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soul purposeUncover Your Soul Purpose

By Sheelagh Maria

Every soul came from source or creator, every soul has a twin flame, and every soul also belongs to a Soul Tribe and Soul Family, these compromise of the main characters in your life and some that will come and go.

Each soul has been male and female, young and old, aggressor and victim. Each soul is divine and beautiful and capable of incredible things whatever our role money flows and personal circumstances.

The angels want you to know that there were special reasons that you incarnated and there is not just one reason you are here on earth. Your Soul Purpose is made up of many things.

Soul Theme

Every soul has an overriding theme of their life, for some it is to heal others, for some it is to clear up old lessons, for some it is to lead others, and for some it is to be led. Some souls come here as Mystical Entities, and these souls are those that shape the way that we think and view society.

Mystical Entities

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Some souls that fall under this category will be seen as victims in the eyes of the world, and they usually affect a ripple of conscious change as a result of their lessons.

Some souls under this category are aggressors such as some of the famous dictators, at soul level their mission was to help humanity determine what compassion, forgiveness and boundaries are all about. No soul is evil, they simply like actors play a certain role for the growth and benefit of the whole.

Mystical entities can be in a normal persons life. If you are the parent of a child with special abilities, or with special needs, it is likely you are gifted with a highly evolved soul, who wanted to help you to grow and to teach others about compassion, living in the present moment and unconditional love.

Some Mystical entities are great leaders, and others are people that we only hear about when a tragedy befalls them and highlights an area where change is needed.

Career or Vocation

Often healers are drawn into their fields because of an overriding sense of compassion or desire to serve,. Yet often this desire to heal and serve the light is not actually their sole Soul purpose. Very often their soul purpose will be something like honouring themselves whilst serving others, or allowing themselves to see that abundance is spiritual and that its good to receive whilst offering service work.

Someone who is a high flyer or who is focused on material items will still have the ability to be a healer, it could be that their service or product enables life to be easier for people that have difficulty in some way, and so their contribution to the earth plane equips others to find their task.

A person who feels strongly in caring or serving others is often a healer but may not consider themselves special or gifted spiritually, these are actually the heart centered highly compassionate individuals that came here to fulfill an oath to the light, and interestingly enough the angels do not consider someone who believes in the after life to be spiritual it is being the best person you can be and being of service to your self and the world that makes you spiritual in their eyes.


Your life has lessons agreed with others before you incarnated. Some of these lessons are inevitable, yet the way that they affect you afterwards is down to you. In theory once learned the lesson is finished, however what often happens is that the soul feels this is then what is expected for him or her and carries on attracting circumstances similar to the lesson content.

Your final parting point from the earth plane can happen early or late, and sometimes it is part of a lesson or gift for others around you that decides ‘when’ and how this will come about. Very often when people have taken their lives unexpectedly and caused great sorrow and grief for their families, it can be that they simply agreed this to provide a framework for soul growth and was actually an act of supreme love, that is not yet understood by those still in the physical.

Your legacy the angels tell me is not how you died but how you lived, in those quiet moments when you were not sure what to do, when you helped someone and you didn’t have too, when you put others before yourself and yet also when you tended to your own needs above others

The angels want you to know that you can always improve your life, their is no ‘set’ of circumstances that can not be improved

Create and navigate

So if you've always had a bad relationship with money and it just doesn’[t ‘stay’ with you or if you have toxic relationships, or perhaps you just can’t experience success with work and career the chances are that the lesson either hasn’t integrated, or you are simply referring to a set of circumstances that are now producing more evidence than they need to. It can ALL be improved and changed

In a Magical Manifestation reading we will look at you over all soul purpose, we will look at any ‘themes’ that are running with you and ensure the lesson is understood, and any vows contracts or agreements that are long overdue for cancellation will also be terminated. We will bring healing into you energy bodies and evict any entities or energies that are not yours and not helping you to receive and allow beautiful change and opportunities to come in.

In a Love reading we will look at any agreements or vows that are preventing you or your partner from experiencing easy, flow where love and affection are concerned and we will also help to cleanse and uplift energy fields in both concerned to ensure you can both see and feel clearly what is desired next.

In a 6 month forecast we will look at opportunities coming up for you over the next few months and also the angels that you can call on and tips to ensure you get the most out of every opportunity that is around you, we wil also help you to expand INTO any desired outcomes energetically creating a space where change can flow in easily.

There is so much help available and sometimes its about showing the Universe you are ready!

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Ready to be loved, ready to be abundant ready to accept responsibility for the way your life is, this is said to you so that you understand even if on the face of it we are victims, when we realise that we all create our reality through our focus we can CHOOSE and Create something different, something open, loving, supportive and ultimately this is what your spiritual team want for you.


Wishing you a peaceful magical and beautiful now

Sheelagh and the angels


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About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. I’v experienced many of the things mentioned above and I’m learning many things, I wish I could be ready to meet my twin flame.

  2. Can you please help me understand some point in this great article? So basically the deeds of the dictators (Hitler and such) have been divinely planned beforehand? To slaughter millions of people to teach humanity something? It is my understanding that major events in our lives have been planned before coming here, be that positive or negative. Kindly thank you for your time. Love & Peace

  3. I feel I have met a soul mate but at the same time I know this is not the one. It’s like I’ve waited a thousand years and yet most times I know what is going to be said or done before it happens and feelings are strong. this is sort of confusing. like to be able to understand. Thank You

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