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5 Important 666 Meanings | Number of The Antichrist, or Angel Number?

Angel Number 666 Is 666 An Angel Number? What Does 666 Mean?

The number 666 in our world today is definitely seen as a bad omen. For many people, seeing this number, or even saying it evokes fear, uncertainty, and mental images of the darkest of forms.

You are probably thinking to yourself right now; “What Does 666 Mean?”

666 as mentioned in the bible, in the book of Revelation does say in Chapter 13:18,“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Based on this verse in Revelation, the mind empowered by religions and media has run completely wild, and now 666 has become one of the most recognized symbols for the antichrist.

So does this mean 666 is always associated with darkness? Is it a bad sign if you keep seeing 666?

The angels assure us that the answer is no, when they show us 666, they do so to convey a much different meaning. Seeing the angel number 666 isn't a bad omen or sign at all, and it's not a number you need to be afraid of. Its just a number!

With that being said vibrationally, numbers do carry meaning and are often used to drawn our attention to messages and insight from the Angels and from the Divine. Depending on what numbers you're seeing, like 11:11, 333, your birthday numbers, or 666 the message is different.

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666 meaningWhat Does 666 Mean?

Seeing 666 does carry a message, but it's not ominous or foreboding like you might initially think. 666 most often appears as a spiritual wake up call from the angels!

Have you been solely focused on material matters, and ignoring your inner voice and spiritual path? If so, it's quite likely 666 may appear with a message for you. 666 meaning brings the guidance to listen to your heart, not your head.

Again, it's not a bad omen… It simply brings the message that you're a bit too focused within the illusions of the material plane. Quiet your mind, open your heart and tune into your intuition and the guidance and wisdom of your soul and spirit.

What your heart is really calling out for cannot be found by buying more material possessions and things, what you're looking for can only be found within you.

What Should You Do When You See 666?

  • #1: Return to Balance

666 is a call to return to balance, to refocus on being present in the moment and taking your next step on your personal spiritual path to heal your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

As 666 in popular culture does carry so much fear energy, seeing this number is also a reminder to release any fear and uncertainty over to your angels and into the light.

Seeing 666 is a prompting for you to take a look at your thoughts. Are they in alignment with authentic love and joy? Or are your thoughts out of balanced and focused on material things, worries, fear, lack and doubt which don't serve, and which likely aren't even true.

In a gentle and loving way, the angels may be communicating a warning message to you through showing you the number 666, but it's not warning that you need to fear, at all.

The meaning of 666 is to simply elevate your thoughts, return your focus to love, and through this, allow healing and increased joy and love into your life.

  • #2 Nurture Yourself

666 is a call to nurture yourself! This is your angels guiding you to back to self-love.

This means taking a step back and giving yourself time and space to take care of your needs. When you do this, you nurture your light and take the space to know what feels right for you. Ask yourself, what is something you can do now so that you can feel more energy, joy, and love?

Keep asking for help from your angels. Tune inwards to your inner intuitive guidance, take the next inspired step act upon it. When you do that, the next step will arrive.

  • #3 Being of Service for Others

The Life Path number for 6 holds the archetype for Nurturer, Humanitarian, and Healer. If you’ve been seeing this more often than there is a vibration within you that plays the role of a someone that looks after and cares for others. In what ways are you caring for someone or something else?

It could be the children of the future, animals, or plants! Seeing 666 is your angel number sign to do more of that, knowing that your loving actions will indeed create a ripple effect, planting seeds of light, love, and inspiration for others.

Your angels are showing you how your life path is linked to solving life’s problems and being of service to others in your community. Since 666 also signifies balance, it is a reminder for you to find balance in your life and your purpose. What habits can you change today so that you are both stepping into self-love, while at the same time serving humanity in your own unique, vibrant way? What can you do to create a lifestyle that honors a work-life balance?

Going deeper into 666 and looking at the different areas of your life, you can ask yourself this. Are the choices I make supporting me to fulfill my life purpose, or holding me back in fear?

  • #4 You Have Divine Courage

The Angel Number sign 666 isn’t a number for the faint of heart, it’s actually a wake-up call for you to have the divine courage to reach new heights. It’s a signal of ascension, and that you are indeed called to return to presence, so that you may receive the downloads to integrate your spiritual path.

Your angels want you to be of service, and that means stepping up to a whole new way of being and release any negative thoughts, emotions, and histories that pull you from the present moment. The angels are here to support you and remind you of your highest potential and ability to shine your light and live your most vibrant life.

Seeing 666 means that the Universe and your angels are working behind the scenes to raise your vibration, accelerate your timeline so that you meet divine beings from your soul groups, so that you may serve at a higher level than what you can possibly imagine. Hold the intention: “How can I be of greater service for the highest good of myself, and for all?”

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The Angel Number sign 666 is a reminder for you to look at life from a holistic perspective, from a bird’s eye view that your Higher Self would hold. Reaching to that vantage point allows you to know, with certainty that healing your mind, body, and spirit is integral to your soul purpose and what you came to this earth to do. Reach in, and evaluate what areas in your life are you still holding on to, habitual patterns, relational interactions, and unconscious thoughts that need to be brought to the light?

  • #5 Angel Number 666: Continue Walking Your Spiritual Path

Remember, your angels are here to support you on your personal spiritual path, but it does take a certain amount of courage, change, and awareness to wake up to your higher truth. Re-evaluate your life, knowing that the change you want to see in others also starts with you. You are in the perfect time for expansion, allowing all positive intentions and improvements to build up momentum and carry you into your present, divine self.



While this wake up call from your angels may seem overwhelming especially if you see this number as being correlated with “the mark of the Beast”, know that any resistances often come from fear of losing your old ego self, which has been there always, to protect you and keep you safe during your physical experience. However, your Angels and Spirit Guides reassure you that true safety and protection stems from ongoing personal empowerment and spiritual growth.

Be open to the love and light brought to you by your Angels and Spirit Guides, while intuitively felt through your soul’s desire to shine. Know that as you continue moving forward, a door will open, a window of opportunity will follow, and your next step will occur.

Whenever in doubt, always choose to return your focus on love, peace, and gratitude. More blessings will flow from there.

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