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Angels Help

We all need a little help from time to time…

This is the most powerful meditation for calling on your Angels Help FAST!

Perfect to listen to if you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, or anytime you want an infusion of angelic love and help in your life.

In this “Angel Emergency Call” guided angel meditation, Archangel Michael directly connects along with Archangel Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Haniel, Metatron and your team of spirit guides and angels.

As you simply listen, your angels will directly connect with you and guide you to focus their help and assistance into any area of your life.

You will be wrapped in angelic love and assisted in calming and uplifting your energy as you are protected and supported in this very moment here and now.

You'll also experience an incredible cleansing of old patterns, thoughts, and energy to empower positive manifestations in your life.

At just over 11 minutes it's short and sweet, but absolutely incredible in it's power to quickly clear and uplift your energy, and to help you to positively shift your vibration and your point of attraction, bringing angelic help into your life right now!

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ordernow-11 Angel Emergency Call – Channeled Angel Message

Greetings from Archangel Michael, and from your team of guides and angels of love and light.

Angel Emergency Call You are in the presence of Archangel Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel Haniel, and Metatron and combined with your unique team of spirit guides and guardian angels, we blend our energy together now to speak as one and to connect with you alongside each and every word…

To calm your energy, to protect you with angelic love and light, and to support you in this very moment here in now.

Allow yourself to breathe and let go of whatever is happening in your life now.

Let go of needing to focus on a present challenge or situation.

Let go and enter in.

Enter into your heart, into your inner world, letting your mind become calm as your angel actually clear away the spiral of thought, worry or tension.

Focus within as you are surrounded with pure Divine Presence to cleanse and uplift your being, surrounding you with love, light and high vibrational energy which pours in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, which flows down along your spinal column, cleansing and uplifting you completely… Flowing down now out the bottom of your feet, grounding you to the earth, into this present moment, connecting you to the light at the core of the earth, which is connected to All That Is.

And now once again, light begins to flow up. Allow it to enter in through the bottom of your feet, flowing up along your spinal column so that you are completely illuminated from the inside out.

Your vibration is elevated, and this vibration creates a ripple which flows throughout your entire life experience, which at a subtle level reaches all those who you are connected with to subtly but assuredly lift their vibration as well.

And so from the inside out you are glowing, and all around you, your team of angels and guides: who say to you, now, we are here to help.

We are here to serve, to love, to support, and to heal.

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And so we now invite you to ask, to focus this team of angels, to invoke angelic assistance in a specific area of your life now.

And so at this time, allow your focus to return to whatever challenging situation, or scenario, or area of your life in which you would like help.

But notice that in tuning into it now, the harsh emotional response that may have been present before has been lessened.

Notice that you're able to tune into the challenge of your life from the perspective of observer, knowing that you are infinitely supported by the divine in the angels, in making it through.

If there is challenging emotion that comes up now, let it go.

Let your angels soothe your mental, emotional, and spiritual being with light of the divine.

And as you focus on the challenge of your life in which you would like help, your angels receive this assignment, and agree to support.

Now imagine the situation in your life being completely illuminated with angelic energy.

Your angels wrap this scenario in their wings of love, uplifting the vibration of whatever's going on, helping you in this present moment to see whatever underlying blessing may be present. And if it supports you now, to catch a glimpse of yourself making it through. Having an inspiring, uplifting, resolved scenario on the other side of healing, of support and of assistance from your angela.

Complete this process of invoking angelic into this area of your life by speaking aloud or repeating in your mind.

“Angels, help me with “this…”

And fill in “this” with the situation you would like help with, with the name of the person who you would like help with. With this scenario, you would like the angels intervention and when you ask, it is done.

Become aware of the angelic energy that is all around you, soothing, comforting, and uplifting your vibration so that you are able to see and notice how angelic help manifests in this situation.

So that you remain open to possibilities emerging to help you through and to elevate your vibration so that you take care of yourself, maintain your energy, and shine your light … for this light ripples out throughout your entire life beyond one person situation or experience, uplifting and illuminating the highest possible outcome in every area.

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Divine light is all around you, within you and shining all around the area you have requested help with.

Think or say: “Thank you angels for handling this fully and completely.”

With these words, know that you're able to let go of the worry, of the stress, and of the tension surrounding the situation in your life.

For your angels are looking out for you are handling it fully and completely so that you can stop back and simply observe.

Allowing yourself to simply be present, to remain calm, centered and connected to your infinite light.

Knowing that this state of energy helps to align the highest and best possible outcome.

This helps align you with your highest possible good, and allows you to stay present, patient calm, collected, and in a high vibrational state despite whatever continues to unfold and occur in your life around you.

Know that your angels are helping.

There is a light, the end of a tunnel.

Divine support, assistance, and blessing are already being moving into the story that is yet to be, trust that a positive outcome will come to pass.

Focus on the blessings you would like to see unfolded.

Believe that blessings await, and remain present, centered, focused upon your heart and aware of light shining within and all around you.

If you find yourself being pulled back into drama, into chaos, into struggle, step back, open your heart, step in and just let your light shine.

Hand worry, frustration or fear over to your angels and into the light.

These heavy dense vibrations are vacuumed away from your being now helping your light to shine brighter.

Return to this place … Shine brightly… No matter what is happening in your life.

This will help get you through. Love will pave the path before you, will align you with the best possible outcome.

And your angels are already in action helping the highest and best possible solution to unfold.

This will come to be one step at a time.

And so one moment at a time, return to presence, to the place of observer, to simply shining light, knowing that this empowers blessing, empowers resolution, empowers a high vibrational future for all involved.

Breathe, let go, shine, and let your angels help you in this situation.

You are loved, blessed and uplifted.

Goodbye. For now.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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