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Who is My Guardian Angel? | Find Your Angel’s Name in 7 Simple Steps

Discover Your Guardian Angels Name!

Are you wanting to know your Guardian Angel’s name? If so, you’re in the right place, because I'm about to share with you a technique for you to learn it … And yes, this really works!

Here's why:

Everyone has Guardian Angels with them throughout life on Earth. From birth until death your guardian angels are with you, guiding you protecting you and supporting you from the angelic realm.

You don't need to know the names of your Guardian Angels to call them in, to ask for help, or tune into their guidance… But it can be helpful, and fun, to call upon your Guardian Angel by name.

When you know your Guardian Angel's name it also has a way of deepening your connection and can make their guidance more accessible.

How to Learn Your Guardian Angels Name


7 Steps to Learn the Names of Your Guardian Angels

Find Out How to Learn the Names of Your Guardian Angels Guardian angels exist in an octave or dimension above that of your normal waking mind. So to tune into their presence, it's important to first elevate your consciousness so you can actually perceive in the higher realms of angels.

One you can perceive the higher realms of angels, when your guardian angel steps forward you can be highly aware of their presence, allowing you to communicate with them, ask a question, hear the answer… And of course, they can share their name.

Who Is My Guardian Angel?

To discover the name of your Guardian Angel, find a comfortable and quiet place, where you can be free from interruptions…

  • Step One: Find a Quiet Space to Look Inward

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, it helps to sit up straight, with your feet planted on the floor, and your hands gently placed in your lap in an upward facing position.

Direct your attention within, letting go of any distractions happening in your life or in the world around

Consciously tense your body a bit, and then relax into an even deeper, more peaceful state.

  • Step Two: Visualize Yourself Breathing in White Light

Relax and breathe. Imagine white light all around you and that you're breathing it in. When you exhale, let go of thoughts and emotions, and allow your mind to naturally become clear.

Breathe in light, and as you exhale, focus on surrendering, and on simply letting go.

You may want to count your in-breaths, one at a time until you get to 15 or 20… This will provide your mind something to focus on, so your consciousness can expand and lift.

Breathe, release thoughts, focus within, consciously relax, and let go.

  • Step Three: State Your Intention

When you're really feeling relaxed, centered, and present in the moment…

Start by setting your intention, and invoking your Guardian Angel:

“I call upon my guardian angel. Please come in and communicate with me now. Surround me with light and angelic energy and assist me in clearly tuning into your love and presence.”

After you say this invocation, refocus on your breath and allow yourself to relax.

Relax your mind… Finding the space between your thoughts. Dive inward with your awareness, into that inner space.

Focus on your heart center, allowing your heart chakra to open and become illuminated with golden light.

  • Step Four: Relax Into Your Heart

Imagine that your heart center is opening up so that you can enter into it…

Relax and let your awareness move deeper and deeper into your heart center.

And as you move awareness within, you’ll reach a point where your heart center activates, and the energy naturally begins to expand outward.

When that happens, allow the energy of your awakened heart center to naturally rise up the column at the center of your being (your Ascension column, and Divine I Am Presence).

Let your awareness rise upward into your mind's eye in the very center of your head, where you have an opening that's called the Cave of Christos

Enter into the open space in the center of your mind, allowing your mind to fill with golden light.

Know that your guardian angel is watching, and will step forward to provide support by warming your thoughts and assisting you in becoming more present in the light.

  • Step Five: Bring Your Awareness to Your Mind's Eye

Relax and go deep into the center of the center of your mind, deeper and deeper within until you reach a point in which your mind's eye activates, and the energy begins to expand outward.

Relax and be present.

Allow your energy now to rise up and out the crown chakra at the top of your head…

Up through the pillar of light, that runs vertically along the center of your being…

  • Step Six: Connect to Your Soul Star Chakra

Your Soul Star Chakra and the Connection with your Guardian Angel

Allow your awareness to lift above your head, into the light until you begin to notice a higher Energy Center above your head.

This center is sometimes called your soul star chakra and it's the first chakra of your higher angel energy centers.

Let your awareness rise up into this center of warmth, and light above your head.

This energy center may feel like a platform you can rest your awareness on. It may feel warm, like its glowing, or tingling above you… You may feel or hear the music of angels.

Whatever you feel above your head, and whereever exactly you feel it (because it's variable), tune into it.

Let the light, warmth and angel energy of this center surround you, and let yourself deeply enter into it …

Go deeper and deeper into this energy center until it activates and begins to expand outward, at which point just allow yourself to bask in the light and angel energy, receiving the blessings of love, frequency, and healing from the celestial realm and from your guardian angel.

This energy center is also is also the location in which you're able to access your higher self.

The key to tuning into this higher angel energy center is to simply relax and allow yourself to tune in.

Stay loosely focused on this energy center until you start feeling the glowing, warmth and tingling of the angels energy.

This is a clear indication that you're there… You're in the right place, and you're now ready to open up communication with your guardian angel.

  • Step Seven: Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel may now naturally step forward. Or you may simply need to ask:

“Guardian Angel please connect with me now.”

“Do you have a message for me?”

I recommend starting by asking them for a message rather than for their name. Ask for their guidance to get a feel of what their voice and energy sounds like, and to get a feel for how you can tune in to their wisdom, love, blessings, support and validation at this point.

Connecting with the warmth and love of your Guardian Angel might bring you to tears because it's truly so beautiful when connect and receive their love, and the incredible guidance and frequency they are ready to bestow upon you.

When you feel ready, and when you're feeling the presence of your angels energy, you can ask:

“Who is my Guardian Angel?”


“My Guardian Angel… What is your name?”

Trust that when you ask, your angel will answer in some way.

Gently return your focus to your breathing, becoming present in a detached state of awareness where you are relaxed and loosely focused in the energy center above your head.

Allow yourself to deeply enter into your soul star chakra and your center of communication with angels.

Pay attention for signs of your angels presence, which may include blissful energy or receiving the answer to a question you've had but not yet asked. You may also feel physical sensations of tingling and warmth… This is a sign you are connected!

Learn more guardian angel signs here >> 

As you bask in the blissful energy, noting whatever visuals or feelings you're experiencing…

Loosely focus your mind on learning the name of your guardian angel.

You may clearly hear a name, or your angel may provide this information to you through a feeling, picture, a thought, or you may suddenly have a name impressed upon your consciousness.

I recommend that when you enter into this practice, you detach and let go of needing to know your guardian angel's name…  And just be open to receiving it.

Let it be okay, whether you receive it or not.

Instead, let your primary goal be to connect with your guardian angel. And when your intention is focused on this, something really beautiful and profound, and lovingly supportive awaits as a result.

Once you're connected you can ask another question, ask for a sign of their presence, or just bask in the healing wisdom and love that is there for you.

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You Can Do This!

You can connect with your guardian angel! Learn how here! Yes, you have this ability to directly connect with your guardian angel who is reaching out to you and who is wanting to support you in stepping into more of your divine truth. Your guardian is here for you now, desiring to help support you in accomplishing your mission and living your most vibrant and fulfilling life.

When you're finished connecting with your guardian angel, learning their name and receiving guidance…

Give yourself a moment to just tune into the angelic energy all around you.

Tune into the presence of your guardian angel with you, hugging you with their wings of love, and wrapping you in angelic frequency…

Your guardian angel loves you exactly as you are now, but also desires to support you in rising up into the next level of who you can become, vibrantly shining your highest spiritual light and Embodied Divine Presence in your physical life.

Ask For Validation If You're Not Sure

If you're not receiving a name… Repeat the above relaxation process, and ask your Guardian Angel to speak louder so you can clearly hear the name they're giving you.

Remain open as to how you will learn their name. It may feel like you're making it up, but having a name suddenly pop into your mind is one of the most common ways to “hear the name of your Guardian Angel”.

Become aware of the first name you hear, or that comes into your mind.

Don't worry if the name is somewhat unusual or strange to pronounce, as this is somewhat common when it comes to the names of Guardian Angels as well. Your Guardian Angel may have a common name, or it may simply be a series of tones.

Signs of Confirmation

If you're doubting the name you received, ask your angel to give you signs over the next week to validate the name they've shared with you.

After receiving the name of a Guardian Angel, many people immediately turn to Google to try to find more information out about them…

I don't really recommend this, because your Guardian Angel is unique to you.

Rather than trying to find info about them online, practice calling them in by name, meditate with them, and then move onto establishing communication, and working together. Once you're connected you can ask a question, and tap into all that you want to know.

The information you receive directly from your Guardian Angel about who they are, who you can become, and what they can help you with will be far more accurate and personal than what you could ever find by searching for their name online.

Who Is My Guardian Angel?

Learn Guardian Angels Name

In it's most simple form, to learn the name of your guardian angel: relax, focus within, ask, and then open to hear/ learn the name.

This may not work for you the first time, but when you continue to practice connecting with the higher celestial realms, it it well within your ability and birth rite as a human being to connect with angels.

Know that you can do this! After all it's your most personal angel you're seeking to connect with and so they too are ready and willing to help you connect and learn to call them by name!

When you do receive a name, thank you angel for sharing their name with you.

Repeat it in your mind a few times, write it down, and then begin to use it to call upon your Angel.

Guardian Angels are always happy to connect with you, and to offer unconditional love and clear guidance!

With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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(And written with help from my Guardian Angel)

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