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Your Personal Power

Personal Power Channeled Message with the Guides and Angels of the Light- Part 4

This is Part 4 in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with Part 1 in the series… Click Here!

As a human being living in this now, in a physical body, you have an incredible amount of power within you. The ascension or acceleration process that you are undergoing is essentially a process of your realigning with this ultimate power and light within you.

Humanity as a whole has become disconnected from this power due to the misuse and manipulation of power by a few. But power is your natural state of being, and the power you hold in your physical body is far greater than you, perhaps, can comprehend.

For although you have not fully aligned with this power in you, it is still there, and as you open yourself up, allowing the divine energies of love and life force to flow through you, this power is initiated, though it is nothing new.

Indeed, you were conceived into this world through an active sexual power. And it was your own personal power that compelled you to leave the womb of your mother at the exact time of your birth to align with the astrological influences of your personality that would most assist you in a specific lesson you came here to earth to learn.

And so, power is your natural birthright. It has been with you from before you even took your first breath, and experienced your first moment in physical reality. But a widespread corruption in the physical taught you from an early age to bury your power, even to fear your innate power.

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There is a belief that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But we see that you are able to open and to integrate your power, using it to bring great blessings and progress to your physical realm. When power is used in alignment with love, and with the greatest good, it is used in alignment with your authentic purpose which is love.

Love and power, combined, truly have no limitations. Love and power combined serve and benefit all.

The love we speak of is multi-faceted and begins with love for yourself (self-love) and with forgiveness.

A widespread belief or story that has greatly influenced and controlled your society is the story of the fall of man. The fall from the Garden of Eden where Eve was tempted with knowledge and curiosity to partake of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, tempted by the serpent.

And this act of curiosity, of wonder about the world around you, supposedly caused outrage in the eyes of God who responded by casting out Adam and Eve from Paradise into the cruel and harsh nakedness of the physical realm. And humanity was branded as sinners, and whether this is fully true or not, this vibration of sin is carried by humanity now.

Original sin passed down through generations, and from the time you were birthed, has caused great corruption. For as we have addressed, your thoughts and your beliefs about your physical world greatly influence the reality you experience. This includes generational, collective, and subconscious belief.

And so in this now, it would behoove you greatly to take a firm stance in self-love, appreciation and respect.

Forgiving yourself for any sins or transgressions you feel you may have committed in your life and allowing you to love yourself fully in this now.

Forgive your ancestors and forgive other humans sharing this realm. To forgive and to love yourself completely and totally, exactly as you are now (connected to everyone and everthing), is the first step towards truly reawakening your power in the light.

Filling yourself up with love, with positive thoughts, affirmations and empowered beliefs can create a strong foundation for awakening. Self-love will then propel you effortlessly along the path of awakening.

Therefore, regularly, it benefits you to affirm, “I love and approve of myself”.

Feel the vibration of great love for you and your uniqueness, feel great love for who you are, for this love does not end here.

The love you feel for yourself, filling yourself with love, enables you to then overflow this love to others. And it is through giving and receiving love that you begin to evolve your personal power, empowering yourself to grow personally and spiritually in love.

Each time you catch yourself in the moment responding with fear or anger, and you stop and you observe this reaction, allow it to pass through you.

Release these lower vibrations into the light, and return to love. When you are in a state of love, of happiness, of well-being, this is your point of attraction, and these underlying beliefs and thoughts and perceptions, indeed, create the world around you.

So when you feel good and when you feel loved and when you feel excited about the reality you are creating, you attract more of this goodness to you.

Love attracts more love, compassion, and works by magnetizing peace and compassion to it.

It is possible for you now to stay in love and peace always. Not easy, but possible indeed.

The vision we hold of your world is exactly this: an illuminated realm of well-being and kindness and love where the forces of fear and anger and pain are no longer needed.

The purpose of these lower vibrational energies that you have been experiencing and playing with in your physical reality thus far, have the purpose of awakening you, the purpose of showing you where you are not in alignment with your highest path through feelings of discomfort or tension.

And so, when you feel these things, take note and know that they are not your ultimate experience, but rather, they are coming up simply to draw your awareness to the fact that you can shift, you can move from where you are now along the emotional vibrational scale towards love.

Yes, transitioning directly from fear to love can be challenging, and it is a big step. And so when you are in fear, do not judge yourself or run from the fear but feel it, observe it and then release it, and then let yourself simply be. And from this state of being with a clear mind, a blank screen in front of your mind’s eye, and an open heart, you can make the transition.

You can fully enter into love, which in turn, activates the power for positive creation in you.

You are the creator of your reality with your beliefs and your thoughts and your emotions, and the universe you live in does not discriminate in regards to what you are creating.

And so, when you are in fear and in anger, attracting more fear and anger to yourself, the universe, and your angels respond and allow, not judging what you choose to experience, but simply allowing your creative power to dictate how the world around you is felt by you.

Worrying about the outcome of an event is likely to manifest the exact outcome you are worried would take place.

This is why it is so important for you to be an active observer of yourself. When you are in the role of observer, you are experiencing an aspect of yourself other than your ego.

Ego is the main source of problems, fear, doubt, negativity in your world, largely due to conditioning in the flee or fight response that has been ingrained in the human ego, dating back to the times of your ancestors, who were living in caves and dealing with wild beasts. And the ego served you then to quickly know whether in a situation you needed to flee or fight. But now in reality, today, this automatic conditioning greatly limits your ability to create.

Love empowers you to take back control over this creation process. Observing yourself in the now, choosing to radiate well-being and love aligns you with a powerful point of attraction. And so, when you are in the vibration of love, you send out a thought such as, “I want a fulfilling relationship,” or “I want a job that brings me joy and abundance,” or “I want an opportunity to serve and connect with the earth in a loving and sustainable way.”

When you send out these intentions from a place where you are feeling happy, feeling love, vibrating with the goodness and light and love of the universe, you are aligned with your power. And so, your intention is backed with power, backed with the power of love.

As long as you are able to stay in this love, as you move forward in your life, the intention you desire can effortlessly flow in, merging with you in the physical.

The key here is love.

The key is your positive vibration and feeling good, sending the message to the universe that …”This thing I desire, I love, I feel good about, I want.”

Staying in the vibration of love means you are in a state of allowing so that your manifestation can flow in.

A simple exercise for this begins with your imagining your mind is a clear slate, a white screen, and then dropping your awareness down into your heart, your center and opening. Imagining light all around you that pours in you, that fills you, let this light attach to your aura, to your body.

Breathe it in and let your vibration raise, enter into this moment, fully being present in love, in well-being, in joy, activating your inner power and your inner light.

Then focus on what you want to create, a physical object, a person, an opportunity, increased clients, vibrant well-being. There’s no limit as to what you can create when you are aligned with your power, for you are unlimited.

Right now, focus on what you want. Imagine that it is somewhat far away from you now, but that you in this moment, are filled with light.

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Imagine that now that a spiral, a golden spiral of light flows out from your heart into the universe, and it is heading towards the object of your desire, the object of your creation, and powered by the energy of love, of well-being, of joy.

Vibrant golden light is pouring into you and then spiraling out of you, continuing to flow into you and then pouring out into the physical, now reaching the object of your desire, your manifestation. And this energy now wraps all around it. Imagine golden light swirling all around what you desire, until your desire looks as though it’s surrounded in an orb, a sphere of golden light.

The light spiral from your heart now reverses with your intention. As this object is now magnetically drawn to you, the reversed spiral pulling it in.

Breathe and give gratitude for this thing you are creating. Feel good, feel loved, love yourself and feel that which you desire being drawn to you.

There should be a click, a point when you realize the object you have magnetically attracted is in essence with you. The essence of your creation is now being held in your heart.

Open your heart even more to feel more love for yourself now, for the future in what you are creating—love. And know that indeed, this creation of your design has been drawn to you. It is now in the process of manifesting, it is now in the process of being created.

From here, your crystal clear intentions are of utmost importance. For thoughts of excitement about this manifestation drawing into your life bring it more quickly, and doubts, fears that this will not work for you actually push what you want further away. The process of allowing this into your life, now, is essentially your choosing to trust that it is coming. You can do this by choosing to return to love in every now moment.

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There will be challenges, obstacles, or emotions that come up that are contrary to what you want, which are contrary to love. These are very much tests for you in the now. It is your choice to return to love.

Trust, and allow your desired manifestation to flow in your life. Trust that it is in the process of creation.

And then as you stay present, and in a state of love, in other words staying in your power, and staying in the light, this empowers you to know the right time for you to take action.

If action is required, which it likely is, being in the now, in love, in your power, allows you to know if you are needed in a physical location, or needed to take a specific action to bring what you want into alignment.

Being fully present in the moment, connected to the love, can even allow the object of your desire to manifest in your reality effortlessly, for you are connected to your power, your love and your light in the now. Or there may be some action required… Either way, as you know, in this energy, all things are possible.

As you begin this process, it is very important for you to be that active observer of yourself, and to note when you are in love and when you are not. And when you catch yourself vibrating with insecurity or fear or negativity or density, remember that these emotions no longer serve you, and come up to be released and they can easily flow through, up out of you, and back into the light, so they can then replaced with love.

Just like that, you’re able to return to your power, to the powerful point of attraction that is love.

Through this, through opening to your power, all things are possible. Let your creative imagination spark, and play and realize what it is that you really want.

Through love and conscious intention, you are able to claim your power and begin to use it to manifest blessings in your life and in your world.

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  1. Melanie, I am so thankful. Wonderful words of encouragement from the angels. I am definitely putting all that I am learning into practice because I wish to activate my higher vibrations.

  2. Im so amazed its like you are truly talking to my inner self. Im truly feeling the power behind the thoughts of love Im coming alive Im speechless words cant tell you the overwhelming feeling of pure love.
    I thank our creator all the angels the universe. IVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR 2016.
    Love is the key.
    Im truly amazed.

  3. Berenice I am not familiar with the ditcrone of Eternal Recurrence. It seems it would be something to avoid if one were to resign oneself to eternal repetition. Therefore, I can see no reason it would be embraced. (Of course, I am assuming that most religions and philosophical ditcrones are usually embraced for hope rather than despair.). (Of course, too, I am assuming that eternal ecurrence would be eternally BORING .)Rather, I look at this poem and sentiment as having been written by one who is anything BUT boring and would not abide that in herself. She has lived past lives . I believe that or choose to. (I obviously do not know her and you most likely know her.You have the advantage over me; but I am, nonetheless, pleased with this piece of poetry!). I am going to look up your own, too, dear lady.Now, I must haul my bohemian ass off to the farm. There is about four hundred acres more corn which needs shelling (GMO stuff. My cousins and I have pledged to plant at least a hundred acres of non-GMO next year for certified milling for human consumption. I think there is a market demand!)

  4. Funny how we make attracting what we want so complicated when the angels are explaining in this post how simple it is. Today I had a dilemma about a new job. I wrote the angels and ask for a message to help me make a decision that would be for my highest and best interest and all those concerned. This message came up and I read it then I followed the instruction to meditate on what I wanted. Before I reached the end of this instruction the phone rang. it was my new leader telling me “she has found a solution to my problem1”. Speak of letting go and trusting 100%. I am in awe how the angels assist us when we ask for their help.
    Thank you angels and Melanie!

  5. All this messages are wondeful and very good transformation to assend in this path, Thankyou so much Melanie may GOD AND ANGELS bless you
    in this path to transform many souls.

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