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Massive Energy Shifts Incoming – Channeled Update

Get ready for a powerful acceleration and energy and huge energy shifts! In this channeling, Maitreya, El Morya, and Michael, connect to offer energetic support and guidance during this time of accelerated expansion.

As we enter into this new phase, we are being called to open ourselves to the higher divine consciousness that already resides within us. The veil of illusion is thinning, and a flood of light codes is urging us to remember our Oneness with the Source of all light and spiritual substance.

You can listen to this channeling via the video above, or keep scrolling down to read the channeled message transcribed for you below.

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Greetings from Maitreya, El Morya, and Michael. 

Indeed, we connect with you in this moment as three points of light around your energy field, simultaneously broadcasting light, frequency, energetic support.

At this time of entering into a continued acceleration, an expansion of your consciousness and for the collective that is unfolding through simultaneously opening, to simply receive and allow yourself to merge with the higher divine consciousness that is already present that you are a part of, and yet, you have entered in to a game, a challenge of being alive as an individualized being on Earth, passing through the veil of illusion, the veil of forgetting you are one with God, that the source of all light and spiritual substance resides within. 

And yet now, there is a flood of frequency of light, light codes of remembrance of higher consciousness urging you to remember and allow yourself to welcome, expand into, allow the vastness of Source of Light, to be realized, embodied, accessed within this physical life.

Through this, there is an evolution, a letting go of old patterning, old ways of being, relating, old thought, opening to compassion, peace, understanding, harmony with All. 

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For the collective, this vision of what is possible, this expansion and opening to remember I Am Light, I Am Source, I Am One with All. 

At an individual level, in micro moments of remembering, this paradigm and perspective is already here, and as you drop into it, moving inward into your heart, attuning your consciousness to the electromagnetic field of your heart center, which is a great center of intelligence, of energy, of light … You're able to open, to allow the light to circulate through your field, deepening into the experience of love by consciously welcoming in your heart love, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness.

These aspects of Divine Love in specific, tangible form and quality, opening to love, knowing that where there is love within and circulating forth around you, the pathways are paved for the light, for the higher consciousness that is your birthright. The experience of merging with the Source of All Wisdom, the Source of All Prosperity, the Source of All Healing, All Blessing, All Light, you are a part of.

And yet, in this game, there is the experience of separation, the veil of illusion held within your DNA, stored within your DNA, the Akash, the record of past pain, challenge, separation, duality across lifetimes held at the level of the ancestral memory, held at the level of karma, the wounds held within the Akash, but we say to you at this time of acceleration, this too is being cleared for you, for humanity, for all. 

And so when you allow the light to pour in and reach you through opening and consciously choosing to rest your awareness on love, love is the key that opens the gate that allows the influx of light to pour in, to bless you, to reach you. 

Allow yourself to simply open to the light now, the waterfall of light pouring in all around from above through the pillar of light above your head into your brain, into your nervous system, into your body, your bones and blood filled with light.

Allow yourself to relax, soften, open, lift, and expand as this light pours into your energy field. The blessings of life, of consciousness, of awareness, the blessings of light pouring into your every cell and within, pouring into your DNA.

Consciously welcoming, allowing the light to clear from within the DNA, the Akashic memory of struggle, karma, wounding, patterning, anchored in fear. 

Allow whatever is of the old paradigm to be lovingly acknowledged, welcomed, nd through this level of awareness, cleared and released. 

This empowers you, within your DNA, so that the veil can thin, the veil of separation between you in the physical and the Source of All, the One, all-knowing, expansive presence, radiant light, enlightenment, that is on offer, available through a series of choices. 

Open and allow the transformation of your vehicle, your personality, your consciousness to merge with Source within, to Remember, to embody I Am, Source. 

This light of Source brightly shines within your open heart. 

The heart, a powerful gateway for you to enter into the quantum field, the field of pure potentiality, energy, light. 

Allowing your heart light to radiantly shine. Allowing yourself to merge with Source to welcome life, to elevate your frequency, to actualize your awareness, to bless your life on every level, to empower you, to embody Soul, the uniqueness of God in you, as you, here in physical incarnation to serve, to thrive, to shine, to be a pillar of light for the new paradigm, this is part. 

And on the other hand, there is a required choice through your daily life experience, understanding that the full extent of merging with the Divine, with Light, with Source within, is accessed through the choices you make over and over again.

Returning to love, dropping into stillness, being present in this place of expanded awareness until your soul, life, the divine brings you a challenge, a situation, a trigger, revealing to you where the ego mind, where the ordinary consciousness, where the old paradigm programming would react, cut you off from the endless supply of light, react and cut you off from source, tap into an old pattern, to mood alter, to contract, to close, to limit. 

And yet, when you catch this old pattern through awareness, look at that. 

When you welcome the challenge, the lesson, the trigger, and pause, allow yourself to be present with it, allow yourself to become conscious in the moment, to rather than reacting, choose to respond in a new way to allow any suppressed fear or insecurity or wounding to be welcomed, acknowledged, and dissolved into light. 

Rather than reacting to pause, allow and welcome this as the opportunity to grow, to transform, to choose, to respond in a new way. 

And through this, old programs, old patterns, old habits are rewritten, are transformed, and a flood of light, a reconnection with the infinite, with the oneness, with all that is all you are, is made possible moment by moment when you become aware of where you would ordinarily resist, react with frustration or anger or worry or fear.

All of these attributes of the old paradigm, which played a role in survival, which played a role in this game of separation, and yet, now humanity, now you are moving into a new level of consciousness when you recognize the old reactionary response coming in.

When you recognize the presence of that old paradigm pattern, thought form entity, welcome it with awareness. Embrace with joy, whatever it is, for this is the opportunity to transform, acknowledge, welcome, release. 

Allow yourself to return to gratitude, return to presence, receive the influx of light of higher consciousness, divine intelligence for you, as you, as one with source. 

Aware of the presence of the divine within your heart, the electromagnetic energy of your heart circulating, spiraling out around you, this toroidal flow of love, kindness, compassion filling your aura, filling your energy field, empowering you to stand illuminated with loving energy.

Love, which opens the gate for greater love to flow in all areas of your life, the love paradigm that is already possible right now. 

Amidst this continued time of transformation of unsettled energy of the old crumbling holding on, all you must do is let go. 

In any moment, dropping into stillness, pausing, opening, to be grateful to remember that I Am, to remember that the source of all life, the light of the creator, the love of the divine, is not separate from you by anything other than illusion, patterns of the old paradigm.  

And the more you become aware of the patterns that are continuing to unfold in your life, the more you empower yourself.

To in their presence, pause, become aware, become aware that what you are actually seeking in moments of challenge, in moments of reaching for something to mood alter or tapping into that old pattern of anger, worry, complaining, guilt, grief, fear, and many flavors, what you actually see is union with the divine within.

And so pause in the moments where an old pattern arises, and rather than choosing to go with it, to give in to the instant gratification reactionary behavior, dive in, open, allow. 

Know that a newness of thriving in alignment with your light awaits a newness of opening to waves of inspiration, gratitude, love, awaits,  Source, God. 

Light is within your DNA. 

Welcome the gifts held within your Akash. 

Allow the old paradigm to be cleared and washed away, to experience, to allow the unfolds mint of what is truly possible for you in this life, which is far beyond what you have been told, which is far beyond how you have been programmed.

There is the choice, a series of choices, moments for you to lean in, to love, to welcome the fear or old patterning with awareness for it to be transformed. 

And through this act of transforming the old reactionary behavior, one moment at a time, a new opening is created, a new portal of light within your energy field. 

A new source of energy, vitality, healing, wellbeing, prosperity, all on offer for you.

Allow the light within your heart to brightly shine the light within your fields to illuminate all that you are to stand in truth, in gratitude, in presence until that old pattern arises, that situation that triggers you to react.

And then become aware, pause, step back, observe, allow your oneness with source to be revealed one moment, one step, one micro moment at a time. 

This is why you're here, the overarching purpose, reason, point of this game, and you are now progressing very quickly. 

We honor and acknowledge your progress, how far you've come, and encourage you to continue. For as you do this work, know that in response from source, from the higher dimensions, from your team of guides, angels, galactic family, the ascended masters, the enlightened beings, pour our blessings upon you.

The more you choose the light, choose union, choose gratitude, choose love, the more you expand and allow these blessings in, which uplifts, blesses, transforms your life and empowers you to be a vehicle, a chalice for divinity, for you to serve, uplift others, to be a leader leading by example through energy in these times of accelerated expansion, unfoldment, and change.

We honor you. We love you. We offer you blessing. 

Simply allow the light into your energy field, to your heart, for your body and your entire multi-dimensional being. 

We love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

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