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Blessing Food with Light to Raise It’s Vibration!

How to Raise The Vibration of Your Food… With Light!



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Blessing Your Food to Raise It's Vibration

Blessing Food With Light Let’s talk about how to raise the vibration of your food by blessing it with light.

Because honestly, what you eat and consume definitely has an effect on your vibration. To learn more about how to raise your vibration… Click Here >>

As a precursor, I do want to point out certain foods already have a much higher vibration than others. Local, fresh and raw organic fruits and vegetables have a much, much, much higher vibration than processed foods, canned foods, or even cooked foods.

So a simple trick to start raising the vibration of the food you’re eating is by choosing organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, I get that in certain communities and times of the year it can be challenging to find and buy organic produce.

A good thing to know about that, is that produce in general, even if it’s conventionally grown, has a much higher vibration than processed foods. So, a conventional apple is likely to have a higher vibration than organic Cheetos or something organic… But really processed.

So, if you want to raise your vibration, do your best to eat clean, whole foods that are high vibrational to start with.

You can however raise the vibration of your food further (whatever it is you’re eating or cooking) by blessing it with light!

To start, when you’re cooking… It helps if you’re in a present, positive, mindful state, because this energy will then be transferred to your food. A simple mantra of “I love you” while cooking can actually make a big difference in helping cooked foods to retain a higher vibration.

Next, when you have a plate of food in front of you, there’s a couple of ways you can raise the vibration of your food by blessing it with light.

Start by breathing, focus your energy inward, and bringing all your energy and light into your body and into the present moment.

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Open your heart, and just envision light all around your food.

You can then say, or think: “Angels (or God, Prime Source, Great Spirit), please raise the vibration of this food and bless it with light.”

You can actually place your hands over your food as you envision light streaming into your body, filling you up with light and then flowing out through your hands.
So, to do this, imagine light pouring into your body through your crown chakra at the top of your head, filling your spinal column and your entire being with light.

Next envision the light flowing out through your heart and through your hands that act like an extension for your heart chakra, all around and into your food… Surrounding your meal with light and raising its vibration.

Now, just to be completely honest, transparent and authentic with you here… I usually don’t place my hands over my food to raise the vibration. You can do this if you want to, but you don’t have to. You can just as easily imagine and envision the light around it without, holding your hands out it front of you.

Give this a try and bless your food.

Now, if you forget to bless your food while you’re cooking, or before you eat… Which I’ll totally admit that even I do forget from time to time! I get it, I mean, we’re all busy, we get a text or end up doing something while we’re eating or cooking and so we don’t remember to consciously bless the food in front of us to raise it’s vibration.

Don’t worry… You can actually the vibration of your food while you’re digesting it… And it still works!

So, after you eat, if you’ve forgotten to consciously raise the vibration of what you’re eating… Just imagine golden light filling your body, helping your body to easily digest, assimilate nutrients, and raise your vibration even more!

If you haven’t already… Next time you eat something (which I hope is delicious and amazing)… Take a moment to consciously raise your vibration and then just notice how you feel!

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Surround your food with light, elevate its vibration, and enjoy. You’ll feel better, your body receives the light and nutrients it needs, and you can keep on going out there, making a difference and shining your light in the world.

Learn more about a High Vibrational Diet here >>

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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