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Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out the way it has? Why the same kind of lesson or situations keep repeating?

Perhaps you want to really get to grip with gaining your own insight and guidance so that you can make your own life chance and evolve. Perhaps like many, you feel a calling deep within… Whether this is an urge to help people find out their purpose or whether this is an urge to radiate light into the world, you have a strong feeling of a ‘purpose' now being ready to be unveiled.

Do you feel thwarted when you try and figure out exactly what this purpose is? Or every time you feel you are on to something does something else crop up and ‘keep' you from being able to help others in the way you feel called to do so?

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Lightworkers are incarnating on this planet in huge numbers now. If you are one of these people who feels empathy for people who are going through difficulty and you feel compassion even for those that have wronged you, or you simply feel a calling from Source and the angels to help people discover their own purpose and healing, then you are most probably one of that number.

If you've had feelings that have borne out to fact, had knowledge of events prior to their happening or simply seen or felt things that others don't seem to notice then you are most certainly here to serve the light.

The Angels want you to know that they can help you discover your true purpose. This purpose is not just your job or how you are to support yourself, it is your hearts desire and also your talents and gift that you brought here with you from the world of spirit to share.

It is also the obstacles that you have borne with dignity learnt from and overcome and even those situations that are still playing out in your life now. The angels want you to know that most light workers have had and indeed may still be having a hard time and it is part of your divine purpose to get through these times in such a way that you learn the lessons here in provided by your soul – and then teach these to others.

I was not always an angelic channel. I have had incredibly harsh times including marriage break ups and near death of my child, I learnt through all of these that the angels were supporting me and showing me the way. I now use all of these experiences to lovingly help others learn and then progress forward and use their experiences to develop their innate gifts to help even more people – for this is the way of the Light worker, to learn to love and to share!

Often people perceive others lives as being perfect and so the journey to manifest that perceived ‘happiness' from where you are now can seem unrealistic and unattainable – I am living proof
that this is not the case.

Slowly and surely and permanently the angels will help you to recognize the lesson, learn why and how you have come to be where you are and will shine a light on to where you can next be a step in only the right direction.

A channeled angel reading, a forcast reading, or an angel healing reading will advise and empower you with guidance tools and most of all hope that things Can and WILL get better if you decide to then take hold of your destiny.

Take our special Story of Your Soul private course and you will get to know your soul and your path and your possible future even better!

With love, 

Sheelagh Maria



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Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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