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Ascension Angel Course

Ascension Angel CourseProgress On Your Ascension Path

Are you ready to make the conscious choice to embody an enlightened perspective and to experience an ascended state of being? This Angel Course will help you to progress on your ascension path in to higher levels of love and light.

In this Ascension Angel Course, you will be guided to rise above the limited perspective of ego and to awaken beyond duality.

You will be guided to:

  • Link directly with the Divine and All That Is to rejuvenate your being, and open your ability to perceive beyond the physical 3D realm.
  • Connect with your team of guides, angel, and ascended masters.
  • Receive a powerful Divine light cleanse of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Experience total clarity, presence, illumination, enlightenment, forgiveness, and Divine LOVE
  • Energize your life, illuminate your path, and awaken from illusion to experience the true state of your being.
  • Release limiting beliefs and remember your purpose and who you authentically are.
  • Live in alignment with the 5th Dimension now!
  • Enjoy increased inspiration, creativity and certainty.
  • Uplift your energy and maintain a high vibration.

Align with new uplifted frequencies of Divine light in your life.

Ascension Angel Course: $97 


Now is the time to illuminate your authentic path, and elevate your life’s experience.The opportunity is here to completely expand your perspective.

When you're willing to dive into the present moment with your heart wide open, returning love in every moment and to the perspective of your higher self, you're able to experience ascension, to fully experience the beauty of the higher dimensional energies present all around you.

Living in the fifth dimension allows you to to magnetize the right opportunities, people, and situations. And while the energy may unfold in
ways you don't expect, when you say yes to life and go with the flow, when you open yourself up to the higher realms…

You naturally align with beautiful, inspiring, and exciting results.

The Ascension Angel Course includes the following .MP3 components:

1. Cleansing, Intentions, and Manifestation ~Archangel Michael (39 Min)

2. Illuminating Your Ascension Path~ Archangel Metatron (20 Min)

3. Maintaining an Increased Vibration~ Archangel Metatron (23 Min)

4. Connecting With Your Ascension Team ~ Archangel Michael (32 Min)

5. Embody Your Divine Spirit ~ Archangel Michael (22 Min)

6. Your Soul Ascension~ Archangel Michael 19 (Min)

7. The Healing Power of Forgiveness– Archangel Metatron (18.43)

8.Strengthening Your Connection with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels– Angel Guide Orion (20:35)

9. Ascension and Parallel Lives with Spirit Guide Odrian (18:03 Min)

10. Expanding Your Potential with Archangel Jophiel (26:28 Min)

11. Living With Love In The 5th Dimension with Archangel Metatron (19:34)

BONUS* Uplifting Equinox Channeling~ Recorded Live During the Peak Equinox Energies (15:41 Min)

BONUS: Rejuvenation Meditation With Archangel Muriel~ 17 Min (.MP3 and Video!)

All of this is now available for only $97! Upon purchase you will receive instant access to almost 5 hours of channeled material from the Angels to assist you on your ascension path. Your access to this course will never expire so you can go through the material at your own pace and on your time to elevate your life experience.

Ascension Angel Course: $97 


With love, light and gratitude, 

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Just want to ask if any of my relatives are with me most time I smell perfume in the house when I get home from work

  2. i truly believe in all angel’s the course sounds so great; but i’m old living on small pension;i barely get by every month i’ve gone in deep debt for helping my family who are struggling badly to ;so i still help them when i can ;bill collectors starting to call me , which never happened to me before ;i pray every day & night ;

  3. Question about taking this course. Melanie I am asking this question for direction . I have yet to connect with ( hear, see, feel, experience angels,. Even in group settings where everyone gets a message of some description. I believe in them. I want to work with them. I pray daily for their guidance, support, wisdom. I make an effort to stay out of judgement. I have even asked a simple question, like, what is your name, or are you m or f.. Etc I also ask for ways to open flow channels, open my chakras, start receiving income, etc I have been patient for soo long. I have even prayed for a Devine intervention.. A few days ago I stopped doing anything, kind of like being home at a silent retreat. Ok that didn’t exactly work. I was bored, frustrated and woke up with a horrible headache, so I prayed again. HELP. Oddly enough every word in the description is a match. I was almost yelling yes… I have spent so much already on blind faith, in hopes.. I promised myself to stop the insanity, so now I am confused. Having angel guidance sounds so much easier… Thanks I appreciate your honest reply. Gloria

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Your angels are absolutely with you and offering guidance and insight. It’s just coming in a way which is different than you expect and different from how you are hoping to receive it. I would recommend you focus on tuning into the joy and love all around you. Take small steps to enjoy your every moment, look for the beauty in life which is all around you, and then allow yourself to start imagining the guidance of your angels coming in. This is going to help you drop the guard of your ego mind so you can learn how your intuitive voice operates and how YOU receive the guidance of angels as it’s different for everyone. Even if you’re not seeing/ feeling/ hearing them. ASK! Ask your angels to release the frustration and feeling of failure you’ve been feeling in this area. Letting go of frustration and embracing love and joy will help to bring you into alignment with your angels… Then just be open to how the guidance appears. It’s going to feel like you’re making it up but you’re not. Keep going, you have angels who are with you… Ask them to help you deepen your connection and bring you guidance that you can KNOW is real. <3

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