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Crystal Water Bottles Review

Crystal water bottles have been trending for a while, and so I’m sure by now you’ve either seen, tried, heard of them, or come across one at some point.

But what’s the truth about them?

Crystal Water Bottles - Powerful Healing Energy or a Dangerous Fad? Is a Crystal Water Bottle really worth all the hype? Are they actual helpful healing tools you’d want to leverage on your spiritual journey?

Or are some of these bottles actually dangerous to drink out of?

Jumping to the chase here because I don’t want you to miss thisYes!!! Some of the crystal water bottles currently on the market today are actually dangerous to drink out of which I know sounds crazy, but I’ll tell you exactly why here soon.

On that note, most of the crystal water bottles on the market do carry powerful healing energy

So, let’s dive in!

2020 Update!

As of 2020, my recommendation for Crystal Water Bottles has changed. My favorite bottle is by far the VitaJewel Inu Crystal Waterbottle and their refill crystal jars which are very high quality and work great for creating Crystal grids with as well as for using to create crystal elixirs inside the waterbottle!

Learn how to make a crystal grid here! >>

Origins of Crystal Charged Water

The idea of crystal healing is nothing new and can actually be traced all the way back to the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

There are strong references to crystal healing tied to ancient Greece… And the word “crystal” literally comes from the Greek word krustallos meaning ice, as crystals were seen as a sort of frozen Divine energy.

There is also an incredibly vast history of crystals being used in ancient Chinese Medicine, and really when you look for their presence throughout history it becomes clear to see that crystals have been used in some way or another in just about every religion, culture, and spiritual tradition across the planet throughout time.

Whether for their spiritual properties, physical healing abilities, to support those in power, or for their profound properties to expand and transform consciousness, crystals have historically been and continue to be today, powerful allies on a healing journey or spiritual path.

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Working With Healing Crystals

While the exact methods for using healing crystals are varied, and there are several categories of use, one of these categories a perfect fit for the use of crystal water bottles and that is the realm of crystal elixirs.

Crystal Elixirs – An Important Warning

What You Need to Know About Crystal Elixirs A crystal elixir technically refers to any way in which a crystal is ingested in order to tune into its healing properties.

This could refer to literally sucking on a tumbled stone like a hard candy, soaking a crystal in water to make an elixir, or even grounding up a stone and taking it internally.

This can be very dangerous territory depending on the chemical composition of the individual stone you’re working with, yes including the simple method of soaking a stone in water!

It’s important to know that many stones have toxic properties whose chemical composition include heavy metals like copper, aluminum, lead, or even arsenic that you certainly don’t want to go out of your way to put in your drink!

There are stories of Daoist Stone Medicine healers testing elixir applications of stones, and literally turning their skin blue or flat out poisoning themselves due ingesting heavy metals from their crystal elixirs.

So this is the first and most important thing to note when it comes to crystal water bottles.

Not all of the bottles being sold on the market are safe to drink out of!

I know… It’s crazy…But sadly true.

When I was researching the different styles of bottles on the market, both to acquire some for myself, and also to share…

I was shocked to learn that several bottles being sold online featured stones designed to soak directly in the water of the bottle!

This is not in and of itself a problem, and there are a small handful of stones that can be safely and effectively used with this method.

The problem is  that I found several bottles for sale that utilize the direct contact method with stones like Labradorite (whose chemical composition includes Aluminum), Lapis Lazuli (which contains Sulphur and possibly toxic Pyrite inclusions), Tourmaline (contains Aluminum) or Fluorite (contains the chemical Fluoride, which yep is toxic despite being added to public water supplies which is a whole other story).

If you’re not wanting to risk ingesting toxins and heavy metals from the crystals you add to your water, bottles with the above referenced stones (and more!!!!) should be avoided.

**If you do happen to already have a bottle with one of these mentioned stones, please stop drinking out of it, or at least do your research so you know the risk you're taking and the heavy metals you may be inadvertently ingesting.

If you’re new to working with crystals and understanding their chemical composition, or you want to experiment with crystal elixirs based on a variety of stones, know that there is an indirect method of creating crystal water which is just as powerful as the direct method of submerging a stone in water…

More on that soon.

For now… I do need to clarify.

There is a company today who sells Crystal Water Bottles using the “direct method” of making a crystal elixir that is completely safe for use.

Glacce Crystal Water Bottle Glacce Crystal Water Bottles

Glacce has a line of bottles which feature beautiful amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz and obsidian points that are designed to be submerged inside of your water bottle with direct contact between the water and stone.

Glacce originated and patented this design that now has several knockoffs including the dangerous variety I found on Amazon.

I actually had the opportunity to get on a call with Julia, one of the co-founders of Glacce who assured me that Glacce sustainably and ethically sources all of their stones with respect for the Earth as well as the actual crystals. I really appreciate this, and the fact that they use all recyclable and eco-friendly packing materials.

They also go out of their way to make sure their stones are not heat-treated or dyed and they make it a point to only sell bottles with stones that are safe for creating direct contact crystal elixirs, meaning they choose stones that will not leach detrimental metals or dissolve into the water (the same cannot be said for the knockoff bottles).

When you use stones like clear quartz or amethyst directly in water, instead of creating a dangerous chemical concoction… You vibrationally charge your water with the crystals positive and beneficial energy to support you in your life, and create a crystal elixir.

Glacce sent me one of their Amethyst bottles to try, and I can honestly tell you that I love it.

There is something that is just so magical about having a real crystal point inside of your water bottle releasing its energetic code into the water.

The amethyst point I received with my bottle, while certainly a cut stone and not a naturally occurring point, is both beautiful and incredibly powerful!

I love drinking out of my Glacce bottle… But honestly, I also love just looking at it while its sitting on my desk. 🙂

Glacce does also includes a neoprene water-bottle sleeve with your bottle in case you want to be more discreet about the crystal charged water you're drinking, or to help regulate the temperature.

Learn more about Glacce bottles here.

Indirect Method of Making A Crystal Elixir and Charging Your Water

Now.. Its important to know that the direct method of soaking a stone in your water is not the only method for making a crystal elixir.

Another effective method that can be used to create crystal elixirs with stones like moonstone, emerald, or labradorite is to keep the stone separated from the water you will drink, by keeping it inside a quartz test-tube or other glass container that you then place in your water bottle so there is no direct contact.

There are several styles of crystal water bottles on the market that leverage this method of creating crystal charged water.

This keeps you safe from heavy metal poisoning, while tapping into the vibrational properties of some incredible crystals while also protecting softer stones that may be damaged when exposed to water.

The good news is, if you have any doubt as to whether a stone is safe for internal ingestion with the direct contact method…

Or you’re just not sure about the specific chemical composition of a stone you’d like to make an elixir with (stones like Shungite are largely labeled as being one stone, when in reality there are many types of Shungite that vary a great deal in chemical composition) know that …

The benefits from crystal elixirs are mostly vibrational!

This means that you don’t have to actually place a crystal IN your drinking water in order to transfer the crystalline code and energy of that stone to your water.

In a post I wrote years ago about crystal charged water, I taught that you can place crystals around your water in order to charge it.

This still works! However, a natural improvement upon this technique and method, is to use a crystal water bottle.

There are a couple of styles of water bottles that do not directly expose the crystals to your drinking water and yet still create powerful crystal elixirs… I got my hands on both.

VitaJuewl Crystal Water Bottle VitaJuewl Gemwater Bottle

VitaJuwel sent me their ViaLuna Bottle to check out which is filled with absolutely beautiful Rainbow Moonstone and Clear Quartz tumbled crystals.

Moonstone is a stone that should not be soaked directly in your drinking water, and yet has incredible properties like boosting intuition and helping you to get in sync with the Divine Feminine and with the natural rhythms of life.

The way VitaJuwel's Gem Bottles work is unique in that they have a special base that contains a dome of lead-free glass encased crystals that they call their “Gem Pods”.

VitaJuewl bottles are patented and assembled by hand in the German Alps. The glass “Gem Pod” of crystals is then surrounded by the water in your bottle so the crystals can release their energetic code into the water without any of the stones actually making direct contact with the water you’ll drink.

Its vibrational in how it works and honestly really cool.

Of all the bottles I received, the VitaJuwel one definitely feels the sturdiest. The only draw back in my opinion is that you’re not able to swap out the crystals in VitaJuwel’s bottles (unless you purchase new bases to swap which you absolutely can do and they have lots to choose from)…

Nor can you take the stones out of their glass dome to cleanse or charge their energy. The good news here is that I tested this, and found that the stones can be energetically cleansed and charged within their glass encasement using crystal cleansing methods like intention, projecting white or golden light, or even using sage smudge frankincense essential oil spray, or sunlight.

Another thing I did really like about the VitaJuewl bottle is that of the 3 crystal water bottles I’ve tested, the VitaJuewl bottle holds the largest capacity of water. This is a huge plus for me because I tend to drink a lot of water… And since it takes a bit of time to make a crystal elixir its nice to be able to make a bit more.

(Glacce and VitaJuewl both say 7-10 minutes to make a crystal elixir in their bottles- but I prefer to let the crystals charge the water up overnight when possible).

Another thing I REALLY appreciate about the VitaJuewl bottles is that they’re made in Germany as opposed to China like the Glacce bottle, so there's a bit more trust there. I learned this from the brochure that came with my bottle, which also gave a lovely history about crystal elixirs and shared some of the research VitaJuewl has done to scientifically document the effect of crystal charged water. Really cool stuff!

Learn more about VitaJuwel here.

Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle Nova Gem Water Bottle

The third crystal water bottle I tested I ordered from Amazon. It’s the Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir Infused Gem Water Bottle from Nova.

This bottle is designed to hold stones in a lower glass compartment that sits below the water in your bottle without touching it.

One of the things I really like about this bottle is that you can swap the crystals out with stones of your own.

From the start, I replaced some of the included tumbled rose quartz stones with my own raw moonstone, kunzite and sunstone. I appreciate that I was able to do this… However, doing so does cause the bottle to have a bit of a rattle when I drink out of it. 😆

I also prefer how in the Glacce and VitaJuwel bottles the water is able to flow around the stones, and not just sit on top of them which I feel leads to a more complete transfer of the crystalline energy.

The Nova Bottle is however significantly less expensive than the VitaJuwel and Glacce bottles so that may be something to consider. In many senses, you do get what you pay for… The Nova Bottle has the smallest water capacity and is definitely the lowest quality feeling, but its still a good option for an entry level crystal water bottle, especially if you're looking for something you can fill with some of your own stones.

Learn more about the Nova Crystal Water Bottle here.

There are several other makers of this exact same style bottle. I imagine they're all coming from the same factory in China. I went with the highest reviewed bottle…

The others are from Ultaura, Stone Valley, Elixir2Go, and LovingLife.

All in all, I am absolutely delighted with all 3 of the bottles I've gotten to try.

If I had to choose only one it would be a close call between the VitaJuwel and Glacce bottles.

The VitaJuewl definitely feels to be the highest quality bottle … But there is something magical about seeing a full on crystal point in my Glacce bottle, which is of significantly higher quality than the Nova bottle from Amazon.

Really, if you're considering purchasing a crystal water bottle, I'd recommend tuning into the vibrational qualities of the crystals you'd like to learn from and start there!

If you want to learn from a stone like moonstone, lapis lazuli, jade, or carnelian… Check out the crystal blends from VitaJuwel.

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Alternately, if you're drawn to the idea of having a crystal point directly in your water… Glacce is a great option!


With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S. I was not compensated to write this post… VitaJuwel and Glacce did send me bottles to try out… But the opinions shared in this post are entirely my own.

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