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Tuning Into Earth Healing Energy

Tuning Into Earth Energy Healing & Balancing Light

If the idea that the earth has powerful healing properties is a new one to you, I want to be clear: the earth truly has everything that we as humanity need to return to a state of well-being, vibrancy, and vitality. The very earth itself offers a powerful healing frequency in supporting us in returning to balance.

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Now that we're living in ascension times, where we are raising in vibration and tuning into the higher light of spirit, understand that the earth is ascending along with us. The earth's vibration is now scientifically higher than ever before, as validation for this.

Earth is a powerful ally for supporting you on your ascension journey, in returning to balance, and tuning into healing. One of the best ways to balance your energy, to clear your mind, to refresh your spirit, and renew your light is to get outside in nature and tune into the healing light of the earth.


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Tune Into Earth Healing Yourself

Earth Healing You can do this inside, for of course even if you're inside, you’re connected to the earth. But there's an extra power in getting outside and into the sunshine. Even with cloud cover, the sunlight shines through. The earth energy all around is so powerful.

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed and allow your awareness to focus within. Focus on the area of your heart and just breathe and fully be present. Tune into the sounds of the earth around you, feel the air on your skin, the light of the sun reaching you, and the light of the earth below your feet. Just be and breathe.

Now, feel your awareness flowing down as if in a column of light, all the way down to the core of the earth like a tree roots or a crystalline column flowing down through the layers of the earth all the way to the core. See it reaching the light at the core of the earth. This is the light of Gaia, mother earth. Tune into this light and feel your oneness with the earth, the oneness with all that is.

Reveal Yourself

Let this light flow upward, through your feet, along your legs, along your spinal column, uniting all of your chakras into one light. See it continuing upward into the light of the Divine above. Let this light pour around you, filling your aura and spirit and bringing you fully present into this moment.

Breathe and let yourself fully reveal yourself to the earth, to the Divine. Focus on letting your heart open, light glowing within your heart, and just be and breathe. Feel your oneness with the energy around you. Know that this very oneness is ushering healing into your being.

Show up in this way: revealing your imperfections, revealing all that you are and all that you are not, revealing through your open heart your struggles, your triumphs, your insecurities, your victories, revealing yourself exactly as you are in this present moment. The earth can then meet you with her light, to balance your energy, to realign you with the light of the Divine that flows throughout the earth and flows throughout all that is.

Take as long as you want to breathe and experience the magnificence of the earth around you. If you're having trouble focusing, tune into a single tree and just gaze at the tree. Really be present with it and just bring all your awareness and focus onto that one tiny element of the earth.

Know that that focused awareness, that complete and total ‘present in the moment’ opens you up to receive the incredible healing energy of Gaia, mother earth.

Flowing Earth Energy Through Your Chakras

Another way to tune into the healing light of the earth involves flowing the earth energy up through your chakras into the column of light that unites them as one. To do this, it’s helpful to stand or sit with your feet flat on the ground. Once again, close your eyes and become aware of the presence of the earth light all around you. The earth is one with the Divine and all that is.

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Feel your oneness with this. Breathe and release thought, fear, and doubt. Release focus on the past or worry about the future and fully enter into this present moment here and now. This is where you are able to experience your oneness with Gaia, mother earth, and all the many beings upon the earth.

Feel your energy ground down to the core, to the light of the earth. Feel your oneness with it and let the light flow up. But now, let it flow up through your receiving foot.

Visualize an Energy Loop

As energy flows through your body, you receive through your left hand and send out through your right. Your feet are the same way. So, let the energy flow up in through your left foot, up along your left leg, into your root chakra and then flow down your right leg, down through your right foot and back all the way to the core of Gaia. Then the light once again flows up through your left foot, up into your sacral chakra, and down your right leg, your right foot, all the way to the core of Gaia.

Continue this loop, this flow of energy flowing up and down, up and down, to flow energy into each of your chakras and then down to the core of earth. Allow this to fully bring you into the present moment, to cleanse your entire being, to balance, clarify, and align you fully in the present moment with your authentic light.

When you try this, really tune into the light of the earth, and notice the powerful effect it has on balancing your energy, aligning you fully in the moment, and then opening you to inspiration, guidance, and to greater levels of love and possibility.

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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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