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Earth Angels- 31 Signs You’re An Earth Angel & What to Do If You Are!

What Are Earth Angels? What to do and how to know if you are one…

Earth Angel The simple truth is that at the core level, we are all spiritual beings experiencing temporary physical lives. There are however certain souls who seem to have a highlighted angelic connection within their physical incarnation. This group of souls are known as “Earth Angels” and tend to exhibit certain characteristics and traits.

So Wait… What are Earth Angels?

Earth Angels are spiritual beings born into physical form. They are born into the physical world at this point in time in which multiple timelines are merging in order to:

  • serve humanity and the earth
  • assist all souls in the awakening and ascension process
  • help in anchoring the timeline of light, love, and peace to bring the earth and humanity into the golden age of co-creation

Viewed through another lens, Earth Angels can be defined as evolved spiritual beings who have connections or future incarnations in higher dimensional realities.

In many cases, they are 7th and 9th-dimensional Angelics incarnated into physical form. In order to be born as physical human beings, they lowered or more accurately, fractilized, their full presence and vibration down from the higher dimension into 3D.

But here's the thing. They came programmed with a wake-up call. They were born with a time to awaken. This could be a series of happenings, lessons, or events in order to awaken their divine truth. Although they are physical beings, they retain the connection to their higher Angelic counterparts.

Really, all souls originate from the same Divine Source, but there are many different paths and paradigms souls can take which shape their characteristics, missions, and even personalities.

Earth Angels are people whose soul origins are from beyond Earth, and who have spent a great deal of time in the higher spiritual dimensions of love and light…

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Earth Angels are those who have an overarching intention and wish to bring peace, light and love to the Earth, humanity and all beings.

While everyone on Earth now is a spiritual being, not everyone is an Earth Angel. Earth Angels are highly spiritually evolved as souls, they vibrate with an incredible light, and have been called to Earth on a mission to serve as lightworkers.

Earth Angels are different from incarnated angels which you can learn more about here.

What Does Being An Earth Angel Really Mean?


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earth angels Being an Earth Angel doesn’t mean you are perfect, it doesn’t mean you’re an angel (the angelic path is different from the path of humanity) and it doesn’t even that you’re saint like.

Like all of humanity, Earth Angels make mistakes, experience challenges, and feel disconnected at times.

Being an Earth Angel means that you’re called at the soul level to help others, spread kindness, have compassion and make a difference on Earth by bringing the light and love of the higher spiritual realms into physical reality.

31 Signs You're An Earth Angel!

  1. You always have an idea or solution to offer and love helping people. Signs You're An Earth Angel
  2.  You are a fantastic support person in the lives of almost everyone you know.
  3.  You are always looking for a better way to do something.
  4.  You rarely ask for help because your frame of reference is to serve others. Being helped is sometimes confusing for you.
  5. You feel insecure in many of your relationships. You can easily sense if someone is holding back and you feel the need to seek regular reassurance from them. Additionally, you struggle to understand why this approach doesn’t work well.
  6. You have a grace that inspires people and you can lift peoples energy and spirit without much effort
  7. You accept others wherever they are – even those that some can’t even tolerate
  8. You always see a silver lining in every situation and You always see the good in people
  9. You think in terms of possibility and potential
  10. You have incredible gifts in the areas of writing, art, music, and healing
  11. People seem them out to release fears and other painful memories and emotions
  12. You aren’t so great about managing responsibilities, time, or boundaries
  13. As children, Earth Angels have a tendency to be diagnosed with various cognitive disorders because of their lack of concern for the material world
  14. You have no tolerance for anyone in pain. It’s your nature to reach out to those who are suffering. Sometimes this means that you attract people who have a victim mentality.
  15. You feel lost when faced with extreme anger and you tend to avoid conflict. You want to experience only happiness so avoid confrontation when possible.
  16. You constantly worry that you are bothering others. You frequently apologize and check in with those around you to see how they are feeling about you.
  17. It disturbs you when you can’t sense that your loved ones are connected with you.
  18. You are not comfortable with your physical body – especially your feet. As an angel, you have trouble staying grounded.
  19. Those around you often ask, “Where did you go just then?” because it seems you are often day dreaming or not paying attention.
  20.  You often provide an alternative or big picture perspective in group settings
  21. You aren’t competitive in your personal or work life. You want to see everyone win.
  22. You can serve others without drawing attention to yourself. You give without being seen and work as an invisible force behind the scene.
  23.  You are sensitive to urban settings and the reality of modern life
  24. You have a tendency to feel different or even alienated from others. You can remember being teased as a kid because of your different interests and behavior
  25. You have a tough time being a part of crowds because you feel overwhelmed by the energy of so many different people.
  26. You grew up feeling that you couldn’t relate to your immediate family. You feel less connected with your physical family or you were sent specifically to an emotionally distant or dysfunctional family in order to help them.
  27. People you don’t know very well tend to tell you incredibly personal things about themselves.
  28. People tell you that you look younger than you are.
  29. You have a history of addiction in your family.
  30. You have a clear and strong sense of purpose. Even though you may struggle to know how to manifest this purpose on Earth, you know you must work to help, teach, and heal others.
  31. You love the idea of freely spreading love, compassion, and guidance.

So, Are You An Earth Angel?

If you’re an Earth Angel, you’re a powerful being with a long history of helping and healing throughout your lifetimes.

You’ve received a divine assignment to come here now and share your energy and spread love. It’s likely that you’ve, at a minimum, got some suspicions about your true origins – and most likely you’ve struggled a bit to adjust to life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a talent for helping people and yet struggle with your own personal problems like unhealthy relationships, weight issues, or addiction?
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  • Do you feel like you’re from another planet? Or that you’re a lone wolf?
  • Do others seek out your wisdom and guidance, or even vent their frustrations towards you?
  • Did you have a difficult childhood?
  • Are you unable to tolerate violence on any level?
  • Are you interested in energy healing, metaphysical topics, or philosophy?
  • Do you love all of humanity even though you can see our collective flaws?
  • Are you able to notice subtle energies and vibrations?
  • Are you naturally intuitive, empathic, or sensitive?
  • Do you find your overall outlook to be non judgmental and you're able to see the good in others.
  • Do you strive to support, heal and empower others?
  • Do you worry about the state of life on this planet and know you're meant to do something about it?
  • Do you have a deep and natural connection with animals and nature?
  • Are you drawn to grow spiritually and uncover your innate soul wisdom?
  • Have you suffered trauma, crisis, or several difficult life situations?
  • Do you feel deeply protective of nature, animals and children?
  • Are you aware of past lives where you've suffered or even been killed for your gifts and healing abilities?
  • Do you ever wake up in the middle of night alarmed but without knowing why?
  • Do you have intense or spiritual dreams?
  • Do you find yourself fast to forgive people and give them second chances?
  • Do you encourage growth and accountability in others?
  • Do you seek a bigger purpose in life? Do you wonder why you are really here at a soul level?
  • Have you met your spirit guides, guardian angels, or the ascended masters supporting you in your life?
  • Do you look younger than your chronological age?
  • Do you suffer from pain or disease that doctors can’t explain?
  • Do you know you've experienced reality as a spiritual being before?
  • Do you feel a longing to “go home” that you can't really explain?
  • Do you have an innate understanding of the magic of life, the universe and simply being alive?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you should know that it’s not because something is wrong with you.  It’s because you’re an Earth angel, here on an incredible mission and adventure to spread the light, anchor ascension energy and make a difference in the world.

Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow and Blue Ray Earth Angels 

Earth Angels often incarnate as crystal children, indigos or rainbow children with an incredibly high vibration, a special bond with animals, plants, and crystals.

Earth Angels often encompass all the characteristics defined by the ‘titles’ of crystal, indigo, rainbow, blue ray and more.

Energetic Wings of Light 

Earth Angels will often have energetic wings that can be seen by many psychics and clairvoyants. These wings represent the ability to carry out Divine will and are a lightwork tool that can help you to tune into energy and environments, block negativity from entering your aura, and they can actually be used for healing and energy work too!

Why We Need Earth Angels Right Now

This is a time of intense evolution – for the planet and for humanity.  Earth Angels were chosen to incarnate now in order to help both humanity and Mother Earth during this period of change and growth. If you’re an Earth Angel, it’s part of your job to hold the energy so that humanity can progress. You brought gifts with you into this life and those gifts will help not only the planet, but everyone you come into contact with.

Times of transition always feel like uncertain times for those living through them.  There are those who help to raise the vibration of the Earth and those who are detracting from it.  We need Earth Angels here to help counter balance the negative.  Earth Angels live among us and show us how to love each other and our planet.  What more important role models could we have right now?

Your Role As An Earth Angel

Your Role as an Earth Angel What’s amazing about your presence here now, is that you’re helping all of humanity just by being here.

But, of course, what you know is that there is so much more to your purpose and so much more that you can do. In short, your role is very simple.  Use your gifts to help others and raise the collective vibration of humanity. Simple, yet crucial.

I have no doubt that, as an Earth Angel, you are here at this transitional time in order to help bring about great change in as many people as possible.  Your natural gift of loving energy, combined with the action possible in human form is a powerful combination.

Many people have lost hope or live in apathy that humanity and Mother Earth cannot be changed for the better.  Your presence here is proof that this isn’t true.  Your role is about showing people alternatives to hopelessness and indifference.  Think about what excites you, or even what worries you, and move in that direction. Think about your own spiritual journey and begin to share it with others.

There are so many areas where humanity can be shown how to raise individual and collective vibration – you are here to be a role model for the rest of us.

The Divine is asking you to transform your own life and, by doing so, to transform the lives of others.  If you aren’t sure what you’re meant to be doing here, I encourage you to access you to simply ask for guidance and then listen for your answer by tapping in to your intuitive knowing.  When you are able to be silent for a while, Spirit will speak to you – your purpose is so important and you are not alone.

Practical Steps to Become An Empowered Earth Angel

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If you’re an Earth Angel, you know that you’re here with a very specific purpose.  Your mission to raise earth’s vibration and help humanity is an important one and you’re uniquely suited to carry it out.

But that doesn’t mean that the way forward is always clear or that you don’t falter or feel lost from time to time.  Particularly if you’re just discovering your role here as an Earth Angel, helping humanity can feel daunting.

You might even be asking yourself: What does raising the vibration on our planet even feel like or look like?

Being an Earth Angel needs to involve some practical and tangible steps to take.  If you’re pumped about having a greater purpose but feeling a bit lost about where to start and what to do, take a look at these practical and every day steps.  Don’t worry about taking them on all at once.  Try to do one or two a week and you’ll see things start to align and become clear in no time.

17 Practical Steps For Earth Angels!

  1. Steps for Earth Angels Begin a daily meditation program. If you’ve never practiced or it’s been a while, start with 5 minutes a day and build up to 20-30.
  2. Begin connecting with your angels. If you’re brand new to angel communication, start by reading books, taking a course, using angel oracle cards, or listening to channeled angel messages. The more you communicate, the more your purpose as an Earth Angel becomes clear.
  3. Set a goal to do something helpful each day. Feel free to start small and build up. Look for opportunities to do a kind deed or give a kind word.
  4. Explore your spiritual abilities. Perhaps you already have an idea of what they are, if so, begin to learn as much as you can about how to open up to these gifts.  If you aren’t sure, start by working with your intuition.  It starts simply by learning to listen to and trust your gut and grows from there.
  5. Make a commitment to keep your environment litter free and beautiful. Plant a garden at home or keep plants near you at home or work.  When you see a piece of litter on the street, pick it up and throw it away.  You are here to help Mother Earth just as much as humanity.  Begin to demonstrate the love and respect you feel by actively taking care of her.
  6. Get active by writing letters to those in your local community as well as to national organizations. Use social media to post about causes near and dear to your heart. We need Earth Angels who are willing to lead and point toward what is no longer serving us.
  7. Be a role model for how to fully embrace living authentically with a larger purpose. It starts small by speaking honestly, by dropping what doesn’t serve you personally, acting on the love you feel in your heart, and by focusing on the things of light in this world.
  8. Commit to taking care of your physical body. Earth Angels have a tendency to neglect or abuse the physical body.  They simply aren’t used to having them.  Eat organic for a week, cut out foods you know don’t suit you for a month, exercise daily, try a week long detox.  As always, start small and keep it simple.
  9. Learn something about a different culture or country. Make a point to talk to as many different people as you can, try an international dish, watch documentaries… the point is to expand your mind and your horizons and tap into the unconditional love that exists so fully in your heart.
  10. Use crystals regularly. Place them in your home or workplace to clear your own energy and the energy in your environment. Learn about the art of Feng Shui and begin to set up your space in a way that is conducive to spiritual growth.
  11. Learn a healing art like Reiki, massage, or crystal healing.
  12. Even if you don’t feel you have a scientific mind, learn what you can about the research being done with quantum or string theory. You don’t have to get too deep to gain insight and get benefit from this knowledge. There are plenty of things written in laymen’s terms that are accessible and helpful.
  13. Throughout the day, regularly ask yourself, “How can I bring more light and more love into this situation?”
  14. Make a commitment to service. Whether you give money or time, whether you help many organizations or focus on just one, allow service to others to become a bigger and bigger aspect of your life.
  15. When you find yourself slipping into judgement, call your attention to it and shift your perspective. Try to have an open heart and an open mind toward all creatures. It’s not always easy to love the guy who just cut you off in traffic, but spend 20 seconds sending him or her love anyway.
  16. If your purpose has already started to take shape in your mind and the universe seems to be sending you message and guiding you in a particular direction, consider writing out your goals, aspirations, and intentions in order to help your angels and the universe help you. When you’re ready, you might even consider writing a mission statement for your newly understood purpose.
  17. Give yourself permission. In my experience, most people intuitively know what they need to do or say or be or experience. They just seek assurance, confirmation, or permission first.  Give yourself permission to follow the urgings of your heart.  If you feel it, believe it.  Then do it!

Connect With Your Higher Angelic Self

As an earth Angel (and yes, if you're reading this, you absolutely are an earth Angel), you have higher selves or higher aspects of you who are. You are able to expand your light through opening your heart and quieting your mind to connect with these aspects of your light self in order to serve humanity.

You are here to serve in this critical time of merging timelines in order to choose the light. This will bring Gaia, mother earth, and humanity into a higher vibrational paradigm of love, peace, co-creation, and connection. You do this by expanding your consciousness, tuning into your ascension column of light I talk about, tuning into your light body, expanding, relaxing, and making the connection.

Serve Others with Love

Even if you're just starting to wake up, even if the thought of having a higher self seems a little far-fetched to you, you can still act as an earth Angel. You do this by serving others, loving others, and by showing up with love and compassion. This is being an earth Angel. It is multifaceted. It's stepping into your full light and gift and sharing these forth as a way-shower who is actively supporting humanity and the earth through your unique psychic abilities, skills and spiritual gifts.

An earth Angel on the opposite end of the spectrum is simply a person who shows up in the present moment with love, with the willingness to serve others and the earth, to be a friend and a shining light in the world, and to commit to reawakening your inner divine light.

I encourage you to keep asking, “How may I serve? How may I more fully step into my light? How may I more fully and vibrantly shine? Guide me. Show me. Activate me. Awaken me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Angels, higher selves, guides, divine, God, Jesus, source.”

Whatever works for you, ask for help. Ask how you can be of service and better listen to intuition. Make time to quiet your mind, open your heart, tune into your light, and to lift, expand, shine, and serve. This is being an earth Angel. Your unique light, or unique codes of awakening, are so needed now. It's truly why you are here, why you are a spiritual being in physical form.

I Am an Earth Angel

I am an Earth Angel I am here to serve, love, shine, make a difference, connect with my highest light, and to be a way-shower in choosing this positive timeline of the higher dimensions of love, co-creation, connection, beauty, spirit and light. From one earth Angel to another, the light in me honors and reflects the light in you.

We are one, and so it is. I thank you.

The truth is that you are capable, in this moment, of fulfilling your purpose here on Earth.  Perhaps you just don’t have the confidence to realize it just now.

Wake up each day and remind yourself that today is the day to embrace who you truly are.  Even if you falter, keep going.  Even if you doubt, don’t wait.  Ask your angels for guidance and pray to be open to the messages that are coming to you.

Not sure if you have angels with you? Discover some of the top signs here now!

Thank you for being here now!

Melanie Beckler

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. Thankyou so very much Melanie. Your love and light shines so brightly and your guidance has helped me realise my true soul purpose. Much love to you from Sydney Australia 💜🙏

  2. I recently had an ascension after a heartbreak. I knew it wasn’t just a regular heartbreak, it felt like my soul was getting ripped out of my body. It took a couple months for me to heal from it but I accepted anything that came.
    My old coping mechanisms of putting up walls when I’m hurt no longer worked even if I tried.
    I was looking for answers all over the place online.
    I did have an extremely rough past and dealt with a lot. Narcissistic abuse, ptsd and so much more .
    I came upon “earth angel ” and didn’t know what that meant, I thought it was just a good person. But all the signs and characteristics matched up to me. I’ve always been told I look much younger than my age. I’m 35 but could pass for 26.
    Then another revelation was I was born on April 22- Earth day, my middle name is Angel. And born 1986 , the year of the Tiger, this year in 2022. It feels strange to say or really believe it.
    I feel like the energy inside me is reflecting outwards .

  3. wow, I have all signs, all 31. I’m here because I really feel different. When I was student in University a girl told me that I have a huge aura. She was sensitive and invited me in her circle to do high level spiritism (spiritualism) with some people, included a university professor, but I declined the invitation. I live in Romania.

  4. Thank you, I found out I’m an Earth angel recently I think the Holy Spirit made me realize this for a special reason, I’ve gotten confirmation from LORD to not go public with it or tell other’s that I’m appointed, I have the seven grace of the seven spirit of God manifesting through the Holy Spirit, I enjoy doing good for others, I get this body high when I give people things, I feel elevated for some reason, when people help me it feels weird to take it but for some reason I normally have a thought in Munich head that whoever helps me will gain great favors from the lord, I always feel different like I can fly or climb things certain way, but now when I understand and start looking up things I realize why I’m able to even heal people mentally, I write quotes and I make music I make beats and I recently started singing, but I think the devil has set his demons around me to oppress me in which it blocks me from really unfolding my spiritual gifts and abilities, The Lord has delivered me and I’m now escaping from lust I had hypersexual disorder which also helps block me from thinking straight especially when under pressure, but now you have made me understand more

  5. I don’t know if I am an earth angel because all of these signs are true but there is one more thing, there is a really strong darkness in me, I can always control it but I don’t know when people tell at me or try to hurt someone infront of me it comes and because of that I’m really confused because that darkness is not normal it’s more than a normal person would have

    1. I think you must first experience the darkness to discover the light. It awakens you and provides you the opportunity to choose light. I believe those situations provide the catalyst to awaken your mind and spirit to your higher calling and true self.

  6. I have always been spiritual but it was just recently that I really started focusing on myselves and my beliefs. I went to a crystal healing shop at the beginning of the year and one of the workers told me that I have a yellow aura which I already knew because I can see it. But he also said that my aura is so pure and that it was the highest form before reaching Devine intervention which I didn’t know until that day. Since then I have been practicing my healing abilities through reiki and meditation. I found out that my secondary aura is blue with is psychic abilities so I am attempting to awaken those. A few days ago I was visited by an angel which was nothing particularly new for me because I sense an angelic presence around me all the time and I can see angel wings behind me at night when I fall asleep but I always just assumed they were from my guardian angel watching over me. When the angel came to me it seemed like he knew me. I don’t really know how to explain it but it was like he and I have known each other for a really long time and we were really close but this is the first time I can remember seeing him. Ever since I’ve seen him he comes whenever I call for him. He’s not there all the time but when I want him here he comes. I can’t get my mind off of this so I started looking up some things and doing some research and stumped across an article that said “Are you and Earth angel” so I clicked on it and as I went down the personality traits everything I read seemed more and more like how I am. So with a little more research I stumbled upon this article and I feel like it’s just brought all of the pieces together. Do you think that earth angels have wings?

  7. ya , I just found out about 6 months ago, still trying too work it out. it was in my dreams, Jesus came too me. Arms out wide open.. Then I knew.Be safe.

  8. Beautiful article! This explains so many things in my life and gives me purpose and helps me learn how to serve. May the light of the Almighty be with you and all of us. I love you all my earth angels, guardian and arch angels, all my spirit guides, ascended masters and those that are in my spirit family. Thank you for your love and support.

  9. I always knew I was different from the time I was a child. I was raised Catholic and my Mom took me to church I think I was 2 or 3, I threw such a fit she had to take me home. I felt smothered and afraid when I walked through the door. I went to Catholic school, of coarse. I spent a lot of time in the Mother Superior’s office.I was told I was going to hell if I didn’t stop asking “why?” in reliagon class. Ok I spelled it wrong. My Dad passed when I was 2 yrs old, his Mother passed when he was 3 weeks old in 1896. No one would tell me about my grandmother until I asked his half-sister,my aunt.She said eyeryone thought she was a voo doo doctor because she grew herbs and mixed them for tea.Besides she was Scotch and Prespertyarin.I was raised to believe I was 100% Irish. She was not buried in the family plot but across the road. When I was old enough I would walk there and put flowers on my Dad’s and my Grandma’s graves. I planted Forget Me Nots on both graves. I always if I am part of her my Grandpa paid special attention. I started growing herbs when I was very young and went to the elderly woman’s home to play with her cats and drink teas. I am a cloth dollmaker and some of my dolls are angels. I make some tiny ones out of scraps and just give them to people, even people I don’t know. I tell them to keep her in their pocket or purse she will watch over you. I’ve rescued 5 abused dogs and love them all. People have asked for advice and I help them. Then they use the ideas and I don’t hear from them again. I believe I am an Angel

    1. I don’t think that I’m an Earth Angel. Although I can resonate with so many of these attributes, I only check 19 and 4 halves of the 31 signs. I never seem to be tuned into the spiritual things that go on around me.
      That’s okay though, I’ll just continue to be as helpful as I can in my human life!

  10. I think it’s very important that the writer of this article be aware of the difference between Angelic Humans and what is very well understood within the world of psychology and treatment of Codependence.

    The majority of the traits listed are dysfunctional Codependent behaviours. They are caused by emotional abuse and traumas during the years of a child’s development. Mostly, the child is subjugated and his/her feelings are systematically invalidated or, in many cases not even acknowledged by one or both parents.
    The child is simply not allowed to ‘feel feelings’ and, in order to survive in such a dysfunctional environment, the child will finds ways of being liked, loved and acknowledged. Most children who have grown up in such circumstances become what is commonly known as ‘people pleasers’. This is the only way that they find validation and feel some kind of pseudo love. The said children don’t know what it’s like to feel accepted for the person that they are and often cannot identify their feelings. They become the nurses, doctors, healers, helpers, caregivers etc., and work in capacities that give them a sense of worth which was stolen from them because of Neglectful Narcissistic parenting. They are out of touch with who they are because the parents’ lack of mirroring.

    Childhood emotional abuse is very serious. When the child becomes an adult, unless they have developed an awareness that something is wrong in their patterns of relating and, seek professional help, he/she will go through life always being the kind, nurturing, caregiving person who has no internal light when it comes to their traumas as a child. Ultimately, it’s not so much what the parents did do to the child rather, it is what they failed to do for the child, which was to love the child unconditionally and instill a sense of worthiness and self esteem as a human being. They are always ‘other’ focused because they are so out of touch with their own needs and wants. I am concerned that what you have listed as Angelic Humans is really a case of childhood trauma.

    You mention that often those Angelic Humans come from troubled backgrounds such as alcoholism: therein is the problem in the first instance. Any issues within a family of origin such as domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual abuse, neglect etc., breeds a very toxic environment which affects the children who then in turn, adapt to the conditions in which they are trying to survive… the children learn maladaptive ways of surviving.

    1. You make a very valid point, Grace. But this is not a psychology blog post, it’s information for people who without explanation have felt their whole lives that they don’t belong on this Earth.
      And those people have been searching for answers that psychology or science can’t explain. I am one of those people, I finally embraced this part of myself less than a year ago. When I did, I started feeling peace inside of my soul, this coming from a person who was suffering constant mild anxiety and went to therapy and this didn’t really help in the long run.
      So please don’t try to combat the original post by Melanie, she is not trying to convince anybody that this is a fact, she is just stating her truth and if it resonates with other people, that’s up to them and not her.
      Every person is entitled to believe whatever feels right to them!

      1. Hang in there God is real listen to your 💓 gut and head. All at the same time if that makes since I don’t know if I can help you but everything u said almost is me to a tee but I’ve learned that if you don’t talk to God out loud and only in ur head he or she answers everything I ask for as long as you don’t ask for stupid things cause he’s not a Jeanie and be mostly practical and pay attention sometimes answer’s are not what you thought they’d be. Silince is the key

    2. I’m going to agree with you on everything because you are right but so is the first article I do believe that everything happens for a reason and you are predestined to go through all the things that build you up to be a strong person and they are the details for you to be able to make the life choices and decisions for whatever is coming and I don’t know if I can get what I’m saying to make since to you but God or the highest power or whatever you want to call it is real and I have been awoken to things that I have never seen or known before I was able to finally put into words the feelings that I have alwaltys felt but never understood. When I get my body clean from drugs and cigarettes I can understand the whole universe and how it’s feeling or saying and I know that makes me sound so crazy but God is real and within me and everything and everyone around me and I felt him say cause I don’t hear voice’s the very first thing he created and I look up the things that I have felt first and I always find something online to prove its real and I’m not crazy yes I’m going to be my worst critic and I’m going to investigate and on day I will have the rest of the information but I don’t think what I know is for anyone else but me so I’m so sorry if I’m not helping anything but I think you should just keep the end of your hypothesis or opinion open to suggestion plz nothing is ever final not even death thank you

    3. What you are noticing and so eloquently point out is true, many of the things listed do derive from experiences in childhood that may have been traumatic, but that doesn’t discount that the souls of Earth angels are energetically capable of taking on these experiences and transmuting them through love/light. They possess the energetic fortitude that others may not, which allows them to eventually dissolve those experiences with love and through understanding. That is a free Will choice, which can also be linked to a specific moment of awakening and remembrance of who/what they are. As the author writes, that understanding is eventually revealed through their higher dimensional self (7-9th dimension) and the increased awareness (awakening) allows for the Earth Angel to heal and remember they are here to help others heal by just shining their light and living from their heart center. It is true that before awakening/healing occurs for the earth angel, they may experience a path of codependency; but that is a temporary path that can evolve into deep self-love and empowered love of others. The key to earth angels healing is they already Possess the energetic fortitude to transmute the lower frequencies that are present in their environment. When they are unaware it this, they tend to maintain patterns associated with the trauma; but once they awaken, they are able to choose to embody more of their higher dimensional selves, shine their light and help others heal.

    4. You may be right. But if you have studied psychology you have taken statistics. Correlation and causation can get muddled sometimes. Both situations can be true at the same time as well. Our abusers don’t get a pass and we know justice will be served in due time. If this is how we cope then ask yourself if it’s really hurting anyone. I appreciate your perspective as well as Melanie’s. For my healing process I choose to focus on Melanie’s to move forward with my life and take my power back.

    5. It sounds like a good case of science over god, god was well around before man and his ideologies/psychology. Unfortunately we all suffer from systemic abuse it is of us who can find the light and spread it that will cure your disease of science and systems…

  11. I felt the need to love those who needed to be loved. As a young child, I felt different in a good way. And I still feel I can give more.

  12. I’m amazed at how well you describe my “personality”. I watched “Elizabethtown” and read a review that Kirsten Dunst was an angel. It really struck me. So I googled earth angel and your site came up. I practice the Way as defined by the Buddha in Mahayana sutras. So I’m working on being considered worth to be called an enlightening being. In this life I seek to enter stage 1 of enlightenment – extreme joy. This comes with complete view that there is no self. Thank you for the great article. I believe you are describing the process called “purification of Buddha lands”. Peace, love, joy.

  13. My coment posted before i finished it. I would never find a sweet loving lady again like my lost freind her memorys live on in me and greif was painfull so its important to share a smile my freind allways taught me to think of others as she would and everyone worse off than yourself is i helpted her alot and she was allways apreaciated of my help i tried to not think angels as a ghost as if i imagined it if was real but if she wasnt real in person and if dissapeared and dreamed our freindship i be doing reality check lol but we both discussed angels i was somene could listen and share her abilitys mystical world i didnt understand why several ocasions why i never hear from her for weeks but i understand now why her parents shedd some light her body cldnt cope with exaustion due to mental suffering she had an illness i sort of knew but much better gave me some closure and unbearable pain she was feeling i met her on few acasions her life was complex with bad stuff going on we had a long distance phone chat freindship she was the funniest freind you could ever meet😀 she died of a stroke and a broken heart I not really sure why or how What really causes it but stress injurys abad person did i guessed sad thing there wasnt a invatation to funeral i dont know if she had one i was to wound up with emotions and backround noise from a call from her parents here freind there didnt kno wat buriel her dad took ill before she died before she died she lost her aunt and was loosing her nanna before her death and a while before that she lost her grandad we were having badluck she said to me and her freind mentioned it to me she was cursed We discussed about glowing lights she seen flashes on bed and skin glowing before she died i still beleive pyschic abilitys or weird stuff like flashes of moving lights is mental illness there town is a ghost town and full of glow balls from lakes i thought they were the ming lights abd advises not to follow them but not uncommom flashes of light people witness with strokes so some reason i wasnt all in her head the lights i know convinced it was her time time to leave the plannet and were spirts guiding her wat ever the orbs were or possable halucinations of bats like real bats it may of been hospital type delerium before the stroke its not uncomon when people die see the lights nurses see the lights or orbs i hope my freind followed the light wen her life support was turned off and if she was not capable of recovery it was so sad loosing her she was sucicidal i just hope she knows i love her and someday i can meet her and comunicate in spirit i keep seeing concequetive numbers 11.11 long b4 she pased away here deathdate notice means the highest number of the number and spirituall kindom bats and bad numbers can be good to its a mystery why they and dreams appear my dreams are going thru grief with her but same spirit different person different acent as i beleive may hid accent syndrome She was from england migrated here and forced to change accent my dream was accepting loving and caring maybe relates to next world My understanding of earth angels they give so much up to come to recarnate its vary rare thats why there speasial earth angels so thanks for puting info and a page up that we can come to much apreaciated and i can relate to what traits makes a earth angel there the sweetest kind of people 😀 x I meant to say if your phychic see flashes or orbs doesnt indicate mental illness nessacary there allso symtoms of Medical conditions but i never say pyschic ability is a mental illness its not i did warn my freind to get a doctor something wasnt ok i hope my post hasnt reposted 220 million times I forgot to say hello , hello 😀

  14. Hi I have a question, I recently went to a Medium for a Reading and at the begining the card Nightingale and 333 came out she told me that in her history of reading for 10yrs that the spirit had urged her to tell me that I was An Angel of Death but not in a bad way, but as being someone whom helps give peace love and joy to those that are passing on. My question is have you ever heard of this????? As when I google or search for more info it seems to eith come up with the Grim Reaper of Micheal the ArchAngel, she said I also has healing abilities that shine thru my arms and hands, What does this all mean? Am I an Earth Angel. feeling very lost right now/

    1. Hang in there, its okay. I’m one as well. I know it’s hard.:/ that’s the point though. We’re extra sensitive and vulnerable to life’s hardships and pain. But we have a duty to carry out, that we know we must. Because, even though we can’t remember it, we agreed to take on this immense challenge/mission, for the sake of Humanity and Earth as a whole. It was our choice to come here. We just don’t have our memories, we don’t remember the oath that we took. But we took it, with the utmost confidence and pride. It was an honor. For us especially though, experiencing life her on earth proves to be extremely challenging. We’re used to the ever present and constant light and love, from above. Which is our Home. We agreed to have this be our home for now though, Earth, in order to fulfill our purpose and mission which is to help bring Humanity, Love and Light. It’ll be okay, just hang in there. And when ever your struggling, just look to Him, the Light – the Sun. And you shall find peace.

  15. I think I might be an Earth Angel. But, I am not sure……. I am also a little curious if this is all real. I mean, my parents tell me not to believe in this kind of stuff but…I think it is real! I mean, I am only 12 years old, and I am writing songs. I have ( what others say ) a beautiful voice. And when I first meet people, they always assume I am 10. Another thing is, whenever someone is hurt, or if they are going through a tough time, I can feel their pain. Literally. Let’s say someone fell and scraped their knee. If they were crying, I would feel their pain. Also, I love, love, love, love helping people. I was known at my old school to be the “student therapist”. I am always there for others, and try my best to make them feel alright. I also happen to see the good in everyone. I can sense when something or someone is not alright. Take for instance ( this is a true story ) there was a girl at my old school who was hated by everyone. Sure, she could ( in student’s eyes ) be annoying and “bratty” but I always thought she was good. I would talk to her and comfort her. But I sensed something wrong. Turns out, she tried to commit suicide. She is now homeschooled. To this day, I still think of her as a warrior and just a misunderstood girl. Am I an Earth Angel??

    1. You’re so brave to speak out. Keep following your heart and intuition my dear, parents of course do their best but often live in an different paradigm. The world is ready for you. Much love.

  16. That was a BEATIFUL read, everything about it made me feel so WOUNDERFUL. Thank you so much , you are a angel…

  17. I have had many, many experiences with angelic beings, and I directly know one who is in Heaven right now. I know, it’s hard to believe because I’m a random person on the Internet, but I speak with the Archangel Michael a lot. There’s somethings I can’t tell you, but I’m positive I’m an Earth angel or possibly something more. I’m not prideful about it, as pride is a sin and if I was to sin, I’d quickly lose that position, but yeah. I also speak on a daily basis with his wife.

    I hope you all have an amazing experience on Earth.

  18. Dear, Melanie, iv’e been felling this way all my life. like i’m sending my love out to people. sometimes it feels like it doesn’t get through to them. when that happens i feel neglected and worn out. all iv’e ever wanted to do is help this world and all these signs apply to me. my parents say i had an odd birth like there was something wrong with me that the doctors couldn’t get. over the years growing up iv’e been diagnosed with anemia, dyslexia, and ADHD, iv’e always felt out of place here like ill never find my purpose in life. frankly….this explains A LOT about me.
    but there is something i was wondering…iv’e had this recurring dream since like fifth grade about me…with wings….being tortured to death by these…figures…what does that mean ?? also i hear voices in my head along with staticy- high pitched ringing sometimes but i cant really make out what there saying. i really need to talk to someone about this because i’m kinda scared. i’m an atheist ! ( well i thought so…until all THIS happened…and i think i might be able to see them too sometimes ) anyways please e-mail me if you can because i need some backup here !
    thanks !! -Issi

  19. I have known I was different since I was little. I have had many spirits appear to me I even won the lottery on Christmas Day once but I also had tragedy I’m my life. I had 13 pregnancies two of them abortions because I would abuse my body so much and 3 that didn’t make it out. 8 I gave birth to one just died at 26 7 months ago. My 20 year old had cancer and my 14year old mental challenges and my 12 year old with autism. I have been married 4 times but I look great and young for what my body has been through. I now have radio shows and a tv show in th works. I will be 50 in June and everywhere i go people are drawn to me it’s amazing. I always help the homlesss and teach people to do the same. I know for a fact i am an Angel but what do i do with this gift?

  20. Hi thank you sooooo much for this amazing information.This explains me and my life too the fullest,it opens my eyes more from what I have discovered and thought of it gives me so many directions..thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ I’m so happy it’s kinda making me emotional ☺️

  21. I’ve had a psychic reading and he told me I have a Gold aura and lots of bright rainbow colors and that inside me lies a strong life force potential. But I can’t seem to let it out. I’ve checked All signs of an earth angel now I know why I never felt like my body was me and always feel like I am outside of my body whenever I look in the mirror

    Love & Thank you 😘💜💜💜💞

  22. I’ve bin searching for so long for this kinda conformation..I’ve bin digging for wel over a year now about spiritual stuff.. one of the last 17 really brought a tear to my eye coz it was me that was an addict…I’m honestly so grateful to find this … thank you so much…it was actually my spiritual number that led me here no.17..done so much research on that…I started off with things reminding me of 17 an them dates an so on.. believe it or not I was 17 when experienced…also a topic if u could help is that my dreams have always seemed so farfetched but it’s way more than jus that…I can read so much to the future for myself an loved ones from dreams and meditation but I won’t say coz of possible embarrassment…one last thing y have I plus still do experience sleep paralysis? Was awful as a kid coz I couldn’t fully explain to parents what it felt like …thank you so much …whether any can comment or not I’m glad I’ve figured vast amount out…u kno what I do love u all so it starts ere I guess UK my but to all around the globe 🙏🏼

  23. All signs do show that i am an earth angel ,I grew up in a family were my father was an alcoholic and violent and my mother would work to just get away .I have had from dreams of death ,to a dream of me walking down a column hall with candles and angels battling demons ,and me stepping infront of an angel as i got stabbed in the heart and the angel held me in his arms as i teared and he smiled at me …when i woke up my chest was hurting .When i told that to my family they thought i was crazy ..All signs if i am an angel are on point except two things there times ill have an image in my head of something and experience it at that moment and its always something sad and the other is having a kin smell of perfumes and rotten things …I always try and help others and never ask for anything or always feel like i don’t belong ..when i was young i didn’t feel like i was part of my family or belonged in it ..i would always ask if i was adopted .I always feel there is a purpose for me ,i just don’t know what it is .I get frustrated because i can’t relate to anyone in my family or outside to these things ..i am just sick and tired people looking at me like i am crazy .

  24. Hi, I’m new to all this and I have a small concern/curiosity.
    Do earth Angels still get to live their dreams, and have a normal life like normal humans? I’ve been a bit weary of this because I want to be a musician, but I’m afraid that I won’t get to live my dream, or I’ll pass away at a early age before getting a chance.

    I read at some places some don’t live very long.
    Are we the same as normal people just angels as well?
    I do love helping, and guiding people, and I would love for my music to influence people in a positive way.

    I’m just a bit nervous since I’m new to this, and don’t know what to do from here.

    1. Stepping into your highest truth as an Earth Angel IS about living the highest expression of your life in the physical… Being a musician its highly likely that is a huge part of your mission. Remember. Your highest level of service is also so incredibly joyful, rewarding and fulfilling for you! Stepping into your most vibrant life!

  25. I am happy I came across this site. I always find myself just wandering, I have often thought (everyday) and feel I don’t belong here on this earth. I belong somewhere but not here. I am easily overwhelmed by emotions. I work at a animal hospital, if a client deals with death of a pet I have to make sure they are ok. I don’t like how clients feel knowing they can not bring home their loved one. I cry…all the time, everything makes me cry or upset. I have had spiritual experiences in the past and even had premonitions. Some people believe I might have some type of “gift” Others think I am being narcissistic. But it’s not that at all, I always had dreams of demons grabbing on to my light or trying to take me from this plane I am on. In one of those dreams I had a dream of arc angel St. Michael providing me with a dagger – I remember what he looked like, strong and powerful huge, huge angelic wings – I remember what it, the dagger looks like. Any answers of what this could be or mean? Am I an earth angel? I heard of this term for the first time by coworker that I just met and only known for like 2 months and we bonded closely because of our beliefs. Am I an earth angel or light worker of some sort? Please help, my mental state and spiritual state needs it.

    1. You sound like an Earth Angel to me. Saying you don’t feel like you belong on the earth is something that almost certainly makes you one. Have a great day!

  26. Greetings from Texas! I’m a 42 old male and have known all my life. I’ve never spoken to anyone about this. I would very much like to connect with anyone who has the same belief. Does anyone know of any support groups or meetings? I’d love to talk –

  27. Hello!, Has anyone else noticed that you are more sensitive action of people who are helping or being hurt, like a commercial for ASPCA, or hearing voices from the animals that make you cry, because they are sad and hurting? Can anyone help me to calm this down? I’ve tried to meditate, but I hear more.
    Peace n Love.

  28. Hello. I have been reading this page many times, the only thing that bothers me is I dont fall into all those sings and stuff, I do into most of them, but I ususally hise those things, because I usually got hurt afterwards.

    Well, my question is if there is a possibility for me to be an EA, even if I dont fall into all those signs? Also, is it bad for me to hold my feeling of need to help other (not really all, I have hard time to believe people really, but I adore humanity even I hate to say, there are some people that could be better, act differently) humas? People usually say I am cold and Im hiding, which i think is true. Again, people did really hurted me in past and since I am very sensitive, few bad words or mistreating and using my loyatly and my trust is enough to question myself where did i went wrong (I dont really believe that others treated me badly, even if I am upset with them). I am scared to act kindly as I would like to, because as I am older, the more fragile (but stronger and colder on the outside) I get. Is this a bad thing?

    I was actually once called out on some kind of Angelic program by, nto a religious person, but a strong believer. Could they actually feel that I might be an EA?

    Sorry, Im totally new to this topic so I am sorry if it confused You.

    Enjoy your day.

  29. So apparently I am E.A. I felt I am angelic, like an angel in training : )
    but somehow i did not feel satisfied when I seem to be an Earth Angel. I prefer to be a real angel, so I guess I am an inbetweener who is training to become an angel?
    I definitely know I am a hybrid mermaid pleidian andromeda the cat race haha and other things i think okay maybe not the cat race or maybe really distantly and yeaaaah
    but yeaaah….. woo.

  30. Hello, all! I just want you to know that I love you, no matter who you are or what you’ve
    I literally just discovered that I am an Earth Angel yesterday, from reading this webpage and realizing that 29 out of 31 of the signs were me. I’m only sixteen so it’s hard to look younger than I am haha. Then last night I asked the Universe and the Angels around me to send me a sign that I was in fact an Earth Angel, and immediately I saw a vision of myself with big angelic wings flying through the night sky and healing people, laughing and having a good time with other angels. I knew right then. Thank you for finally explaining me so perfectly! I wish everyone a great day and a long, happy life full of peace.

  31. I found this site because my mother told me why she decided to have another kid. She said that a random old lady walked up to her and told her that she had an angel on her shoulder who had to be brought out onto Earth. I have always felt that many intuitions around me are very trivial and materialistic. My desire for getting off the ground caused me to become a pilot. However, in recent times I feel that I have assimilated more into society than I was before. Yet, I still feel an understanding of many things that most people cannot contemplate and I accelerate in science. The weirdest part is sometimes I can see or picture the influence of bad things long before they actually happen. However, I feel that I can’t stop them from happening. Then again, during other times I do not feel any connection as if it comes and goes. My question is how do I concentrate my vibrations and how do I know when my purpose is of greater meaning or a consequence of my human desires? Thanks

    1. It may help to sharpen your instincts. There are many, but you may not be 100% sure which is which and why and how to follow it. But subconsciously, you already know. Meditation may help you hear the voice more clearly. This can be done just by being in the moment, could only take 10 seconds, really. If you stood quietly, focussing on chilling out, and not trying to focus too hard but just being there, letting all and everything not be there anymore, and then you begin to truly focus on your soul. Then you may hear it clearer : D you will haha
      If you wish, you can also test out each of those options from your instincts or choices and follow which one you think is right in that moment. if it turns out it was not the best choice, that is one down, others to go! try them out one by one and this is great fun learning too and figuring out how wise you really are and then you are able to find the answer much more promptly every next situation! : D coolio cool times wooohooo hehehee

  32. I woke up in mid June this year, and I was a different person. I am a mid 50’s male, and have always been very bright, gifted and compassionate. That day I had a sudden compulsion to simply stand more erect and live in the moment. (These were not foreign concepts to me, as I was a formal student of Western Philosophy and Eastern Religion and casual practitioner of Zen Buddhism.) As that day went on, I found my thoughts strangely focused on everything I began observing, although it was all mundane but strangely brand new. Yhis experience has been accelerating onward in the following months. Everything I attempt is simple, and the results are seemingly miraculous… I have discovered abilities that I hesitate to mention because they sound delusional. People that have known me for years very soon started telling me I looked great and younger… I have had an overwhelming compulsion to help everyone I cross, with a seemingly limitless energy and confidence I have never experienced. This has also not gone unnoticed.
    I could go on at great length but there is not much point. My life should be better, and it IS SO MUCH SO, but I’m now fraught with difficulties I could never have imagined… I’ve been searching for some rational explanation of this remarkable transformation I perceive in myself and have found none… people closest to me are dubious of my concerns and I feel incapable of making myself understood despite the fact I’ve never felt more concise in my ability to communicate. I am elated and terrified and have become terribly lonely while feeling overwhelming love and acceptance from nearly everyone I encounter, even those who others find negative in their countenance… I really feel the need for help. I fear I’ve suffered a stroke or an anhuerism but for the fact that others can see that I really have been undergoing some striking changes in appearance and behavior, all to the better. I don’t even know why, exactly, I’m sharing this here, because I’m skeptical pf my own situation and the legitimacy of this website, but I’m also completely unafraid of being duped in any way because I just don’t think that is possible….
    All of that being said, I have been making `erroneous judgement calls that create real difficulties, but the solutions to these problems that arise become quickly apparent and always seem to lead me in yet newer positive directions… I feel as though there just isn’t time enough yet I have nothing but limitless time to give to the tiniest of considerations…
    This sounds ridiculous but – Can someone PLEASE HELP ME? I’m lost to myself… I don’t care where I am going, but don’t know where “I” have gone… traditional counseling will prove hopelessly insufficient; of this I have no doubt. I’m not desperate but I AM quite terribly alone. Peace and Joy.

    1. Dear Carl,

      It sounds like you are possibly thinking too much. Your mind is spinning round and round trying too hard to figure everything out. It is ok to take a break from all that. It is ok to trust God and know that you are loved and accepted and these new changes, although they feel overwhelming, are still you. You haven’t ceased to exist. Your creator knows, He understands and He cares. He has you in His hands. Clear your mind, take a very deep breath….all is well. Sending you love, joy and peace!

  33. I need help, I feel like I am an angel and do all that are stated and sometimes feels I have family of angels somewhere, I need to know more

  34. Hi melanie
    Remano here and iam an eath angel i descovered couple years ago and my life is very difficult and struggling with my gifts and voices

  35. Hello my brothers and sisters. So great to know I am not alone. I am curious how you all view time? For me it is all happening at the same time… Right now my 4 year old self is learning to ride a bike, 15 year old self is getting her braces off, 27 year old self is giving birth, and somewhere in the future I am playing with grand children, dying, etc. I too have longed to go “Home”. I know that earth is not my home. I seen God and Jesus when I was 4 during a time when my parents were fighting terribly before their divorce. I have an Angel that comes to me in human form (maybe a guardian angel) right before terrible devastations in my life. He has come 2 times, he will come 1 more time, I don’t know how I know it is just innate. He comes to remind me of the promise given to me when I was 4 by God, it wasn’t given in words but by a feeling or sense he gave me that I would always be safe and protected no matter what things came my way, God would always be there to take care of me. I did drown once, after the struggle it was very peaceful and serene looking at the sun coming through the water, no more fear. I also can pick up on suttle differences which makes it very easy to know when people are lieing. I can feel the wrongness of what someone is saying. It is great to find you all. Much Love

    1. Melissa, I have exactly the same feeling about time: I am growing up as a child, discovering myself as a teen, being an adult, having amazing adventures with my future grandchildren – all now. My younger selves need lots of love and support from my present self, and I feel that this is what is literally changing reality from what historically happened to a much brighter past leading to much more harmony in the present. I am just discovering that I am in fact an Earth Angel, and one of the first missions here is to heal my past, which heals anyone connected with my past. Blessings and love to you Sister!

    2. 😭😭 I drowned once too when I was 4. I don’t remember anything before that specific moment of my life. I’ve had moments of Clarity where I can see god in people I can feel energy levels and I relate it with my ministry of music, I’m an extremely gifted musician who always held myself back due to the way I was raised and being asleep in spirit but I really woke up one day recently through the presence of reuniting with close friends I acquired with in music, I saw the demonic forces presented to me in spirit but then had physical encounters with angels of the earth warming me to leave the scene and I was spoken to in tongues by. Homeless man on a bike after my window had rolled down by itself on the passenger side I was pulling over in a panic at the moment this encounter was present. He said at the end of his tongue sermon he said did you see them angels… I didn’t know what it meant at first but after that even back to the hotel I went and from there I seen unspeakable events the darkness had showed up full fledge and it took weeks of chastising and repenting and prayer for this storm of energy to leave me. During this tome music was impossible to write yet I acquired my gift of songwriting over night the words the poetry comes so natural to me i realize that the songs are not created time doesent exisit and the driving forces of good and evil are at a crossroads in our present and This crazy will to sing for the lord and reach the masses sublimely in Poetic figurative form emerges in my soul like i am not 24 years old like something is calling me home. I have moments of complete vulnerability and fear I can feel gods presents turn away from me and instantly I get attacked by what is scene on earth as a overactive measure from usual a friend or family member I get an act of rage or anger or irrational lash towards me sent and I see the demonic presence of jealousy or envy towards my light almost as if others know me and I am just getting introduced to who I really am. I can only speak to certain view for my own blood had forced me to get mentally evaluated where I was in there my roommate he was skitszofrantoc I watched him have a heated conversation with something that wasent present then there after he spoke in tongues looking up at the sky and then looked directly at me where I was not afraid but I should have been. But clearly I was given a message to receive later at a moment of clarity. I’ve always held myself down at a level that would be considered normal in my place and home town but I’ve been told throughout my electrical industrial career and traveling where there i met a lot of prophets of our lord that I have met whom have responded to my energy by telling me my energy is so high and my vibes I put off are so strong it’s almost visible. But when I play and sing now as I’ve grown in spirit I’m starting to make people cry people are drawn to me and the bad influences are working overtime always searching for my assurance and presents but when I’m around someone with less energy of a negetive influence or wave I have to disengage instantly for I feel like I’m wasting crucial time even though I want to help and share the love and spread the word I don’t have time. As in a literal statement as in I feel I have a greater responsibility and my expectation is my deepest blessing. You are not alone. I’m the definition for coming from nothing. I’ve been abused my entire life I’m drawn to neglect And Im a recovering addict with a mind sharp as any scholars would still be even though I put my body through so much abuse which comes out of my music today that is felt was converted into something supernatural that people feel joy and goose bumps but I feel nothing and I’m searching for what I’m putting off.. and I only feel in it suffisticsted poetry scripture and listening to music from other inspiration. I find I’m always outside looking up at the sky and I feel tingling numb overwhelming sensations in my spine when I call out for the lord in prayer holding a cross usually or in solitude. The word of god is real and it made me remember. And bold as love in that song asking the axis is the whole question the whole time we all ask ourselves still today… what is the ax is? Ask the ax is? What is an ax it chops off the present well if time to me Isent real the only explanation I have Jimi is ask yourself and truth follows and an ax chops off your lead. What you see what you remember what you see. Like a tree trunk. And my seeds is what brings me piece boasting brings me distraction from seeing my musical drive and a rainbow sent to us was a condensing sign of beauty the rainbow is prove the water is blue. And so is the sky. Tell me how that works science ain’t shit. A circle don’t even make since mathematics is 1 2 not pie tell me more about the axis we sit on in this round circular world that used to look like this 🗺

  36. I felt I needed to answer you Nah. The fact that you already have these feelings… I think you already know as I did that I was “special”. I didn’t know that we were “Earth Angels” but I know we are “special” I want to say higher beings sent deliberately. I feel we are more spirit than anything else. Many blessings on your journey and much Love.

  37. So, I’m 17 now, and I’ve seen this a few times. I have had weird feelings about myself, and wondering if I was or am an Angel. I can relate to a lot of this, and I am wondering if I am and Earth Angel. My mother told me that I am her rainbow child, and another thing is I was born during her Golden year(Same age as the day in the month born: ex; April 27, and turning 27.) That’s not her birthday, that was an example. I have also noticed I’m the middle person in the family, counting my parents. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this, but I just wanted to point that out. Doubting myself here. Don’t know what to write anymore. Make of what you want with this.
    Later, Nah Toyukak

  38. I don’t know who or what I am and still searching, looking for clues everywhere, but I got guided here.
    All I do know is that I have memory of being awoken by a light, and the whole process of before birth. Since a young child I learned that I was very different, even though we all think this. I started meditating at age 12 due to a bad youth.
    I somehow learned that I had to forget and detach about being human in order to be guided, the universe/source/god/higher self… whatever you name it will always make sure you are provided when walking your path clearly, which can only be seen by not being and just exist. Earth’s lessons is about giving up on everything, even being, because all that which define you as a person is actually your prison. Thinking and action is an illusionary prison one has to escape. Feel and experience (without thinking or processing it) to find the keys, it will clear your view. Being human means I am made out of two, when I get a call my energy knows I have to follow it, even when my human form doesn’t want to. Nothing comes into your path without a reason.

    I don’t see the world as most, if not all humans do. I see the world in terms of energy, what one might call personal energy, but also global energy and also universal energy. All interwoven. I feel the drips falling in the pond and the every reaction it has.

    At first I thought it was my mission to help as many humans as I could, but doing that taught me to not interfere in human energy transitions. Humans seemingly do not learn by just following instructions. So every enlightened being that tries to help others know that those in need have to walk their path in the end.
    And this makes me sad every day, how much easier it would be to remove the veil so we all could learn like a bee learns from the hive. Yet humans have chosen to be individuals with free will, the same free will holding your veil up into being an individual. Like the tower of Babylon, all humans were divided….into individuals.

    I know I have a task to complete here, but being born on earth it seems it is being blocked to know my divine task for whatever reason. So now I’m learning to not know, as knowing is also part of individualism. It is becoming clear to me that I am now here on earth to be a witness of what is happening here out of a human perspective and this will probably help me shift into a next phase. This might make no sense, but my mission yesterday is not my mission today, nor is it my mission tomorrow …..but it is always the same mission changing phases. In a linear timeline 1 comes before 2. In a multi energy timeline 1 is 2, because everything is duality, yin and yang. Because 1 is actually 0,9999… and is not a completed number, making everything you think that is 1 is actually 2.

    Lately I’m having a lot of difficulty because I came at a point I feel the smallest fluctuation in energy, I sense every persons energy in a room, somehow I know who and what they are and how the energy is affecting them and how they affect the energy, yet there are no words to describe this to any person, it can only be felt.

    The hardest part of being human is to express myself, as it seems no one really understands. I always had the idea people would just pick up my train of ” thought” by reading my energy as I do with theirs…but that’s never the case…

    Hopefully one day I’ll find out what my mission is. But for now all I can do is try to explain some of the mysteries.

  39. Hi there! I want to say yes. I just read this and all these facts describe me to the point. Except 2. Anyways, I say yes because of personal experiences throughout my life. I have definitely been tricked recently by him. Dont let that discourage you from being amazing. The reason why he wants to is because of what you, And the rest of us stand for. As well as the positivity we bring to the world.

  40. Earth angels ???? I am one of them ???
    am i dreaming ???
    Hi guys !! Tony here.
    Where am i ?? Is it real? am i dreaming ?
    Am i a earth angel ? Any idea what is going ?

    Since i am kid i question myself over everything i see. I pretty act based on knowledge and time. I need to know to answer if i do not know then i cannot answer. I have a habit to always look for information everywhere, literally speaking. And i have an insane level of luck. one thing also i noticed everytime i talk to someone they keep telling me its really hot around. No idea am i demon possessed, a ghost ?
    As soon as i panic i get sleepy and tired -.-.

  41. just wanted to let you know you’re doing great work with this. I think it will help a lot of people. I have felt very awake and like my soul beacon has been burning on overdrive for a few weeks now. I’ve felt a curious fascination and connection with archangel samael, and since ive been using his name and praising him ive been noticing many synchronicities in my life, and of course im not just connected to this entity but all of them, but i feel he is the one i feel most kinship with. my birth cards are the emperor and death, and samael is ruled by three cards, the tower, the emperor, and death. all of this info is according to various religious beliefs and interpretations and i dont know how welcome some of that material is here but im the kind of person that likes to connect the dots across all beliefs and views. I see signs all the time and this page is just another one that lets me know im on the right path. im not so proud as to say im this or that angel but i dont doubt the possibility either, in fact i think there are many of us who are “children” of various angel “family trees” but thats my own theory. anyway ive rambled on long enough, just wanted to say i get what you’re saying, and i hope someone else out there might read the article and then my comment and feel some validation as a fellow child of samael 🙂 take care and blessings to all

  42. I have so much I could write about. But as I dont have time to I will say this. 100% matched me. I had come looking here because for the past few years I have been feeling a strong connection to the number 13. I think I am KayaMiel the 13th archangel. He killed himself in defense of Sandalphon, a manager angel. He is the angel of balance. I am a female. But I grew up feeling as if I had a black raven wing on my right and a white dove wing on my left. I drew pictures of Angel’s like that. Their hair white on the right and black on the left. Bright blue eyes. KayaMiel is the angel of balance. Currently I am struggling with a lot of debt and it’s making me pained. I cant focus on my need to help people because I need help desperately with the money. Because I trusted the wrong people.

    The more I live the more I want to go home. I even committed suicide 10 times in my life. And I still live. Knives dont cut me. And last time when I swallowed pills they had been in me for over 6 hours before I threw them up. The last time I did I expelled some odd red brown specks with it. And then felt healthier than I had since I was a kid. It had no negative impact.

    I died once of hypothermia as a kid. Came back on my own after 2 minutes of no breathing or respiratory aid. I saw a place like Eden and when I was about to step through I knew I’d forget my life as a human. But a voice said “No. It’s not time yet.” And I was pulled back to my body.

    As a 4 year old I had vast knowledge. I meditated. I gardened. I befriended all animals. I even knew of Egypt before I was taught.

    Apologies for rambling. I have to go now. Thank you.

    1. Hi your story has got me curious I to overdosed twice when I was younger, I had my stomach pumped because of alcohol poisoning, I’ve had a problem with addiction but it came to a head about 5 years ago my mental health deteriorated and I suffered with schizophrenia for two years before I got the help I needed, they said I was that far gone I was just running on my subconscious. I am so lucky to have survived it and to not of seriously hurt anybody. The signs I seen and the things I was doing has made me a believer, and I am certain I was guided by animal spirits, reading this website has put the final signs in place for me to understand much more, when I was poorly I would hear voices I’m sure it was demons trying to trick me, they would tell me to cut my wrists. Luckily I went into hospital and I finely feel fixed I’m well medicated I’m free of drugs and I don’t drink but I’m still seeing signs everywhere. I’ve felt my whole life I’ve been protected by something I’ve never been violent I don’t get angry. Could I actually be an angel. I am a Capricorn like Jesus my daughter is born Christmas and my son is born at Easter, I get feelings all the time telling me I’m the closest thing to heaven and I must protect the womb, witch is my daughter I get told that I am an angel maker. Is this actually possible or am I insane

    2. Very intelligent human you are 🙏 little Wayne says it. No ceilings and Mac millers after death album saved a lot of souls for he realized a truth after his fame. He wrote an album which killed him .

  43. I meet all the description and have been experiencing that special feelings since childhood, I’ve always had that urge that there’s a purpose for my life.
    Some horoscopic apps described me as a seeker in my time with spiritual gift and has dominion over a portion of the earth.I believe strongly in this prophecy and needs help to make sure my purpose on earth is well accomplished.

    Accra- Ghana

  44. I have felt different from everybody in my life since I was a small child. I have always felt disconnected from my family, especially my mother who is a very negative force in my life. I have experienced personal tragedies and through all of it have never let it stop me from smiling or having positive thoughts. I have always felt and inner sense of love and guidance and since advancing in age my feelings have grown stronger and my one with the earth have advanced tremendously. I have all the signs of being an earth angel but feel lost at times. I struggle with and fight off evil thoughts daily. My love is stronger by far. Your article has been very insightful and i thank you for answering a lot of questions about myself

  45. I am an Earth Angel for sure. I wont go into proving it, all i know is what you have said was something i knew anyway. But trying to convince a planet that is so detached from intelligence is exactly why i keep my company small. Because i hold no time to explain to brains that do not get it.

  46. Googling about “how to understand your life purpose? Angel”. Had demanding thought to add the angel out of nowhere.
    These points of telling if you are earth angel. I had em all except 2 of em. Now I am confused. As belief seeker and confirmer. I must say that I am truly a mess. In current condition I would say I am angel of darkness. Though not spreading negativity around me, unnecessary stress for people. Prefer being most of time alone anyways. So far in my life I successfully have hidden my darkness, suppressed even from myself easily as its nothing. But in this period of my life I keep seeing these suppressed feelings and events in dreams. I may asked for this from life, though had not even clue what consequences it would bring. Now my ego tryes to grasp any belief or control over life. Since everything is in constant change. As it feels past life cant satisfy me anymore, nothing seems to. Well as it seemed “Going home” sentence brought me emotional relief. Dont know why paddling in this comment post. Anyways time to see another “exciting” dream.

  47. I feel like that im here for a greater purpose i don’t know wnat it is its killing me to know what im here for i cant explain what im feeling

  48. I have always felt that I was here on earth for the greater good and to help and heal people. Last night I had a light worker (Empath healer) connect with me to give me a cleanse and open up all my chakras (am also an Empath) and can get overwhelmed from time to time and feel blocked. So after the session she contacted me and told me that she has never told this to anyone before but she thinks that I am an earth angel, because while she was working on me and she reached my crown chakra she felt this serene beautiful energy almost like it was a halo, and it brought her to tears!

  49. For me 29 out of 31 discribe me. I have a very very complicated childhood. I’m currently in Fostercare… My mom gave up my Rights a while ago my life is just a big living problem that u feel like u can’t solve it and it’s all around u. I’m 15 years old currently. In the 9th Grade. I’ve been called “Special” my whole life even when I was born people said I was “Special” and Easy going. I’ve had 4 girlfriends and 2 Dumped me and the other 2 Didn’t seem to work out as planned. I’ve been having a hard time finding Love in my life but I feel like my gut is telling me Otherwise… I’ve been though some stuff I wish I would have never gone through. I have a red bumpy rash on the upper left Side of my chest and I feel like it’s telling me some thing every time it pops up?! My doctor doesn’t understand why it keeps on coming up. But, I’ve noticed its comes up mostly when I’m in water like swimming pools, oceans and even the shower.

    ~ This information was helpful to me thank u whom ever made this website!👍🏼😇

      1. I am in literally in tears reading this. All my life I have tried to understand who I am I finally feel that I understand. Thank you

  50. I cried all the way. My psichiatrist said I am an INFJ from Carl Jung, it pass a little bit better in society then Earth Angel. So many people stop me espesially when I was a young adult to tell me stuff and thank me to be like an angel. I always had a saying: Can you see my wings?!.. If I show this website to my people they will not believe how it is almost words for words what I say. My awakening alarm had rang 3 years ago. The truth come to me now as I go with her flow. One thing, the only of those 31 signs I dont really have.. is that I do not look younger then my age and a bit further we can read that we have a tendancy of eating badly, addiction.. That would be the only thing that seem a contradiction. The rest I wanna say thank you, today I needed that beautiful text.

  51. I wish I could date an earth angel. That would be the perfect boyfriend for me. Though I think I may be one as well.

    1. if you discover you may be an angel, then you should strive to live as an angel, as such do not ponder deeply on romance as angels do not marry

  52. I honestly think I am an Earth Angel, as a child I was bullied & teased because I was different from the rest of the kids, especially when I was a teenager in high school as I was loving myself in a strange way (which was normal for me & I still do ‘Love Myself’ now as an adult). I do tend to eat a lot of food which is not really good for me & got very overweight when I was in my 20’s – thankfully my weight has returned to normal now. I have had gambling addictions in the past – thankfully under control now. My body works in a strange way, have problems with my bowels, a rash on my chest (which comes & goes – nothing will treat it), two bony lumps on my back under shoulder blades (my dad has noticed/felt it) not sure what it is but I have had it for years, & as for my reproductive drive – well that is another thing entirely!

    Since beginning of this year I went through depression/anxiety and dejection (rejection), then started to use healing stones, begun to communicate with my Guardian Angel – followed by all the other angels & had an awakening on my 35th Birthday (14th April). I am now in process of accessing my higher divine self & I am now started to do good in society (England UK) by donating some of my earnings to good causes & by doing sponsorship schemes (also adopting precious/ancient artefacts – like parts of churches/cathedrals etc.). I see angel numbers on a daily basis (especially 444 & 11:11) & always finding white feathers – I can also feel the presence of my angels, as I can feel energies of other people & objects. I do not like violence or conflict at all!

    My spiritual belief is as strong as ever & I am a much happier person knowing that I am ‘Special’ (I call myself ‘The Special Christopher’), & people are now starting to take notice. Thank You So Much For This Page.

    Lots Of Love

    Christopher (Awakened Earth Angel On 14th April 2018)

  53. Hello there,

    A friend called me yesterday and told me to watch a feature on TV regarding Earth Angels, she told me that I must be one. Having watched it and subsequently found your page I am now sure that I must be. I talk to my angels most nights before sleep and they almost always help in ways I invite them to.

    There hasn’t been much trauma and I had a relatively happy childhood but do remember thinking as a very young girl that I was “too good for this world”, I used to cry in bed at night. This is something I had forgotten about until this morning.

    Thank you so much for your enlightening page, it has awoken an even stronger belief and will definitely change the way I live, not sure how yet but I know for sure that something has shifted.

    Wishing you a happy and wonderful day.

    Lots of love

    Tamara (newly awakened Earth Angel)

  54. I had a lot of confirmations about being an earth angel 444, but…
    I believe that i am the only One I AM presence dreaming all that is.
    The notion of individuality (being an earth angel) seem to not be the ultimate truth.
    Maybe I Am dreaming being an angel, but truly I AM beyond this dreamed individuality.

  55. Good List but # 29 does NOT fit at all , addiction ?? has nothing to do with being an angeL, most earthwingz are very solitary and isolated, I know I have sub zero in common with 99% of all these other humans because they are all into drinking and tobacco and drugs, and I would never touch those vices with a forty foot haLo

    1. This is more a symptom of un-awakened Earth Angels who are trying to fit in and self medicating to cope with the density of the earth plane… Before learning to transmute challenges and negativity through simply reconnecting with Divine Source Light.

      Definitely not required to be an Earth Angel though.

  56. This is me almost to a tee. I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse and I have always been spiritually intelligent and aware of the stars, origins of our universe and understand that we are made of that of stars……I comprehend and understand it all and my heart……it aches for others, the ppl in my life and close circle I cry and ache when they have issues. I feel their pain in my heart and then I will drive or go to the ends of the earth to help them, love them, support them. Im so thankful I found this page. Thank you

  57. I never knew
    i’m an earth angel .
    I’ve go through research and what am i sayin is true ,I don’t lie .I’m an earth angel

  58. Hi, guys, I need some advice if you have the time. I answered yes to pretty much everything on here. I know that I was given a deeper insight to help others but somehow I seem to not love myself. This is because I have struggled with mental illness since I was young that made me think of terrible things. I know there is good and evil in everybody, it is the human condition. But I am still so upset I guess that this part of me exists. I know I need to confront, understand, and release my pain but I have no idea how to do that. This level of pain makes me question if I really do deserve love even if I am special in my abilities to help others. It has been the biggest paradox of my life. My past and mental illness seems to seal my fate in one half of my mind yet the other half tells me that I know I am different than most people in in the ways this article describes. My friends and family always tell me I care so much and am softer on the inside, so why can’t I listen? If anyone has been through something similar and can tell me how they dealt with their pain, even if it took long, I would love to hear it. Just any advice in general would help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Courtney, I want you to know that I can relate, and I’ve hugely gotten past my old blocks and mental illness struggles. Be patient with yourself and meet yourself with compassion, not frustration when you struggle. Give yourself the compassion you give others.
      A bit of my story…
      I got deathly and chronically ill when I was 14, I missed out on all of highschool, had to grow up very quickly, I was extremely alone, and I was fighting for my life too. The combination of many illnesses and the isolation left me with debilitating OCD, germaphobia, depression, depersonalization, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and much more. Healing takes time. It takes time and hard work and decoration every single day. I really had to work so hard to turn my mindset around. Baby steps every day. Just like this said, start small and keep it simple.

      I’ve seen spirits and been an empath my entire life but I didn’t realize all of the definitions of my gifts until a few years into my illness. It altered my healing path, now at 20 and in remission, I see that at least a portion of my neurological issues where largely in part because I’m an Earth Angel. I wasn’t made for this plane. Also, spiritual awakenings and gifts coming into their full power is often very uncomfortable. Many of us struggle with illness or mental illness before we find our power and learn control.

      Meditation and restorative yoga have helped every level of my healing, mind body and spirit. I’m currently still learning a lot, but I have amazing teachers and I accept learning from every where. I also work with my spirit guides daily too and they send me signs and guidance. All you have to do is ask for that and it will be sent to you. I’m also very much so enjoying reading spiritual books. The places that scare you by Pema chodron is fantastic and all about confronting doubts and fears and replacing it with love and compassion. It was very healing for me. The secret is a great book too.

      My biggest advice is to be kind to yourself. Be patient. Listen to your heart and your intuition, don’t listen to your head. I had to stop listening to my head and all of the lies and fears and doubts of my mental illnesses. My gut and my intuition never lie to me. They’re always spot on. Meditation really helps in learning that practice of finding your true inner voice.

      Don’t give up my dear. Keep focused on the light.

      Ps. I too have had to accept the paradox that is me. I have light and darkness. I try to rock some awesomely balanced yin and yang vibes. If you have darkness in you don’t fight it out or ignore it, just balance it with light and rock being some yin and yang. ☯️

    2. This world is not an easy place to heal and love others, especially when you feel depressed and easy angered to situations that seem far from your control. That is when you have a good long cry and take your shoes off and walk slowly or run across a feild of soft grass, and imagine when you get to the end of the feild God the Creator is waiting for you with his arms out and a big smile on his face and tells you, what took you so long? I missed you and I love you! Be gentle to yourself, God the Father only made one of you, that is no mistake. ❤ Mental lllness was given to you by God to show you how strong you really are. You are his precious child and he is always just an arm length away.

    3. I too had this issue. I suffer mental illness and i have had a very traumatic childhood up until i was 19. My biggest obstacle was being sexually assaulted. I blamed my self, I know what they say, but it is difficult to practice. I am the kind of person who needs a reason so I can move past it. There was no reason for this and i had trouble even discussing it. I came across a quote I cant remember it exactly, but it was something like the only ones who can hurt you are those you allow to by how you react. I was tired of this hurting me emotionally so I let it go. I gave it to source/God and by getting rid of it i was healed. Thats my best advice it takes practice, but it can be done. I wish you the best you can do it.

  59. I have been a little confused the last few months. I’ve been receiving information in foreign languages when I chant. I have been speaking with berah, Hanah, and Rafa. I’m not certain of the spelling of their names. I have been receiving visions of sacred geometry. The first day I awoke I was told to convert negative to positive and to heal. I have felt the presence of a
    being with long blonde hair, I believe that is Bera and I believe it didn’t have any gender. I felt as if this was me. I also felt that it was a past life and a future life. I still feel that I have had several past lives. Does that make sense?

  60. A year a go I heard a voice that called me an earth angel n told me that be of the gifts I have given n my life that I was blessed the last ur has been completely insane I gave visions of people I have dreams I have ears but Simone mean accidently connected w me I ws supposed to find true love n happiness n was told the child will choose me everytime I was also told that if the man has a woman n she gives freely I can share my gift but it’s impossible I gave my true love n other gifts I guess n other times I have visions of the past I have suffered abuse n been through u name it for ever I always see the best yet it gets harder than n I can go on n on I keep being told about realms of faith n realms of this n that going deeper n getting more n more emotional I hurt when they hurt n sum places I can’t even tolerate to be at n I know the Bible is a guide but also I hear god tell me different names of course the evil one tries to derail my purpose how to I accomplish it all n gave faith n not lose hope in everything n keep my sanity I Know that God is w me yet I feel so alone

  61. Wow, I see there’s much to learn with you, Melanie. You didn’t even allow my comment to Giovanni post. Advice to help him grow and to know. What a loss for him and how and for you. May peace finds its way in this controlling world of egos/greed. True Angels don’t have egos!!

  62. Okay, I read this entire page. Everything on this, about being an Earth Angel, is so dead on with me. But I seem to not understand, in the Bible it says your whole book is written before you’re born, yet why has my whole book been a bad book. Trauma, death, heartache, seeing death, homelessness, physical pain everyday. Since I have been born, as I got older my mother and father both told me I was an accident. My father and mother, may she Rest.In.Peace, went to the doctor in 1982 after my brother was born to get her (my mother’s) tubes tied. The doctor looked at her and said she was pregnant with me. My brother was born in February of 1982, I was born April 4th 1983. So I spent almost my whole entire life knowing I want suppose to be here. Yet I was a three and a half month premature baby. That was the first time my heart stopped. After that I was in a horrendous car accident going 135mph. My father recently told me that the doctors said I was going to be a vegetable, yet I came out of it but they had to teach me everything all over again. How to talk, walk, eat, who my family was, what my name is, how old I am, everything. But most of my memories came back in a short amount of time. How, why? I still don’t know why. The third time I accidentally overdosed, people please don’t judge, life has been horrible! The next time my heart stopped, I was in a diabetic coma from drinking liquor on my ex-wife’s birthday. The last time was just recently, as I have been going through a lot of problems, separation, my ex signed my kids over to the state, now her sister takes care of them, both sides of my family, blood relation, treat me like I’m a horrible person. When I have never done any wrongs, ever, to any of my family. So please help me! I feel like I have been lost my whole life. Those are just situations I have been going through latley. When I was 11, my brother and I were staying with my mom after she got released from prison, after 7 or 8 years. We lived with her three months, a week and three days before I found my mother dead of a od. But I don’t understand, the night she died, she told me “I’ll never leave you without saying goodbye, good night and I love you!” That night I had three dreams of my mom dying, the third one came true. Why didn’t I wake up after the first one? I was a definite momma’s boy, so why didn’t I wake up to stop it? Why would God or any higher being let that happen to a child? But it was life, my life and I have to keep moving forward. Hard all the time but it must be done. Thank you for this, everything that I read, was inspiring but I don’t know what to do with it? That’s why I ask for help. Oh and I don’t believe I’m a crystal one but my birthday birth Stone is the brightest, sharpest Crystal if all, the diamond. Help me!!!!

    1. brother, your struggles have made you strong, your pain is only to serve as perspective for the ultimate love. nothing is in vain, you must know true pain to know true love, to know god, to act as god’s instrument, to relate to the people that you’re trying to help. email me if you want to talk more.

    2. Giovanni, you are blessed to have lived life and survived. You are still here and thriving well. As Mathew wrote, your struggles have and will make you stronger and better. I believe it, I have lived it and I see it now. I never felt like I belonged w/my family of origin. It was revealed that it was my mission to take care of the abusive family I was born into and bring peace to my parents and dissolve turmoil with the remaining ‘lost’ siblings. As I laid my parents to eternal rest with guidance, my mission came with clarity. My struggles were just like you from childhood, one after another and another, etc…I prayed for a moment’s rest to catch my breath. But once I surrendered to my God and realized ‘I’m different’, things began to happen. From childhood I had a different mindset from all the adults around me, now that mindset is what sets me apart. I was told by a clairvoyant that I came from another galaxy, this is not my home. That statement could never be more true b/c I dream of my home and it’s a wonderful place of no pain, no evil and people love one another. We are here to bring (and show) the message to the humans here on earth that after all we have endured and suffered from childhood to present moment, it hasn’t made us bitter, evil or hateful, instead we are kinder, forgiving and hearts of service to one another to do what’s right-to break the chain of evil. We are examples of what/who we should be for those who have endured less than us. Enjoy your journey, it’s amazing!

  63. I feel mostly like is said here except for the few awful things I’ve made happen but still constantly search for the heart of him who put us all here. I’m a greed and I want rid of it . I want people back up after they fall but I shouldn’t want them to fall. I’m in total thought of it all and I want results of myself . I’m always hopein there’s a way up way up.

    1. i met the light beings. no one believes me. i can tell you anything u want. to know. i just want to talk to someone that has also met them. i know i am one of them. we all are. and we are all one and also independent. i have a whole story to tell.

  64. guys i hope i am an earth angel ive always wished for more of a purpose in life can someone help me know ive done the test and got most answers the same but i need a proper friend someone to giud me but i do not know how to communicate with my angels or higher self i need some help.

    1. Why hope to be something? Instead ask yourself what is it that makes you want to be? Is it because you want to help? If so people can help other people every day. You can volunteer at clinics, kitchens and shelters. You can be a big brother/sister and help provide a youth guidance.

    2. I am more than willing to help. You’re not alone. Email me when you get the chance, & I shall do my best to assist you in anyway I can.

  65. A medium just tescently told me I am an earth angel and I found this article to read up on angels and everything in this article I can relate to!! It’s a little overwhelming but it totally opened my eyes to why I am the way I am, it made everything make sense in my life so now I have to learn to work with it and communicate with my fellow angels. My whole life I have thought of others before myself! I have dealt with type 1 diabetes rather then my sister and I have just reacently beat breast cancer, which I feel I got in the first place because I let my guard down trying to protect loved ones strongly before myself! My husband and I often argue that I think of others all the time before myself but I know that will never change, that’s just me. When I have my mind set on doing something to benefit others, not much can stop me! My daughter often says to me can you not go anywhere without talking to strangers all the time, I can only reply No I can’t sorry. I always felt so different and now I understand why and I do have plant all over my house inside and out, I absolutely love animals and feel the connection between me and them. I love everyone until they hurt me or a loved one. There is so much more but those are some of the obvious that come to mind. I feel a sense of relief like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I love the feeling. I don’t go to church but when I have been to one for a wedding or baptism I feel a strong love and it makes me happy, I do wish for world peace! No more war or violence why can’t we love one another and be nice, life is short let’s enjoy while we can. Thank you for writing this article and helping a lot of us see the light and bringing calmness to our lives 🙂 another thing is my friends son asked me years ago when he was young why I always laugh? I really didn’t have an answer other than because I would rather laugh then be mad, don’t you agree? And he did so we laughed together. Thanks again for this amazing eye opener

  66. Hi lovely Person who write this for me and everyone else who was questioning themselves.
    I, personally didn’t know about angels. My grandma used to give me stickers of angels, but I only was once in a church on Christmas. My family doesn’t believe in god, except my stepmother and my little sister.
    Shortly before my grandma died, she introduced me to a mother, whose daughter could communicate with angels. We talked for hours about all that and then she gave me a statue of an angel.
    The next time I heard about angels was when I started watching Supernatural. I immeadetly thought I would be an angel in that show.
    I saved more than once lifes and that was when my friends started to give me the nickname ‘angel’.
    But I never told them I liked angels, they just started calling me that.
    After a while I said they should stop and that I am no angel.
    But I read this and ALL the points are TRUE for me.
    I will stay a kind person in my life – but only you know about me: I am an earth angel.

    But are there More of you? Even with a family and friends I feel there is something missing. Like I miss my REAL family…
    If you know a Chatroom or if any other earth angel would like to… You know, get to know each other that would make me really happy :*)

  67. Human angel, guardian, whatever I am I am still me. I do not wish to be completely human and never have. My imaginary friend as a kid was an eight foot tall purple dragon man. Never saw him , but knew he was there. People tell me really personal stuff out of nowhere. People say I am supposed to protect them out of nowhere. I have seen shadow men and sensed malicious entities, had premonitions come true and seen events unfold in my minds eye. Cats love me, wolves howl when I am near and falcons fly by me whenever I am unsure or down. Does this mean I am something else, who knows. But it is definitely some weird shit sometimes and has made me think I am nuts occasionally and using escapism to cope with reality.

  68. i dont have words for this feeling right now. but everything in my life is finally making sense. it feels good. I’ve felt a presence of God so strong lately and feelings of being soo blessed. Most of this i read here i already figured out before i found the website. God explained to me how I had a certain purpose. each path I’ve endured was part of His plan. until now I thought the reason I couldn’t find real love or that feeling of wholeness was becuz i didnt deserve it or did something wrong. it was killing me inside. i thought something was wrong with me and needed to be fixed…. he reassured me that i going the right way, be patient… so patient. these paths I’ve encountered have been so crazy and each struggle and heart ache I’ve felt made me a lil different each time. it hurt it confused me and i just did not understand until now. i get it. lets do this. When i get back i know u will have that love and wholeness I’ve been looking for here. I’ve never felt such strong faith and belief in what I know is to come like i do now. 100%

  69. thank You so very much for this. For years i felt different, and becasue of my awaking lately i started thinking and analysing myself. Now i know that this huge urge to help people, this almost physsical pain when I cant, feeling everything what they feel is a gift, and there are more people like this. This is a huge relief but also Im so scared. I dont find myself in this world, I know who runs it really and it scares me so much I cant sleep. Ive been crying a lot lately, and I feel like I can feel pain of the whole world, its all misery, and I would do anything to help it, my helplessness is killing me, knowing how little I can do to help them. I’ve been angry for so long, angry at the world, at people who act like sheeps, at politicians who dont care about them, at corporations. Now I feel like Im not angry, Im just so tired all of the sudden. And I still feel this pain everywhere, I see it in them, in their eyes, I see an old lady begging on the street and it destroyes me for few days. Im so scared of the world, what it became, what is humanity becoming and what is controling us and eveyrthing here, and Im so scared and lost. Last year I was in Thailand on a very small non turist island, and i’ve been aching to go back there for the last year. And I was analysing why, why i feel such strng urge to go there, and I understood, that it was what i get my energy from – naure, peace and no noise like city, internet, news and all that. Warm sun, sound of the waves, almost no people and I just felt like in my mohers womb. This is so relieving to write this and to read all other people stories, there are no people who would understand this around me, they all tell me, that im just a really good person, but they dont get anything and I feel so lonely. I just woke up, I just understood what is going on with the world and with me now, and Im gonna be working on that any way I can, but I feel so lonely and so scared. Thank You very very much for your article, and thank you people for sharing your stories, its like talking to a friend and it feels really calming. Im gonna go to the park now to hug some trees, I love You all people.

    1. I also feel the same as you. This insane and violent world is driving me so crazy to the extent I cry to God asking why I am here in the first place.
      I have also have a longing to go back home since I was a child. Every time I do tell my mum “I want to go home” she gets scared and tells me to stay which I’m trying to. I’m lucky my mum has a little understanding of whom and what I am.
      In Nigeria the call us different name such as Abiku,Emere or Of banks but these are mostly attached with negativity which I hate.

  70. I don’t truly know if this makes me an earth angel or not but I have ways of helping others. I have been through so many situations in my life that most God wouldn’t put through. God had me put on situations where he would see if I would surrender and I never did surrender. At some point thinking of it really does make me feel different then having a human spirit. No one which I can’t be 100% sure be pushed to the point of going mentally ill but I never did so and was as normal as possible. While I do have a brother he was the rebel type and I was the kind type never to give any issues. In a way I do have my purpose of helping others and when people have an issue I’m always willing to listen while I rather have no one listen to my problems. I’m rather good at dealing with my problems. I still have a thing were I dislike some things but I’m always tending to be on the positive side. I always tell me myself if God had really wanted me dead during my process of two cancers he would have done so and not let me live but he knew he needed one way or another. I lived passing another victim who passed away being 26 then came passing living beyond 30 with avenged sevenfold drummer Jimmy Sullivan which really saddened me a lot. I have a thing with death. I have been through funerals some I knew some not. Friends mom deep connection, an aunt who passed away Jimmy’s death which I passed lived, a brother of my great grandmother, and a cousins grandpa who I also went too which never knew. There is a weird connection I have with death. As of now a month ago learning my spiritual awakening and trying to increase on it little by little. I wish I had more. But the questions is, does this make me just a light worker or an actual earth angel.

  71. There are quite a few of us awakening now, You should look at Angelic Therapy and Healing on you tube. She is a great guide. Twin Flames time is now. Blessed be

  72. Wow…I came here by “accident” and wondered how you can write about me ^^ I have access to my memories from the time before I came to earth. I know why I’m here and that God (the creator) sent me. Even my name tells that tho not many people know this because only very few sites tell about the other, not so known meaning. I’m not alone. I brought someone with me. Everybody has heard of him but I won’t say his name because I guess nobody would believe me. In the physical we aren’t in union yet but it will happen sooner or later. Right now I still have some problems with enjoying life. Since years I wonder if I should tell humanity about who I am and who “we” really are. I’m not sure if I could get into trouble then. I’m a bit disappointed that some information (about us) are nowhere to find. I googled everything…No entry about me (the one I’m outside earth), no entry about who we are (humans call us angels but there are so many categories, and the highest ones are mentioned nowhere), wrong information about our language and the name of it…On earth is a lot going on and some humans still don’t want to see. There are people who decide which information will be shared with public and which not. Even the “news” they share are often fake. This place is not what most humans think. More and more awake but there are still many that don’t want to see. You would be shocked if you knew what’s all fake.

    I can tell you something. I’m protected and can’t die unless I completed my mission. So many times it was close but I was saved. Sometimes I’m not happy about this fact. I know I’m here to help humanity but it can be so hard. All my existence I wanted to be just “one of many” but I never was. No matter what I tried, I was always kinda special. I gave my word to complete this mission and so I will. I never make promises if I’m not sure I can keep them. But I feel a bit lonely with that. I have nobody on my side. That’s what makes it a bit difficult right now. My love is still struggling with darkness but I can’t help him. He needs time and I have to be patient. Meanwhile I need to get my vibration higher, so that I can enjoy life again and get access to ALL of my abilities. I’d like to talk to someone of my brothers and sisters. I’ve always been a fighter but I’d also like to rest. I have this mission but I’m stuck. I know I’m supposed to work as leader and I also know where but somehow I can’t get there. It frustrates me and makes me feel weak. Also I’m not really sure if I should post this comment. Should I give information about us or would I get myself in danger because some people try to hide everything and eliminate those who speak the truth? I’m thinking about this since years and it looks like it’s getting more and more dangerous. Since I don’t have access to all of my abilities yet, I couldn’t protect myself then. On the other hand I want to find some of my brothers and sisters who incarnated here as well. What should I do? Risk it and post my knowledge online? Or be quiet because for my mission it’s not so important if humans know about us?

    1. Amazing words. I have always felt like there is untold truth and i have a very curious nature. I want to know everything and at the same time i want people to open their eyes to the idiocy that is accumulating around us. If you think that it’s dangerous to share, then keep to yourself for now (going against myself here haha). It would be amazing if we could exchange a few words.

    2. Janine, stay in stealth until your vibrations are high enough to protect you, you are not alone in this, we are the one.

  73. hello my name is jon i am 15 im still very young but all these things your saying seem very true and they all are what describe me i dont hate anyone for who they are i love em all even tho they treat me bad i treat them better than ever! i was very curious cause sometimes i feel like i have a better purpose and i think i found out what i feel like god was the one who put me here and he sent with me 4 wonderful angels that are always surrounding me and who are in a way like my teachers and guaidance i love em all! but i think they may have led me to this website through god and they wanted me to know my true purpose they never give up on me and they know that an Earth angel is my purpose and i love taking on this role its very nice but its also hard to not get upset and use violence i prefer love as one and i just had to say thank you for writing this article cause i think i found my true purpose and i finally know what my angels have been telling me and what they have been training me for and guiding me for so thanks for this article me and my angels all say thank you cause you have given me a sort of relief and continue to write these things cause they just in a sort of a way saved me and i finally can have some peace may god bless you in the future!!

  74. Well, Its really true and I really am happy that every earth angel is connected and we are all one with a purpose of which we have come down to this earth.As read in ur comments , here in India we call Mother Earth as Mother Bhuvaneshwari i.e Mother Earth what u call as Mother Gaia,,and it has been the Mothers Guidance for each and every moment and each and every molecule to lead me guide in this spiritual realm of light., not to raise an ego, its been her divine guidance that she has been guiding me always for higher purpose.If u do visit our country, I wud surely be very enlightened to share much of our country’s rich heritage and the Motherly love towards all humans and higher realms.The Hierarchy, Saptarishis,Ascended Masters, all Archangels and Angels.and after I got connected to the Angels I came to know that I am an Indigo and I found out the nearby Indigos who have even my soulmates .Thanking U with regards Shashidhar.

  75. Hi, I am reading this cos a medium came to me, she hold my hands. So this is where the fun began. She looked me in the eyes and said: Kenny, ( she knew my name even) I know you are going through dark times, but you are an archangel, you will rise again. I was a bit shocked cos the energy there was very strong. I asked her if I will see her again. She told me when the time has come then I will be there. So, I am still in the dark times, trying to fight my way out. I feel I have sometimes dark thoughts but thankfully I can separate those with the good. I am aware that these r not good. As soon I read the news and see what is going on in this world I wonder why we even try to create a bigger place. Society is becoming more stupid and humanity more selfish. It hurts me as well. Now I am wondering, can we as angels or whatever we are make a stand? Or do we have to cope all the time with what is happening on this planet?

  76. Yes, I match ALL 31 characteristics thoroughly, except my love for people often frustrates me. I want to dislike people and unless they have sought to destroy me, I can’t hate them. I always end up forgiving. People have tried since I was an infant to eliminate me. I told my parents at four years old that I spoke with Jesus. And they said they couldn’t convince me it was a dream. I see both the bad and good in people easily, like it is written on their forehead. The longest I have been dead is ten minutes. And yet I lived without any deficit to my body. I am the same now as I was before. Through all of this, the idea of “angel” still bothers me somehow though I know I’m not “usual” to this world. My question is, though I know how to help and can’t seem to stop myself anyway, though this all fits, how did people find out what constitutes an angel? And why have I seen them? Why is all this happening?

  77. I love this entire article and useful information I just read! i have always been told by psychics and clairvoyants that i was born to be an angel, and it was difficult understand the meaning! well this clearly explains it and i feel so confident that i am an earth angel now!

    I honestly love everyone and feel the we all deserve to be loved and respected and to be happy! I am grateful to not need the extra things girls do now days to still look pretty and i am still happy- even without all those things that are not actually part of my daily life! as a busy single mother of two teenagers i have enough to worry about and also use my energy and time to try to improve the life we all have to move forward and have a better world with Love, peace and kindness! i wish everyone had the same ability to feel pain and compassion! i wish others could understand what support and love really mean! is not the act of saying it- is the actual doing it! to me it makes a difference – to be caring to be honest, to be real! beauty to me is not just external – beauty to me starts from your inside… from your heart!!!! beauty without kindness is uselesssssssssss…. Life is nothing without Love, time and trips are not worth it with when you are alone! the true value of things is more significant the the monetary value people place on certain things! enjoy the little things that end up being priceless and memorable to your life!
    – my favorite quote “treat others the way you like to be treated” don’t we all like to be treated with respect… well by respecting others we will hopefully start making this world a better place to live- teach our newborns how to be compassionate and caring and respectful of life, nature and to LOVE!

    1. This info is everything that I feel and think . I have always put others before me and would even go without and struggle because I forget my miner problems when anyone else is in need.. I raised my children from very young to always treat everyone how you would like to be treated…. This world is full of bad thing and if we alk fight against the bad and evil .and spread love and all things good we will over power the wrong in the world and will have accomplished what we are all here for I have always known there is a huge spiritual for me being here and my step father was an atheist so we never got to learn about God or higher being … But deep in my gut I always new we are for a huge reason and rhat is to fight the invisible war between good and evil and most ppl will think I am crazy for saying it but that is because we are all brain washed from evil I believe and that and the evil ones will try to corner us and confuse us but I am just starting to wake and everything makes so so much sense to me now and I feel over joyed that I am a big part of helping make every thing right for all.

  78. Hi Melanie, I’m a 34 male who I agree with everything you wrote. I’ve been in the military in the Marine Corps and I am a veteran now. From my experience here on earth so far I learned that people have become more selfish now more than ever. Humans like to use each other and manipulate one another either for money or sex.

    This is what I say ” Manipulation is the downfall of humanity”. We are too busy trying to one up each other instead of helping each other. I grew up as a Christian in Tulsa, OK. I can tell you that religion hurts more people than helps. Homelessness is out of control in America, with children and adults. I’m not trying to spread rhetoric, this is just my experiences. I also think people need to take care of their mental health. If you are not strong in your mind. You wont be strong in anything else in your life.

    I have always have the urge to leave this earth because of humanity and all the destruction we cause on one another. I should of died many times but still here. In my past I struggled with alcohol. In the past couple months I have been sober. I’m focusing on meditation and energy from the universe. I think people need to stop looking for a leader and believe in themselves and love themselves. Everything we need to be successful is already inside of us.

    1. Kernan, thank you for sharing. I’ve been fortunate to be sober from alcohol for 30 years this month – that is a path I chose to stay on for now, and continue to seek. My family of origin has many problems, and my mom said over 30 DUI’s between members of my immediate family., plus her suicide attempt, my older brother’s multiple attempts, and all kinds of “fun stuff” that humans do. I am still in process of changing and growing. I try to go with my intuition. I say – keep seeking supportive people – go where it feels light, listen to yourself first, many people have their own opinions – and follow your heart!

    2. Kernan, I completely agree with you! You mentioned everything I worry about on a daily basis.. the core issues that hurt my heart. I miss home. Also, I love Tulsa, OK! I have lots of family there, my best friend lives there & I am about 5-6 hours away from there. Its nice knowing someone like you lives there.

  79. As an Earth Angel myself, I cannot help wondering why so-called messengers who deliver Universal truths choose to use a “fake” computerized voice, instead of the voice GOD gave them to deliver the messages. The Light gave us voices to connect with each other, the darkness gave us this technology to further separation consciousness. Which will you serve?

    1. I agree with you Thomas,

      I want you to know that all the work I put out is in my own voice… I have seen a few others taking my content and “reading” it from a robot voice…

      This is not something I asked them to do or gave permission for… It just happened.

      1. I stumbled upon the definition of Earth Angel while considering my thoughts on what love actually is. I was thinking to myself about my boyfriend, and boyfriends I’ve had in the past and wondered if I actually ever loved them, because if it was unconditional as it’s supposed to be, I would be with them still. So I came to the conclusion that I’m not capable of unconditional love. I’m not sure why, but the song Earth Angel came to me, which got me thinking about angels on earth.. Then I started googling, and oddly enough alot of the definitions and descriptions of the term Earth Angel fit me to a t. It seems people are always confiding in me their darkest secrets, saying they hadn’t told anyone else the things they told me.. I’ve never fit in with society, and have a strong distaste for comformity, worldly traditions, or rules of society. I always try to facilitate the best outcome for all parties, and go out of my way to offer guidance and understanding for those who I feel need it. I constantly have people, even strangers confiding to me, which sometimes gets me in trouble to be honest. I always seem to be in the middle of the issue, however it’s through trying to help the situation undergo the best possible solution. Swinging back to men, I’ve always been most attracted to the broken and damaged and are inexplicably interested in their lives and try to find a way to free them of their burden. People don’t understand me, and while I understand them, I don’t understand how to fit in with them.. People like me, I’m a pretty girl.. I work hard, I do my job correctly and efficiently, usually have a group of coworkers (the ones who don’t outright hate me off the bat) that look to me for guidance.. I had a troubled childhood, i’ve suffered but for every one who has hurt me, I can understand them and while I can’t stand to be around them, I don’t hate them.. I’m damaged, but it didn’t ruin me.. I use the experience to teach and help others through their own traumas.. But my question is, where are you all getting your information? How is this just not the result of someone undergoing pain and understanding what it feels like and thus try to prevent trauma and help others through? Where did you find in the history books of ancient about earth angels? Where is this information coming from? I’d like to trust humans and believe that I’m some divine presence, but if I don’t totally trust the bible (because it was interpreted and written by humans, and not God himself), how am I just going to trust some psychic on the internet? I do believe also in things like the alignment of stars and its effect on a birth because of the energy from the celestial bodies flowing into their creation, but I don’t know where you are all getting your information from and I would like to.

  80. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to tell everyone on this forum that I am a true believer of God and his all mighty power. I am a veteran who suffered from survivors guilt. I recently took a trip to Mexico where I met a gentleman who could see angels & wings. Long story short, he noticed my wings were much different than anyone else’s. he said I was protected with a very angelic and beautiful cloak like cover on my wings… since that encounter, I have studied and read up on angels, messages, meditations etc. I’m happy to announce that I feel like I am an earth angel. Maybe I was one all along and did know it, I’m not sure. What I do know, is that I view this world in a much different light. I am more forgiving & I pray for compassion & I have love for everyone. I walk with confidence and fear no one because I have God and his angels next to me. I’m a bodyguard with a private security company that I started a few years ago. It’s amazing that I got into this line of work without even knowing why I did what I did & how I truly impacted people. Now I view my career in a much different light.

    I have made it my mission to inspire others and make them seek guidance from their guardian angels. I’m on a mission to empower people to protect their loved ones and seek greater good on this earth. I realize I’m just one person, but if I can inspire one more person out there, then my survival in the war was well worth it. I do feel very different than anyone else. I find myself constantly talking to my guardian angels and I feel like I have bodyguards all around me. The more I look for signs, the easier it gets to be reminded of what I should be doing. I’m constantly seeing 3:33, 5:55, 2:22 on my watch, so many more blessings have opened up for me because of my positive outlook on like and humanity as a whole. I feel truly blessed and I hope that my story here inspires others to truly believe in God and know that we all have a purpose on this earth. Love is the one thing that binds us all as humans. We are all God’s creatures and it is up to us to create our own destiny. Stay motivated and blessed everyone! ?

  81. Hi Melanie,

    And all others , I’m in wow because it has been a blessing that I ended up in this page, I have been feeling a lil lost however with emense hope , I know see the signs that I have lived since a young age and it all makes sense now after reading this, signs I ignored ans now are vivid , I had been praying recently for so many people in my life and guidance from God and I still manage to feel so much love despite what I have been going through, I now understand my purpose and this has been an eye opener, I read each and everyone’s experiences and I have never felt so comfortable , I cried and cried reading about this because this is me to the T ! My heart feels at ease , now I have to stick to taking better care of me and persue to what I’m here on this earth to do , peace love and happiness to every soul in this universe sending lots of love and smiles muuuuuah.

    With love and respect,


  82. Nearly two years ago, in the sixth grade, I got the feeling that I was different. When I watched my first video on earth angels, I asked God if it was true. Gradually I became more sure that I was one. I think that was His way of telling me yes.

  83. Yes to all. I’ve known since I was 12 I had a purpose.I was Only told 7 years ago at 45 by my Angel which is Michael the archangel I was a earth Angel, but he just called me a Angel. I met Jesus when I was pregnant at 29 because of abusive person towards me I felt lost he came to me holding my daughter not yet born.He said this is your piece of heaven. Then everything was good again. Now the negatives here are growing strong and I feel overwhelmed.

  84. Not for one moment has this rock ever felt like home.
    I started reading this article oddly enough… It do”es, feels like an old friend” like Home

  85. I really could use talking to someone. I have always known, i had/have a strange mission. As a very young child i had a verbal connection that could hear what i heard and see what i could see. I was put in a huge predicament that lost my connection to this ” home base” see i am an angel of Death. Violent, Homosexual, paedophile’s… Early to mid ’70’s there was a rather high number of these individuals in the Los Angeles Ca. Area suddenly dropping like flies due to massive heart was in the news, the general census was… A serial killer may be targetting Gay Child molesters!! Yay!!! It acually caused a rumor that if that was your thing you had a highly likely chance of being dead from a heart attack inside of 3 years of moving here. All i can say is imagine you’re a small straight boy, that had a magic ‘off’ Button that only worked on these sick violent men, oh and its permanent thing. No way around that. For my training and a real project motivator my real dad took me to mexico age 3 and leftbeor dead. For years the Mormon Cult has used this as a means of a late abortion. I was snatched and sold for Dope to a cartel. I survived horrific beatings so badly my spine was broken, as i was being raped shot even attacked by a large white shark. I was then locked in a dirt floored shed naked with no bedding for 8 months daily that door would open and the violence was constant… Until i killed the man that beat and raped me daily. Since that time the Meth was not San Juanico’s only financial prospect. Tourism… Resorts. People will come. Its not called scorpion bay an incredible rt hand point. My grand dad adopted me when i came back from mexico. Being raised in a family that tried to kill you is not a good thing. Children need love. Its like vitamin D we as humans need love it has a horrible effect on us if we have 0 zero. Of it. Its whats killing me now.

    1. Reading your post makes my heart break. I know too well of miss treatment but with that being said l know I was brutalized for the soul purpose to understand. I knew this since I was about 3 and accepted my life path. Now being 40 I often ask God to lead me and untie my hands so I can jump in with both feet and change the world one child at a time. Easiest way for me to discribe to people is that when I hear the news around the world and stories like yours is not the tears that she’d it is the pure fact that my heart feels like it is bleeding. Physically. God has blessed me with my life path as gift to connect. I have loved various children that come to me and have had the blessing to help them see there worth in this life. I hope through your tradgedy you can find the gift that was given to you and embrace the love behind d it.

  86. How are we support to find out which type of earth angel we are? What exactly am I suppose to do now? I’m almost 15 and I just found out about this, can someone help with my questions?

  87. Being a Light Worker can be lonely.

    After having my guides come to me at twelve years old and say that in the future I will have an important role to full fill for humanity. I remember being told something about about 30. I always thought something would happen when I was 30 years old. I was married at 30 years old and and now have 4 wonderful boys, but this was not the worldly role that was I thought was foretold to me.

    Thirty years after my first encounter with my guides(at 42 years old) I was electrocuted while standing on a ladder two stories up. I instinctively knew I only had a short time to live while being while my arm was firmly braced to the 220 volts of power on the electric line leading to the house. In an instant I was given the choice to move on or stay and complete my mission. I chose to stay and pushed myself and the ladder into the power line and was released falling two stories below. I remember the flash and then being on the ground, but not the fall. No broken bones or any other physical problems occurred.

    I went on to read many Metaphysical books and search for knowledge. One day a few years later and angel guide surrounded me and I instantly could feel and know who I am – an all powerful/knowing soul that is here on Earth to help advance humanity out of it’s lower vibrating pit they have been stuck in for eons. My other reason to stay is to raise my four boys and guide them to serve humanity in a positive light.

    Everyday I awake I give thanks for my being here and have developed prayers/mantras and decrees that help to heal and cleanse the earth and all that exists from impurities. Throughout my day I give physical/spiritual cleansing to people,animals and plants where I see fit without anyone around me knowing what I am doing.

    That is where the loneliness comes in – I have met only one person who knows what I know at my level – not including my two youngest children to whom I teach some of what I know.

    Peace to All.


  88. You are not going to ever really feel connected to this world.we never will as earth angles.we connect more with the spiritual world. Im feeling the same way.don’t ever give up.just remember sometimes its right in front of you.

    1. It’s so true – when I read this article after years of feeling like what I care for most are spiritual things I’ve learned that I myself and many others that I know are actually ‘earth angels’ super sensitive and well – not angels lol but spiritual beings that don’t always feel comfy in this world. Great article – it changed my entire life and way of thinking about my own self – xoxoxo

  89. Please help me.

    I believe I am an earth angel. Many people have told me this and told me I have a great purpose in this life but I’m really struggling with all the negativity and challenges this life is throwing at me.

    I really do believe I am some kind of earth angel and I have a purpose here. But I’ve lost my way so bad, and I have no idea how to reconnect with what my true purpose is. I am loosing hope in humanity and all I know is I don’t want to, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. How can I help others when I can’t even help myself?

    1. Many people, earth angel or not can have trouble filling out what they think they re meant to do so don’t feel bad! My advice? Start out with a daily meditation and constantly think about what an earth angel truly does, try to be graceful and gentle with helping people and yourself. Try not to be angry easily. Help yourself physically and mentally and do not get upset if someone says man things about you. Forgive and forget. Also try and pray about it. I hope this helped in your path to becoming an earth angel of the lord.

  90. Melanie, if you wouldn’t mind,(or anyone ese, im kinda desprate) I could use some assistance.
    1) I cant hear my direct orders anymore and I don’t know whats wrong
    2) You know how demons can like talk in your head and all, and you can ignore them, but they cant actually track you? Well they say their coming to find me… and actually its probably a risk posting this but oh well
    3) My friend is one too but dosnt know it, and right now i’m alone and scared, and i could really use his help but I don’t know how to tell him.

    Thanks a ton! God bless you’r soul!

    1. I have always loved nature and felt at home in nature and am a loner at times. I want to discover my life’s purpose. I feel disconnected from the world most of the time and I often see angels in my dreams. I think I may be an earth angel;) Thanks a lot for helping me be more confident with always feeling different. I often feel like I don’t belong in this world, that there is another world out there and I have a great compassion to help others especially the elderly and I love reiki.

      1. I always felt that I didn’t belong ,
        Always on the outside looking in~
        A lot of hardships took place in my life ~
        Unhappy childhood~
        Pain and suffering emotionality & physically ~
        Lost my mother at a early age~
        Always told I was special from numerous physics ~
        Feeling negative energy from others often very draining at times ….
        I have cats & dogs following me,
        Sitting on my lap & ect~
        First time I see them….
        Maybe I could be a earth angel☺️

      2. Me too! I have always had friends but even though felt very lonely and upset. I think I am an earth angel!

      1. i wish to have more proof so like to meet an angel once or twice i have had super realistic sight of spirits i need guidance please

  91. Thank you so much.every thing you said resonates within my being as conformation.
    I have searched many sights for answers.
    Thanks for enlightening me.

  92. Thank you, it is so difficult to not only experience one’s own growth, but also assist others. At night I am rarely in my body, usually sent to dark places. This was really scary when I was a child, but I’ve learned how much of a blessing it really is to be able to do so. Do you have more information on incarnate angels? I’m trying to ‘use’ my wings, and there is not a lot of information out there about it.

  93. i don’t wanna call my self an angel but I have to admit , I can only find peace outside at my country home I love animals , they warm my soul and I am always wanting to help others , I cry and cry over so many things I have no control over and I am such a forgiving person. Recently I caught my husband cheating and it took everything I had to be so mad and frustrated and wanting to divorce him, and I do but for some reason I can feel his emotions and I feel sorry for him. And as it goes for the other woman , I could feel her pain ,he sorry a and I could almost hear her say forgive me please I could feel her shame , it bothered me so much to where I finally send her a message and said, I forgave you. She wrote me back and said oh my lord thank you , she was restless for a whole year. Later on she wrote my daughter with she is her mother in law and stated . Your mom is an angel. No one that hurts so bad and has been so betrayed by her friend and husband could forgive what we have done. She truly is an Angel. My daughter stated yes she is , she can feel your emotions and she don’t want anybody to be hurt mentally or physically. We all know she is . She is such a kind and giving person. I feel my self more drawn to animals than humans , baby’s and small children are my weakness. I just wanted to share my story.


  95. I always felt out of place in the world but special in some way. I was born to very young parents. When I was 6 my mother gave me up to a father I really did not know. I never felt a bond with any of them. But some how never really needed it. Sure I got upset from time to time but I could always find peace outside on a swing, on the front stoop in the sun…

    My heart hurts for the world and it’s very hard for me to watch the news. I cry almost every day for the sadness in the world and for others.

    I always feel something is off with me…maybe this is it. Maybe this applies to me. Of lately Dimes and pennies have bern falling in front of me. I can remember this happening to me as a kid. Signs from heaven my Step-mother used to say….

  96. I like your post and look foreword to your passages of “Angels”
    Angels seem to always portrayed in images as Female are they considered the main spiritual angel who offer themselves as ” Earth Angels ” and do Men apply ?

    1. Men can absolutely be Earth Angels too! When it comes to angels they’re actually neither masculine nor feminine… I think artists often portray angels as female because of how gentle, soft and loving they are!

      1. Dear Melanie

        So much to share , and more so with those whom are in need.
        It is not what we know that is so vital – our destiny lies in what we need to know , that is crucial.
        The calm , yet relentless drive to that goal is imperative .
        After one heck of a life to date I stopped dead in my tracks for just over a year ( could hardly afford to financially ) ; documented every purposeful event in my life and searched for the meaning of all that , along with my persistent repetiive dreams and at just after 1a.m , after reading this particular blog ( not to forget the visions , messages and incredible insights experienced , and shared ) everything finally fell into place ; as in perfect balance . I know 100% , with a passion why I am here AND precisely what I need ( nay , must ) do with the rest of my life . The spiritual journey / being , in my physical body . How I have almost purposely ignored many , many years of obvious transitions . This immense ‘ light ‘ brought me to tears ,,,of wonderful joy , and immediate inner contentment . May I humbly thank you for ‘ this final inspired light ‘ , which burns intensely ,,and bright . Much to do , and much love to you !

  97. …. good article….

    I pick up barely audible voices in the static of my left ear (bicycle accident to head 2010, TMJ issue left side)

    I see much in my dreams I recall all the way back to the 1990s…… a recent dream I had last week or before had mention of a “Soul Contract”…

    I could use the help….

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