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unlimited power Channeling with the Guides and Angels of Light- Part 3

This is the third post in a series of channeled messages received from the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with Part 1 in this series… Click Here! If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here! Or you can get the book on Kindle here! 

Humanity, and indeed, the entire universe in which you live is in the process of experiencing great change. And you, beloved one, are at the forefront of this change.

This is why you are here, connecting with us in this now.

Remember that, as you read these words, as you enable yourself to open your heart, you empower yourself to experience far more than can be expressed through words. We communicate with you through this written manner now but we also communicate energetically across the multi dimensions within which you exist.

We connect with you now on an energetic and spiritual level alongside these words.

By opening your heart, you can feel and experience this love around you. This is very much the same process you are experiencing in your awakening. The change that we speak of happening for your world is the acceleration of energy.

Understand that in the higher realms, energy moves at a much faster rate, a rate you would call accelerated. For you then, to experience the incredible love, peace, and joy that always exists in the spiritual nonphysical realms, there is a process of your energy lifting or accelerating, so that you are able to fully tune in to and experience these subtle accelerated energies of the higher realms.

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The benefit in this, of course, is that you are able to align with your unlimited power as spirit and as a spiritual being. When you came to earth, you knew this time period in which you were being born would be filled with many challenges and difficulties. But you also knew the incredible opportunity that existed, which was available, and you eagerly, excitedly signed up for an incarnation on earth.

Now that you are here, detached from the memory of your plan for your life, there can be confusion and turbulence. For these emotions are very much present in your realm, a realm that has been controlled for some time by forces of power whose intentions were not in line with the highest good.

But now where you stand, you are very much at a new beginning, and you are very much awakening, or what we would call accelerating your energy to be aware of spirit in the physical. Yes, but still, you are also gaining awareness in the higher realms.

And through this, your ultimate awakening will be in your ability to sit, to stand firmly in the physical reality, grounded, centered, still, and yet, also experiencing fully, the incredible love and joy and light of the higher realms, and further, experiencing the full nature of your soul across the lines of time, experiencing yourself in this reality and in all other multidimensional expressions of you.

From this now moment, this is all possible. However, there are layers of illusion for you to work through to fully regain and integrate your power. Of course, this is why we are here to assist you in this process of removing layers of outdated beliefs, releasing layers of fear, manipulation and control, so that you, as an individual, can fully and proudly and boldly step into your power.

And you see, as you do this, as a human being, a divine spiritual being, you lead the way in consciousness for the rest of humanity to follow, to open and to experience the great love that is possible for you in your time and in your work on earth. Many call this a balancing process, and it is true that balancing is required in your life to bring you back into alignment with what you ultimately desire. Balancing action with action, focused attention with meditative calm and time to simply be.

You, as a physical being, are much more powerful than you have been made known. Your body has much more ability than you have become aware. Integrating your physical body with the light and spirit of your higher self is the quickest route to accelerating your vibration, so that you are able to understand, to experience, to tune in to the realms of the nonphysical, to your multidimensional nature.

And the experience in seeing, hearing, knowing your full connection with your guides, with your angels, with your higher self; indeed, this is where you are headed.

Know that when you fully reach and enter this place, many of the problems on your earth will cease to exist, such as violence, hatred and abuse towards the planet earth from which you were created.

Allowing more and more light into your being is, ultimately, your path towards fulfillment and satisfaction in this life. But as we said, there are many layers to your awakening. And yet, although each of your awakening paths and processes are unique in their own right, there is the underlying current and theme, for you are not in this alone.

And indeed, cosmic waves of energy from the creative source, from the center of the galaxy are flowing in your world now. And whether you are aware of these cosmic energies or not, you are being impacted by them, awakening you to those areas in which you are out of alignment with your true desires.

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The strong energy pouring to earth will also bring to the surface the beliefs, the limitations, the blockages you have accepted as a part of your being. Those that no longer serve you must be released, and the energy assists you in this with a constant stream of cosmic light.

Begin to tune in to this now, allowing light to fill your body, and notice that, as you open your heart to this experience, you are able to tune in to it; you are able to feel good, to feel lightened in this energy. Return to the space of calm serenity, peace and balance with your open heart by connecting to the realms of spirit and the realms of love. Regularly doing this will lessen, would eliminate much struggle and challenge on your path.

As we mentioned, challenges come up for you in this energy to draw your attention towards areas where change is needed, to draw your attention to areas of your life that no longer serve you and your acceleration path.

When you are tuned in and observant with a calm mind, you are able to know what changes are needed of you. You are able to know what emotion is yours and what emotions are others. You are able to know what is your truth and what emotion is lingering and bubbling up to the surface now for you to ultimately release.

When you find yourself feeling emotions of anger or sadness, anything that is on the scale of discomfort or negativity, remember that this is, indeed, tied to a thought or to a belief. And so, allow yourself to feel whatever vibration is coming up, and then release it.

Imagine yourself surrounded with the light, and then with your words, with your intentions, you are able to simply ask for that emotion or belief which was to be released and to be replaced with unconditional love, compassion and joy. Then continue to go about your day, grounded in love and peace, knowing that this is your true authentic nature as a spiritual being you are moving in to. You are here on earth to return to living in love, in happiness and in well-being.

For you to fully align with this, your unlimited power in the light, there is a process. In this process, we will refer to as awakening, you are accelerating your energy, opening yourself up to more light, expanding your awareness, while questioning and challenging all of your core beliefs. Your core beliefs are the ideas you accept about reality without question, it serves you to challenge these now.

And we suggest this process of writing down what you believe, noticing those beliefs that limit you, and replacing them. This is the easiest route to massive growth and acceleration. Without this process, if you choose to ignore it, your growth opportunity does not stop there. However, the level of effortlessness, indeed, is altered. Without your conscious willingness to grow and change, the energies present now will trigger events or challenges on your path to show you where a blockage or a belief that limits you still is.

This is why so many newly awakened humans are creating great challenges, even tragedies, pain, illness and suffering in life. Not because your world is inherently cruel, but because you have learned that through challenge and pain, you are able to grow, to learn your lesson and to move on to the next. For this reason, it serves you to be extremely aware of how you feel. Your feelings, indeed, show you your point of attraction. They show you where you are in the now.

And so, when you are feeling loved and feeling light, when you are enabling the light energies of the universe to flow through you, when you share this love with others, you feel good and happy. And this is your validation that you are on track, moving in the direction of your highest good.

And yet in an instant, this can switch. And suddenly, you find yourself snapping, angry at something small in your reality, or saddened tremendously by a seemingly insignificant event. When these strong emotions come up, know that they are tied to more than the present moment, and they are coming up to draw this to your attention.

This is where your awareness comes into play, tuning in to your body, not with your five physical senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. These senses serve you, but you are able to perceive reality with nonphysical senses as well. Your imagination is a powerful tool for you to see beyond the physical. Your gut feeling and subtle ability to sense energy has the ability to show you, to alert your awareness when a choice you are about to make is not in line with your divine blueprint.

And so, you manifest strong emotions in your now, to show you that, yes, these are still in you. And until you are able to fully release, there will be a cap, a limit to how high you can lift, to how much you can experience beyond the realm of physical. So observe yourself and, if you can, notice what caused challenging emotions to come up. What was the trigger, the catalyst for promoting change?

Be aware. Identify where this emotion is coming from. Was there someone who pushed your buttons? Was there a challenging experience, or is there simply a past or parallel life experience that you’re tuning in to? Know this is also very possible, for as we said, you are multidimensional, and as you become more sensitive, you will be aware of painful emotions that limit you, that are in no way tied to your current expression other than through your multidimensional nature.

Whatever emotion comes up that does not feel good, you can release it by simply feeling it, identifying what it is, and then letting go, releasing it into the light. After you released this with your intention, imagine light all around you and filling you, completely replacing the anger or pain with love. And then through this, you can rise again, connecting to more light, once again on your path of acceleration, moving towards your goal of full connection with spirit, with light, with your higher self.

The world in which you live is a magnificent creation, everything existing and living in balance/ Everything fully connected. You can see this in nature easily. As one species, such as a giraffe, gains nourishment and vital energy through eating buds off a tree that graciously gives oxygen and food to the species. But see, this is not a one-way exchange; for as the giraffe partakes from this tree, it enables the tree to reproduce. The giraffe removes the bud and the tree produces another, which it would not have done had the bud remained.

And so, you can see in this simple example, these two life forms are connected. But understand it is much more intricate and ever expanding than this. There are infinite connections. And you, in your now, are connected energetically to all of humanity. You, in your now, are connected to earth, and connected to all creatures.

And this is important, for it means when you, in your now, take the time to observe your body, to tune in to your physical body, and you notice that there is pain stored in an area, that there is a belief stored at cellular level, perhaps, one that you are not good enough or you are inherently bad.

This pain, this belief is connected to all humanity. When you empower yourself to release it, you truly lighten the energetic load of all humans you are connected to. When you take time to tune in to your heart, to meditate, to vibrate positively, to vibrate love, this ripples out across humanity, across the web, the lines of time, healing all humans, healing all multidimensional versions of you.

The power is in the now, in ever more increasing your awareness, observing your reality and observing your role in reality, opening to more and more love. As you do this, as you open to this love, learning to let it flow through you, learning to respond to all of the challenges you encounter in life with love, your trajectory of growth is a constant and steady acceleration.

Love is the power by which you manifest. Love is the power by which you connect with others. Love is what empowers you to fully connect with your authentic self, your spirit, your higher self.

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And so now, take a moment to simply affirm and repeat, “I love you,” speaking to yourself, speaking to your soul, speaking to the core of your being, express your love. And in doing this, you will find that you not only feel good, feel better, but you feel lighter. And in time, this love will indeed empower you to create radical, powerful positive changes in your life and in your world.

You are here on earth to enjoy the physical reality; yes, to live in happiness and love, to experience life and all it has to offer. By “all it has to offer,” we did not say to experience a limited version of your life based on the circumstances you have been born into. An unlimited experience is available to you now, but there is healing, growth and acceleration needed for you to fully awaken to this empowered state of conscious manifestor, spiritual being of light, grounded in physical reality, creating and constructing positive change in the world.

You are here on earth to experience happiness, but much more, you are here on earth to transcend all limiting beliefs, which have been conditioned unto you. The beliefs of your family, of your ancestors and of your society, do limit you to the extent you let them.

The first step is to become acutely aware of everything you believe. We cannot do this for you, but you can empower yourself to know all of your beliefs by becoming an active observer of reality, observing how you respond to different people and situations, observing your instinct reactions, and observing how you feel when your beliefs are questioned, challenging everything in your world.

You do live in a world of illusion. And you see, much of this illusion is limiting, much of this illusion has been in place, has been created on earth by beings who did not have your highest intention in mind. They wanted the control and the power.

But you see, all beings on earth are able to open to power, to love and to live in harmony and bliss, creating well-being and love on your planet. You are unlimited in this regard when you observe what you believe, when you release those beliefs that limit you, and fully step in confidently, bravely and boldly to your power, your power as the creator of your reality.

You have control with your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions to manifest, to create your outer world around you, not through pain or struggle, but through inner peace and calm. Your outer world, too, will begin to shift and lift into alignment, into love and full connection with the spiritual realm when you make these inner shifts.

Indeed, you are here on earth to transcend all limiting beliefs from your ancestors, your family and yourself and your society, releasing all limitations, embracing positivity, well-being, harmony and love. When these are the emotions behind your core beliefs, when these are the emotions that fill you, then manifesting what you desire in the physical—peace, love, abundance, and happiness—your process becomes effortless. There have been times in the history of the earth, in which beings lived in this high vibrational state we speak of. In which manifestation was instant, empowered, and aligned with the higher vibrations of divine love.

And so, do you see the great power in releasing the beliefs that do not serve you, and empowering yourself with new beliefs of your creation that do?

Through this, you open to your unlimited nature, the nature of you as a spiritual being, an ascended master, a light being anchoring the light of the spiritual realm unto earth, living life with ease, vibrant health and well-being, happiness and love. And you see, you are really not far away from this truth.

Sometimes it may seem overwhelming due to the vast amount of changes that are needed in your world, due to the crumbling of systems that have long been in power. But we say to you, “Hold on to love and hold on to the light. Allow these vibrations to flow through your being, to be at the core of what you believe,” which will allow them to also, then, be at the core of what you experience.

Your beliefs create your reality. The time of being a victim, of blaming others for your problems, for the challenges, for the difficulties in your world, for the areas that you do not like, the role of victimhood is over. For in this new energy, in the light, you are infinitely powerful if you can bring yourself into alignment with believing this.

But do not feel overwhelmed at the large task in front of you. But rather, know there are a series of steps, a natural progression for awakening, accelerating, and ascending. You are in the middle of it now, and we are happy to help you align this transformation with positivity, for it can be.

Daily taking the time to tune in to your heart, to quiet your mind, imagine your mind is a white slate, clear, still and calm. Stare at the blank screen before you and then allow your conscious awareness to drop, leaving your mind and dropping down into your heart.

Open your heart, feel love. Open your heart, feel the energy of well-being. Open your heart to feel your connection with your higher self, and open your heart, for indeed, the love present therein is the source of your power. Open your heart to grow and build this love. Open your heart to tune in to emotions that may be stored in this center which no longer serve you. If you are experiencing anything other than love, release it, replace it with love and open your heart once more. Practice this daily, for when you do, you are able to tune in to the realm of the nonphysical.

And again, you are ultimately in the process of bridging the gap, uniting the physical realm with the spiritual realm. It begins with you, but it will cover your entire planet, the entire cosmos.

There is a reunion of mind, body and spirit. Your mind and your body have been strongly connected. Now is the time to tie in the essence of your spiritual self, to bring your mind and body and spirit into alignment with love, to allow love to shape your reality, beliefs of love to create your world, love to relate to others, and love for yourself.

Practice this. Open your heart, radiate in this light. This is your first step, radiating love.

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