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A Beginners Guide to Understanding Auras

I’m willing to bet that you’ve had a ton of energetic experiences in your life.  In fact, I’m sure you’re having them every day.

Ever meet someone new and feel really drawn to them and like them right away?  Or the opposite, ever meet someone and for no reason at all they just rub you the wrong way within the first five minutes?

Have you ever known that someone was hiding a problem from you?  Ever switched your seating in order to feel more comfortable or relaxed?

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All of that is energy; and energy is sensed and filtered through your aura.

Now, I’m aware that at some point in time, auras got a reputation for being a little out there.  This is unfortunate because everything that’s made up of energy (which is everything) has an aura, or energy field.  Getting familiar with it and learning to use it as a valuable tool is a powerful step on the spiritual path.

What is the aura?

Simply put, your aura is your energetic field.  In yoga it’s known as the subtle body. Everything that exists has an aura.  You can learn this in any high school physics class.  Regardless of what you can see, when energy moves, vibrates, and buzzes, it creates an electromagnetic field.

Your aura, and the auras of all other humans, is a large oval shape that extends in front and behind you, above and below you, and also passes through your body. It contains the energy from all three of your bodies:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.  All the energy you generate is contained in your aura.  Amazingly, it contains your story, your history, and all the different aspects that make you, you.

You can think of the aura as the exterior, while your chakra system is the interior.

What does the aura do?

Primarily, your aura acts as a buffer between you and all the other energies around you. Just like you interact with people throughout the day, your aura is interacting with other auras.  When this happens, on a subconscious level, you’re gaining a small understanding of their energy and experiences. We’re energetic beings, so when you think about it, it makes sense that your aura is interacting with every energy field that it comes into contact with.

Most of the time, these interactions are minor and you’re largely unaware.  If emotions rise, the interactions can be more impactful.  Many times, parts of other energy fields get entangled with yours and you take them with you as you go along.  Over time, these other energies can build up and cause stagnation in your three bodies.  Your mood and physical health might be affected.  This is why spiritual cleansing and home cleansing are so important.

Keeping your Aura Clean

When your energy field is clean and flowing, so are you. Because your aura contains the energy of all that you are, it’s vital to keep it free from the energetic influences in your environment in order to maintain your own freedom and clarity.

If your aura is your energetic buffer, then a clogged buffer simply won’t serve you as best it should. It’s a similar concept to changing the filters on your vehicle.  You have to do regular maintenance to keep everything in your life running smoothly. If not, negative energies are able to get close to your chakras and your core being.

Without regular cleansing to remove outside energy, your auras ability to serve you diminishes. When this happens, a wide range of symptoms occur.

Symptoms of a torn, weakened, or energetically cluttered aura include: Mood disorders or loss of emotional stability as well as feeling lost or lacking purpose. And finally, a “dirty” or weakened aura can and will lead to physical illness, pain, or disease.

I'm not telling you this to scare you, rather to recommend and encourage you to you take care of your energetic body. Energy never lies.  If you’re feeling sluggish, or you’ve been feeling unusually fatigued for a while, take some time to balance your chakras and cleanse your aura, either as a self-practice or by going to a healer.

Your aura will thank you for it.

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Learning to See Auras 

While the aura is made up of energy, by opening to your subtle, psychic, and multidimensional senses, you can learn to see auras!

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How to See Auras

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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