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Ask the Angels: Why Am I in Pain?

Ask the Angels: Why Am I in Pain?

Pain is a difficult part of life, whether it’s physical, mental, or both.  When you are hurting, it’s nearly impossible to shift your beliefs away from “This is terrible; this must stop.” But in this week’s column, that’s exactly what the angels tell you that you must do:  shift your perspective and come to understand pain from a soul level.  From the level of the soul, all pain is temporary and all pain has a purpose.  To transcend your pain you must be able to experience this as truth.

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While this shift is important, it’s also fair to acknowledge that we do live in physical bodies that need care. You must learn to nourish your body, not just with vibrant living foods but with love, light, and positivity. When you listen to your body, whether it’s currently healthy or experiencing pain, you serve your highest self.

“My husband lives in chronic pain. What is the angels’ point of view on pain, and why some suffer so?” – Cathleen

Response from Archangel Metatron

Dear one, we bring you this perspective on pain to consider – What if the pain is actually the energy which is ushering you into more of your truth, that is seeking to support you in ascending, in integrating more of your spiritual light?

What if the pain was triggered to show you where you’re holding onto old energy and to support a profound shift … And it’s simply the ego response that is not happy with this sort of perspective? The ego says, “That’s terrible! Why would spirit, God, or my higher self want me to experience pain?”

And again, we invite you to step back, and to perceive pain from the vantage of spirit, from the vantage of observer that does not see pain as good or bad, but rather a temporary life experience.

Your spirit is able to simply observe with non-judgment and non-attachment. To clearly see that pain is encouraging a shift, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Ask the Angels: Why Am I In Pain?

Your soul is able to see that pain holds within it a gift, the gift of transformation that can be received when you love the part of you that is in pain, by recognizing that a part of you is in pain, accepting that part of you, and letting it be okay.

All of you is not in pain. Your spirit is vibrant. Your heart awakened. Your divine self totally pure, present, and observing all of life with detached awareness, free of judgment and outside of duality.

Pain is simply observed – Just as feeling good is. It is when you view pain from the perspective of ego, rather than spirit that suffering and agony ensues.

Now, the path of pain is not an easy path. And we are not saying we do not have sympathy and compassion for you when you are in pain. Indeed we will go a step further to say, whenever you are in pain call in the presence of angels and we are honored to soothe your energy, and nurture your mind body spirit.

But we also encourage you to shift your perspective so that you are not submerged in the suffering of pain, but rather able to let it be what is, and thereby tune into the blessing and hidden gift.

What if the pain you are experiencing is guiding you onto the path of the most soul growth for you at the moment? And if you are in pain, this is true. The pain is ushering in a change.

Love the part of you that is in pain. Honor the part of you that is in pain. Observe the part of you that is in pain. Breathe, and be with that part – Not through the perspective of ego, but through the perspective of your divine self.

Be present with the part of you that in pain.

“I’m here for you. I love you.” – This is being present with that part.

This is our perspective on pain, that it is temporary – For the eternal truth of you, of your husband, of all, is vibrancy, awakened light and spirit.

And when you work through, the layers of belief, and emotion, and past experience that are stored in ego, and stored in the physical body energetically, when you feel the past challenge, release it, and let it go.

Use the exercise with Michael and Uriel with the sword of light, and the flame of truth, to dissolve the burdens around past emotional experiences, releasing these from your being, quieting thought, and recognizing that the response to pain is only suffering when it is judged through that lens.

And so rather, you are able to shift, and  to love the part of you that is in pain. To then recognize what is really happening when pain appears is that a sensation (either physically, or mentally, or emotionally) is appearing in your inner space, or in your outer space. A sensation in the form of feeling, mental images, or thoughts is appearing. And by being present with that, and observing it, rather than judging it, or spiraling into it, emotionally and mentally, the suffering can disappear. And pain can be experienced through the vantage of the higher self – Divine spirit outside of duality through love.

The higher self that can easily say: “I love you. I’m present with you. I’m here for you. We’ll get through this.”

What if the pain is ushering in the next level of awakening for you?

What if the pain you are experiencing is the most effective means to help you create a shift, to help another, to help the world?

Make the shift into the vantage point of divine observer, into embodying higher spirit, and truth.

Pain is not an easy path. And we send out love, and support, and healing for those of you in pain, and invite you to love the part of you in pain, knowing that this ushers in your next level of awakening.

When you are through it, this temporary period of pain – And it is temporary even if it lasts an entire lifetime in the most extreme cases. It is temporary – For your spirit is eternal, and is eternally in divine union, harmony, and joy.

At any time, in every moment you can tune in to this vantage point and perspective – Stepping back, observing, being present. And so, it is…

Archangel Metatron ~ Channeled by Melanie Beckler

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With many blessings of love and light,

Melanie Beckler

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