Feeling Emotional

Feeling Emotional? … Learn A Simple Process For Emotional Release

Simple Emotional Release

A short channeled message and frequency transmission to support you in feeling the emotions spiraling through your energy… Tuning into them… And letting them go to return to the awareness of the perfect flow of Divine light and presence within and around you now.

Channeled by Melanie Beckler 


As emotions rise to the surface or spiral through your energy like raging storms…

Remember, you are not your emotions.

You are the underlying sense of calm, the inner stillness of peace, the breath of life and you are able to return your awareness to the breath, to simply observe the storm through neutrality, rather than spiraling off-center or getting carried away.

Breathe and become fully present with the emotion that arises.

Observe it. What is its shape? Where is it traveling? What is its color, vibration or movement pattern?

Where in your body or energy do you even feel it?

What in you is being triggered? What past wound, trauma, aspect or insecurity is being revealed through emotion now?

Feel the emotion. Breathe, release and let it go.

Love the part of you that was triggered.

Love the part of you that was afraid.

And through this love and letting go, you are now able to choose consciously a new vibration.

Choose to call forth an elevated emotion of gratitude, compassion for all beings, love, presence, and wonder.

Allow this elevated emotion of light, of pure crisp sparkling energy to fill the void where lower emotion was stored.

Allow love, light, and compassion to take its place, to elevate your state, returning your awareness here and now, knowing that all is well, knowing how loved and supported and guided you really are.

Tune into this stream of love.

Tune into this coherent flow of divine presence, consciousness, and frequency.

Breathe, be, know.

All is well.

Melanie Beckler



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5 thoughts on “Feeling Emotional? … Learn A Simple Process For Emotional Release”

  1. I am amazed how the answers come to me when I simply am not looking for then. I have been emotional and extremely over sensitive. Thank you so much for these healing words.

  2. Thank you for your insights! The whole day I spent bumping into roadblocks. By the end of the day I had very little patience with myself or others. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Now I know it was just part of the energetic process.

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