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Bobcat Totem Meaning

Bobcat Totem MeaningSpiritual Meaning of Seeing a Bobcat

After it poured rain here yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went out for a long walk to appreciate all the water.

We had just dropped down a little hill, when my attention was suddenly pulled to the left.

Sitting there…

Completely otherworldly…

Was a bobcat!

My hairs immediately stood on end.

Not because I was afraid…

Honestly, I was so excited. I’ve never seen a cat in the wild, and this one…

Was definitely wild!

Completely aware and perfectly balanced in its relationship with the earth…

Bobcat’s move through the wild with silent grace, agility and adaptability.

Their earth wisdom, contains powerful spirit animal medicine that we can incorporate into our lives too

Meaning of Seeeing Bobcat

And so the message from bobcat for me… and you?

It’s about the necessity of being patient and aware.

But also balancing that awareness with being playful and enjoying the many blessings that come from being alive on earth.

While it’s so important to set intentions, create an action plan, and start taking steps towards our goals…

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Patience is also so key.

And just as important as setting goals, is the ability to remain open, adaptable, and willing to change and adjust as needed.

Start taking steps in the direction of your goal…

And then be willing to let the Universe steer you.

Bobcat medicine also speaks to the unseen, silent and hidden aspects of ourselves.

The inner secrets, passions, and desires we’ve been keeping to ourselves.

It’s time to unlock them, to open higher gifts and abilities so we can use them in positive, creative ways.

Only then can we unlock our full potential.

Which is definitely worth whatever effort is required.

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