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Transcending Duality – Ascending into the Experience of Divine Neutrality and Triality 

Transcend Duality to Align with Divine Neutrality Today!

Transcending Duality Into Divine Neutrality Duality is the paradigm of light, dark, good, bad, right, wrong, fear, love. Right now, we are ascending into more of our authentic truth, into higher vibrations of love and light in the higher realms. Because of this, the paradigm of duality no longer needs to exist. We are transcending duality.

We are transcending duality and moving into triality.

What is triality?

Rather than judging something as good or bad, we ask, “Is this in alignment with the highest interest of all or is this not in alignment with the highest interest of all?” We’re able to step back and observe the underlying balance; to observe with divine neutrality.

Even when it comes to incredibly horrific events and happenings in the world, we’re able to trust in the divine plan, to trust in the ascension process, to trust that these events are happening in order to help more people awaken. This doesn't mean that they’re good. In fact, they’re neither good, nor bad, they simply are. This is divine neutrality.

Take Action That is in Alignment with Your Inspiration

If you feel charged up about something that's happening in the world, this is a key indicator that you’re meant to do something about it. Instead of resisting or fighting against it, ask yourself what you can do about it. Journal, meditate, contemplate on it and then shift out of judgment and into action.


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Take action that is in alignment with your inspiration, intuition, guidance, and your core intention (which is important to get clear on as well).

When your action and your intention and your entire beingness are in alignment with your wellbeing and highest and greatest good, and also the wellbeing and benefit in the highest and greatest good of all, this is triality.

Unity Consciousness

As we continue to ascend, unity consciousness is rising to the surface. More than ever, the connections between us all, the authentic heart-to-heart light, the ability to serve and love each other in a way that is supportive to all and that serves and benefits all life and are coming into balance. We are coming into a higher vibrational level of love and light. This is what ascension is all about.

Release Lower Vibrations

Transcending Duality We’re transcending duality, lifting into the higher levels of love to no longer be plagued by the lower vibrations of fear, doubt, judgment, and ego. If this is still coming up for you, don't judge yourself. Instead, love yourself through them.

Release into the light and release over to the Angels. Purify your mind, body and spirit to make yourself a clear vessel for the higher levels of light, so that you can embody more light. Step into divine neutrality, into triality of acting in alignment with the highest and greatest good of all.

Living In Alignment With the New Earth

When something comes up that you don't like, that wrenches your gut, or that triggers your emotions, trust that a divine plan is playing out to bring the earth into greater light. The divine plan is to bring the animal kingdoms, plant kingdoms, humanity, and all souls across the lines of time into a greater level. This is the new paradigm. A new earth that is in greater alignment with the higher levels of unconditional love.

In The Process of Transcending Duality, Here's Some Things to Remember:

We have some work to do in order to get there. A powerful part of this process is stepping back from those default reactions of judgment.

  • Triality is the experience of divine neutrality and the experience of, “Is this in the highest and greatest good of all or is this not in alignment with the highest and greatest good of all?”
  • Make sure that your actions, intentions, and your entire beingness are in alignment with your wellbeing and highest and greatest good of all
  • Move into trusting, observing, and acting in alignment with the wellbeing of all
  • Continue to return to presence in the moment with love in your heart and with light in your energy field

You’re making such a powerful difference right here and right now.

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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