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Who Are the Ascended Masters?

Ascended Master 101

ascended mastersAscended Masters are high vibrational, enlightened beings, of love and light. They are individual souls who have lived and walked in the physical realm, and through each of their lifetimes on Earth, of their own free will, they chose to fully express themselves as the full magnificence of All That Is.

They chose to fully express the attributes of the Divine and to live as an embodiment of the Divine Spirit throughout their physical experience.

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By living in oneness with their higher spiritual being, they mastered life. Mastery of mind, emotions, body and spirit, by living in complete oneness with the divine qualities of knowledge, joy, love, peace, compassion, creativity, abundance, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, alignment, bliss, integrity, and passion…

By living in oneness with spirit, they experienced and radiated complete oneness and love, rather than seperation, fear, and judgement.


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The time has come now for everyone to fully express their higher Spiritual being, and the Ascended Masters are actively offering their guidance, assistance, and mentorship, as we each make this choice in the present moment.

Are you willing to embody the qualities of the Divine? Are you willing to return to love in every moment and embody your spiritual self in the physical? Are you willing to ascend? To live as Spirit incarnated?

The Ascended Masters are beings of unconditional love, purity, and light, and they are present, ready, and willing to help guide you on your journey through life.ascended master

There are many beings who are Ascended Masters. Some lived more recently and are well known, others are ancient and have been forgotten. Some live on in myth and others in the hearts of those they help. All serve as teachers and leaders from within the spiritual realms, striving to assist All in uniting with the I Am presence, with the divine spirit we are each capable of expressing. They also offer healing, love and compassion throughout all areas of life.

The Ascended Masters carry a Divine vibration which is quite angelic, but they are somewhat different than angels in that they have very much ‘walked in our shoes'. They have lived life on earth, faced density, lessons and challenges, and mastered the lessons of life, time, and space.

They now live in complete oneness with their individual God Presence at all times and can be of great help as we shift our vibration back into alignment with Source Oneness.

To work with the Ascended Masters… Connect first to your own I Am presence, and to the awareness that you are connected, and one with the Divine and with All That Is. Then think or call upon an ascended master by name or by asking that the ascended master who can most serve you now, come in, connect, and assist you in lifting your vibration so you may meet them in the light.

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