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Angel Messenger 101- How to Become an Angel Messenger

Align with the Divine and Embrace Your Role as An Angel Messenger

I’m excited to share what it means to be an Angel Messenger, how to know if you are an angel messenger, and what to do (and what not to do) if you are!

My definition of an Angel Messenger is someone who has opened their heart, elevated their vibration, tuned into the light, and made a connection with the Angels. This could be through using oracle cards, like this free angel card reading, or directly channeling guidance, or receiving intuitive promptings.

Angel messengers are able to receive guidance, energy, inspiration, and intuition from the angelic realm in one form or another.


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How Do You Know If You're An Angel Messenger?

Do you feel drawn to connect with the Angels? Have you had Angelic experiences, or are you opening your heart and tuning into the light of the higher realms?

You are an angel messenger if you’re aware of the presence of the Angels, you're receiving intuition, higher vibrational light and frequency or receiving Angelic guidance. If any of these sound familiar, yes, you are an Angel Messenger!

Open your heart, listen, trust the guidance you’re hearing, and act upon it.

If you are reading this page then you are probably curious about what the role of an Angel Messenger is, and how to show up more powerfully to become an angel messenger. I’ll show you the next steps!

My definition of an Angel Messenger is someone who has opened their heart, elevated their vibration, tuned into the light, and made a connection with the Angels.

Angel messengers are able to receive guidance, energy, inspiration, and intuition from the angelic realm in one form or another. If this is your life path, then tune into the intuitive nudges and guidance you’re receiving from the angels and take the next steps.

How to be an Angel Messenger?

You become an angel messenger when you share the light and presence of the angelic realms with others.

Being an Angel Messenger can take many forms, you can be an Angel Card Reader, Reiki Healer, Angelic Channel, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Artist Blogger, Author, Angel Energy Healer, or an Angel Intuitive… You can also be an angel messenger within the space and scope of your current occupation.

If you want to be an Angel Messenger, one of the keys is to simply stay present. Tune in, open your heart, clear your mind, and allow the beautiful connection with your Angels flow through you and inspire your next step. Allow yourself the freedom to act in alignment with the love, guidance and angel messages you receive!

One of the ways you can most serve and support others as an angel messenger, is through being a wayshower, or in other words shining the fullness of your inner light and love and presence in your day-to-day life.

Here are 4 Ways to Become an Angel Messenger

Do you feel a calling to share and bring more love and light into the world? Are you in a profession that can help to alleviate pain, inspire, and bring more joy and purpose in someone’s life? You become an angel messenger when you share the light and presence of the angelic realms with others. There is no one shape or form this needs to take.

You don't have to share Angel messages in the way I do as an Angelic Channel. You don't have to make YouTube videos or even write a blog. Being an angel messenger is really about opening up to receive angel messages and guidance for yourself, and then acting in alignment with that to take your very next steps.

1. Share the Voice of Love and Positivity!

Being an Angel Messenger can be simply sharing the voice of love and positivity with the people in your life. As an Angel Messenger, you can support others by being positive, by shining your light, and by bringing Angelic frequency, presence, and love through all that you do.

2. Have a Growth Mindset

You empower yourself as an angel messenger by continuing to grow yourself, expanding your vibration, opening your heart, and tuning into the higher levels of love and light. As you elevate your vibration and expand your consciousness, you will be able to more clearly experience the angels and more Angel messages, guidance, and healing frequency will flow through you.

3. Listen to Your Angel’s Intuitive Guidance

When your Angels give you guidance, your role as an Angel Messenger is to listen.  It’s important to hear the guidance, trust what the Angels are telling you, and then to act upon the guidance you receive.

Listening, trusting, and acting are core components of being an Angel Messenger. As an angel messenger, you are the bridge between heaven and earth. As the bridge, you tune into the higher levels of love, light, and guidance – bringing them through in the form of teaching and service.

4. Take Inspired Action

You can be an Angel Messenger through your actions. By being a way shower, shining your full light and living in peace, love, and harmony. This is so powerful and it makes such a big difference here on earth and in the greater field of all that is.

There Are No Rules for Angel Messengers – Except One

There are no rules when it comes to how your work as an angel messenger can unfold, only guidelines and opportunities to serve. When you act upon your inner guidance and keep expanding, elevating your vibration, and shining… The love, light, and higher vibrations of the angelic realms will flow through you in beautiful ways.

Angel Messenger’s Don’t Give Unsolicited Psychic Advice

I do want to make an important distinction here because being an Angel Messenger is not giving unsolicited psychic advice. In fact, when you tune into someone with your intuition and psychically start telling them the intuitive nudges you are getting without their permission, this is a subtle form of an energetic attack. You’re invading the other persons privacy, and energy, and it’s a negative energy exchange. So, please don't do it.

Honor the path of others just as the Angels honor yours. Honor other’s free will and their ability to learn their lessons and to even go in the wrong direction if that's where they're headed. You can pray for them. You can ask their Angels to help get them back on the right track. Visualize them with their heart open and standing in their light.

If you’re blogging about the guidance you’re receiving from the Angels or broadcasting it out in some way, this is totally different because other people can show up and tune into what you're saying. Or not.

It’s only a problem when you’re talking to someone one-on-one and you bring through that intuitive guidance without their permission.

Align with the Divine

To be a true Angel messenger, you’re only sharing the messages when they are in alignment with divine will and the highest and greatest good. Share them with people in person and when it is invited. That is an Angel messenger.

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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