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The Power of Belief- Channeled Series

the power of belief A Channeled Angel Message on Belief

Part 2 In The Series of Channeled Messages with the Guides and Angels of the Light

This is the second post in a series of channeled messages received from the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here! Or you can get the book on Kindle here! 

Indeed, we are here. We are guides and angels of the light, and we greet you in this now moment.

We are here to serve you now according to Divine will and order. We are a group of angels, guides, and vibrational light beings light beings who have consciously joined together merging our energy into one. We are here to serve and assist you now, as you personally and collectively experience a time of great change.

Relax and breathe, and allow your energy to begin to lift. Quieting your mind and opening your heart will help you to more fully experience all that is conveyed now, for we speak to you in words but we also broadcast energy and frequency.

And this is a huge part of what you are learning, for you are more than physical. And when you tune in to your perceptions, impressions and feelings beyond the physical reality, you open yourself up to experience the great truth of the multidimensional now.

There is much talk in your world about thoughts and their ability to create your reality. We say to you, “Yes, you are the creators of your reality. But know that your thoughts are influenced by your beliefs and your emotions.” Learning how to control your thoughts will have significant effect and impact in what you are able to manifest in your world. But understand that you do create on what we will call autopilot.

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When you’re not consciously focused in on what you want, you’re still creating. And so, learning to align your autopilot creation abilities with your authentic self, your higher self and your divine path will enable you to still be actively moving towards your goals, even when you are consciously engaged in some other expression or activity.

The reason this is possible is because your thoughts are secondary in creation, and the primary element that creates your reality is your belief. How you believe your world to be created powerfully and magnetically draws that exact experience to you.

And so, those of you who believe that the world is a cruel and hard place have no doubt attracted that cruel and hard experience to you. But where do your beliefs come from? For in reality, you are a multidimensional being. And although you are in physical reality now in a physical body, your spiritual self, your higher self still fully exists in connection to source and to divine love.

But you see, you wanted to experience the physical world, planet earth in the time paradigm you are in now, during a time in which your earth, humanity and all of the inhabitants are undergoing an evolution, indeed, a transformation. And you wanted to be a part of it.

What is happening now is energetically tied to beliefs which date back to your ancient ancestors, back in time to when the earth was first created… There are many beliefs habitually ingrained in humanity that are allowing reality to be created on autopilot now.

This process is not flawed. However, deeply ingrained fears, doubts and beliefs of your inherent failure, and of your unworthiness, no longer serve you. But through your mainstream media, religion, society, parents and families, these beliefs have been deeply ingrained.

You of course, are not the only being affected by this.

But as we said, all of humanity is undergoing an ascension process, astrologically and cosmically supported through the way in which your earth is now passing through a great band, a great flow of cosmic energy from the center of your galaxy.

You can tune into the elevated levels of light and consciousness to empower your creation now.

Allow yourself to breathe. Relax and let your mind become clear, calm and still. And through your open heart, tune in.

Tune in to your heart and feel your vibration raise as you focus your intent on connecting with this energy, with this evolutionary beam of cosmic light. Open and breathe in the light, feeling it align with your physical body, feeling it lift your vibration.

You’ve been experiencing the effects of this energy for some time now. And understand that the tremendous light pouring in, in effect, shakes up, loosens up, brings to the surface those fears, those doubts, those insecurities, which are ready to, once and for all, be released into the light and replaced with crystalline light of unconditional love.

As humanity, as a human being, you have an unlimited opportunity now to clear out past conditioning, doubts and fears, to release them into the light and to redefine how you believe the world to operate.

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When you question how you perceive your reality, when you challenge and question all your beliefs, you claim your power. For understand, so much of what you have been taught and what you believe is a limited view, a limited version of this world. The physical world is connected through a web of energetic energy to all of creation, to every now moment across time and space.

You in this now, by opening your heart, can choose to feel and vibrate in oneness with the energy that is Divine love. Feel this love radiating through you, so that your body takes on a luminescent glow, so that light fills your being, elevating your experience, aligning you with joy and love and peace. As you consciously do this now you enable yourself to stay in love.

In every now moment, it is essential that you release those beliefs that no longer serve you. Often, these beliefs are so deeply ingrained that you believe them without question. We will go a step further to say that your beliefs are those areas of your reality which you accept unconditionally. Gravity is one such belief.

The way your world operates from your perception can be changed. We do not joke with you when we say that you are unlimited. But you must identify the beliefs that limit you, for this unlimited nature to truly enter into your reality. And so an activity that we invite you to partake in this day is simply observing yourself in your interactions with your world. Observe how you respond and how you react to the events of your life.

The objective in this is to write a list and determine what you believe about reality. Then go through this list, through these beliefs, your core beliefs about your world, and ask yourself, “Does this belief serve me and my highest path? Does this belief align with the reality I want to create?” Honestly ask yourself this.

And know that if your belief doesn’t, you may find that you are still being affected by beliefs such as, “You are not smart enough. You are shy. You are not good enough to truly have what you want.”

Release those beliefs with your conscious intention and begin to reprogram your subconscious mind, using the power of words, using affirmations in the “I am” form. “I am the creator of my reality. I am living in a world that is filled with peace and bliss and harmony. I am living closely connected to earth in balance and in love.”

Go through all your beliefs that you have identified and ask yourself, “Is there a more powerful, more positive belief I could replace this with?” Do this and, through this process, how you perceive your world will begin to change. Your perception of your world, beloved one, determines your experience. And so, your beliefs create your reality around you, and your perceptions allow you to experience this world.

Expand your perceptions as well. When you are outdoors in nature, you are able to experience the physical beauty, balance, divinity of the planet on which you live. But in this space, understand that you are able to become more aware to open your perceptions on many levels and to tune in to the natural world on a psychic, a spiritual level energetically.

Share the vibration of love with the waters, trees, plants, animals and the earth on which you live, and you will find that the love you send out returns back to you multiplied.

So when you clean up trash from an area of nature, or when you meditate next to a tree and energetically love and appreciate this being, you do send a ripple of your empowered, new perspective of the world across the lines of time.

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As we have said, the growth you experience, the opening, and this expanded awareness that you open to experience in your now does not stay here. But, indeed, it ripples out, bringing more joy and light into your many multidimensional selves, into the lives of your ancestors and humans who have walked before you. This is energy healing across the lines of time.

Light, joy, opening your energetic centers and tuning in, communing with the higher vibrations of love and peace and joy present on your earth, greatly assist you in allowing these to be the foundational beliefs of your subconscious mind. So that even when you’re not consciously tuned in to what you want, to what you are creating, abundance, joy and love, these are still manifesting when they’re at your very core.

And so, challenge every belief that comes up in your life. Where does this belief originate? Was it psychically transferred to you, prior to your birth from your parents? Is it something that has been ingrained in your bloodline for millennia, or is it a belief that you have created based upon your experience in the world so far?

Whatever is the case, allow yourself to feel the belief and to release it into the light, replacing it with a belief that does serve you. When you are truly able to redefine what you believe about your world and bring these beliefs into alignment with positivity, and love, and joy, and abundance, then you are in the place that we speak of, an unlimited being.

Then you are open and ready to allow the energy of your higher self to merge with your physical body, to merge with your physical life, aligning you with great blessings, aligning you with creating positive change in your world.

You become a wayshower for humanity, ushering out the paradigm of fear and doubt and struggle, manipulation, control, and ushering in a paradigm and a world of love.

You see, this is our ultimate objective for connecting with you: to help you live, embrace, radiate the incredible love that is present on your earth. We know that this will bring you joy, health and happiness, and we know that you are not far from this reality now.

Your focus, your openness, and your commitment to challenge the institutions that have helped you to form beliefs will empower your growth and healing.

And so be aware, question and challenge your every experience and ask, “What do I believe that has caused this to be, and what higher belief is ready to now enter my life?”

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