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Archangel Gabriel Signs – 7 Signs Archangel Gabriel is With You & Reaching Out!

Top 7 Signs of Archangel Gabriel Top 7 Signs of Archangel Gabriel

Are you're experiencing any of these the top 7 signs of Archangel Gabriel?

Who is Gabriel the Archangel?

Archangel Gabriel is an Archangelic messenger, and Archangel of communication, secrets, and strength. Gabriel is one of the most commonly known Archangels, largely because of her presence in the Bible as the Angel who guided the wise men towards the birth of Christ, and Gabriel is also present in the Quran.

Of course, as an Archangel, Gabriel is neither male, nor female, but Archangel Gabriel does embody the divine feminine qualities very perfectly. And so, while I hear different people talking about seeing Gabriel as male or seeing Gabriel as female, Gabriel is really neither, but I so see her as carrying a more feminine Archangelic energy because she's very connected to the moon, to water and to other divine feminine qualities like flowing inspiration through you.

What does Gabriel Mean?

Keep in mind that Gabriel in Hebrew means “God is my strength” and so, Gabriel is a very powerful Archangel to connect with. Archangels connect with entire groups of people at once, so this is why so many people may feel personally connected to Gabriel.

So, let’s go ahead and dive in and look at the top signs that Gabriel is with you.


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1. Seeing White Or Golden Coppery Light

The first sign of Archangel Gabriel is seeing white or golden coppery light.

You may see this light in your inner mind’s eye, or in your internal vision when you're meditating, calling on Gabriel or just meditating and being still and calm in presence. This glow of white coppery Angelic energy is a sign that Gabriel is indeed, stepping forward to guide, inspire and to support you.

Where Dimensions Break

You may also see this coppery light in your peripheral vision which is where dimensions break, which is why you often see what’s outside of the physical dimension through the corner of your eyes… and then when you look, it’s gone, but you know and feel that you just saw something.

Those flashes of light, the orbs of light, either around you or within your inner vision, are signs of Gabriel.

2. Feeling Archangel Gabriel’s Energy

The second sign of Gabriel is a distinct feeling that the Archangel Gabriel is with you.

To me, Gabriel’s energy feels like warm, clear, crisp water that’s cleansing in every way … Like dipping into the clearest mountain lake that perfectly reflects the light of the divine and yet, that’s also so warm and soothing that you just want to bask in. And as you bask in the energy of Archangel Gabriel, your energy is balanced, you align with a greater sense of clarity, with inspiration, and with so much love.

How to Recognize Gabriel?

Interestingly, Gabriel’s also really connected to the center at the front of your mind, so when you're meditating and just scanning your energy and becoming present in the moment, you may feel this warmth and clarity of the energy of Archangel Gabriel in the front of your mind.

3. A Sense of Knowing That Gabriel Is With You

The third sign of Archangel Gabriel is having a general sense of knowing that Archangel Gabriel is with you.

This knowing may take the form of receiving guidance from Archangel Gabriel, receiving clarity -especially about your life purpose, your work, what you can write and create and how you can step up and be a leader for others by shining your divine truth and the highest level of authenticity.

A Huge Sign

Receiving guidance, receiving knowing, receiving inspiration and knowing or feeling that it’s coming from Archangel Gabriel, is a huge sign of Archangel Gabriel’s presence.

Tune In and Cultivate

Everyone has the ability to feel, to know, to sense beyond the physical realms. It’s simply a matter of beginning to tune into and cultivate these senses. Remember that you can also ask your angels, and ask Archangel Gabriel to help you tune into her presence. When you do ask for that sort of help, and then you feel like Gabriel is with you, there’s an opportunity to trust that and to go with it.

Simply Ask

You’re not wanting to visualize Gabriel in front of you or really strive to visualize that white golden coppery energy of Gabriel. Rather, just ask for Gabriel’s presence and then relax and cultivate a sense of openness and receptivity. That way, when that golden coppery light does appear, you can know that it’s a real experience and real Angelic energy because you’re not making it up, you’re not imagining it, you’re not visualizing it, you are simply receiving and observing it.

4. Physical Signs

Physical Signs of Archangel Gabriel The fourth sign that Archangel Gabriel is with you, working with you, guiding you, reaching out towards you from the higher Angelic realms is that you start noticing physical signs that are associated with Archangel Gabriel, or that just personally remind you of Archangel Gabriel.

This could be simply seeing the name, Gabriel more often. Maybe you notice a church that has Gabriel on the side, or you drive by“Gabriel’s Bakery” or you just notice Gabriel written on a poster or anything like that.

Gabriel Symbols


Also, Archangel Gabriel is commonly depicted with a trumpet and so, you might start seeing more trumpets when Gabriel is with you or reaching out… You might hear more trumpet music, you might even see trumpet flowers or anything associated with that trumpet which ultimately signifies Gabriel’s ability to broadcast the tones of divine harmony, to broadcast divine messages and the divine soul song. And so, the trumpet is a common symbol of Gabriel.

Notebook, Feather Pen, or Quill

Also, Gabriel often works with writers, and another symbol commonly associated with Gabriel that you might start to see in your meditations, in visions, or external in the world around you, is the symbol of a notebook and a feather pen, or quill. This is a common sign of Archangel Gabriel and when you see this sign, in particular, you can know that Gabriel is broadcasting the message and bringing you the guidance that it’s time for you to start writing.

Whether that’s just writing down your intentions or writing your experiences, writing your story or working on that book that's trying to flow through, the feather quill and a notebook is a common sign of Archangel Gabriel that you may start to see more when Gabriel’s reaching out to you.

Different Physical Signs

These are just some specific examples and there may be different physical signs that you see that are meaningful and relevant to you. I can't tell you exactly what those are, but when you see a sign and you think of Archangel Gabriel, it probably is a sign of Gabriel’s presence.

Angelic Imagery

Also just seeing Angelic imagery is another thing that may start to happen as Gabriel is reaching out to you, trying to get your attention, but it's not really getting through to your conscious mind. Gabriel is bringing up these symbols in the external to reach your subconscious.

5. Feeling Angelic Energy Above Your Head

The fifth sign of Archangel Gabriel, and really, this is a sign of the Archangels in general, is that you begin to feel Angelic energy, tingling light, warmth and glowing energy above your head, and specifically, above your crown chakra at the top of your head, and above your soul star chakra above that is another Angelic communication center… This is the higher energy center which when open, allows you to tap into Archangelic communication.

What does it Feel Like?

As this energy center is opening or as you are receiving guidance from the Archangels, you may feel movement, light, frequency, tingling, or color happening above your head. When this energy is coppery gold, and when you think of Gabriel in conjunction with that feeling, it’s a clear sign of Archangel Gabriel.

6. Angelic Communication Through Your Dreams

The sixth sign Archangel Gabriel is with you is that you experience an Angelic encounter in your dreams. Because Archangel Gabriel is connected to the moon, to intuition, and to the divine feminine, she is also very intricately connected to the dream world … And as told in the Bible, Gabriel approached Joseph in a dream to tell him about the coming birth of Jesus.

Gabriel now continues to reach humanity through the dream world, so pay attention to your dreams. If you don’t yet remember your dreams, you might want to start writing them down right when you wake up in the morning, because there's so much insight and learning that can come from deciphering your dreams and really, just from paying attention to them.

Observe and Notice

But also, when you remember your dreams, you can take note of them and become aware of when a dream is outside the norm, outside the normal range of “samsara” dreams where you’re processing your reality and your subconscious is working through things. You can begin to observe and notice when you have a real Angelic encounter in your dream, and when a being of golden light and incredible energy… when Archangel Gabriel reaches out to you in your dream.

Symbolism, Imagery, and Signs

Additionally, the guidance you'll receive from Archangel Gabriel in dreams is typically less stream of thought, and less of a dictation of words and it will tend to come in more through symbolism, through imagery, through signs and symbols like a notepad in a quill or a trumpet or other specific signs that are relevant to you.

Something Specific to You

You might see a lotus flower in your dream, and that means something specific to you … Or you might see a windy path and you associate that windy path in some way.

Through dream symbolism, Archangel Gabriel may guide you through your dreams.

7. You Feel Called to Move in The Direction of Your Highest Calling

Finally… The seventh sign that Archangel Gabriel is with you and reaching out to you with love, guidance and angelic energy is that you start feeling drawn to more fully align with your true soul purpose and your highest calling.

You may receive specific guidance or a general knowing about why you’re really here and how you can be of greater service…

Encourages Your Next Steps

Additionally, Gabriel may help you to see your next steps and the higher path opening up before you by helping you to awaken your spiritual vision.

The more you begin to tune into and receive the guidance Gabriel has for you, the more you begin to realize the secrets she has to reveal to you are about what is really possible for you in your life, and how you can begin to step into a greater extent of your purpose, mission, and destiny now.

Gabriel may encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone… To take on more of a leadership position in your work and your own life, and to start taking steps to create, serve, and positively impact the lives of those around you… Which in turn brings so much joy, love, blessings, and fulfillment into your own life.

Archangel Gabriel is a wonderful ally of the middle path to connect with. Naturally, collaborating with your individual guardian angel also yields significant and beneficial support in your spiritual journey.

I hope these top signs of Archangel Gabriel have been helpful for you!

Which of these signs have you personally experienced? Comment below and let me know!

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With love, light and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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