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Your Happiness Advantage

Happiness Advantage Channeling the Guides and Angels of the Light- Part 11

This is the eleventh post in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here!

You have an internal guidance system that allows you to know if you are headed in the direction of your ultimate goal. Your guidance system allows you to understand if you are moving towards your soul purpose or away from your soul purpose.

How does this guidance system operate? Through joy.

You see, joy is the most powerful vibration you can embody for aligning you what you want. Furthermore, you are innately designed to enjoy those things that will bring you the most reward, fulfillment and growth as a spiritual being here on earth.

The activities aligned with your true purpose will feel fun to you, they will bring excitement, evoke passion and increase happiness in your life. And so if you find you are not enjoying your work or your day to day activities, you are receiving powerful soul feedback from your authentic self. And that feedback is get back in to a state of joy.

If what you are doing is not what you really want to be doing, we ask you why are you doing it?

You are not required on this earth to follow the dreams or aspirations of another. And yet, so many humans do, indeed, choose to chase after goals and dreams and ideals that have nothing to do with why they are truly here.

When this happens, the activities, the work, is draining and it’s not fulfilling nor is it fun. If find you are in this sort of situation now, take time to reconnect and re-identify with the things that do bring you joy.

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Your interests and the passions that drive you, motivate you and excite you are the very things that will keep your body healthy, in tune and allow you to live a long healthy and happy life.

Joy keeps your internal organs functioning with ease.

Joy aligns you with compatible, harmonious relationships, and then together – you can send more happiness, joy, and light out into your world, co-creating more of what you ultimately desire.

Joy holds great power in your relationships – to draw you together and to ensure a lasting and fulfilling balance.

Joy is your path of least resistance.

When you are in joy, the events, people, situations required to bring about what you really want will effortlessly fall into place. Joy is the path of least resistance.

When you are able to feel excitement, passion and happiness about your work, your hobbies, interests, and really about your life, you can be certain that the laws of your universe will work – to align, to bring you more to be joyful about when joy is a foundation for your experience.

And so we encourage you to be in love and to be in joy – not for our wellbeing, but to bring about what you have truly desired to create here in the physical.

You are alive in your body with your personality and your unique energy signature, which will never again be the same. This is not your only life, but this is the only now in which you are you, in which your present personality is alive and vibrant and ready to bring about blessings, changes, manifestations on earth.

Follow the trail of happiness to align with your true purpose. If you’re not happy, if you’re not feeling good, it’s likely that your thoughts, your actions and the world you are creating is likely out of line with the true deep inner desires and the authentic knowing of your soul.

So the answer is simple. Let happiness be your advantage. Let happiness propel you forward in the right direction. If you bounce through life from happy event to happy event, from positive encounter to joyful experience, you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction, that you are growing and expanding and ascending.

Joy and love are your birthright. And when you are in these beautiful and positive emotions, you are in the right place at the right time. You are taking the right steps towards your goals.

A you continue to allow joy and love to lead the way into your life, new developments, exciting coincidences, and truly anything is possible with the power of love and happiness on your side. Cultivate these emotions in you. Affirm that you are happy, that you are loved and that these emotions are your primary response to all of life’s situations.

There are no easy lessons in life. Right away in your life’s journey, you are asked asked to deal with what is most difficult for you. But this does not mean that struggle must be your journey. By aligning with joy, you can learn your life’s lessons with grace and ease and happiness and continue forward with positive trajectory towards accomplishing your true purpose that of course, will bring you fulfillment and happiness because these are the very emotions that will lead you towards accomplishing.

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Let happiness be your guide. And through this subtle shift in your perspective, you can choose to be happy always, to be happy even when things are not going exactly as you perhaps planned or hoped, even when you job or present situation is less than ideal. Being in joy in your now will bring you back into alignment even if you have gotten far off of your true path.

The power of joy can transform every aspect of your life. Let this vibration work through you. Let yourself be happy. Choose experiences that make you happy. Move towards goals that bring you happiness. Let happiness be your objective. And all the other desires can come to be with this central focus.

Follow your joy, and the universe will provide you with all you need to remain in positivity, happiness and love. Your role in reuniting your physical realm completely with the higher realms, with the vibrations of happiness, joy and love – your role is to simply choose these experiences for yourself.

Commit to loving yourself, to being happy, to following your inner promptings, desires and dreams – not living your life for another, understanding that although you are connected to all individuals, you are responsible for your own experience. There are so many blessings for you when you step into your power, rather than remaining on autopilot and continuing to let others choose the reality you experience.

Claim your empowerment now. This time is all about your ever expanding awareness, empowerment, and claiming your seat as conscious creator of your reality. And for this to work, for you to create what you desire deep inside your heart, begin to observe yourself from a third perspective and notice the triggers that cause you to slip away from the love, happiness and wellbeing that really leads you towards your goal.

When you encounter one of these triggers, this is really a great blessing – for it can be addressed once and for all. Change how you respond to your world. When you find yourself sending anger or sadness, know why and realize that it is a choice that regardless of what has or has not happened in your life, you can choose right now – to love, to experience wellbeing, experience happiness, contentment and peace.

Consciously choose how you respond in the moment and how you feel –you do have this power. Choose to feel good in your now and you will consistently be drawing to you – experiences, realities, people, and opportunities that will move you further along your path – in joy, in love, and in wellbeing.

The choice is yours. Know that each time you choose to respond with happiness, you lay the foundation so that your next happiness choice will be a little easier, a little more automatic, until finally, love, happiness and joy are your automatic reactions.

This change in you ripples out across the lines of time – bringing happiness, healing and love to all of your experience, past, present and future. There is great power for you to affect all levels of reality from within this present moment. Use your now moment wisely – by feeling, being and radiating happiness, joy and love.

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