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Your Total Life Makeover Is Underway…

A Total Life Makeover!?

Do you realize what's happening now?

It's Divinely guided…

Its a Total Life Makeover.

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The changes the Universe is carrying you through now are so much more than skin deep…

This isn't about getting a new hairstyle, wardrobe or living room design.

What is happening now is an enormous wave of change and transformation that is reaching into every far corner of your life.

Right now you are being presented with a huge opportunity to more deeply align with your highest soul purpose, your authentic truth, and who you really are.

Has your life felt a bit like a roller-coaster recently?

If so, you're not alone!

Total Life Makeover It's not easy transitioning out of density and into the higher realms of love…

It's not easy being in the midst of a shift like this with huge changes and infinite unknown…

It's far from being easy…

But I'm here now to remind you, that you are in the process of stepping into your full light.

You are in the process of bringing the fullness of your higher enlightened self into the physical.

You're bringing your full spiritual light, power, and wisdom into your life.

This process is powerful, and the result will be rewarding beyond measure…

But for the ego, it's like pulling teeth.

The ego is having to let go of the old paradigm that it wants to desperately hold onto…

Your ego, it's fighting your shift into embracing the radiantly brilliant truth of who you really are.

It's trying to pull you back into old tensions, patterns, and drama.

But remember, you are not your ego!

You are a spiritual being.

You are a Divine being, and at any moment you can choose to step back in perspective, out of ego and into a place where you can simply observe.

You can choose to reconnect with Love, Spirit, and Truth.

And there is so much support available to you, when you make the time…

  • To meditate daily.
  • To cleanse and uplift your energy.
  • To cut and release cords that are draining you.
  • To tune into the personal guidance available to you from God, and the angels.
  • To laugh, relax, and enjoy.
  • To breathe and shift into the perspective of observer.
  • To return to love.

And you know what?

I have something that can help you to do all of this…

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With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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