Stop and Smell the Roses Meaning -
Stop and smell the roses

Stop and Smell the Roses Meaning

Stop and Smell the RosesTake the time to stop and smell the roses

There's an old saying you've probably heard many times…

It goes, “stop and smell the roses every day.”

It's actually really powerful advice because roses carry the incredible vibration of love, and so stopping to smell them will help you to raise your vibration, and quickly shift your energy in a positive way.

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But this saying is not just about smelling flowers.

It's also a reminder to slow down, to enjoy the beauty of life, and to take the time to breathe, be, and reconnect with the energy of love in the present moment.

Stopping to smell the roses is about living with a deeper sense of love, gratitude and appreciation for all the incredible blessings of life.

It's about viewing reality through lenses of love and tuning into the love available here and now.

Because love really is available in every moment.

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But I get that it can sometimes be challenging to choose love.

It can be difficult to make the shift out of the mind and into the heart.

And so luckily, we have angels to help with this!

In this free angel message, Archangel Uriel guides you to quiet the voice of ego, and release limiting beliefs and limitations so you can recognize and experience the Divine Love and Oneness present within you and within all.

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Listen, lift, and enjoy as Uriel supports you in tuning into unlimited love, so you can more easily…

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With light and love,

Melanie Beckler

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