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The #1 Way Angels Talk to You – Receive Angel Messages!

Behind the many signs, symbols and prompts and messages we receive from angels, there's an underlying core thread, a primary way that angels talk to you.

This is what we're going to dive into in this post.

I am excited to share about the number one way that angels talk to you because by understanding the way angels communicate can transform our awareness.

Let's dive into this now!

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Learn The #1 Way Angels Talk to You:


The Primary Way Angels Serve Humanity

As a reminder, angels are higher-dimensional spiritual beings who have a sacred contract to be of service towards humanity at this time. 

Because angels are beings of higher consciousness, they can view our reality and our lives through a different vantage point.

As we tune into their guidance, they are then able to bring new perspectives into our lives … helping us see things in a new way, or see where a fork in the road leads (in both directions).

Angels can then offer guidance, reassurance, comfort, and insight into those points of decision and in the present moment, to support you on your awakening journey.

So, angels are helping out in a variety of ways, but one of the core ways they're serving humanity now is to help us awaken to become higher consciousness beings ourselves.

One of their primary ways they are accomplishing this is to guide us in transcending states of lower ordinary consciousness.

The lower, ordinary mind serves us, yes. It helps keep us safe. It helps us to navigate the 3D world … but that's not the only layer of consciousness and existence. 

Far from it!

And as human beings at this time, undergoing a collective awakening, we are (as individuals and collectively) learning to elevate our consciousness to a state of higher divine mind, to a state more closely attuned to the consciousness of angels.

Angels are our allies in this, and they're always communicating in a number of ways.

When we're in our lower ordinary mind, we're not able to receive the primary communication from angels because it is at that higher octave, at that higher divine level of intelligence and divine level of consciousness, that the messages and transmissions come streaming through.

The Primary Way Angels Talk to You

Learn the #1 Way Angels Talk to you! Receive Angel Messages now! First of all, be aware that the normal, ordinary mental consciousness – that beta brainwave state of thinking, of reacting, of analyzing the world around you – blocks you from the primary and highest form of angelic communication.

As a result, angelic communication is then filtered down to you through what you may receive as impulses to action, as feelings, senses, or even as thought forms – as messages or as signs and symbols and synchronicities.

But here's the thing:

Beyond, above, and beneath all of those forms of communication, there is the primary way. There's the original angelic message and communication.

The number one way the angels communicate to you with you is through packed thought forms. 

It's an angel message that's beyond words.

It's an angel message that's literally vibrating at a higher state of consciousness than the normal, ordinary waking mind.

Opening Yourself to Hear Angels Speaking

And so, to tune into it, it takes dropping out of ordinary consciousness and entering into stillness – which is the shifting point, the gateway into higher consciousness states – and then entering in, relaxing, and lifting up.

In short, it takes allowing your consciousness to rise up.

It rises up your central thread … up from your open heart, through your throat, your mind's eye, your crown, and continuing up and above your head.

And within this pillar – this column of light at your very core – there are chakras: energy centers.

There are spiritual gateways above your head. And when you begin to crystallize those centers through awareness and through tuning into them, you're actually able to lift your consciousness up above your head.

You choose to relax, to enter in. And from that place of presence and awareness, you receive guidance that is beyond a linear, ordinary, conscious stream of words and concepts.

A packed thought form is an angelic communication backed with frequency, with warmth, with seeing things from multiple perspectives, with an incredible amount of detail and richness.

It is like seeing an entire movie in a single thought, in a single spark of light that's transmitted to you through your central thread above your head.

Again, you experience this by becoming present in the moment, by going within, by clearing your mind, opening your heart to love, opening your heart to the warmth and presence of the angelic realm …

… and then, by allowing your awareness to lift up from your heart through your throat, your mind's eye opening, relaxing, letting go, and lifting up through your crown.

You lift up into the angelic realm, into the higher realms of love, peace, and presence, where your angels are able to directly communicate with you.

The angels communicate, not through words, but through frequency – through that spark of light, that download of divine presence, that packed thought form that has everything you need to know right here and now.

So, if you've asked your angels a question, first and foremost, remember that you're asking from the level of your normal, ordinary, mental mind.

You are asking the question out of your normal mental consciousness.

To tune into a higher consciousness perspective, after you ask the question, you must then release it, let it go, and enter into stillness so that a higher consciousness state can flow through you.

Simply Feel the Comfort of Connecting

When you connect with higher angelic beings, one of the traps is that you want to ask questions.

For instance, you may want to ask their name, but then that engages lower consciousness, the lower mind.

One of the opportunities of connecting with angels in this way and receiving guidance through packed thought forms is to allow the angels to reveal to you how they communicate – to reveal to you what is truly possible at this higher octave of conscious expression and experience.

So, behind any signs and synchronicities, behind the impulses to action you may receive, beneath the guidance you feel through feelings, beyond an angel message that appears in your mind as words, remember that there's more.

There's the primary communication.

In a single point of light, infinite intelligence is held …

… and you're able to tune into it by letting go of thoughts, entering into stillness, becoming still in both your body and your mind, breathing, allowing your heart to relax and open, allowing your consciousness to lift up – that central thread above your head – into the higher light of Spirit.

As you lift into the light of the angelic realm and tune into angelic energy, you are enabled to receive the download, the packed thought form, the information that's beyond words.

Don't try to unpack it yet.

Just let yourself experience the vastness of it.

Feel the comfort of connecting with angels in this way.

Enjoy the shift that your consciousness undergoes, just through elevating to receive the angelic messages that are available to you in the moment, in this way.

So lift, tune, relax, allow.

And then, when you return to ordinary mental consciousness, you can begin to unpack that packed thought form:

  • How are you now inspired to act?
  • How are you now feeling about your situation?
  • What thoughts are you now having about the situation inspired by the true, primary, angelic guidance and communication, the download of light?

I hope this is helpful for you.

I talk more about ways that you can unpack those packed thought forms in the ways angels talk to you here. 

Check that out and I'll connect with you in the next blog post.

I love, honor, and appreciate you.



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