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How to Dismiss Negative Spirit Guides Which No Longer Serve

spirit guides Firing and Hiring New Spirit Guides? How and Why!?

There may come a time, when you as a conscious and ascending spiritual being, may outgrow the support certain spiritual beings acting as guides for you, are able to provide. When you notice this to be the case, it's perfectly acceptable to ask that guides be released and replaced with Spirit Guides of a higher vibration who can better serve and assist you on your ascension journey and life path.

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I have personal experience with this. Shortly after awakening spiritually I was personally committing to my path of ascension and enlightenment, and I asked if all of my Spirit Guides were highly evolved enlightened beings who served 100% in alignment with Divine love and light. The answer was no… I was shocked, but quickly realized I could release all those negative spirit guides, and realign with fully enlightened and high vibrational Spirit Guides moving forward.

While I was initially shocked and a bit uncomfortable with this realization, I now understand that this is far more normal than I had realized. The simple truth of the matter is that as we engage in certain activities, align with new interests, and have specific goals and desires, Spirit and Animal Spirit Guides join our team to help.

Before “waking up” and committing to a spiritual and ascension path I had been focused on going to college, playing basketball, studing different religions, analyzing dreams, trying to get people to like me and think I was cool, and yes meeting boys and looking for the next party. All in all I was way out of alignment with my authentic soul path and purpose, and my team of Spirit Guides reflected my current desires and life choices.
Once I realized my heart and soul were yearning for spiritual growth, and to progress on my ascension path in the direction of light and love I fired the old and outdated guides, and requested high vibrational guides, angels and ascended masters to join my team.

You might feel bad about the idea of releasing or firing Spirit Guides, but don't! It's perfectly fine to consciously restructure your guidance team in a way which will most effectively serve and assist you on your chosen path.

High Vibrational Spirit Guides of Love and Light

When you do meet your guides, be sure to ask if they are truly a high vibrational being of Love polarized to the Light and if not…. I recommend you release and replace.

The simple truth is that even in the spiritual realms there is still duality. There are fear based guides, and guides who serve those walking a path of Negative polarity. If you Choice is to ascend, to develop spiritually and to Love, turn away from the negative path, look into the light and work only with guides who are equally aligned.

I've also made the choice to not work with many deceased people who are now in the realms of spirit. Yes, they sometimes have insight to share, and they do see reality from a different vantage (now outside of the physical) but for my purposes I feel better knowing that my team of guides and angels are all highly evolved, fully ascended beings who are 100% aligned with Divine Love and Light. This works for me because this is my intention and the direction I want to go.

I'm not saying there is anything “wrong” with working with deceased loved ones… Or saying that you shouldn't listen to your deceased grandmothers insight and opinion… But just as is the case in life, it's wise to use discretion when determining who to listen to (in the spirit realms included). You probably didn't always agree with what your grandmother recommended you do while she was alive, so just keep this in mind if she's now serving to guide you from spirit.

I absolutely have Spirit Guides on my team who once lived at physical beings, but at this point, they're Ascended Masters. Is this required for ascension? Not necessarily… But in my heart I know it's the right choice for me.

If you do find you have a Spirit Guide who you would like to see replaced (which you can discover by asking)… Simply declare:

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“I now release this Spirit Guide into the light and ask them to move on according to Divine Will. I ask for a highly evolved and high vibrational guide who is completely polarized to the Light to take their place. And so it is”

Not all Spirit Guides are created equally, and if you're ascending and committed consciously to walking in light and love… Don't you want guides of the highest possible vibration and aligned with Divine love and light to be serving you?

Check in with your heart and with your team of Spirit Guides and do what's right for you.

With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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  1. According to the akashic records I hired a negative spirit guide when I was a child it doesn’t seem fair that they would still be sticking around as an adult I hope I have fired them correctly and replace them with the being of the highest vibrational of light and Divine Purpose

  2. This is exactly what I needed. I waited for 2 weeks to see if I felt any different about my current team of guides and I’m still hurting so I decided to fire them and hired a whole new team dedicated to being 100% in alignment with the Divine love and light and for my highest and greatest good. No more negative guides. THANK YOU!

  3. I know who my spirit guide is as I’ve met him (I’ll assume he reincarnated in the past as a human) back in 2008. During those time I was having spontaneous out-of-body experience. I was mad at my financial hardship and I told myself before attempting I’ll talk to GOD. I just knew something had to happen and sure enough I found myself walking with two being who seems very similar and knew a lot about me. I ask him the he was he said “Your guys”????? It wasn’t until 8 years later it hit me; “We’re your guides”.

    I still see him in my dreams. I won’t say what I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time now as it may offend people but I’ll use something similar to my situation. I’ve decided to engage in somethings that not many people would consider to be manly thing “Male Ballerina???” When I was younger I used to be what some would consider to be more masculine, and of course a masculine dad, brother, and uncles, etc. Now I feel that I’ve decided to explore the so-called non-macho activities, I feel that my spirit guides is more like my so-called macho “brother”, or “uncle” who thinks less of me and refused to change my life path.

    Like I’ve said. I’ve seen my spirit guides in my dreams, and he isn’t your typical spirit guides. He’s just as mean as my non-supportive family members. Even I do think he’s just trying to seem mean. Spirit guides do have personalities and behavior. I think my guides doesn’t like my idea of what I really want to do and is trying to divert my intentions. As I said, I won’t say what my actually plan is.

    Unfortunately, my guides know what I want but refused to change my plan. My health is taken a huge toll and possibly I may not have terminal cancer due to the stress of my guides not being competent or cooperative.

    Don’t feel bad. If you feel that you’re guides aren’t supporting, replace them.

  4. Hi

    I read through your blog post and I can’t thank you enough for posting this information. I have trolled many sites and there is so much misinformation out there but this was brilliant. In brief, I had a year from hell and I was wondering why my spirit guides did nothing to head off the craziest situation most vibrational therapists have ever seen–vibrational problem. On top of that Metatron was pulling me up and knocking me around different timelines in an over the top aggressive manner–he owns it you can ask him…we no longer talk. I never requested his assistance, I suppose cuz I work with angels he was just included. I had copious amounts of trauma which left me in a state of terror for 5 months than on and off. Let me tell you the recent attacks on Paris didn’t help me one bit. In any case, I took the information in your blog post and modified it slightly. I decided to ask my current guides to come forward in specializations in areas of my life where I had challenges, so for example, relationships or moving through this epic shift…Over a short period of time I realized they were trying to teach me through suffering. So as an example, they placed all blame and responsibility onto me and than asked me to take on more. I may or may not have that dynamic and they were certainly making a point, but I contemplated is this the best approach to support me? The answer for me was no, it just frustrated me and angered me. I carried that into what I did in my life, how is that helping me and moving the world into a state of peace…best place to start with world peace is yourself. The best way I can describe is they were using a very old model of suffering to move me through things. I fired them and new spirits came forward. I instantly lightened, it was beyond incredible the change. I am a channel they could have discussed anything with me, given me a heads outlined consequences etc. They didn’t, the new ones are a bit better about that but its only been a few days. I can say the amount of light they carry is much higher whereas my previous guides were more from previous lifetimes and lets face it–there was less light back then. I hope you post something about angels too. There is this gross misconception that they are infallible and that is not the case. They have free will on their side too and they are playing a game over there too and they apply their own discretion on how to deliver on a request. For example, I asked Archangel Daniel to teach me about forgiveness, I had five years of broken relationships to learn this lesson, there could have been a better way but I found this out ad hoc. Perfection is not part of the grand design as Metatron says…but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a peaceful shift.

    In any case, keep the good stuff coming.


  5. I found this very useful and I will be reposting this article on my facebook page.

    I have been ducking it out with my spirit guides for months.

    Finally today I googled ‘how to fire your spirit guide.’ So up comes your article on the top of the return feed.

    Sure enough, yes you can and that explains all the fighting!! They were not able to serve my purpose anymore.

    It was much more messier than this but all and all they are gone. I’m going I pray and ask for better guides to serve my purpose.

    Thanks again for the advice!!

  6. I just read this and did what you said, and I must say I immediately felt uplifted and happy and felt a shift or something! its amazing! thank you! I ask spirit that everyone that is in need of this do this for their greater and highest good! Sending positive blessings of love and divine light!<3

  7. Wow, never heard about this, such an interesting issue, thanks for your explanation. I “woke up” recently, so there’s so much to learn yet. When i started to channel, two months ago, i talked to deceased loved ones for a couple of days, but this quickly evolved to higuer guides like ascended masters, angels, and then archangels. All this happened naturally, ‘cos by that time i didn’t knew about protection or soul groups or anything about spirituality, till i found your blog. I’m grateful for all the information you share here, thanks dear!

  8. As I understand, Inner Band Spirit Guides stay with us for all our incarnations.
    They are 5 guides: Joy, Protector, Master, Philosopher, and Chemist.
    Each one is in charge of one aspect of our life. They are ascended masters. Some of them might never been incarnated, others has been incarnated.

    On the other hand, Out of Band Spirit Guides are entities that help us in the every day things and those are the ones that you might refer when you mention about firing your guides. Most of them has been incarnated and now they have “volunteered” to serve as guides. They come and go of our lives when we don’t need them any more or they need to help someone else.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if we know their names as long as we ASK for their help and genuineness when we need them. They are with us even if we know they exist.

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