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Weekly Angel Card Readings – How Do They Work?

How Do Group Weekly Angel Card Readings Work?

“How can a Weekly Angel Card Reading be for everyone at once? Shouldn't each person have their own Angel message?”

This is a question I' received recently in response to the Weekly Angel Card Reading videos I've been publishing on YouTube.

Here's my response:


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If you like this video… Be sure to subscribe on YouTube!Really, there are a couple of reasons why the Angel messages are able to speak to everyone who listens to them – and why they are accurate for everyone who listens to them. Weekly Angel Card Readings First, we are collectively all connected. We live different lives and have different personalities, challenges, struggles, strengths, and opportunities appearing at different times. At any one time, we are all experiencing certain themes.

There are waves of energy that flood onto the planet and there's always a current energy possibility that affects everyone. When I do the weekly Angel Card Readings, the Angels are tuning into the energetic possibilities, probabilities, and potential challenges we all will be experiencing. And based on this, the angels deliver their messages.

Angels Operate Outside of Time and Space

Now, the really cool thing about Angel Card Readings and bringing through Angel messages is that the Angels operate outside of time and space. So, you and I experience time in a linear fashion. Things happened in the past and there are certain possibilities for the future. And yet, we always experience in this point of the now.

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Angels are also always present in the point of the now. Except in their now, they're aware of every future possibility, every past occurrence, and every parallel experience. So, a lot is going on for the Angels at any one time, but they're perfectly equipped to handle this.

Angels can be with multiple people at the same time when we call upon them. When I call them in to do an Angel card reading, they are aware of the fact that you'll be watching the video or listening to the channeled Angel message. You’re watching in what is my future, but it’s your present. The Angels, channeling through me in what we see as the past, are totally aware of all of that happening at once.

Release Illusion

Angels are able to address the most important themes, sticking points, challenges, and opportunities. In the case of these readings, they are able to provide guidance to help us all, to open our hearts, and shine our light. That's one of the huge possibilities for us all at this time: to ascend into more of our power, to improve our lives, to co-create blessings with the Angels and directly with the Divine.

So much of that is made possible through getting out of the mind, releasing illusion and negativity, and entering into love, light, presence, and peace.

The Collective Energies

We're all connected. Certain challenges and themes appear in consciousness that we're all dealing with at once and the Angels speak to that as well. The Angels are able to deliver a message to a group of people and touch directly each individual who will listen.

I can't tell you the number of times different people have said “This was exactly meant for me.” Or on channeled Angel messages, the people who have said “This is exactly what I needed to hear. It's like you were channeling just for me.” And the reason is because I am.

The Angels know where you are, they know that you'll listen, and they are speaking to you.

Further Angelic Guidance On How This Works

Since I have cards here, and we’re talking about readings, I'm going to draw a card to tune into additional angelic guidance now!

“Angels, what else do you want us to know about your connecting to us through Angel Card Readings?”

Listen to Your Gut Feelings The card I drew, and the message that the Angels want us to know is to listen to your gut feelings.

While a message channels through me during an Angel Card Reading, the Angels are there with you.

Listen to your gut feelings, intuitive responses, and guidance.

The message coming through me is going to be more general in nature because it is speaking to thousands of people. When you listen to that message, the Angels can make it specific for you. I may channel through something like “The doors of opportunity are opening for you and you know in your gut feeling that that means you're finally going to be able to… get a new job, start your business, improve your health, attract a partner, and align with a new source of financial abundance.”

So, listen to your gut feeling as to the specific messages for you alongside the Angelic guidance flowing through me in the Angel Card Reading.

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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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