How to Contact your Spirit Guide

Contacting your Spirit Guide

how to contact your spirit guideGet Closer To Your Spirit Guides Now!

The Angels want you to know that they work in conjunction with your other guides, they are a different breed. The wonderful thing about guides is that they are a lot more ‘human' in their energy, they have been human and so they know what its like to live in this heavier denser realm. They have your ‘back' and the reason they will feel familiar to you is that you have had lifetimes with these ‘people' before. They have been your mother, father, best friend, son, daughter or lover, so they know you and love you unconditionally…

Your Guides roles change. They can guide you towards the right teacher for you, or the right job for you, even bring in the right partner for you. For the purposes of this article we are talking to you about your Spiritual Development guide, if you are wanting to connect with your own gift or want to develop your ability to help others then this is the perfect guide for you.

Like any relationship your connection with your guide gets stronger and stronger over time. The wonderful thing is that they will understand your needs and your frustration if you have been trying to connect and don't seem to be making any progress, and they can take you up to the next level very easily. They can help open your third eye, or develop your clairaudience when the time is right.

The Guides that are with you were chosen by you they can appear as the ever popular Native American or even as a Chinese Wise woman or man, they may appear as a power animal or even a child. Your guide will show themselves to you in the way that you knew them and their energy will feel safe and familiar. They are wonderful to work with because they will work in conjunction with the guides of your clients, or your family, or partner, to ensure that the advice that they give you is in line with what is needed and understood by those around you.

How Spirit Guides Are Selected

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Before birth we all sat down around a ‘table' and were given our roles. Your Spirit Guide your guardian angel and your intervening guides were all allotted time spans, jobs and duties prior to this wonderful role called life.

You agreed between you the role in your incarnation that each of them would play. You decided when an upgrade would happen and who was most qualified to help you in which way you even stipulated how close to your guide you got.

Your guide is with you when ever you call them.  They reside in the Spiritual realms ‘above' you but are with you instantaneously if you ask them to be and they have control over who they let in.

Their are different types of guides. Some guides are ‘Warrior guides' who oversee who can come in through your crown, other guides are ‘Middle Men' who facilitate in the communication between you and other beings such as loved ones in spirit or spirits you are communicating with.

Your guide has a different type of energy to a angel it is denser and closer to human and the chances are he or she will have known you in a life time in a previous relationship or connection.  The best way to get to know your guide is to have a reading where you are introduced, and their messages are passed through to you. Meditation is also highly effective for experiencing their presence and getting to know them better.

A tool I give people to get closer to their guide is to ask their guide to come to them in dreams – if this happens you may find your dreams become more lucid and it feels real in fact you will often remember parts of them long after the dream has subsided. Asking your guide to work with you through writing is also highly effective by getting into a relaxed state and asking them questions they will speak to you in your own mind voice but their ‘tone' is usually different to yours for instant I am a very loving out going person and yet my guide who is also very loving can be very  blunt and to the point when delivering messages to me or my clients at other times the language may be more conversational depending on the nature of the questions and how much energy you are putting into maintaining the relationship.

The biggest benefit to working with your guide is that they have been human so they understand completely what life feels like they are great when establishing a business or a client base because they can alter your fields of aura and bring you the customers or clientele which are right for you – often more effective than google my guide tells me.

They work together too so if you are having an issue with someone in your life ask your guide to work with theirs to fashion a communication opening.

They are also highly effective in getting messages through when you are wanting to develop your ability through clairvoyance for example I hear angels but it is my guide Running Hawk who facilitates the strength of the messages and ‘grounds' them so that they are real and tangible and useful to people he also will take over if the situation demands it and the person needs practical help that is beyond my expertise.

Guides are just that here to guide you. They are less flowery than angels but they wont tell you everything, they will also let you learn the lessons you need to learn if you are wandering from your path.

Guides will stay with you whenever you ask them to but they also have their own spiritual ‘lives' on the other side and to them although they love you unconditionally they do have their own growth to attend to also.

How to Contact and Recognise Your Spirit Guide

Try a meditation. See yourself somewhere familiar but also soothing such as a much loved place in the country or somewhere known to you this means that you are not wasting energy ‘constructing' a scene and you can focus on what you are seeing and hearing.

Try not to attach any conditions in your mind about what your guide must look like – one of my guides has the appearance of a 9 year old girl, yet she has had thousands of life times and simply appears like this to me because I am a mother and very child like in myself. Not all guides are human yours may be an elemental (I have one of those as well) and may be a swirl of colour – remember in spirit we don't have to have bodies and some of us like the feeling of freedom far too much to replicate the human form.

Tell your guide what you need help with honestly – don't be surprised if the answers are one words they need a lot of energy to convey them to you and want to drum the message home as quickly and as effectively as they can so they don't waste time. Sometimes you can get such a rapport going with them they are like a human friend and you can have a real life relationship with them.

Your guide knows your time line better than you – they understand you may have a certain out come in mind yet they will also not want to prevent you from manifesting something far better for yourself so if they don't give you the full story there and then trust them – they were selected by you as being the best fit for you and they won't let you down.

Teach your guide when to communicate with you – having a ‘set aside time' where by you regularly connect with them will establish a much more open energy exchange because they will know when to expect your undivided attention and they can also gather their energy together and flow it through to you in a more constant way – so make this commitment a joyful one for you and them

Guides love gifts or altars created with them in mind, lets face it payday is a bit of a waste of time in spirit but you can show your appreciation in other ways, my guide loves flowers and i will often buy a bunch and say ‘Mr R.H'  these are for you' anything that means something to you will mean double to them if you say out loud it is for them and thank them for everything they do for you

Really trust them – this is a choice, I work with the archangels so regularly that my guide felt forgotten for the first few years, last year I made the distinct choice to form a close bond with him and now his role in my readings is to sort ‘me' out he is in charge of my business and my development and he is the one I take orders from personally, although it is the angels I hear for clients your guide wants to be of use to you and wants the opportunity to earn their badge so give them as much of a role in your own personal growth as you can.

Not all guides are going to be clairvoyant helpers, my guide can do this but sometimes the best guides will know when to bring another energy in to help you, my guide is clairvoyant tutor material but he is not a healer and he brought in an energy called Nicholas to help me in this way when I was first developing.

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Don't be upset if you don't get their full name, this is a human attachment much more important is to say thank you to them regularly for being with you and there for you – it really is such a human type relationship that it means the world to them that they are acknowledged

Don't get too attached to just one guide either, one clairvoyant may pick up on one name and another on another of your team it is actually Your perception of them that matters.  One lady told me that my little girl was my main guide and this in my opinion was not the case, however gathering your own information is by far the best course of action to take.

Celebrate with them – when you are having a good time mentally say ‘here's a glass raised in toast to you to' they love to be part of your life and if you discuss them with your family or friends it only makes the bond stronger so that you can work with them in a more obvious way.

Lastly they are wonderful to help you develop, asking them to bring you clients, alter your electric fields to let more energy through, lead you to the right tutor or teacher and assist you in connecting with spirit or angels is a wonderful way to get a big foot up spiritually speaking also asking them to come close and give you a physical sign that they are with you so you can tell the difference between them and a Angel or archangel is a really important tool.

View them as your best friend and you won't go far wrong.

With blessings for a wonderful now

Sheelagh and the angels

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