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Ask Angels Oracle Cards Review

Review of the Ask Angels Oracle Cards


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The Ask Angels Oracle Cards~ Review!!!

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Review! Hey! Melanie Beckler here, and I’m so excited to review the Ask Angels Oracle Cards!

Yes, this review is totally biased. However, what reviews aren't biased?

When you think about it, a review is simply someone's opinion of something…

And that opinion is biased depending on the reviewers past experiences, beliefs, preferences, etcetera.

That being said, this review is biased because I co-created these cards with the Angels… So naturally, I love them!

In this review I’m going to show you what all is included, and give you an overview of the Ask Angels Oracle Cards!

The Ask Angels Oracle Cards are available on Amazon in the US and Canada.

When you order these cards on Amazon, they come inside of a little satin pouch.

Inside the pouch, you have a 141-page guidebook that includes information about how to give angel card readings, and it also contains expanded angel messages which correspond to each of the Ask Angels Oracle Cards.

Of course, if you go through my new Intuitive Angel Card Readings Video Course, you're really not going to need the guidebook much, because you’ll learn a process for using the cards as a trigger to receive direct messages from your angels.

Learn more about the Intuitive Angel Card Readings Video Course here!

You don’t however have to go through the Intuitive Angel Card Readings Video Course to enjoy and get a ton of benefit from these angel cards…

You can simply read the guidebook to learn how to use them. Essentially, you’ll invite in the presence of your angels, draw a card and notice your first intuitive impressions. You can then read the expanded card meanings in the guidebook. By using angel cards in this way you can still get huge benefits from them!

One of the things that I love about the Ask Angels Oracle Cards guidebook, is that all of the descriptions for the cards are channeled, so they are actually Angel messages which is a cool feature of the deck.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Included in the Ask Angels Oracle Cards, are 44 cards with beautiful angelic imagery.

These cards have a nice feel, they have been printed in the US, and we actually printed them on a pretty heavy card stack and then laminated them. So, they feel nice, and they’re durable.

As far as the actual cards go, the cards feature a beautiful image, the card title, and the associated angel’s name.

If you choose to go through my Intuitive Angel Card Readings Video Course, you'll learn that I prefer and recommend angel cards that don't have a lot of information on the card.

So, there are some beginner Angel card reading decks out there that have this whole expanded meaning that supposed to help you easily tune into the guidance. Doreen Virtues Daily Guidance from Your Angels is an example of this style of “beginner friendly” deck that I find to be too distracting for deeply intuitive angel card readings.

Doreen Virtue of course has tons of angel cards out in print now… Many of which work perfectly well for Intuitive Angel Card Readings.

The way I like to use Angel Cards intuitively, and so how I designed this deck, is to use the oracle cards to trigger direct message from the Angels based on the card title. And so, that's how these cards are setup.

They include beautiful Angelic imagery, not all of the card images are of Angels as you can see on the psychic senses card, it has light bursts and a tree and colors, but a lot of them do have Angels.

I'm really happy with the way this deck turned out, and the imagery and the overall feel.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Perhaps, the most important aspect of the cards, is that they really work to help you not only tune into guidance from your Angels, but they're a great tool for actually tuning into the real presence of your Angels who are with you in every moment.

So, when you shuffle light into your cards and ask the Angels to connect with you with guidance and love, the right card emerges. This deck will help you to radiate more joy. And really, its underlying objective is to help you to stand in your truth, in your authentic power, connecting with your Angels, and more fully embodying the divine, authentic, spiritual being that you are in physical form.

So again, this is the Ask Angels Oracle Cards Review…

You can find these oracle cards on Amazon in the US and Canada. If you're outside of the US and Canada, they're not yet available in print…

However, you can search Ask Angels Oracle Cards on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play App Store or on the Amazon App Store to download this beautiful Angel Oracle Card deck in an App format.

You can even Click Here to try them out online if you’re on a desktop computer.

Again, they are the Ask Angels Oracle Cards and I love them. You'll be seeing me using them more in a lot of my readings on YouTube channel, as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

If you buy the Ask Angels Oracle Cards, please leave a review on Amazon, so other people can learn about this exciting new deck of angel cards!

Thank you so much! Have a beautiful now! And I'll see you soon.

Melanie Beckler



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