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What Is Cosmic Consciousness & How to Tune In ?

Have you ever had the experience of gazing up at the night sky, and just being overtaken by a sense of awe and wonder at the vastness of it all?

Star gazing is an activity that has inspired humans for centuries. It reminds us of how small we really are in the grand scheme of things, and that we're a part of something that's much larger and more mysterious than we can imagine, or even understand from our ordinary state of mental consciousness.  

There are millions of stars and galaxies, and for each of them, there is a different story. Every star is unique, and as we look at them from our perspective on Earth, we are reminded that life is full of mystery and truly infinite possibility. And yet, within our Earthly lives its all too easy to get pulled into the mundane. The challenges and obstacles we face have a way of making us forget how small we are in the vastness of creation.

We get tied up in our everyday experience via the stories, challenges and to-do-lists of normal life, forgetting, or ignoring how much more is happening in every single moment…

But then, at certain times, perhaps while deep in nature, enjoying a breathtaking view, or marveling at the vastness of the night sky we have an aha moment – an awakening of sorts – where we experience a higher level of consciousness.

A level of conscious awareness in which we remember, experience, or understand on some level that all beings are connected through a shared consciousness and experience, that while we may appear as being separate, the underlying truth is that we are One, with All.

This is a taste, of what ancient spiritual traditions and philosophers have pointed to for eons…

A taste of Cosmic Consciousness.

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What is cosmic consciousness?

Cosmic Consciousness Cosmic consciousness is a term used to describe an elevated level of awareness and understanding of the universe, and one's place within it.

As a philosophical concept, cosmic consciousness has been discussed for centuries and is a term used to attempt to describe and point to an expanded level of awareness and perception that is beyond duality.

Cosmic consciousness itself is a term coined by the 19thcentury philosopher and mystic Richard Maurice Bucke, used to describe a higher level of spiritual awareness.

Cosmic Consciousness could be said to be an awakened level of consciousness, that is quite literally beyond cognition of the normal, lower or ordinary mind … What we often call the ego mind, ordinary consciousness, or personality self.

It is a state where we experience a sense of union with the universe, a feeling of being part of something greater than oneself. It is a state of being beyond the individual ego, in which one experiences a deep sense of peace, joy, and oneness with the cosmos.

Cosmic Consciousness occurs when the human mind is expanded beyond the limited awareness of the self, so that ones perception expands and enters into an awareness and direct experience of oneness and unity with the Universe.

This state of expanded awareness is associated with feelings of connected-ness, expanded awareness and unity with the Universe, Source, the Divine, with God, the Infinite, and with the space between.

Cosmic consciousness is infinite, and yet, it is accessible… Pouring onto this planet now in order to serve and assist in awakening the consciousness of humanity to higher levels of awareness at the level of the divine.

How to Tune Into & Access Cosmic Consciousness:

How To Tune Into Cosmic Consciousness:

When a state of cosmic consciousness is experienced, as an individual moves from intellectually knowing or even believing in oneness of the universe, into directly knowing and experiencing this higher reality. To embody a level of cosmic consciousness is to transcend the ordinary mental consciousness and paradigm of the ego.

What Is Cosmic Consciousness Attaining a state of cosmic consciousness could be said to be one of the main goals of a yoga or meditation practice, and it is development of consciousness and the state of awareness new age teachings are referring to when talking about ascension

And because awakening and human development is supported now, and cosmic energy is pouring into the Earth and is available in abundant waves right now – it's more easy to access this heightened level of awareness and perception now than ever before.

Its just about tuning in!

To tune into cosmic consciousness, stand up, open your legs, and spread your arms.

Open your heart.

Open your entire field.

Open and just allow your awareness to lift, to shift, to tune in right here and now …

To what is now and has always been available …

In the space between breaths …

Nothing else to do, nothing else to prepare for, learn or understand…

Just Allow!

Just open to the waves and ways of cosmic consciousness, cosmic energy, and Divine Source Presence – The cosmic Christ consciousness – accessible and available to you within now.

It is streaming into this present point in time now to awaken the cosmic conscious levels of your incredible mind that expands so far beyond this physical dimension and plane.

It expands so far beyond your mental body, your emotional body, your auric body, so far beyond your light body to literally merge you in every moment with the All, unified Source, the One.

It awaits you to simply allow and tune in.

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Take the Next Step

The task before you, in this moment now, is quite simply to take your next step.

The gateway to the new you – the gateway to a higher embodied expression of your divine truth anchored in your physical temple, in this reality, in physical form – is available.

The staircase of light is right there in front of you.

Now, just think about getting centered, becoming aware, fully present, fully here and now …

Aware of what's happening in your field …

Aware of what's happening in your mind, in your emotions, in your body.

With that awareness, in becoming aware, you can then recognize what's out of alignment with what you truly desire, with who you really are:

Cosmic consciousness, divine light being, one with Source.

And when you become aware of something out of alignment with that, transmute it.

Use the violet flame. And then be aware.

What is your very next step?

See it before you. Keep your heart open. Take it with love.

Know that these higher frequencies of light, higher states of awareness, the magic, the beauty, the incredible energy that you know deep down is available to you, is calling for you, beckoning you.

Your soul, the God light in you, is beckoning you to merge.

You can do that by taking your very next step, entering in, letting your heart open, letting light fill all of your fields.

Tune into the cosmic consciousness available to you now and enjoy!

Mystical Experiences

In opening to cosmic consciousness, we open ourselves to experiencing the mystical.

Mystical experiences often involve a sense of oneness with the universe and a deep understanding of its interconnectedness. In opening to the mystical, we expand our simple consciousness to a higher state of awareness that is far beyond our regular day-to-day experience.

These experiences can be incredibly powerful, often leaving a profound impacton those who experience them. They may include feelings of awe, peace, joy, or even fear as we come face-to-face with the mysterious unknown. Although mystical experiences may appear overwhelming at first, they are ultimately empowering and life-changing events that can provide us with an entirely new perspective on life.

Mystical experiences can also provide a connection to our own inner divinity, helping us to tap into our deepest potentials and access new realms of understanding.

Ultimately, opening to mystical experiences is an integral part of beginning to understand the theory of cosmic consciousness, which is quite literally beyond comprehension of the ordinary mind. We cannot understand cosmic consciousness in its full essence unless we expand, rise, and awaken to experience it.

Through opening to that expanded experience, through deep meditation, or other catalyzing moments where we transcend the ordinary … Deep personal transformation and meaningful growth becomes possible.

In expanding our consciousness to experience even a taste of that state which is truly cosmic, we stand to gain many valuable insights about our place in the universe and how we fit into it all.

With love and bright blessings,

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