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What Are Incarnated Angels?

incarnated angelsIncarnated Angels

For the most part angels are on a different evolutionary path than humanity, and again, for the most part… Being born and living life on the Earth is not a part of an angels normal incarnation cycle.


Due to the interesting times we live in, some angels have incarnated on Earth for a couple of reasons. One light, and one night… Which makes perfect sense when you consider we're talking about angels incarnating into a 3D world of contrast and duality right?

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Fallen Angels

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There is much dispute as to whether fallen angels are real… Many people feel more comfortable with the idea that they are not real… That angels are and will always be of service to humanity in the highest light and love according to Divine Will.

It is said by some that angels do not have free will… And this is mostly true.

But really, its more like their free will operates in a completely different way from humanities.

Angels have the free will to either follow Divine Will or not.

If not… If angels choose to abandon existing in perfect harmony with Divine will. This is a choice that is permanent.

If not… This is the source of “fallen angels”. Angels who have chosen to be cast out of Heaven because they no longer want to serve according to Divine Will.

They made their free will choice to enter into separation.

Historically there have been two separate accounts of fallen angels.

One account can be found in the Book of Enoch (A book of the Bible that is controversially outside of the canonical Scriptures) where there was recorded a great fall. Where a group of angels fell from Heaven due to lust after female humans. These angels incarnated, married human women, and had children (who turned out to be giants when they were born)… And there is a whole continued drama playing out as a result. It is said that this fall is actually the origin of evil on Earth.

If you want to learn more about this … Look into the Book of Enoch…

Elizabeth Clair Prophet has a book that dives into this account with canonical Biblical references as well as excerpts from the Book of Enoch. Another Book of Enoch study companion is by Joseph Lumpkin.

Volunteer Souls

In response to evil on the planet…

There are some angels who are included in the group of highly evolved souls serving in alignment with Divine Will who have incarnated on the planet to be of service in freeing humanity from the grip of manipulation, control and fear based programming set in place by the fallen angels. ( is said the modern known groups of the cabal and Illuminati are ancestors of the fallen angels) and because they are permanently cut of from the absolution of God… They have chosen to deliberately cause ill will in the lives of the “Sons of God” or humans on the path of ascension.

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The amazing, and beautiful news is there are so many starseeds, lightworkers, incarnated angels, highly evolved spiritual beings, and ascended masters who have chosen to incarnate on planet Earth at this time as volunteer souls…

Here to make a difference, to raise the vibration of the planet and to assist in freeing humanity from the control and manipulation of all sources of evil…

This is a part of the ascension process, and yes, it is happening now.

… to be continued

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