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Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation

Archangel Raphael Healing with Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is well know to be the Archangel who oversees healing… In this free angel meditation he supports you in connecting with the healing light of the Divine to restore vibrant health to your mind, body, and spirit.

This angel message is channeled by Melanie Beckler and set to the channeled meditation music of Thaddeus to help you effortlessly tune into the presence of Archangel Raphael and the healing love and light of the angelic realms… All you have to do is relax and listen!

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This angel message with Archangel Raphael channeled by Melanie is also available for you transcribed here:

Dearest one, I am Archangel Raphael present with you now, surrounding you with love and here with your team of healing guides and angels. We surround you with divine love and with an orb of angel energy healing light.

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Tune in to this orb of light appearing around you, with an iridescent glow. It surrounds your body, mind, spirit, emotions; it surrounds your entire being.

Tune in to the light around you, focus on this healing light, and now envision it expanding around you to embody the fullness of your greater self. Angel energy healing light expanding outward to surround your home, your country, your earth, and everything.

Tune in to the feeling, the sense and knowing of your connection to this energy of oneness flowing throughout everything.

Feel and experience your oneness with all.

Breathe and relax, and now focus on your heart, as we shine a spotlight of divine healing frequency upon your heart chakra, the portal allowing you to access the divine realms, the energy center allowing you to access infinite healing from the Divine and from the angels.

Focus on your heart, open your heart, and enter inward. At this time, imagine an orb of angel energy healing is above your head, glowing like the sun above you. Feel the energy and the warmth from this orb of healing light connected to the Divine and connected to All That Is.

Allow yourself to remain focused within and yet aware of the orb of angel energy healing above you. Know that you are surrounded with light, you are safe, and you are protected.

At this time, the orb of angel energy healing above you begins to lower down. Imagine it now flowing down, over your head, filling your mind with divine healing light, healing energy for your eyes, your ears, your head, your face, neck and shoulders.

As this light passes down through your physical being, feel yourself letting go of tension, density, and of any stress or strain. Allow relaxation to take its place. Allow healing to enter in. As the orb continues to move down, allow healing light into your chest, your arms, your upper abdomen, your upper back, your core, your hips, legs, hands, calves, feet; light, healing and love now flow to your fingers and toes and now the light continues to flow down, grounding earth, which is connected to All That s.

Tune in to your entire being now, becoming aware that you are filled with divine healing light, which is radiating outward from your open heart and filling your entire being.

Let the light naturally circulate as you breathe in. Imagine you’re drawing in more healing light energy of the Divine as you inhale and, as you exhale, feel light cycling through your being.

Breathe in the light and as you exhale, allow it to flow to any area in need of healing. Feel the warmth of the healing light gather in the specific area that will most serve you.

Continue to breathe in healing light, and as you breathe out, feel it cycling through your being, naturally releasing all that no longer serves. As this happens your team of guides and angels swoop in to release any negativity and density into the light.

Continue with this visualization that you are filled with healing light and that it is cycling throughout your being, replenishing your every cell, purging your cells of all that no longer serves.

Allow the light to work its magic; renewing, refreshing, revitalizing each and every cell. It is reawakening your body’s natural ability to heal itself, reawakening your natural ability to heal yourself and to heal others. This healing is made possible by opening your heart and allowing the divine healing light, which is naturally present in every moment, to flow through, allowing yourself to radiantly shine divine light.

Your heart is opening, allowing the healing power of love to cycle through your being, allowing the angels’ energy healing orb of light around you now to heal your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs. The light is bringing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs into alignment with radiant well-being, bringing healing to your physical body, replenishing and renewing your spirit for the highest and greatest good. And so it is.

Open your heart, tune in to the healing orb around you. Radiate, shine, enjoy this healing light for as long as you like, knowing that as you relax and simply become present with this healing energy, with your open heart, healing, rejuvenation, alignment with divine love naturally occurs. Healing for your body, mind, and spirit, a final surge of healing light flows in from your team of angel energy healing guides and angels… Healing. Divine Love. And so it is.

~Archangel Raphael channeled by Melanie Beckler

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