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Top 15 Crystals for Gardens & How to Use Them!

Tapping Into The Power of Crystals in the Garden

Crystals in the Garden Crystals are the most stable manifestations of spiritual energy in the physical. This makes them incredible allies for healing, spiritual awakening, and for supporting plants and gardens too!

Crystals have much to teach and share, and because they're of the Earth element, and created within the Earth over millions of years, just about any stone can bring supportive crystalline energy into your garden.

But of course, crystals come in many different forms and there are certain crystals that are uniquely suited to help heal the Earth, nurture plant growth, and support a vibrant and thriving garden.

And so we're going to explore these perfect suited “garden crystals” here!

Collaborating with Crystals In The Garden!

Collaborating with Crystals in the Garden Keep in mind, that regardless of how big or small your garden is, collaborating with crystals can help you to deepen your connection with the earth, and support your garden in flourishing.

Whether you do so by placing a crystal in with one of your house plants, hanging a stone from a fruit tree, or creating a crystal grid within or around your garden area, there are many ways to tap into the abundant, fertile and healing energies of stones to benefit your garden space.

Just remember to treat your crystals with respect, cleanse their energy on a regular basis, and they'll happily serve and support your garden! Learn more about healing crystals here.

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Top 15 Garden Crystals:

As I mentioned, there are many stones to choose from for supporting Mother Earth and the plants and soil in your garden. Here are some of my favorites.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate Often called “the gardener’s talisman” moss agate is deeply connected to nature and will support you in deepening your own connection with the Earth. Moss Agate is also said to “birth green thumbs” by providing people who aren’t innately connected to nature to deeply attune to the elements, and sync with Mother Natures rhythms.

This makes Moss Agate the perfect crystal jewelry for gardeners, or those wanting to more deeply connect with Pachamama.

When placed in the garden, Moss Agate supports the health and vitality of plants and works on a subtle vibrational level to attract abundance and plentiful harvests.

Moss Agate Earrings Moss Agate is a stone of healing as well as new beginnings, and is an excellent stone place on the soil in your garden bed when you plant seeds or starts.

It can also help to attract beneficial faeries and nature spirits into your garden, and when approached with respect, Moss Agate will teache you to connect with plant and nature spirits to bring greater joy, health, and vitality to the Earth and to your garden.

Shop Moss Agate Stones Here >>

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystals in the Garden Clear Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, and its also one of the most versatile! Just about any list of “top crystals for __________”, could include Clear Quartz because of how adaptable, and open to intention it is. In other words, you can request your clear quartz crystal to hold or emit a certain energy… And if it's possible for the crystal to do so (which in most cases it is), it will.

When used in the garden, Clear Quartz can promote fertility and healthy cell growth in plants through its clear, stable, and resonant crystalline energy. An incredibly energizing stone, its perfect to place near a plant needing a little boost. Alternately, a clear quartz point is an excellent choice to place in the center of your garden (and in the center of a garden crystal grid) to draw universal life force energy in!

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Green Calcite

Green Calcite Crystal in the Garden Green Calcite supports heart opening and can help you to more deeply connect with nature. When leveraged in the garden, it boosts the energy of plants and vegetables, and is said to support plants in producing a greater yield.

Green Calcite has a calm, healing energy that is deeply attuned to the earth and nature spirits, like faeries and elementals. Placing a stone in your garden can help to invite beneficial nature spirits in so they can support your plants and encourage a lush and vibrant garden. Green Calcite can also help you to increase your awareness of nature spirits, and to boost your intuition as to what your plants and garden specifically need to more vibrantly thrive.

Finally, because of Green Calcite's soft and soothing energy, it is an excellent garden crystal to ally with if your garden space is too loud, or is surrounded by busy, chaotic energy. Place a stone amidst your garden to soothe the energy, and soothe any stressed out or anxious plants, and as a bonus it will create a soothing and peaceful energy which of course benefits you as the gardener too!

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Tree Agate

Tree Agate In The Garden I love Tree Agate! Much like Moss Agate, Tree Agate can help you to attune to the cycles of nature, and find your “green thumb”. Tree Agate also supports plant, and tree growth (, and brings healing energy to the Earth herself, by enhancing the stable and beneficial earth Energies. Its a great choice to place on the Earth to balance geopathic stress through the calming energy it emits.

Tree Agate's stable and calming energy is also deeply connected to faeries and nature spirits (especially the tree Dryads) and can help you to attune to their magic and wisdom.

In ancient times, it was said that placing a Tree Agate stone white planting crops would improve soil fertility and support seeds in germinating leading to a bountiful harvest.

Tree Agate is also associated with growth and good luck, which when leveraged in the garden can help your plants grow to be strong and vibrant.

Shop Tree Agate Here >>

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood Slab Petrified Wood is an incredibly grounding and protective stone with a deep spiritual lore. Many ancients saw Petrified Forests as magical places where witches and gods had magically transformed wood into stone. Today we see Petrified Wood as ancient trees that have become crystalline, which is nonetheless magical.

Bringing Petrified Wood into your garden can help to restore a vibrant sense of earth magic. It can also help you to open communication with nature spirits and to deeply attune to the elements and to the Earth.

Petrified Wood's ancient wisdom teaches you how to walk upon the Earth with grace, and it can support you in intuitively knowing what is required to support the health of your plants and soil.

Petrified Wood can also channel healing energy into the Earth, so its the perfect stone perfect to place on the Earth in areas that are facing environmental challenges or disruption. I've purchased Petrified Wood to place in areas of my property that were previously logged (before I moved here) to help revitalize the vibrant forest energy.

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Prehnite Jewelry for Gardeners Prehnite reminds and teaches you how to live in harmony with nature and the elements. A heart chakra opener, it can help you to revitalize your energy, and it offers this revitalizing service to plants and nature as well. A great choice for jewelry to wear while gardening.

Or, when placed in the garden Prehnite can support in energetically cleansing and detoxifying the environment to create a healing nature sanctuary.

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Moonstone is a stone of fertility, health, good fortune and intuition. It can soothe and nurture plants and distressed fauna which encouraging healthy plants and supporting a soothing and magical energy in your garden area.

Moonstone also, as the name suggests, connected to the Moon, and so it can help attune you and your garden to the Moon's natural Moonstone Crystal Ring cycles and rhythms. Because of this, its an essential stone if you're planting by the moon, or engaging with Biodynamic gardening.

Shop Moonstone Tumbled Stones & More Here >>

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz In the Garden Smoky Quartz is the “earthiest” of Quartz stones and can help you to ground your energy, get in touch with nature on a new level, and understand your role in the natural world so that you can be inspired with solutions to be of service to Mother Earth..

Smokey Quartz also blocks harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies that can be detrimental to plants as well as humans. It also absorbs radiation (5G) and negativity while emitting positivity.

Place Smoky Quartz in disturbed areas of nature or in your gardens entrance to transmute negativity and harmonize Earth Energies.

Note: Be careful ordering smoky quartz, and especially dark or black smoky quartz which is almost always artificially irradiated (exposed to radiation to darken its color). This harsh treatment damages and distorts the crystal and renders as its healing power ineffective.

@dpscrystals on Instagram is a great source of quality and good valued Smoky Quartz and real unheat treated Citrine. Mention @askangels for 10% off your first order for a limited time!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is well known to be a “love crystal”, and when placed in the garden it will emit its unconditional loving energy towards your plants!

Try placing a small tumbled rose quartz stone next to a struggling plant to support it. Or as explained in ancient crystal lore, hang a rose quartz stone from a fruit tree and it will infuse the fruit with its loving essence so that when you eat the fruit it will support you in opening your heart and igniting self-love. How awesome is that!

Rose Quartz Crystals Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to support your own self-love and care. For that…

Or for Rose Quartz Tumbled stones, free forms and more for your garden…

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Chrysocolla in the Garden Chrysolcolla is beautiful stone that embodies the balance of water and earth. It's a very peaceful and heart-centered healing stone that can infuse your gardens with these energies. When worn as jewelry, its also wonderfully for helping you supportive for helping you to stay peaceful while you're working outside.

Additionally, try placing Chrysocolla stones on the Earth to draw off negative energies and to stabilize the environment with peaceful and sustainable Earth energy.

Shop Chrysocolla Stones Here >>


Amazonite Amazonite is another beautiful green stone that has healing and heart opening properties. It also has a very protective energy and offers powerful filtering of harmful geopathic stress, detrimental electromagnetic frequencies, and even pollution (on an energetic level).

Try placing Amazonite on a disturbed area of the Earth to promote healing, or place next to your plants to offer protection and loving support.

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Malachite has a powerful way of absorbing energetic pollutants and negativity that may make their way into your garden. It also guards against harmful radiation, “dirty electricity”, and harmful electromagnetic frequencies that can disrupt you as well as your plants.

Malachite also works to help to heal the Earth energies and has long been seen as a stone of fertility and abundance.

Malachite can support you and your plants and garden in abundantly thriving.

Shop Malachite Here >>

Note: Malachite is toxic in its raw unpolished form and should be handled with care. Its a great stone to place on top of the soil to support plant growth… But you may not want to directly water it if its next to a vegetable as it can leach copper.

All in all, an excellent stone to wear, or carry in your pocket while working in the garden.


Green Tourmaline is said to hold the “essence of the Plant Kingdom”. It naturally conducts and regulates the energy flow between the Earth and plants, and provides a beneficial influence for plants to live and thrive.

When used in meditation Green Tourmaline can help you to commune with nature spirits and to connect with the spirits of plants.

Green Tourmaline is a life giving stone that promotes abundance, and brings harmony and balance into your life and into the garden.

Black Tourmaline is also very beneficial in the garden. It's incredibly protective, so it's a great stone to grid around the perimeter of your garden space to filter out negativity, ill wishing and even harmful EMF's.

Shop Tourmaline Here >>

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone that promote healing, harmony and good fortune. It helps to ease stress and tension that may be placed on your garden and on the environment by absorbing negativity and protecting against energetic pollutants.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper in the Garden Last but not least, Rainforest Jasper, also sometimes called Green Rhyolite, is a stone of resilience, strength, fortitude, and and spiritual contact.

It can help plants to persevere in harsh conditions with its balancing and strengthening energy.

Shop tumbled Rainforest Rhyolite Here >

Rainforest Jasper can also help you to persevere in your garden, and to establish a deeper connection with nature, trees, plants, and with Mother Gaia herself.

Where to Buy Garden Crystals Online

I often get asked about where the best place to buy crystals is… And honestly, when possible, I prefer to buy my crystals in person at gem shows.

However, there are a few REALLY good online spots I've found for purchasing crystals that offer both a great value and selection.

My Favorite Places to Buy Crystals Online:

My favorite online Crystal Shop >>

A great source for bulk stones from Madagascar >>

Additionally if you know what you're looking for, there are many great crystal sellers on Etsy…


How to Use Crystals In The Garden

How to Work With Crystals In The Garden Regardless of the type of crystals you feel drawn to work with in the garden, or to support you in more deeply connecting with nature…

There are many ways to collaborate with crystals in your garden!

Here are some ideas for “How to” work with your garden crystals in conjunction with nature.

  • Create a crystal grid around your garden, or create a crystal grid at the center of your garden.

Read my Step-By-Step Guide for Making a Simple and yet powerful Crystal Grid here! >>

  • Place crystals throughout your garden space.
  • Leave crystals as offerings for Mother Earth and nature spirits.
  • Wear crystal jewelry while working in the garden, or throughout your day to day life to stay connected to the Earth energies.
  • Place the crystals in a decorative pattern around plants.
  • Use crystals in rock borders.
  • Bury crystals in the soil.
  • Hang stones from trees or bushes.
  • Crystal charge water to water plants with or to drink and keep yourself hydrated while you garden. Learn more about making crystal elixir water here.

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