666 Meaning - Is 666 A Good Or Bad Sign? You Need To Know The Truth

666 Meaning

Angel Number 666Is 666 An Angel Number? What Does 666 Mean?

The number 666 in our world today has gotten a bad rap. For many people, seeing this number, or even saying it evokes fear, uncertainty, and mental images of the darkest of forms.

You are probably thinking to yourself right now; “What Does 666 Mean?”

666 as mentioned in the bible, in the book of Revelation does say in Chapter 13:18,“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

All based on this verse in Revelation, the ego mind empowered by the media has run completely wild, and now 666 has become one of the most recognized symbols for the antichrist.

So does this mean 666 is always associated with darkness? Is it a bad sign if you keep seeing 666?

The angels assure us the answer is no, when they show us 666, they do so to convey a much different meaning. Seeing the number 666 isn't a bad omen or sign at all, and it's not a number you need to be afraid of. Its just a number!

With that being said vibrationally, numbers do carry meaning and are often used to drawn our attention to messages and insight from the Angels and from the Divine.

666 meaningWhat Does 666 Mean?

Seeing 666 does carry a message, but it's not ominous or foreboding like you might initially think. 666 most often appears as a spiritual wake up call from the angels!

Have you been solely focused on material matters, and ignoring your inner voice and spiritual path? If so , it's quite likely 666 may appear with a message for you. 666 brings the guidance to listen to your heart not your head.

Again, it's not a bad omen… It simply brings the message that you're a bit too focused within the illusions of the material plane. Quiet your mind, open your heart, and tune into your intuition and the guidance and wisdom of your soul and spirit.

What your heart is really calling out for cannot be found by buying more material possessions and things, what you're looking for can only be found within you.

666 is a call to return to balance, to refocus on being present in the moment and taking your next step on your personal spiritual path to heal your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

As 666 in popular culture does carry so much fear energy, seeing this number is also a reminder to release any fear and uncertainty over to your angels and into the light.

Seeing 666 is a prompting for you to take a look at your thoughts. Are they in alignment with authentic love and joy? Or are your thoughts out of balanced and focused on material things, worries, fear, lack and doubt which don't serve, and which likely aren't even true.

In a gentle and loving way, the angels may be communicating a warning message to you through showing you the number 666, but it's not warning that you need to fear, at all.

The meaning of 666 is to simply elevate your thoughts, return your focus to love, and through this, allow healing and increased joy and love into your life.

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Teddy says December 15, 2018

If you communicated clearly to somebody from your left ear inside, how can you differetiante from a spirit or someone who can speaks by telephaty.
Just curious.

Thokozile says December 6, 2018

Thank you Melanie, it is my son ‘s date of birth, thinking about it referring from bible interpretation, I always feel worried thinking what his date of birth will brought into his life (he was born in 1992-6-6 ) I have saw this 666 numbers connect into his birthday because the day was saturday 15:30 early mornig, what has been worried me most, I got my son in a period of my grief after I had lost my first born son through death by car accident, feeling that emptiness inside my soul, I use his dad’s entity items, invoking his spirits in the method of his religion, it was not my religion but as we were staying together at that moment and he was desperate asking a child of his own, and I use to watch him working in this special place of his entity invoking his spirit concerning his problem in his life or problem we are facing at that moment, so I took my part with his knowledge take our request or wish of having a baby (even before my son pass on ) together, I remember putting a force through my invoke by saying if you don’t help me to concieve this month, that will be break up of us or I will give up in having babies by being put myself in sterilisation and forget about babies forever, and same month I did not see my period, and that’s how I got my second born son,so haunted by my action to get pregnant and after my son been delivered by this date, I can’t explain the feeling of regret of my actions and feeling guilty of bringing curse into my son’s life,thinking God was punishing me of disowned him and worshiping foreign gods because I grown up in Christian family,so that practice was akward in my growing up lifestyle, but my desperation with my partner lead me to act akward, I remember on the other day praying God and pleading God that whatever punishment thinking to put in my son’s life, let me bear it including mine which will satisfy God ‘s anger towards us and spare my son’s life, for I felt that he is innocent of my sins, now I feel better than the numbers 666 doesn’t actually defined black cloud or demon,although the explanation is familiar to my action because I can say at that time I didn’t use my mind in my thoughts, I only act being driven by my emotions,want to play family,thank God because until this time my son is 26 yrs old still on good path not drinking not smoking, well organised still focused in his future working and studying pursuing his career in electrical engineering , unfortunately his dad passed on when he was five years old, more bad news we break up with his dad while he was 1 yr old as a result he does not have a picture of his dad ,because after a break up with his dad, I return back home , which is distance miles away from the working place of his dad where I met his dad, which was also not the home of his dad, we both found ourselves there because of job search

Aman says August 24, 2018

Ok I am a very youth boy and I really wanted to to know that 666 isit a bad sign because some say thisis bad and some say good who do we belivel and why?

Superose says June 22, 2018

In a dream l was instructed to subtract 66 from unknown number to arrive in order to arrive at 666. Woke up did the maths. What is meaning ?

Danielle says June 6, 2018

I have been seeing 666 literally daily, sometimes multiple times a day, for probably 3 months now. My husband went through a job change, we moved, and have had other changes. I thought the 666 sightings were an omen that I was making wrong choices and following the wrong path. After reading this and a few other articles, I’m convinced it’s a sign that I’ve been focusing way too much on material things and money, which has been very true as of late, and really not in my nature. I’ve had more anxiety than I ever really have had. This makes me feel like I shouldn’t worry and just follow what I know is right and trust that everything will work out. I am so relieved!

Mike says May 18, 2018

I have seen those numbers, I seen them appear on someone’s forehead and fade back away. This person I seen it on dabbled in some other religious beliefs that delt with spells and other stuff I didn’t understand. I prayed for gift of sight and immeditly looked over and it faded in and out on his forehead. No drugs, I don’t know if it was a halusination but I haven’t really told anyone for fear of look crazy. I had a few other experiences all close together, possessions and interrupted a exorsisom . And asked for things and received them promptly. Just very odd

Denise Mazzan says May 4, 2018

I want to thank you to the bottom of my heart for this message about the number 666. Within the last 30-plus days those numbers have shown up to me. The first one is what I owe the IRS and since then two other times it showed up. I kept thinking why is this number showing up I’m not mean I’m not hurtful I love people and I started to get scared. I kept asking God please help me understand why these numbers keep showing up. After reading your description made me feel so much better. What I’ve realized is I do worry and I have fears and my angels do not want me to have those negative emotions. I just want to thank you again for this

Lakeisha Robison says April 30, 2018

My address is 666 and so many people tell me move i dont feel likebits haunted but i fell like alot of bad things has been happening in my life help me understand

Shadow says June 8, 2017

It is true, when I saw the number 666, I received a message, and I didn’t know how it got into my mind, but just after I saw 666 I thought of something which was helpful to me, and the angels did give me a solution to my challenges.

Lorie says March 19, 2017

I dream about 666 number. What does it mean?

Debbie says February 14, 2017

I was seeing 666 everywhere at least 6-8 times a week . I did fear this number . But thank you I’m feeling a lot more better about it . Will be looking to change a few of my habits

daniel says February 7, 2017

hi my names daniel. thankyou for the help in my question. you see one day i was listening to the radio on saturday after i had been to church. i was with my two brothers,as we were talking about something the radio volume went up and the song playing was repeating the chorus and the wods were:the devils inthe detail. it kept repeating itself over and over. this scared me a little. as i went to my car shortly after i read the odometre on the dash and in the numbers apears 666. i got the medsage right away. What syncronicity i thought. i have been having many more angel messages since and i can almost go back in time and receive more insight that the Lord showed me in the pasr that connect to the time of the message. is this a true connection to angels of God? i sm very weary of dark angels also.but i dont want to be deceived through my foolishness. if you hear this then may God bless xou.

Beau says January 17, 2017

Saw 666 twice today at key moments, the second time reminding me to look it up. This reminder not to take my corporeality as gravely serious as I was, as the description on this site goes, came in the midst of a bad falling out with a loved one. It seems based on the timing that this description is accurate from my personal experience.

Nina says December 18, 2016

Bought my car on 60/06/2016 accident happen 12/12/2016.
He did let me know ahead in my dream but I don’t believe.

    Beau says January 17, 2017

    Nina, the date above your comment just so happens to be 12-18, a concise combination of the two dates you mentioned.

Chris says November 19, 2016

Hi Melanie,

Hope you are well.

I have been reading about Angel numbers and other Angel stuff on your website. This is because i and am in search of some answers to some questions. It is difficult to know where to start, but i will tell you that all around me is negative energy and i don’t understand why. My instincts tell me i have to live the life i am living even though i feel Angels are letting me know they are with me, but only a little bit. Every day of my life i can find a coin, if only a penny or two. I don’t have to go long before i find a £10 note £20. White feathers too, or any colour to be honest with you. Last week at work i could smell a sweet scent and no one around me, except an Angel? I’ve seen flashes of light and in some really strange places. Butterflies too turn up to grab my attention. What i don’t understand is why. Here i am with no end of problems, feeling helpless and powerless to solve these problems, so why do they want my attention? They don’t appear to want to help me.

Also, i am into photography. Photograph landscapes, seascapes and cities. Nothing strange about all that, but there are strange images in my photographs. I reckon i have taken well over 200 images in the last ten years, but don’t keep them anymore. I don’t understand them and have decided they are evil. I believe it is the spirits trying to contact me. One or two i believe are angels, but not sure. I have one or two images i carn’t explain and i will get more. I have one image taken this year on holiday in Cyprus. The image is of my girlfriend, but she is doing the devil sign with her right hand. (little finger and thumb up all other fingers folded down)Get this! She didn’t do the sign at the time i took the photo. What is going on? Is my girlfriend evil and i have been given a sign to tell me.
Thank you, take care Chris

    X5a says May 12, 2017

    You have to ask the angels for help they wont just intervene because of free will.

alis says November 9, 2016

The past month it so I noticed my shoes that my grandma bought me were saying 666 on the lable and in games two.
Although when I was born, I was born in bed number 7 room number 7 and on the 7th of December, does that mean something?

AL says November 4, 2016

I’ve been seeing 666 off & on for the last 20 twenty years. I thought it was a bad omen for me. But now I know its is a sign for me to take a step back and look inwards into myself

Decio Comin says October 16, 2016

The Bible will have to change the 666 for 616 because the oldest manuscript found that talk about the number of the beast is 616 and not 666.

Matthew Gardner says July 6, 2016

I’m 14, and I keep seeing 666 in youtube
Or year day and mother
June 6 2016
Everyone I see 666 I’ll take an screen shot and I want to show someone idk who if you want to see email me @ kegson99@gmail.com

Courtney says March 28, 2016

Attention JOSEPH
My child last four are 3666…i would like to talk with you plz. Thanks

    Amanda says March 11, 2018

    My last 4 are 0666. I’m 36 and I have had nothing but bad luck my entire life. My husband always tells me to get my ss number changed.

Darwin says February 16, 2016

I’ve been seeing this number (66
6) very regular for a month now… Not worried, just intrigued by this serendipity and it’s potential meaning… I did not make a connection to angels… Interesting…

Heather says January 31, 2016

I only see the 666 when I am checking in on my kids or tight before I go to bed at night. It is only always on the digital temp monitor we have (even when the thermostat says the house temp is higher). I wonder why it’s just at these times?

Daisy says November 23, 2015

This has really helped me, in fact made me cry a little bit as this is helped me make a very important decision. Thank you x

Joseph says November 6, 2015

Thank you for this it kind of helped me to open up my heart more.the 666 has been in my life all my life,even my daughters SSN last four numbers are 3666,and when I saw that I knew I was in for a long battle between good and evil, one night back on 2_25_2014 I was praying too constellation Orion and 30 second’s after finished a huge light showed up and showed me my soul,20% of light was bright light and the other 80% was black it showed me this for ten seconds and then shot off into eastern sky,so I know there here and watching,caring for humanity,I don’t want to discourage them.I also have a witness to this and he was a mile from me when he saw it.

relief says July 11, 2015

i’ve been chased by this number all my life, it’s even in my personal number. i’ve always brushed it away, but i recently found faith and it’s been appearing more frequently. Thanks for making me aware that it’snot necessary a bad thing 😀

David says June 15, 2015

I needed to hear this thank you

michelle palmer says April 10, 2015

At work I work in retail this Monday that number come up on my till. If I can discretely I make sign of the cross or pray in my head.I hope it is not negative.

Lee says April 5, 2015

Thanks for this. I’ve always had a fear of this number and, lately, it’s been popping up everywhere. Even in the number of Facebook friends I had!

I have been going through a rough patch in work and this explanation will help me to rediscover my spiritual side.

Thanks xxx

Vernon says January 4, 2015

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for delivering this information.

I’ve been seeing the number 666 everywhere for almost a year now. It got to the point where I was afraid and in denial of the message, thinking it was the “mark of the beast” or a mere coincidence. But no matter how much I tried to not think about it and avoid the number, it continued popping up everywhere. Just now I saw a barcode 999 that was flipped around to make 666. It was starting to get ridiculous.

I read this and realized that over the past year, I have stopped soul-searching and doing spiritual practice and focused only on material needs. Over the past year I have had a lot of depression because of this and constantly felt imbalanced energetically.

Now I see the reason why I kept seeing the number 666, and I am not afraid of it anymore. I will continue spiritual practice and balance my life once again.

Thanks again.

Much Gratitude,

Amanda says July 16, 2014

Thank you,now I understand why 666 kept coming up in the past! My life was filled with fear and anxiety although a lack of material things was not in my thoughts, survival yes! Also having been a care giver to two cancer patients I feared I would not cope!Then I feared the time when I would be old and needed care! Fear played an exhausting role in my life and looking back everything turned out fine! One also overcome the fear of losing loved ones eventually! I still have fear but not overwhelming anymore! Thank you for your explanation of numbers!

Erin Sinclair says July 16, 2014

I was once given an interesting interpretation of 666 by a tarot teacher. She explained that 666 is the number of man (as in human being)and indeed Revelations does state that “for it is the number of a man”. 666 breaks down to the ‘9’ vibration which is the vibration of service to humanity. So this alleged great evil that is antithetical to Christ-like behavior will come from humanity, as in, a child born to human parents, who is human, will be taught to act in such a manner from his parents, environment, society, etc. or is in fact a sociopath that will rise to world power. In the last couple of thousand years, we’ve had quite a few megalomaniacs who fit that bill, haven’t we? That stated, only certain types of Christians believes in this particular chapter of their Bible, many other religions do not “buy” the story of Revelations and many interpret Revelations as relating to when the author wrote it during his times re: Roman invasion of the Middle East. On the other hand, there are many end of the world mythos (Norse, Egyptians, Greeks, Indonesian, Iranian, Chinese, Native American,to name a few)and more than likely these have all influenced (most especially in pursuit of the almighty dollar, the god of the modern world) current incarnations of the apocalypse mythology.

shraddha says July 16, 2014

OMG !!!!
It was perfect for me.thank you so much melanie.pls let me knw abt 888..i dnt knw why but from few days numbers are coming to me many times in a day.what does it mean ?

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