Life Force or ‘encouragement' body. This is the subtle energy that comes from the etheric worlds and allows matter to come into motion. According the Mexican Tradition, the ihiyotyl anchors to the physical form through the liver and the legs.


This is the energy that surrounds the heart and in which the whole of life experience resides. The Teyolia holds our deeply rooted emotional patterns.


The Tonal is the energy that surrounds the head while awake. It is the mental consciousness and personality.

An important distinction within the Ancient Mexican system is the understanding that while awake, the Tonal resides around the head, empowering us to feel aware of physical reality and its laws of time and space.

When we sleep however, the Tonal is seen to move from the head to the adbomen… And the Nahaual moves from the abdomen to the head. These two bodies essentially swapping positions empowers us to consciously begin to navigate the dream world, and the world of Spirit we enter after death.

5. Nahual

The Nahual is the energy body that we use when we sleep and dream. It is an energetic body whose name comes from the Nahuatl word nehua which means “I” and the word nahualli which means “what extends”

This is the body of who you are beyond material reality. It is your spirit form within which you can navigate the dream and spirit realm.

Greek Hermetic System of 3 Bodies

The final system I want to look at here today is the system of understanding that comes from the Greek Christian Hermetic Master Daskalos.

Daskalos is known for having attained incredibly high esoteric and healing achievements.

His basic 3 System for understanding the Human Aura and energy field consists of the following:

1. Gross Material Body

This is the physical form that is anchored in physical reality.

2. Psychical Body

Psychic-al not physical… In Daskalos system this is the emotional body.

3. Noetic Body

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This the mental level of higher consciousness, and the spiritual form.

A really interesting distinction when it comes to Daskalos system is he perceived each the Gross Material Body, the Psychical, and the Noetic as having their own Etheric Field which he called the Etheric Double.

So for example, the Gross Material form has its own Etheric Double, as does the Psychic Emotional Body, and so does the Noetic Mental Body have its own Etheric Double.

Through this separation of the Etheric energy, new layers of healing possiblity open up.

As you can see, understanding the Structure of the Human Aura Field is not always clear cut and definitely not one size fits all… But by understanding these structures from different perspectives, and from different Traditions and Lineages, we can begin to grasp how our individual structure has been developed through our practices and awareness…

And to then realize what practices and conscious focus we can utilize to further develop these structures empowering exploration in higher worlds, healing abilities, spiritual communication, dream travel and so much more.

I hope this has been helpful for you!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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