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Angel Visits: The Spiritual Experience You Can’t Ignore

Have you been visited by an angel, or perhaps you want to call forth an angel visitation experience for yourself?

Let's explore what an angelic visitation really entails, and what it means when you do have this sort of experience…

What Does It Mean to Be Visited by Angels?

“To be visited by angels” speaks to an experience where an individual perceives or senses the presence of an angel or angels in their life.

This experience can take many different forms varying in the level of clarity, impact and magnitude.

Experiences with angels may include things like visually seeing an angelic being, having a vivid dream state experience of angels, hearing the celestial music or messages of the angels or being transported through a feeling of warmth, peace, and light …

A visit from the angels could also revolve around receiving an important message … And in some cases, angelic encounters involve dramatic and life-saving interventions.

Sometimes, encounters with angels are subtle, and in other instances, they can be profound beyond words.

Individuals who have profound and vivid angelic encounters describe the experiences as being life-changing. Here you may feel a deep sense of connection to the Divine, experience an expanded state of consciousnesses and perception, and receive guidance, comfort, healing energy, and transmission of consciousness and guidance directly from the angels.

As I share in my book, Archangel Michael Speaks … My first encounter with Archangel Michael was one of these vivid and life changing events for me.

My First Experience Being Visited by Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Speaks “There was a moment of perfect stillness in my mind, as an angelic light burned through the walls of armor built around my heart to reveal a sacred inner light and brilliance I’d almost forgotten was there. A moment of remembering. My soul, the I Am in me, Oneness with Source, God, Cosmic Consciousness, Divine Mind, God … the All.

In an instant, a powerful solar light burned through the fear and darkness I’d been immersed in for too long.

My ordinary mental consciousness skyrocketed. I could suddenly see myself and my life in an entirely new way. It was like I was seeing everything from an elevated perspective, viewing myself and my life from a place of mastery rather than through the lenses of distortion and fear.

Tears ran down my cheeks as Michael showed me and allowed for me to experience myself in that moment, as the Divine, the Cosmic, God, I Am.

Michael spoke to me that day through a message I felt and received on a level beyond words. It was a message, a blessing, a healing, and a life-changing initiation all wrapped up in complete love and acceptance …”

~ Excerpt from Archangel Michael Speaks by Melanie Beckler

Why Do Angels Visit Humans?

Angel Visits: The Spiritual Experience You Can’t Ignore Angels are spiritual beings here to assist and guide humanity as we journey through our lives and walk our spiritual paths.

Angels are the messengers of God, Source, the Divine, and serve as intermediaries between the human and spiritual realms.

In this sense, holy angels are beings of light and love, who emanate a high vibration and frequency that can uplift, heal and inspire us in our lives …

Their very purpose is to support and assist humanity, as so they do in many ways that are both seen and unseen by us in the physical.

Some common reasons why angels are believed to visit humans include:

  1. To convey an important message from the Divine: These messages can be related to guidance, comfort, or a specific purpose or mission that the individual is meant to fulfill.
  2. To offer guidance and support: Angels can provide insight, inspiration, and clarity on important life decisions and help us navigate difficult or challenging situations.
  3. To offer protection: Angels are also seen as protectors who can shield us from harm and negative energies. They can provide a sense of safety and security, especially during times of crisis or uncertainty.
  4. To provide healing: Angels can offer physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to those in need. They can help us release negative emotions and beliefs, and provide comfort and solace during times of grief or pain.

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What Does It Mean When An Angel Visits You?

What Does It Mean to Be Visited by an Angel?

When you become aware of the presence of angels with you, it is a reminder that you are not alone and that there is powerful support available to you.

Angels are messengers from the Divine and any moment when you become aware of their presence, support, and guidance is a reminder of how loved and supported you really are.

Becoming aware of the presence of an angel can bring a sense of peace and comfort, especially in situations where you may feel overwhelmed or unsure.

A visit from the angels in and of itself can be a powerful sign that angels are working behind the scenes to bring positive changes and blessings into your life experience.

Overall, when an angel visits, it is a powerful and transformative experience that can bring a sense of guidance, protection, support, and expanded awareness, and can help you tap into the power of the Divine to manifest your highest potential.

Signs of an Angel's Presence

Sometimes an experience or encounter with angels is undeniable … vivid … and profound.

Other times, it can be very subtle and you may find yourself wondering if you were just visited by angel, or if it was something else.

There are also many stories of people who have entertained angels without really realizing it in the moment. The Bible scripture refers to this phenomenon in the book of Hebrews 13:2 which says, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

While each person's experience is unique, some common signs of angelic presence include:

  • Sudden, unexplained feelings of peace, light or calm
  • Warm, comforting sensations that envelop you
  • An elevated perception and expansion of consciousness
  • A faint, sweet fragrance that can't be traced to any physical source
  • Subtle light shifts, like a shimmer or glimmer in your peripheral vision
  • Receiving guidance or wisdom from an unknown source at exactly the right moment
  • The appearance of symbols, such as white feathers, angel numbers, coins, rainbows, or angelic imagery.
  • Babies and young children will sometimes look up at, smile at or otherwise interact with something or someone that is not visible to the adults around them, when this doesn't happen it can signify the presence of an angel.
  • Angels can assist on Earth without the presence of any sign, or taking physical form at all.
  • Learn more about the most common signs of angels here.

Angel Encounters in History and Modern Times

An Angel Visit

Throughout history, there are countless accounts of angels intervening in various human experiences. For example:

In the Bible, the angel Gabriel appears to Mary to herald the conception and birth of her son, Jesus. The angel Gabriel also appears to the Shepherds and Magi to herald the birth of Christ.

Also in the Bible are many accounts of angels appearing to individuals in moments of need or crisis, and providing essential information and direct assistance.

According to historical records, Joan of Arc claimed to hear the voices of saints and angels guiding her throughout her life. In one particular instance, Joan of Arc reported an encounter with Saint Michael, who appeared to her as a shining light and instructed her to go to the aid of the French army. Her story remains one of the most well-known and documented accounts of angelic intervention in history.

In Mozart's writings, he claimed to have received divine inspiration and guidance from angels throughout his life. He believed that his music was a gift from God and that he was simply a vessel for its expression.

Modern Angel Visitations

In today's modern world, stories of encounters with angels, and accounts of receiving angelic inspiration continue to circulate. People have reported being saved from harm, receiving inexplicable help at just the right moment. There are also countless accounts from those who have sensed a divine presence in times of need.

Common tales of modern angelic encounters on Earth include:

    • A nurse appears, seemingly out of nowhere to help a crash victim with a serious injury and then disappears without a trace.
    • An angelic force or unknown person swoops in to rescue a child or baby from a dangerous situation at just the right time.
    • An out-of-the-blue message online appears for a person at the perfect moment, offering the comfort and hope that was so needed.
    • Many people report feeling the presence of a guardian angel, sent to protect and guide them throughout their lives. Some people claim to have even seen their guardian angel in times of distress or when greatly troubled.
    • People who have had near-death experiences often report seeing angelic beings, who guide them in reviewing their life and offer them comfort and reassurance.
    • Many people report miraculous occurrences in their lives that they believe were the result of angelic intervention. For example, they may have narrowly avoided a dangerous situation, received comfort while afraid, or experienced miraculous healing
    • Many people report receiving signs and messages from angels, such as seeing repeated numbers or hearing a voice in their mind. These messages often appear at just the right time, during difficult times, or when someone is afraid and desperately needs help and guidance.

As you can see … angels work in many ways. If you feel called to deepen your connection with the angels, it is possible. Here's how:

How to Attract An Angel Into Your Life

Invoking Angels

It's easier than you might think to invite more angelic energy into your life! Remember that Angels are here to offer us unconditional love, guidance, and protection. They're already looking out for you, and by consciously welcoming their presence, and then attuning your awareness to their subtle energy, you can powerfully access their guidance and blessings!

Intention Is Key

When it comes to working with angels, and opening to experience their presence, intention is key. This is because angels honor your free will. As a physical being, you're not required to work with the angels and the realms of spirit, but if you'd like to, it can be helpful to set your intention to connect with the angels and invite their energy into your life.

You can do this by simply saying a prayer or invocation, or by setting a positive intention to receive their guidance and support.

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Invite the Presence of Your Angels Into Your Life

When you're beginning to work with angels, connecting with your guardian angel is always a wonderful place to begin.

To invite the presence of your guardian angel to come into your awareness and into your life, start by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.

Close your eyes and take a few deep and relaxing breaths. Breathe, and let go of any worries or stress.

As you consciously breathe and relax, begin to imagine the presence of divine light all around you.

Imagine the light above you, below you, and all around you. Sense and experience (and call forth Divine light) to fill your body and your energy field, raising your vibration and attuning your energy to the celestial realm.

Bring your awareness from your head and into the center of your chest, the area of your heart chakra. Consciously breathe with awareness in this place.

Imagine your heart chakra begins glowing with light and opening as your vibration raises. Become aware that through your heart center, you are able to directly connect with the Divine, the angelic realm, and All That Is.

When you feel ready, speak aloud:

“I now invoke the presence of my Guardian Angels, please connect with me now directly and assist me in opening my awareness to receive your love, support, and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you … And so it is.”

Once you've invoked your angels in this way, continue to focus within and just breathe and become aware of your subtle psychic senses. What do you feel, sense, see and experience within your inner world? Especially at first, it is within the inner world where your guardian angel will first make their appearance known.

When you ask, your angel will connect with you, but perhaps not in the way that you think. They'll connect through your subtle feelings, through clairvoyant sight, through clairaudience, through clairsentience, through hearing, seeing, and knowing on the inner planes.

Remember that angels are always available to support you in your life. and angelic visitations are well within the realm of what you are able to experience!

So, relax, breathe, focus your mind on your breath, open your heart, ask your angel to be with you, and then tune in.

When you ask for support from angels, they will answer, so give this a try and enjoy the help, guidance, and presence of an angel in your life because they are already with you, and serving you … just waiting for you to consciously tune in.

And with awareness, the support, love, guidance, and power of your angels can become more accessible, tangible, and helpful in your life.

With love and bright blessings,

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