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Unlock the Power of Your Earth Star Chakra: Steps and Activation

The Most Important Features: Harnessing the Power of Your Earth Star Chakra

Unlock the Power of Your Earth Star Chakra: Steps and Activation While the primary seven chakras are by far the most known and recognized, it makes sense that our whole chakra system is far more intricate. The seven main chakras (root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown) are the most discussed because they are considered to be the main energy centers where our vital life force energy (prana) anchors within the physical body.

However, our energetic anatomy is multidimensional, and extends far beyond our physical form.

We have many minor chakras in addition to the main seven. For example, in yogic traditions, there are said to be 114 chakras, which include the seven main chakras, 21 minor chakras, and 86 micro chakras. These energy centers reside in the palms of our hands, soles of the feet, certain joints, and energy line crossings, and many others.

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We also have non physical chakras above the top of our head (sometimes called transpersonal chakras), and below our feet (sometimes called subpersonal chakras). Through these energy centers we are empowered to connect to the higher realms of consciousness within the new earth realms, in the cosmos, and within other dimensions of existence.

The Earth Star Chakra

Let's explore deeper into our energetic anatomy, by journeying beyond the familiar seven chakras, starting with the Earth Star Chakra, a profound energy center that's like a super root chakra, and helps us to deeply anchor ourselves to Mother Earth.

Situated about 12 inches below the bottom of your feet, the Earth Star Chakra is a vibrant vortex of energy that serves to anchor your soul essence, and life force energy to Mother Earth, and the vast network of life that coexists within her field. It is a chakra of oneness within which we remember that we are connected to Mother Earth, to the collective consciousness of humanity, and to the vast field of All That Is.

The Earth Star Chakra's Sanskrit name is Vasundhara which means “daughter of the Earth”.

The Vasundhara chakra not only anchors us to the wisdom of the earth and the inhale and exhale of the etheric energy of nature but also to the ancestral spirits, the subtle energies within stones and minerals, the faerie realm, and the collective consciousness of humanity.

How to Activate Your Earth Star Chakra

The easiest way to activate and balance your Earth Star chakra is by simply relaxing, and listening to the Earth Star Activation Meditation with Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon.

Simply relax and listen to this 29 minute meditation that will support you in more fully standing in the light and authentic truth that you authentically are.

I have written steps for this activation for you below as well if you prefer as well.

As you deepen in your path of spiritual growth and increased self awareness, you naturally begin to circulate more light, and high frequency positive energy through your system.

To be able to embody the light and frequency of the higher realms into everyday life, it's essential to have a strong and balanced foundation.

It's also important to ground your energy to the Earth's Crystalline Grid, to prevent any sort of energetic overload, or the short circuiting of your energetic system.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by cleansing and activating your Earth Star Chakra… this energy center can become blocked with negative energy, limiting the circulations of vital life force energy through your etheric body and field.

In cleansing and activating both the Earth Star Chakra below our feet, and our Soul Star Chakra above the top our our head, we build a powerful bridge between Earth and Spirit. We claim our power to be fully grounded and embodied in the physical world, yet reaching up with our light and consciousness into the higher spiritual realms of Source, Light and Spirit.

Earth Star Chakra Meditation – Open & Activate!

Earth Star Chakra Meditation - Open & Activate! An activated, cleansed and balanced Earth Star Chakra is essential for you to energetically ground in the crystalline grid system and to access inner wisdom.

Your inner wisdom, authentic power and light that's just waiting to be more fully revealed by releasing past pain, limitations, negativity and fear.

And the deep wisdom within the Earth that is ready and willing to offer an elevated foundation for you to lift higher in the light and crystalline energies of ascension.

Cleansing and activating your Earth Star Chakra offers you a solid foundation in the new energy so you can support yourself as you now begin to flow more light and powerful ascension energies through your system than ever before.

Without a balanced Earth Star Chakra, you run the risk of energetically overloading your system as new waves of light in the days to come continue to support you in lifting higher.

But with your Earth Star Chakra cleansed, balanced, and activated…

Magnificent possibilities for shining even more light, standing in more of your authentic truth, and experiencing an even higher power throughout all areas of your life will emerge.

Earth Star Chakra- Foundation For the 12 Chakra System

The Earth Star Chakra is like the grounding point for your aura and subtle energy bodies, providing a grounding and stabilizing influence, that supports a clear, centered mind, and a balanced and harmonized personal energy field.

An open and harmonized Earth Star Chakra helps you to stay rooted and connected to the Earth while empowering your awareness to elevate and expand into higher realms of consciousness and universal energies. It is essential for activating the higher 12-chakra system as well.

What is the Earth Star Chakra?

Earth Star Chakra The Earth Star Chakra is the first chakra outside of our physical body, below the body, moving into the Earth. It is a connection point between our physical body and the energy field of the planet.

I've read many references of the Earth Star Chakra as being an an iridescent black color, like what you would see on a Raven, or in shiny black crystals like black tourmaline or black onyx. It's also sometimes described as being deep brown in color, like petrified wood, and is often represented by a downward-pointing triangle. I personally have not experience this energy center in quite this way. For me it looks more like a brilliant golden light. So, it's worth noting that perception of chakra colors can vary based on personal experience, expectation, and interpretation.

For some people, the Earth Star Chakra may not seem to have any color at all, and rather be experienced as a feeling or sensation of grounding, warmth and connection with the Earth. Colors can differ significantly depending on the perspective, spiritual teachings, and even the spiritual practices you're engaging with. I'll share an activation with you here shortly so you can start tuning in to this center to see and know for yourself!

Why is the Earth Star Chakra important?

The Earth Star Chakra carries essential grounding properties for our entire chakra system, etheric body, and aura energy field.

When open and harmonized, the Earth Star Chakra empowers grounded stability, helping us to feel connected to the Earth and to the world around us.

When this chakra is balanced, we feel a greater sense of well-being, security, and connection to the world. It is also believed to be connected to our past lives, and all the wisdom, gifts, and insights our soul has accumulated across lifetimes on Earth, making it an important chakra for spiritual growth and development.

How does the Earth Star Chakra affect our lives?

The Earth Star Chakra affects our lives in many ways. When this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, we may feel disconnected from nature and the world around us.

Symptoms of an imbalanced Earth Star Chakra can include feeling a lack of purpose or direction in life, feeling disconnected, and even having difficulty manifesting ones desires or goals.

On the other hand, when this chakra is balanced and healthy, we feel more grounded, stable, and connected our soul light, purpose, and more connected to the planet and to others as a result. We may feel more confident, secure, and at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. We may also feel more in tune with our spiritual path and our connection to the universe.

Balancing Your Earth Star Chakra

Your Earth Star Chakra is connected to the living, breathing multidimensional spirit of Mother Earth (Gaia) and to the Earth's Crystalline Grid.

When your Earth Star Chakra is activated it will bring you into close communion with the magic, healing, and sacred energy of the Earth.

The higher you reach in the Divine and spiritual realms above, the more important and necessary it is for you to anchor your energy deep into the Earth. In meditations, we often ground our energy to the Crystalline Core, or Heart of Gaia, Mother Earth, to do this, our energy flows down through the Earth Star Chakra.

When your Earth Star Chakra is clear and balanced, you are able to be clear and balanced in your daily life. You're able to highly function in physical reality, while simultaneously anchoring the blissful light vibrations of the higher realms into physical form.

Crystals to Activate the Earth Star Chakra

Crystals that resonate with the Vasundhara include Black Tourmaline, Petrified Wood, and Smoky Quartz, known for their grounding properties and. Hematite and Red Jasper are also powerful allies, helping you to ground your energy and connect more deeply with Mother Earth. Clear Quartz is also a wonderful ally, as it is one of the most powerful stones for programming with clear intention.

Remember, when working with crystals, it's important to cleanse and charge them regularly!

Guide Yourself Through the Earth Star Chakra Activation Process Here:

Step 1: Sit or lay down outside in a natural setting (One of the most best places to activate the Earth Star Chakra, is while meditating outdoors in communion with Mother Earth.)

You may want to lay down directly on the Earth, be surrounded by water, or relax in a hammock to tune into the energy of the air.

Close your eyes and relax. Find the vibration of gratitude and gratitude and thankfulness for the Earth and all the many blessings she brings infuse your vibration.

Invite in Archangel Sandalphon to help you connect with the sacred light within the Earth to activate, cleanse, and balance your Earth Star Chakra.

Next imagine light from the core of the Earth flowing up in through the bottom of your feet and up along your spinal column. Feel and experience white light entering into each of your chakras and uniting them as one.

Imagine a waterfall of Divine light from the Heavens pouring down upon you, cleansing your entire being, and flowing down into the Earth below your feet… Go with it.

Feel your energy grounding, and going down into the light at the core of the Earth.

Feel your oneness with the Earth and with everything in existence.

Visualize the light of the Earth building in the area of your Earth Star Chakra, about 12 inches below your feet, beneath the surface of the Earth.

Visualize the light of the Earth glowing beneath your feet. Allow yourself to experience the healing, and restoring energy of your Earth Star Chakra.

Activating the Earth Star Chakra center is the foundation you need to lift higher, and to activate the higher chakras of your 12 chakra system. It's not something you do once and then it's forever done… Every moment offers the opportunity to more full connect with the sacred light within the Earth.

Start making choices to take better care of the Earth, to be an Earth Keeper. Take steps to balance your life so you are respecting caring for the Earth through your actions, not polluting and harming her.

Go for an Earth walk and feel your energy linking with the sacred light of Gaia with each step you take. Your ever step can more fully cleanse, balance and activate your Earth Star Chakra when you take it with gratitude, respect, and aware of the sacred power within the Earth.

As you open your connection to Gaia through your Earth Star Chakra, she will give you the power, strength, and foundation you need to lift higher.

As you open to the full light and Divine power within the Earth, it will build and grow within you. Full alignment within your Earth Star Chakra cannot happen until you are in harmony with all beings who walk upon the Earth. Practice expressing your love and gratitude for all life, and for the mountains, oceans, forests, sun, moon, sky and every part of the natural world which draws your attention.

With help from the Earth, from Archangel Sandalphon, and from All That Is, you can balance, cleanse, and activate your Earth Star Chakra which offers you the foundation you need to lift higher.

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