Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your VibrationWhat Your Vibration Is… And How to Raise It Now!

Everything in this universe vibrates at one frequency or another. Even objects that seem completely still, and solid like a rock, or a wooden chair, are actually made of millions of subatomic particles that are always in a state of constant movement.

Everything you can see, touch, taste, or experience in the world around you vibrates at one frequency or another, and so do you!

Learn a simple process to raise your vibration… Right here, right now…

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Raise Your Vibration with Love

The Vibrational Universe…

Ultimately you are made up of the same every as everything in existence. You’re made up of the same God Presence, and Divine Light Consciousness as everything around you. It’s really only your difference in vibration that causes you to perceive yourself, and everything else to be separate.

But the reality is you’re not separate, you’re actually a part of a brilliant Ocean of Divine Light consciousness that makes up every tree, rock, person, place, thought pattern, animal, and technological invention. Everything is connected through vibration, and everything is in a constant state of change and movement.

The chair you’re sitting on may appear to be solid, but if you were to zoom in far enough through a microscope, it would quickly become clear that even the objects that appear to be the most solid, are actually moving, and vibrating with a unique frequency.

This is of course true for you too.

Within and around you, your frequency is always vibrating.

Your Personal Vibration!

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Your personal vibration is the culmination of all that you are, all that you think, and all that you have ever experienced. It is constantly changing, adjusting, interacting with the world around you, and through this helping to shape and create your life experience.

Your vibration is the complete picture of the energy that surrounds you; it permeates every cell in your body, every thought in your mind, and every spiritual experience.

Your vibration is unique to you. Sometimes it’s called your personal energy signature, your soul essence, or your energetic frequency. You may feel and think you’re very much like another person, you may look alike, like the same things, and act the same… But really, your vibration is completely unique.

There are no two souls with the same vibration, and even if there was someone who was vibrationally similar to you at a given point in time, your vibration is constantly changing, and so is theirs.

Your vibration is like a responsive time stamp of your energy. It’s influenced by the thoughts you think, the words you use, the beliefs you hold, habits you perpetuate, how you live, how you respond, how you eat, and how you connect with others.

Vibrating Higher

Vibrating higher means that within your energetic signature you carry more light. The more light you carry the more aware you are, the more expanded your consciousness and the more connected you are to the authentic light of your soul, the presence of your Higher Self, and to the Divine.

By raising your vibration, you can begin to hold more light and live with more joy, peace, and abundance.

When you have a low vibration, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means that the particles of light you’re made of are vibrating slowly.

Your energy feels slow, tired, and heavy because through a persistent illusion you’ve become out of alignment with your higher self and are instead perceiving reality through the lens of ego, judgement, and lower vibrational beliefs and emotions.

I mentioned earlier that your vibration plays a key role in what you experience in your life. The law of vibration brings into your presence people, experiences, and opportunities of a similar vibrational frequency.

When you are in a high vibration you easily recognize the underlying light and divinity in all beings. You’re in alignment with the Divine, with the authentic truth of your soul, and you experience feelings of love, joy, peace, and fulfillment. When your vibration is high you’re in the flow, and health, wellbeing, opportunity and abundance can flow into your life easily and naturally.

By perceiving yourself as vibration you’re getting much closer to what is your authentic soul truth.

You are so much more than simply physical, you are a multidimensional, spiritual light being in physical form and by raising your vibration you can bring the Love, Joy, Truth, and Power of your authentic nature into physical form.

By shedding layers of density, negativity, and illusion you’re able to integrate the fullness of your soul light and Higher Spiritual Self into physical form. Again, this connects you with the Divine, with your truth, with joy, love and with more than you could ever want or even imagine…

When it comes to the specifics of how to raise your vibration, there are many things you can do to help… And I cover lots of these here!

Raise Your Vibration Through Intention

It’s not something to worry about, to obsess over, or to become anxious that you’re not yet vibrating higher… It’s just something to be aware of, and to focus on raising through your intention.

Really, the most important thing you can do to raise your vibration is to set the intention to do so.

What is an intention?

Intention is using your mind to set a higher consciousness thought into motion. In other words, it’s consciously aiming, without limiting yourself to a specific predetermined outcome, or action steps.

Intention is about getting clear about the essence of what you want to experience, and then allowing the universe to help guide your intention into being in the highest and best possible way.

With your intention clarified and set, the actions you need to take, changes that need to happen, and things that need to shift will naturally appear and unfold.

The universe responds to your energy, and with your intention you can immediately shift your vibration in a way that will help you to raise it even more.

If you would like to… Right now. Think, say or even write down the following intention: “I now raise my vibration, integrating the light of my higher self, Christ consciousness and Divine presence into my being, vibrating higher and shining with more love and light than ever before, for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will. And so it is.

When your intention is clear, the universe springs into action to make your intention a reality.

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Really focus on this intention and feel it to be true to integrate it into your being and with this your vibration will begin to shift now!

Next, ask your angels to infuse your vibration with love, which is one of the easiest and most direct ways to raise your vibration now!

With your intention set, love in your energy signature and angels by your side, raising your vibration and maintaining an increased level of light is easy, fun, and so rewarding.

Don’t worry about how this all works, just follow the guidance of your heart, keep returning to love, and allow your vibration to naturally rise.

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With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


15 thoughts on “Raise Your Vibration”

  1. I have recently become aware of my “angels” through desperation. I have been seeing 444 on digitals clocks for about a decade now. Way too frequent to be coincidental and I knew it must mean something but I just ignored it till it began to affect my mental acumen. I decided to use the college of you-tube and here we are. There is a multitude of info on the subject but I found your info most informative. Now I understand what is up and I feel so much better now. I now know why I have survived 3 major near-death episodes without a scratch. Nice to know someone cares around me. Thank you for the explanations of angel numbers…..M

  2. I am needing help for mu oldest son hes hearing voices in his head and the voices wont go away they just get louder we need help.please.

    1. Please help with my son he heres voices in his head they won’t leave him alone they just.get louder please help us

  3. Hi I made a Wish on a website called Realwishes.com and I need to know if it’s guaranteed to come true! For I am having a hard time believing in it for I don’t want to believe and end up disappointed when nothing happens so I need to know if my wish will for sure be granted or I’m just wasting my time with false hope! Also,If my wish is guaranteed to come true will it be the WHOLE wish I initially submitted since my wish page only displayed part of my wish due to me possibly typing too many words!? And when will it happen? Finally can I be 100% certain that this is NOT a “cold reading” or scam!? I need honest accurate set in stone answers Please! I have no way of paying for a reading so hopefully a straightforward answer from a free reading will give me the answers I need, Thank you for listening I can Believe as long as my wish is guaranteed once again Thank you! Love, -Glorianne “Noel” Hunter.

    1. Glorianne, I would be very hesitant and careful using sites that make promises like guaranteeing your wishes can come true. May I recommend asking your angels for help… and then start taking action to bring your wish into alignment.

  4. Rachael Chavira

    Melanie.. hello.. Let me first start by saying.. I’m so glad that I’m here.. I have some personal and private things.. I would like help with.. I’m hoping you can help me..I’m on a very intense .. Spiritual journey.. And am in need of some clarity! May I have your private email? Thank you… Very much.. 😉

    Rachael ?❤️

  5. Hi Melanie,
    I love everything about you and your teaching and trust in it. Although, no matter how many times I have asked, using heartfelt prayers and meditations , I cannot hear, see, feel my guardians, or know their names. Is it destined for some not to have acknowledgement, Karmic or otherwise? Believe me Melanie, I have tried for a very long time. Anything for me?

  6. Hi Melanie l’m from tasmania australia and l would just like to say you are beautiful ,words cant describe what l feeling and seeing , thank you.

  7. Dear Melanie, I am a depressed older, single mom who is unemployed, dead broke & overdrawn in her bank account,who is unsure if I will have the money to pay my rent in a few days. I am not suicidal or anything,I just have no motivation whatsoever and those that I thought were friends and my siblings have deserted me or so it feels today & for the last month. There have been a couple of events since the beginning of February this year that have contributed to this-a move to another apartment because of a catastrophic event in the first one & I lost a job I loved for other reasons too long to go into here. I did receive just in time for the unexpected move,my tax return which has been spent on things needed for my new home because they were destroyed in our old home. That money is gone & I cannot like I said see where the rent money is coming from or even a gallon of milk for my daughter to have with her cereal. I am not asking for money just help to find my way to a better life ie positive thinking etc and a help restoring my faith in God & miracles.

  8. This is a very strong teaching,thanks Melanie for the insight and light that you sharing with us,i’m revived by only reading this.?

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