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Archangel Michael Signs – 5 Signs Archangel Michael Is with You!

5 Signs of Archangel Michael

Michael the Archangel

Archangel Michael is one of the most well known and loved Archangels today, he is perhaps even the most famous angel. As a leader among angels, he stands as an unparalleled force of protection, insight and guidance.

While Archangel Michael is a powerful leader in the celestial realm, he also directly assists and supports humanity when called upon.

Michael's name means “he who is like God,” and he is often associated with courage, strength, and mercy, though he is perhaps most well known to be an archangel of protection.

Archangel Michael shines with a beautiful solar light and Divine Presence, and of all the angels he is perhaps the most powerful ally for overcoming fears, doubts and worries, to make room for the expansive love, light and blessings of the Higher Realms. Of course, your personal guardian angel is always a powerful and helpful ally to work with too.

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is a powerful and beloved angel in many religious traditions, and is one angel mentioned in both

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. He is often depicted as a warrior, protector, and leader of the heavenly hosts.

As an Archangel, Michael is believed to have a special role in guiding and supporting humans. He is said to have a powerful aura that can help to protect and heal those who call upon him. In addition, he has a strong, commanding voice that can offer guidance and comfort to those in need.

Archangel Michaels' devotion to human growth, the unlocking of spiritual perception, and the raising of our consciousness makes him a valuable ally in our journey of awakening to remember and embody all that we are.

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Invoking Archangel Michael

Like all of the angels, Archangel Michael will rarely interfere in your life without permission, this is because angels honor our free will as human beings. And yet, he is ever-ready to lend his protective shield and illuminating spirit, when invited.

By reaching out, expressing your needs, and inviting Archangel Michael into your spiritual space, you create a bridge for divine intervention and celestial guidance, ultimately forging a stronger connection with the angelic realm.

Regardless of life's challenges, remember that you can always summon the supportive strength of the Angels to provide direction and solace.

While numerous Angels may extend their assistance and communicate with us, understanding if it's specifically Archangel Michael reaching out to you requires a certain level of awareness. Let's delve into some of the top signs to look for so you can recognize Archangel Michael when he is making a direct connection with you.

But first, know that if you want to experience the protection, love, guidance and presence of Michael, it’s important to ask! Asking is, of course, the key to his stepping forward and making himself known to you.

There is no one right or wrong way to invoke Archangel Michael or any of the other Archangels.

The key is to have a clear and sincere intention as you speak an Archangel Michael Prayer, or simply speak from your heart to invoke the support and guidance of Archangel Michael.

You can simply think or say something like:

“Archangel Michael please connect with me now. Please help me, protect and guide me now.”

The exact words you use are less important that your sincere intention, know that when you ask from a place of integrity, and with an open heart… Michael will step forward to assist you… Though perhaps in a way that is different than you might expect.

When you ask for Michael's guidance and assistance, then awareness is key! Pay attention to subtle shifts in energy, a feeling of divine light, as well as signs and signals alerting you to the very real presence of this powerful archangel.

Archangel Michael's Signs

When Archangel Michael is with you, he will send you signs to let you know that he is present. These signs can come in many forms, and it's essential to be open and aware of them. Here are some of the signs that Archangel Michael may send your way:


5 Archangel Michael Signs

1. Feeling A Warm Tingling Sensation

Archangel Michael Feeling The first sign of Michael I want to share, comes through your simply feeling his light and presence.

Michael is a powerful Archangel and so when Archangel Michael steps forward, to me, his energy feels so bright, warm and uplifting. I feel it like a warm tingling sensation throughout my being. Feeling this warm tingling sensation in your body is a sign he’s with you.

You may feel your energy shift, lighten up, or it may simply feel like your very cells are glowing and tingling with light as you become aware of his presence with your subtle senses.

You also might feel like you literally have an orb of light around you shielding you when Michael steps forward to guide or protect you energetically.

Archangel Michael is an Archangel of the Sun, and he carries electric blue fire. This is part of why feeling that warm tingling sensation is a sign he’s with you.

If you don’t resonate with my description of what Archangel Michael feels like, and you feel something else, pay attention to that as it may be different for you. Really, describing what angelic energy feels like is beyond words… So just pay attention to how you feel, and if you notice a subtle shift after you call AA Michael in because , that tingling, glowing, or just feeling so incredibly light and uplifted is a clear sign that Archangel Michael is indeed with you, has answered your request and is assisting you in your life.

2. Seeing Flashes or Flickering Light

Archangel Michael Signs The second sign Michael is with you, is that you start to see or notice flickers, sparkles, of flashes of bright light.

As I mentioned above, Archangel Michael is deeply connected to the sun and carries the energy of electrical fire, so anytime you are connecting with Archangel Michael, the likelihood of seeing flashes of light, sparkles of light on water, blue light, blueish purple orbs or geometries light are clear signs of Archangel Michael.

You might see this sort of light in your meditations, appearing in your minds eye, or you might see physical lights flashing, flickering, or noticing a light glow or halo appearing in your field of vision.

Also, Archangel Michael has way of connecting to humanity through a sort of light grid, this is how he's able to connect with all who call upon him at once. So you might even sort of see flickers or glimpses of this grid of light when you’re connecting with Archangel Michael.

3. Seeing Pictures of Archangel Michael, Swords, or Warriors

Archangel Michael Symbol The third sign Michael is assisting you, is that you you start to see images of him popping up in your life.

These images could show up on your social media timeline, on a commercial, or you may simply see them when you're out and about. In addition to images that are clearly representative of Archangel Michael, you might also see images of saint michael, swords, angel wings, warriors, or shields, and really, seeing any sort of protective or warrior imagery can be a sign from Archangel Michael. This is especially true when you see these images and the timing of your seeing them is synchronistic.

Also, when you keep seeing images of Michael at different times and places, this is a really clear sign he's with you and wanting to get your attention.

This sign doesn't only come through pictures though and can also manifest through your noticing sculptures, or artwork depicting Archangel Michael or other Archangel Michael symbols like shields, swords, or warriors.

When you begin to see Archangel Michael artwork and symbolism, after you’ve asked for assistance, that is a huge sign of his presence.

4. You Hear and Receive Angelic Guidance

Hearing Archangel Michael The fourth sign that Archangel Michael is really with you and assisting you, guiding you, protecting you, and supporting you, is that you begin to hear guidance.

This guidance may come through your inner sense of hearing, through your clair-audience, or inner voice.

You may simply receive the guidance from Michael in the form of thoughts that are empowering, that are supportive, that remind you that you're safe, that remind you that you’re surrounded by light, and remind you are okay.  Receiving this sort of guidance, even if its very subtle is a big sign of the presence of Archangel Michael.

Especially when you receive guidance after you've asked for insight, protection or support from Michael.

Hearing guidance as a sign of Archangel Michael can also come in another way. You may overhear little bits or snippets of other people's conversations that bring you a sense of confirmation or validation.

For example, say you ask for protection or support from Archangel Michael when you're walking down the street, and shortly thereafter you pass a little café, and as you walk by, by you overhear the conversation of two people sitting outside… And someone says: “Yeah Michael, that's great.”

This is a sign!

When you’re working with Archangel Michael, you may actually start to see, hear and notice the name Michael more. This is a beautiful sign and validation.

Also, you may overhear a little bit of a conversation that just seems to stand out to you as offering you guidance or confirmation.

For example you may hear someone say “You really should eat healthier… start with more vegetables..” and although they were not speaking to you… You heard it for a reason.

When you hear guidance in this way, and you feel that it's meant for you, trust that and take it as a sign from Archangel Michael.

5. You Feel Watched Over and Protected

Michael the Archangel Last but not least, the fifth sign of Archangel Michael’s presence in your life is that you feel protected.

You may feel like someone is watching over you. You feel like you're being guided, supported, uplifted and most importantly protected.

When Archangel Michael connects directly with you, he places light in your energy field that acts as a sort of shield. This naturally feels uplifting, protecting, supportive, and so empowering.

You so of course have to be sensitive to be able to feel the light and shield of Archangel Michael, so if you're not feeling it, don't judge yourself or say that you're not connected with Archangel Michael.

Rather, just begin to pay more attention to your subtle feelings and sensations when you ask Archangel Michael to step forward.

Do you feel like you're being watched over?

Do you feel supported?

If you're walking home at night, and you turn down the wrong street and it's dark, and you feel a little self-doubt or even fear creek up and then you think or say “Archangel Michael protect me now”…

And then you suddenly feel a little better, trust that he has indeed stepped forward to assist you on your path.

Feeling supported and protected is a sign that Archangel Michael is with you.

Archangel Michael's Role as a Protector

Archangel Michael stands as a divine protector, often portrayed with a flaming sword indicative of his unwavering readiness to combat malevolent forces. As one of the seven archangels, his power is recognized and revered in numerous cultures, religions and traditions.

In moments of adversity or when navigating challenging circumstances, Michael is a figure you can turn to for guidance, protection and assistance. He stands by, ready to shield you from harm and steer you to safety. Michael is known for his capacity to alert you to forthcoming danger and equip you with the courage and resilience required to meet any obstacle.

Michael's energy imparts strength and courage to those who find themselves wavering. If you feel hesitant or lacking in conviction, you can call upon Archangel Michael.

Invite In The Help of Angels

Whether you’re currently experiencing any of these signs or not… Remember to invite in the presence of not only Archangel Michael, but also your personal team of guides and angels of light and love who can most serve, support, help, and assist you in your life.

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The angelic realm is always right there, ready and willing to assist you when you ask and invite angelic help in.

When To Invoke Archangel Michael

Not sure when to call upon Archangel Michael?

Really, anytime you're dealing with challenges in your everyday life you can call on Michael, but especially when trying to overcome negativity, or when you're struggling to quiet your mind, or if you feel you need protection in some way, Archangel Michael is the Archangel to call upon…

Archangel Michael SIgns

Of course he’s available for so much more as the full extent of his work and service really is a vast. He has an entire legion of angels who work directly with him who support him in his work and mission and interestingly, because Archangel Michael connects to us through the sun and is directly involved with humanity. He was one of the easiest of the archangels to feel, hear and to connect with.

I’ve written about Archangel Michael before, so if you want to learn more about him and his role as an Archangel Click Here

Trust Your Intuition

I hope that these signs of Archangel Michael’s presence have been helpful for you to learn, and helpful for you in recognizing that when you ask, you are indeed assisted.

Remember to be open to how the guidance from the angels unfolds in your life, as it will likely be different than you expect.

Finally, trust your inner guidance, trust your intuition as to whether what you experience is a sign.

For example, if you find a butterfly sticker on the ground, and you feel like its a sign from Archangel Michael, it probably is!

Listen to your inner guidance, because that is where the angels will begin to connect with you.

Listen, trust, and act upon the guidance you receive, and know that you're so loved and supported by Archangel Michael and by all of the angels of love and light in the higher realms.

I hope that article this was helpful for you again, comment below if you enjoyed it, or comment with other signs that you recognize as being from Archangel Michael.

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Learn more about Archangel Michael here >

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Melanie, thank for your transcript that has made things a bit more clearer for me to understand and become aware of. I always call on Archangel Michael and ask that he surrounds me with peace, guidance and clarity.

  2. I am so very grateful for You M! Thank you for sharing your light, love and energy with us. We are better together.

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    Iam seeing orbs ..bright yellow lights
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    Blue orbs
    Red wings rainbow lights
    .I stay connected to my archangels call them when i feel i need protection ..

  4. Melanie thank you for these enlightenment. I am grateful for your detailed description of the Angels work in a person through intuitions and signs. I love your article.

  5. Hi
    Melanie my name is Gaby Frainetti and I have a special connection with Archangel Michael, for He has appeared to me in my drams a lot of times, the first time He appeared to me was on a very humid hot day I fell asleep on my balcony and He came to my dream when I asked who He was He replied “I AM MICHAEL” it as the same picture of the statue of Him in Italy on Mount Gargano. this was the first of many, and every dream I had I wrote down and in this past year I put it all in a book that will shortly be released it is called SHIELD OF MICHAEL. The reason for this book is also to let people in the world know that no matter your religion id you call on A Michael he will come to your aid. Thanks Melanie I live in Montreal, Canada, Wishing you many blessings from the Archangel Michael.

  6. Please, i will like to ask some few questions to ask for clarity.

    1. Does the role of Archangel Michael to play directly on mortal humans or to celestial creatures of higher strength?
    2. How is Archangel Michael connected to the sun different from other angels?
    3. How can someone be able to detect the True Archangel Michael’s visitation/ guidance from God and that from the deceiving fallen Angels which can also come with similar signs?
    4. Why is he more easily heard than other Angels?
    5. Can you hear him outside the foundation of Holiness?

  7. This article was extremely informative. My belief in the universe, spirit guides, and divine messages are a substantial part of my being and my experience here on earth. As I continue to educate myself about specific experiences I’m having in the process of my spiritual awakening, I’m continuously being exposed to Archangel Michael. I’ve decided to dig deeper and I landed on your website. I heavily resonate with some of the examples you have provided in this article, and although I’m familiarizing myself with Archangel Michael, I believe he has been guiding and protecting me all along. I feel the warmth of this pure energetic energy all around me as I type this. Thank you for what you do. -Charlie Johnson

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  10. Thank you Melanie. I have been searching for Michael and now I realize he is here with me most of the time probably. What a beautiful article and what a beautiful soul you have. Thank you again for explaining so much more to me than I ever new about Archangel Michael. I already feel his protecting stretching out to me and to my entire family. What a beautiful way to begin the evening with such a wonderful discovery.

  11. After reading this, I feel confident that my spiritual encouter was indeed Michael. I was walking in a parking lot and there was a young boy probably around the age of 17 in a car driving slowly by me. I assumed sitting beside the boy in the passengers seat was his father, taking his son for driving practice. In the back seat of the car was a man who looked maybe in his 30s with blonde wavy hair about chin length, and really light blue eyes. I thought hmm…. this looks odd abd he doesnt look like he belongs in the car. Then the blonde man put both his hands on the car window and smiled at me. After that I saw a blue electric tunnel and I felt pure peace and pure love, a love so pure humans cannot be capable of. This all happens in seconds then I came back to seeing the car drive away from me with the blonde guys hands still on the window.

  12. I called upon archangel Michael last night and invited him in to my life yet I didn’t experience anything and so I don’t know if it worked. Could you please tell me if not experiencing Michael is normal after asking for him or did I do something wrong???

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  15. Had a very disturbed nights sleep last night and even sharing and asking for the angels assistance couldn’t shake of negative thoughts….going through my emails this morning Michael’s name kept coming to the fore and have read much love from him today Thank you

  16. I prayed for protection and later that day found myself talking to a guy called Michael. Powerful

  17. Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting picture of Archangel Michael showing up. I had no idea! <3

  18. Wow I thought it was archangel st Michael, I saw a angel with a sword and next to it like he was carrying it a blue with orange light but I’m color blind so it might have been purple and yellow light in the Sky. Also I see flicking light in front of me all the time especially when I ask for guidance or meditate with him. I have other guides I use with him also. Thank that helped a lot, I thought I needed new glasses again.

  19. Beautiful! So loving and supported! I felt the Archangel Michael’s presence all around me while you spoke on the video and even now in control of my typewriter. This is truly AWESOME! Archangel Michael is writing this message to you. He loves the work you are doing as do I.

  20. Melanie,
    Thank you for your site and all the wonderful information! I have learned so much from you. 😇

  21. I feel tingling quite often, following by my mood uplifting – also I get the impression that I have a shield in front of me as a form of protection against negative forces (I seem to feel protected when wearing my angelic protection pendant – which I wear most days). I always notice the florescent light fittings flickering at work especially the one above my head (or in the room that I am in).


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  26. When I hear birds calling while running, particularly at times of struggle during my run. Thank you Melanie : )

  27. Stars in the Sky at Night that change shape a Cross and have what looks a Sword pointing connecting to Stars to make a Triangle

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