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An Ascension Message

Crystalline Ascension Energy Update With The Council of Light


Greetings. Indeed, we are here. We are the council of light and, indeed, we broadcast this day a wave of unconditional love, unity, harmony, beauty, tranquility, and balance to you now.

Know that you are, indeed, surrounded with angels and these angels are also broadcasting love, peace, and frequency. Tune into your heart and your feelings and allow this Divine energy to penetrate your being, to enter into your physical body, your emotional body, your auric body, and your light body. Filling your entire being with the energy of love and peace of the angelic realm. Allow this.

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Sit in this energy and begin to allow yourself to radiate light as you are filled with this light from your angels, and from we, the council.

Relax. Simply be and focus inward to allow yourself to lift higher than you have lifted before, to become more illuminated than you have ever been, filled with more light than you were just a few moments ago. Breathe in light, notice light all around you, and know that this light, yes, raises your vibration and activates your crystalline energy. Know this is, indeed, an important component of the energies today. The crystalline wave.

Right now beloved, your planet earth, the nature kingdoms, trees, minerals, nature spirits, divas, rocks, ground that you stand on or that your house was built upon, all of the beautiful creation of earth is receiving a Divine energy wave, a new energy wave of crystalline energy never before seen on earth in this potency.

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Know beloved one, that you are not activating this portal or this crystalline energy, but rather you are now able to align yourself with this activation to anchor the celestial energy of the crystalline field into your body, your entire being, and your life.

Sit now, continuing to focus on your heart and just allow yourself to become open and receptive. Allow yourself to receive and feel your frequency, your energy, building and building. You may begin to feel very tall or huge, and you are. For you are reconnecting with your multidimensional nature. And, indeed, there is, there are, very many aspects of you coexisting right now.

Tune in and experience your multidimensionality. As you develop the ‘light quota’, as you increase your frequency with assistance from this new energy, experiencing your true self, and understanding your true multidimensional nature will indeed be effortless and joyous.

The energy of today is an energy of transformation, allowing you to change in form, meaning to become more crystalline. Crystal energy is what your physical body is becoming. Allow this light to fill you, activating the inside of you and elevating your vibration.

The energy you should be experiencing now is simply bliss, is joy, and is love. If you are feeling anything other than this, and even if it does now come up, know that this light energy assists you now in shedding all fear, any false or outdated beliefs, and all illusion from your reality and your mind. This is released into the light so that you may fully exist as and within the love of the Creator.

Unity is a message of today beloved one. Unity. Your unity with earth, with sky, with your brothers and sisters, plants and minerals, trees, rocks, and crystals.

Stay tuned into your heart and now allow yourself to feel this oneness as you are still filled with the light, the love of the angelic realm, and of the new energy wave being broadcast from the inner realms of light.

At this time, you are invited to allow your crown chakra at the top of your head to open. And as you allow this effortlessly now, the new energy is integrated into your body, filling, yes your spinal column with the light. Automatically dissolving the fear, the beliefs, and the illusions that no longer serve you.

Feel the bliss of this energy, feel the love, feel the joy, and know that this wave, this new energy, does not end today. No. Rather it begins. And so every day and every moment you, beloved, are able to tune in to this crystalline love, to the powerful vibration and light of the planet upon which you live.

Recognize now that your planet earth is one with the Creator. You are one with the Creator. And as the light present and flowing your way fills your body, fills your light body and indeed activates the energetic force and shield around you so that you can connect with your angels, with your guides, with that beyond the physical light filling you.

Now envision this light leaving your body through your heart. Always send energy out through your heart. Visualize this flow of energy in through your crown, out through your heart, and into the earth. Supporting mother earth, supporting planet earth with love, on a daily basis is powerful work.

It will benefit you greatly to step outside, to tune into your heart, and to send love, to send light to the trees, to the animals, to earth, to all of humanity. This benefits that which you send toward, but it also benefits you. The more you are able to give of your light, to share this light, knowledge, and love with others, the more quickly you will complete your ascension. This is your ultimate goal, beloved, and this is an important part of this new energy.

You are approaching your wholeness. You are on a path of ascension, and the doorways of love which continue to open before you support you as you now change from one form to another.

We invite you to notice now, to remember, and to let the mental images come up of how you have been spending your time, money, energy, and light. Where is your focus? Are you helping your planet and helping others or are you only serving yourself? Whatever comes up, just tune into the feeling of how you have been living, and how can you live more aligned with your highest purpose, your highest self, your true soul and your authentic nature.

The energy of today draws you to this truth. Allow yourself to see the beauty in your life, regardless of how you have been living. See the miracle of this day, of every day, of the process of life and the miracle of your even being here.

Gratitude. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude allows you to fully benefit from this energy, which we remind you is still all around you and still within you. If you have lost focus of this, re-tune in now, opening your heart, and now clearing and opening your mind so that this energy of love, the powerful dynamic force residing in your heart may influence your mind so that you start making the choices that do serve you so that you think the thoughts that raise your vibration even more and attract to you what you really desire.

Your thought, yes, is one of the most powerful, spiritual gifts you have been given here on earth and yet so many of you waste this gift on expressing what you do not want or what you do not like in the world. The world mirrors your inner reflection and so, beloved one, as you allow this living, crystalline energy wave to heal that which needs healing and to open that which may expand, you are able to align with extraordinary bliss and then to send it out again to impact others and to impact earth.

Now you are filled with light and in a cycle you are allowing more light in and sending your light out to earth, to the nature kingdoms, to the trees and minerals and rocks. Know that integrating with this Divine and sacred energy of mother earth is an important aspect of your ascension. For you are returning to oneness, yes, and to do this you must recognize that the planet you live on, the earth which grants and sustains your life, mother earth, and you are one. One spirit, one energy, one love.

Align with this knowing now, feel yourself tuned into earth. Feel the amazing vibration of earth as she receives the love from the inner realm and know that always you’re able to reconnect with this energy, to assist earth, and to assist you to balance and ground in your life and to support you and earth in the greater ascension and unfolding.

Extraordinary alignment with bliss, with joy, with love, and creativity. This is your path and this is the incredible gift of this day. Open your heart wider than it has been opened before and as you do this, there may be the overwhelming urge to cry as emotions trapped in your heart area for lifetimes are now able to come to the surface. For many of you there is still pain here, there is still hurt from this life or from others. As you are able to release this pain over to your angels and into the light now, you are able to lift and rise even higher.

Imagine yourself floating up out of your chair, up out of the physical realm, and now into the celestial realm of spirit, of guides, of the fifth dimension, the crystalline energy. You exist here now, you are surrounded with beings of light in a circle, and these benevolent beings send you love, inspiration, and hope. Accept these gifts, allow them to become anchored into your energy, into your body. And as you do, you become even lighter, filled with light. Light is knowledge. And so as you fill yourself, you are able to tap into the infinite intelligence of the universe. It is all accessible to you through your message center, your heart, and your willingness to open it, to turn away from fear, releasing doubt, releasing negativity, releasing illusion, and fully experiencing feeling, being the love energy, and the light that is your true nature.

Expand, lift, and open to allow this light, this Divine light from the Creator, from your guides and angels, and from your mother earth, Gaia. Allow it to become integrated into your being.

Know that this new energy assists you in living authentically. Tune in now to what authentic living means to you. Living more sustainably, living at one with earth, supporting her in her healing process, living in joy and in love with yourself, forgiving yourself for things you have done or left undone in the past, forgiving all who have ever hurt you, angered you, or saddened you?

Offer your forgiveness now and feel your frequency lift even more. You see, each time you choose love you rise in vibration. Each time you choose love, you open to more of your authentic nature, for this authentic nature is love. And so allow yourself to stay in this energy, even after we are no longer connected in this way. You can stay anchored to the love and light, you can stay connected to earth, to your higher self, and to your entourage, your team of guides and angels with you now. Return to this energy on a daily basis as you move forward towards the date when your earth will have the ability and opportunity to stay in this, the fifth dimension fully.

Here today connecting with this light because you are a way shower and a leader, a light worker and a member of the planetary ascension team. You are leading the way before the main stream so that you can assist others. This is not an easy path you are on, but it is oh so rewarding for you.

Commit, believe, trust that you can do this. You can stay in the zen state, in the enlightened state, in the state of love. And as you choose to do this in every moment, you complete your mission here on earth: love.

Love, love, love. You are still separated by illusion, but I say to you now, this illusion is becoming thinner and thinner. Believe that you are able to rise above all limitations. You are able to achieve that which you desire in your life. Set big goals. Set goals that will help others and help earth and trust that you can have these things.

Become aware of the crystalline energy filling your being, anchoring you to earth and to the greater love of the universe, allow it to swirl outward from your heart, out into the greater field, wrapping around, tangling, surrounding that which you desire, which is now drawn back unto you. It is yours. Take the steps as you are inspired, following your inner promptings and intuition, to bring this into being. Stay balanced, stay positive, stay in love, and stay in joy, and we promise you you shall succeed in bringing about a new era on earth. The era of love, of light and crystalline energy.

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Beloved one, we are the Council of Light and we invite you to remain in this energy of crystalline love. Notice that you can leave a percentage of your attention on your heart and on leaving your heart open, even while you are talking to someone, writing, running errands, or driving. Return to your open heart, which will return you to this experience of increased frequency, of feeling a direct connection with the Divine, of the Creator, Source energy, Love energy.

The more you are able to connect with this, the more quickly you will achieve your ultimate goal. And so return to your heart so that your mind, your thoughts, and your every action is influenced by this Divine love.

Know that your energy has, indeed, been cleansed, been opened, and integrated with the new energy of earth. Complete this process by getting outside, by standing on earth. Feel soil in your hands, send a blessing to a tree, connect through meditation with your crystals. These are sacred expressions of the Divine Creator, honor them and learn from their wisdom.

And now, we invite you to begin to return awareness to your physical body. As your energy vibration is lowered down slightly, so that you may reintegrate into your physical being. Move your fingers or your toes and notice that while your attention returns now to the physical realm, a portion of you can stay focused in spirit, focused on your open heart, and this, this is your path.

This is how you stay aligned with the bliss, the love, the harmony, the beauty, the tranquility, the balance, and the creativity of this new energy. And go forward now new. You are ready. Share your light. And as you do, you will receive even more. We are the Council of Light and you are so deeply loved. Goodbye for now.

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