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Angel Number 555… What’s the Meaning of 555?

Seeing the Angel Number 555 is a sign of big potential for change and transformation…

Whenever you repeatedly see a number sequence, there is a good chance it may contain guidance from your team of guides and angels supporting you from the realms of spirit.

Don't worry if you're not yet seeing number sequences though, because numbers are simply one of many signs and signals the angels use to communicate their guidance and illustrate their presence in our lives.

The reason I am writing about so many angel numbers on this site however, numbers like 333, 444, 222, 1111, and 1033 is because the angels are bringing these numbers to so many people's attention.

Today I want to talk about a powerful angel number that heralds the possibility for massive change and transformation.

But first…

Why Do The Angels Communicate Through Numbers? 

Numbers are a simple and straightforward way for angels to deliver messages that aren't filtered out by the ego mind.

With awareness, and by tuning into the vibrational meaning of numbers you can learn to decipher and receive the guidance from the angels present within the numbers you're seeing.

So, when you notice a number sequence at a synchronistic time, or you keep noticing the same number repeatedly, pay attention to what you're thinking about and what is happening around you to help you decipher your message from spirit.

The Angel Number 555 Meaning

Let's look at the meaning of the Angel Number 555. Have you been waking up at 5:55 in the morning? Or perhaps you just happen to glance at the clock right at 5:55 in the evening?

Maybe you've gotten $5.55 back in change a few times, or you're starting to notice 555 on license plates, mile markers, street addresses, on your car's odometer, as the number of likes, comments, or shares on a post, or in any other number of ways…

If you keep seeing 555, or if you see 555 at a time, or in a way that feels meaningful and significant to you, there is likely a deeper message for you from your angels.

So what is the message?


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What's The Meaning of 555?

Meaning of the Angel number 555 A few years ago I started seeing 555 everywhere.

I knew deep down there was a message for me contained in the ‘555 code' but I didn't know what it was.

Rather than just ignoring it, and letting it go, I dove into it.

I meditated on the meaning of 555, looked into numerology, and read what others had written about “angel numbers” to learn the meaning.

The most commonly shared meaning of 555 in the collective consciousness, is that 555 is first and foremost, a sign from the angels that huge changes are unfolding, or are about to unfold throughout all areas of your life.

If you keep seeing 555, you’ve likely already started seeing changes unfolding around you, and it’s highly likely there are more changes to come.

Now, if you're like most people… The idea of huge amounts of change may be more than a bit disconcerting.

As humans, we tend to resist change and fear the unknown, and big changes mean exactly that…

Lots of unknown.

But don't worry!

555 is a sign of positive changes that are bringing you into greater alignment with your soul purpose, and with greater love, vitality and abundance.

The angels are showing you this number not to worry you, or frighten you about the upcoming changes… But just to help you become aware, so that you can keep your thoughts positively aligned.

Staying focused on your intentions, and maintaining a high vibration, even raising your vibration, will help the changes that are unfolding in your life to do so in the most positive, rewarding and fulfilling ways.

555 is a sign of positive changes that are bringing you into greater alignment with your soul purpose, and with greater love, vitality and abundance.

Does this resonate with you?

It certainly did with me… But I also felt it was incomplete.

I got the feeling there was something more to the message, than “big changes in the works”…

The Deeper Meaning of Seeing 555

So I looked deeper, and here's what I discovered:

Yes, 555 signifies the energy of change.

But  it also has a strong meaning of releasing the past, and transmuting and transforming what no longer serves.

Including: old fears, past patterns, limiting beliefs, distorted mental constructs, and all that is no longer serving you.

555 has a strong message urging us all to let go of the old paradigm patterns and programming weighing us down and blocking us from the Infinite… From the Blessings of the New Earth, and the highest possibilities of embodying Truth and Light.

When you're willing to release the old, you make way for lighter, more positive, fulfilling and uplifting patterns and possibilities to fill your experience.

555 is also about life choices.

And making choices for yourself that serve your path and purpose…

Rather than making choices to fit in, or because other people think you should choose a certain way.

555 also speaks about expressing the truth of your brilliant authentic light as an individual…

And being open, adaptable, and willing to learn lessons as you journey through life.

One step at a time you can choose to align more fully with your highest soul truth, freedom, and authentic vibration.

So next time you see 555…

Know that the angels are with you and speaking to you about changes…

And that there are big changes in store for you.

But you're meant to be an active participant in them.

It's a call for you to positively change your life in an uplifting and empowering way.

Rather than a warning that the rug is about to be pulled out from under you.

So to make the most of these times of accelerated changes…

Keep asking your angels for guidance, clear direction, and support…

And keep moving forward on your path one step at a time.

555 Means Divinely Guided Changes Are Unfolding

Angel Number 555If you're seeing 555, and noticing lots of change in your life, you can rest assured that the changes, even if they may seem harsh or sudden, are Divinely inspired and are ultimately bringing you into closer alignment with your authentic self and your life purpose.

555 urges you to let go of the old and outdated. If you resist the changes happening in your life, you'll likely manifest obstacles, challenges, and a feeling of struggle.

But by willingly letting go of what has been, and what is now in the past, and refocusing on the infinite possibility before you, you'll naturally bring yourself into alignment with the divinely inspired positive changes in store.

555 isn't a call to sit back and be a passive recipient of whatever is coming you way. It is a call from the universe and the angels to choose yourself and to co-create positive change and blessings in your life.

Stay present in the moment and utilize affirmations, and prayer to stay positive and to stay focused on aligning with the highest and best possible changes, which will most serve.

You're well equipped to handle whatever change is coming, and hugely supported from your angels and guides beyond the veil. Trust in the process of change, choose to stay in a positive state of love, and be willing to let go and go with the flow to allow blessings and divinely inspired changes to unfold in your life.

Learn more!

Keep learning about the meaning of seeing number sequences, in the Complete Guide to Angel Numbers here!

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Melanie Beckler

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  1. I love what you do ! It is so very special and please never stop being you . We are all on our wonderful journey in life and it’s so beautiful and your work is greatly appreciated . Thankyou very much !

  2. Very accurate. I had spent county time. And so many times playing solitaire I’d pull a 5. When I needed always something different to win or advance in the silly game and I always pulled a 5. And that was bad for winning the game but so obvious, due to it’s repetitive essence, that 5 was being shoved at me. Made me think, this can’t be coincidence, just too often.

  3. Oh my goodness thank God for death. Wtf cares about changes? They don’t mean anything. I don’t know my purpose and don’t care to. It’ll be grand to hear never hear that word again.

  4. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yesterday my mobile phone went crazy and everytime I picked it up there was 555 typed as if I was either sending a text to someone or it was in the Google text box. This morning when I switched my phone on it opened onto this website. I am not kidding!!!!!

    1. In Scripture, there is insufficient use of multiple number fives, such as 555, to determine an overall meaning. It is used, however, in relation to Moses and to Israel’s wilderness tabernacle. It can also be found in Abraham’s attempt to save Sodom and in God’s judgment for lying to him!

      The fifth book of the Bible is named Deuteronomy, a name which means “fifth book.” Its fifth chapter and fifth verse (555) states the following about Moses and his role in God’s plan.

      I (Moses) stood between the Lord and you at that time to show you the word of the Lord, for you were afraid because of the fire, and did not go up into the mountain . . . (Deuteronomy 5:5, HBFV).

      Multiple fives (555) confirm Moses’ role as the mediator of the Old Covenant between God and the children of Israel. It also confirmed, as an intercessor, he was a type of Jesus (1Corinthians 10:2).

  5. This was very helpful. I have been seeing 555 all the time lately. I left a marriage of 27 years about a year ago. It was not a good marriage and I have spent the last year just trying to be me again. I know i have to go further now and it seems 555 is telling me just that ! Thank you for the information.

  6. This morning I woke at 5a.m and I had a feeling to remain in bed until number 555 appeared on my clock face. Thank you for opening up in me what this message means and I do so resonate with it, as I was told by a dear friend to write letters to persons who have in some way made me feel unworthy and who had a negative impact on my life and to burn the letters knowing that positivity will take its place.. Having done this last night Angel #555 message relayed thru you has just confirmed this release. Thank you so much 🙏Namaste

  7. Thank you Melanie for posting. I’ve been seeing 1111 for so long, then 444 now it’s 555 and it was all so timely messages from my dear angels that I’m deeply grateful for. I thank you kindly for sharing this info that helps me understand somehow and relate this to what’s actually happening in my life. May God and the universe continue to bless Us All!

  8. I dont see one specific set of numbers only I see different numbers all the time…it may be like this 555, 1010, 1212, 222, 444,555, 1111…all in one day. Why so many different…but it’s primarily when similar events are happening in my life.

  9. Hi Melanie
    Thanks for your explanation on 555 I’ve been seeing numbers for a few years now
    I’m only just beginning to understand what I’m going through it’s great to know someone who knows what’s it like and understands I’m greatful I came across you il will follow your website and blogs
    Would love to meet you in person one day
    Thanks Douglas Good 🙂

  10. I have been seeing this as well. My girlfriend and I had a very close relationship since meeting last year, we went to Venice together and did lots of things felt very much in love and happy.

    A few months ago she lost her mum to Cancer and moved house immediately after and everything has been crazy busy with her fixing up the new house with me helping her. No signs of problems. We went on holiday together and she seemed down at times then the day after getting back she told me that she wasn’t feeling it for me and wanted to split up. I was gutted and have been looking for inner guidance ever since as I still love her and want to help her through the hard times she is facing but instead have to give her space.

    The split came out of the blue totally and the weekend before the holiday we were still making plans together and she added me to her car insurance. I have been seeing 555 and other triple numbers everywhere for months and trying to find the meaning, I know it shows major change in my life and I can only hope that the changes will be positive because it is difficult to see at the moment.

    1. This sounds like a twin flame relationship.
      Look up New World Allstar on you tube, Kurt is amazing at explaining it. I wish you luck and happiness.

  11. I started seeing the numbers 11.11 every day last year everywhere on till receipts change the clock just about everywhere not a day went past where i didn’t see it. I was very ill at the time and so it didn’t really resonate with me. I saw it for at least six months solid every day. My dad passed away on the 11th February and i still didn’t even connect the 11. Now months after i’m seeing it all the time even more, and not only that 22.22 and 111 222 333 444 or 12 12 its so strange. I’m going through some major changes in my life at the moment i am in the process of loosing my home amongst other stuff and also the health hasn’t improved greatly, i just looked a the clock there it was 606 it happens all the time 707 717 616 212 its so frustrating i know for sure now something, the universe or angels or whatever is trying to send me multiple messages, but it’s all so confusing, at first i started to use the numbers to put on the lottery etc lol but that hasn’t worked.It doesn’t matter what i do where i go i see them all day every day and its like its building up int a huge finale now. I feel i was warned to go visit my father as often as i could before he died and i didn’t as i was so unwell, and now i’m seeing it tenfold now i’m beginning to think something will happen to my mum, so its quite unnerving, sorry this is so long it kind of scares me the intensity and how often i’m seeing them

  12. When i look up the #’s i see unexpectedly like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, even 123, they all say roughly the same thing.

  13. Great News, Well Done!

    555 is a “Pythagorean Number” because would you believe, 333 ‘sqd’ (i.e 333 x 333) + 444 ‘sqd’ = 555, ‘sqd’!

    444 was predicted by Edgar Caycle as the “APOTHEM” and MIR measure, in one side of The Great Pyramid.

    This links the other Angel Numbers you mention and see: the above website, for 555’s Power for change.

    Henceforth alchemically, “Dig Me Out of the MIRE!” (And let me not Sink!)

  14. ive been going through rough times. lost my business and have to vacate my apartment. my mother is buying my grand mother a home and would like me to live there as well while I start over and find my path. well we have been going back and forth between homes and finally we are fighting to get the one we like. today i was looking at the home online and noticed the address starts with “555” i never noticed this, but now that i do, i can see that this house is a new buying for me and s start to big change. thank you for the info!

  15. My My My. Last Saturday I happen to look at the clock on the stove which I always do then looked at the clock on the microwave which is usually 2-3 minutes off. This particular day both clocks were smack on 5:55. I had to double look at them both. For a second I was amazed at them being the exact time. I do notice changes happening in my life financially, spiritually and just starting to make changes for my overall well being which is starting to put health first. I’ve started making plans for something different. I don’t know exactly how different but different. About 2 weeks before seeing 5:55 on my clocks I was cleaning out my life of everything and everyone did not bring value to it. Unfortunately that had to include some family members as well as some friends. I have started to feel better about where I am and where I’m going in life. I feel as though there is nothing that I can’t achieve. I thank you for this posting. It definitely fits my life to a T.

  16. I dreamed very clearly 555 – in a early morning dream a week or so ago. It was so clear – like looking at 3 big billboards or giant cards each with a simple 5 on them. It struck me on waking because I’ve never dreamt like this before, however I have been thinking of my angels a lot lately especially in meditation.

    1. I too see 555 a lot. Heck, even the Washington Monument is 555 ft high. 5 is the number of the world. We have 5 fingers and toes, 5 colors in the world, 5 senses. We even have 5 different colors of people in the world. I could go on but I think you get my message.

  17. This is so incredibly fitting. My soulmate, who I am not quite with yet, has been seeing this number in the most bizarre situations. After reading a persons meter (555 of course), and then totalling up the bill (£555), and sending messages unknowingly to me at 5:55 we are now so sure that this is our path, and that the obstacles keeping us from being together are ready to be overcome. I thank you so much for sharing this article and for reinforcing our belief in the universe.

  18. OMDog!! I just left a comment on the “999” page; I had asked my higher guide(s) for help in a rapid and massive change in my lifestyle, then saw 999 after having seen 222 then quickly saw 333 earlier. So 222 (keep going through the duality), 333 (we’re with you, you’re growing), 999 (the cycle is closing).

    I wrote to my power: “I hear your 9’s…can you tell me what to prepare for?” The answer was inadvertently about 3 stars. I was thinking earlier today that I am certain, not just “strongly suspecting”, that my spirit came from the Sirius triple star system. I am haunted by the numbers 173 and 51 (17×3=51). My go to system is the Tarot, so I think “3 Stars” and have recently affirmed (seen confirmed) my thoughts about being a “Sirian starseed”. I was thinking this earlier and immediately after saw the time 5:10. So that’s background.

    I went for a walk (with my Dog) and get back and feed him. I go to put music on and a video comes up for the artist Grouper with a song “Alien Observer” and the pick has 3 very bright lights on a black background with 6 smaller stars. That’s 9 stars total (had seen 999 earlier). So “Alien” and a pic of 3 stars just after already having “seen” affirmed my thoughts about the triple star system Sirius (the “Dog star” at that). Unbelievable.

    I go to feed my Dog and the time is 5:55. Jaw dropping! What is 5 but EXPANSION in the tarot, then I read on this site (this site has my favorite “angel #” interpretations) that 555 is indeed about super rapid change. But also about letting go of the past to make room for the future. This last thought would have slipped out of my mind, but the next song that RANDOMLY played as I typed that sentence was the song “Sober” by Tool (which came right AFTER a music video in which the character gets completely painfully intoxicated, this alone is a startling sync) and the line “but the past is done” played at that exact moment. It is 6:09 as I type this (yin and yang separated by space?). Every single PARTICLE around me is a synchronicity right now.

    This is just the surface, here is what truly startles me: after the 999 I was looking into Sedona, wondering if the energy vortexes will resonate with my active but stifled Kundalini that happened two years ago (Where’s “Jedi school”????). The link exactly next to the 555 link on this page……. was about the Sedona energy vortexes. Wow. And, wow. I want to live in synchronicity, I want to master this language and become fluent in it. I believe it is the voice of “Dog” itself speaking to us through the “Tao” lifeforce. If you are seeing numbers and other syncs, you are a blossoming spirit and I love you immensely.

    Namaste, thank you for reading these words. It helps me immensely to express them.

  19. Hi there! Thank you so much for your informative article on angel numbers. I’ve been seeing this number a lot lately and am rather spiritual and thought it was a message. I looked up the meaning and here I am ? This information seems very true for my current situation. I lost my way in life and came off my path a little. This past few months I’ve been so focused, positive and making better choices for myself. I’m smiling again and nourishing my body, mind and spirit. A massive opportunity has come for my career and I’m incredibly excited as it could bring big things. Reading your article is confirmation that my positive choices and changes have, and are being supported by the spirit world which makes me feel elated. We are never alone ❤ Thank you so much. Love and light ?

    1. I just left a comment on this page, and the screen randomly scanned down here. I read something in another window that made me cry, happily, and I laughed it off. Then immediately (within a second) click on this page and read what you said. I will remember this with pleasure!

  20. I see 555 and 333 all the time on clocks in change back once it was on my car clock and my mile odometer at the same time I even will see it in books etc.

  21. my full birth name = to 555
    my birth date total to 11:11 8+2+1=11 7+4=11
    so its 8 21 74 my birth and name was pre destined to be here and to help with this big change
    it is all about numbers they are a key and angels and guides give them to help you on the way always listen to them thy are here to help us the old government is collapsing and we need this for the change trust,love, and never fear.

  22. I have seen the 555 in locks, gassstatio. Lon’s receipts slot machines. Etc. I. The last month I am probably up to 10-15 occurrences. Not even counting the waking up at 555. I will start keeping a journal. Yesterday it came up 2x at the casino. The first time I acknowledge d by the,ting to a friend, the second time I smiled and kept walking. I got home later/early this am laid out all my winnings because I had lost track from all the cashing out putting $20 in here and there. My total in bills – $555

  23. could u please send me the meaning’s of All the #:s ~ I have been cing different same #’s when looking at the clock. Idk what the #’s mean ~ thank you so much ~¥

  24. Yes I have been seeing multiple number sequences for a few years. Never 555 or 444 but mine are ALWAYS 911 and 1118. I have emotional connections with these numbers. Deep loss of 911 and my birthday is 1118. I see them multiple times a day everyday!
    Could there be more to them??

  25. Hi Melanie,

    Nice article, but I would like to ask you one question. What if is I see 23555124, is the number considered as a angel number or only pure 555 or 5.55 is considered as angel number?

  26. I’ve seen 444 555 and I am going through the changes right now – at the moment I’ve relocated from one state to another and I’m currently living at a cousin’s place until I find something to move into but feelings of tension are quite high and not positive so my gut feeling is to get out of here asap even though she’s trying to make out that its all good – the other thing is I’m unemployed and am currently looking for work but have an allowance – enough to tye me over for a week or two each time and I’m hoping to find shared accommodation to keep the costs down – all in all my spirits are still high and I look forward to positive changes ahead

  27. Ok I have seen 555 off and on for about three to four months now and nothing good has happened yet. I see these number’s on just about everything, on my clock,phone,the stove clock and on my coffee pot….

    I started playing those numbers on the missouri lottery and it has not fell yet this year. I have been trying to figure out what threy mean and I appreciate the information….

    I will try the thing’s that you said to do and see what happens and I will let you and everyone know whst happens after if I continue to see the number’s 555….
    Thank you, Margaret

      1. Thank you so much for guiding me to this beautiful evolution. My life has completely change since I started meditating 5 years ago and still here. I truly have evolved spirituality thanks to you.

  28. I can’t say enough about how I truly absolutley hate the number sequences 555 . Nothing good ever came from it for me. 2013 was the worst year .I saw 555 So much and everytime something bad happened .I lost my job , my home My relationship .it caused me to lose my bank account as a result .I lost so much . So many more horrible things happened with that number. And I been seeing it again for the last few weeks constantley and I’m scared to death it’s all gonna happen again. I am finally staring to get back on track some and I can’t lose anymore .I hate hate hate this number. I’m having anxiety over it. I have such a bad feeling . Why can’t this number mean good change . I’m trying to think positive ahs hope that it will be different this time but I’ve read on some other sites people have also had bad things happen when they kept seeing this number. It’s suPposed to mean change neither good or bad but I’m a little freaked out lately by it I wish I can get a positive affirmation from an angel that it will be a good change this time and I won’t lose anything else

    1. I’ve had the same experience,and feel the same way as you,have recently been seeing 555 again,and just waiting for more terrible,soul crushing things to happen. Here’s hoping it will be different for us this time around..

    2. Don’t be afraid, we must conquer our fears, have courage in ourselves. What happened in the past is not a precursor for all things which follow. Rewire that mindset I do it with myself utilizing NLP. Have a look, some techniques may work for you. Basically we create certain patterns of emotions based on past experiences bc our brains literally can become ‘addicted’ to the chemicals our emotions release from our brains. Some are nuerotransmitters like serotonin… Google chemicals behind emotions and you’ll see what I mean.

  29. I woke to the clock saying up used the bathroom , came back to bed opened my iPad . There is was 555 again . My husband passed two ago .iam 54 v he was 57 married For38 years , 122 came up a lot , he died on 121, my parents anniversary was 121 , they had an amazing relationship with my husband . And he is buried in lot 121 of the cematary . I have for years and years saw 333 , but this morning never 555, my grief is consuming . Thank you for your input . Hugs Kathy

  30. I have been seeing the numbers after i had begun with meditation and i found it was weird. Becouse i saw the repeating numbers all the time. Then i had an insight or a sound ” someone who don’t talk in words wants to communucate” and i had googled maby wat the numbers are meaning.

    I am so amazed that are so much people around the world have this. Every time it comes with a feeling and even a talking sound and the numbers are appearing, they are always right.

    I had insight 2 days before my near death experience (i knew it would be happened anyways) and after that (15 months now) it goes only up!

    I cant tell it to anyone the other people finds it is very weird or incorrect. The other abilites that i have since i know myself.If i meditatie and see (is it be a boy of a girl, what will he or she being named, sycronisation (the dream that my wife sees, see i too at the moment, seeing strange areas with insect looking big extraterrestrial and little helpers, finding a lost place expl. a grave or a house of a lost dog.

    That is happening to very people and i got stuck and thanks that i could write here, i feel better know

  31. I have been seeing a variety of collective numbers- 222, 333, 444 but mainly 555 that has been mainly on a day to day basis. I have been unemployed for a month, about to lose my house, and dealing with a breakup… I understand that the meaning of 555 is major changes to come but is it bad? I feel like I’m drowning…

  32. I have been seeing 333 so many times and automatically I say “Holy!”
    and 111, 1111, 444. 1212…non stop.
    And today I was shedding tears from painful memory and I saw 5.55 in digital clock.
    Yes, I will let go of the old. I am more than ready for new chapter and new changes.
    Thank you.

  33. Oct 10th 2014 I dreamed.

    Entering a school, I got a number as important as 666, which is 555.
    In this scene, I was entering a school with some others friends which were quite many. On the field of the school, while we were waiting, suddenly one of them, a man, got into the office room and took something. Next, he showed me a number and said: “555”. It’s a number as important as “666”. Then the dream disappeared.

  34. Thank you for you explanatins about the number sequnces…
    i been payin somehow more attention to cars plates…and in the last 2 week one afeter another i have beein seen at fist the numer 777 many times…then 222 then 666 and yesterday 555…to me expecially the explanation of the numbers 55…made me feel more realx and trustful because tha change i am waiting and working for is going to happen…THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK! I LOVE YOU

  35. Thank you so much for this insight! This is amazing. It’s exactly clarification of what I have already been feeling and seeing. This makes me so much more joyful and hopeful.

  36. Merci pour l’interprétation. Effectivement, je sais depuis maintenant 1 semaine qu’un grand changement va s’opérer dans ma vie ( 1 de plus! )et je suis CONVAINCUE qu’il s’agit d’un coup de pouce de là-haut! Et il y a 2-3 jours, pour la première fois, 555 est apparu sur mon réveil 🙂 .

  37. I almost always see the #’s 911 or 1234, most always on the clock. I really think it has a meaning for me, but I don’t know. My birthday is 10/01/1964, what do you see, good or bad is fine.

  38. The #5 has always been my number. I notice 5’s all the time, everywhere. I am 61, going through unbelievable changes in my life. I have, in the last three months HAD to let go of many family members and friends who were toxic to me. After 3 mini-strokes in 2013 my doctors told me I must reduce the stress. After 28 years of therapy I have finally accepted that I have to let go of things I cannot change. It is a frightening time for me, yet at the same time it is like a burden has been lifted and for the first time, I feel an inner peace and HOPE!! I look forward to what time I have left being happy!! This post has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much!

  39. My husband had a pager many years ago . When at work I use to put in 555 that meant I love you ! I also use to put in 222 That was I’m sorry…. He is now deceased and I see this 555 all the time. I do believe it’s him ! I also see 556 I’m thinking what can this number mean has no meaning at all…. I’m getting confused like he is trying to say something…. Hmmm

  40. Yes my numbers are 222 and 333 and lately 555 alwys looking for any kind of signs to indicate my angels are present and sending messages it is very enlightening infomation cant wait to see the outcome

  41. Well a few years ago I kept seeing the #55 alot and we had to relocate because of a job, our new address has the two 5’s in it. Now I am seeing it again and I am a little frightened of what it means as there has been a few changes made again thus far and do not know where it is going to lead us. Trying to stay positive though. Thank You.

  42. I have seen 666 so often throughout my life! It gives me a fright every time I see it because in the Christian community it is seen as the number of the Devil,although I don’t believe in a Devil and I’m not a Christian but a free spirit and believe in Angels,reincarnation and karma I don’t understand why the number 666 should frighten me!

    1. Hey Amanda,
      Don’t worry when you see 666, as this is a common number angels use to communicate with too! The meaning is simply that you’re a bit too focused on the material planes at the moment, and refocusing on love and raising your vibration will bring you into greater alignment with the blessings of Spirit which await…
      I do plan to write more about this number as many people seem to meet it with fear, but really, it’s just a call to become aware, and to realign with what will most serve, and that which is most important for healing, growth, and happiness… It’s a call to return to the awareness of Spirit, and to return to LOVE! <3
      Learn more about 666 here:

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