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Angels and Flowers!

Angel Flowers? Yes!

Angels and flowers really do go together hand in hand. Learn more about the angelic energy of flowers and how they can help you connect with angels! Angels and flowers really do go hand in hand… Here's why:

Angels are connected to the Earth, to the trees, to flowers, and to all of life…

And flowers are connected to Angels in that flowers carry a very pure and uplifting vibration of peace, harmony and joy. Flowers are a clear expression of the divine within nature.

When I was first learning to connect with the angelic realm, the angels would often say “look for us in the flowers”. Although angels are connected to everything, they are especially attuned to the vibration of flowers. As you begin to look for the presence of angels in your life, thinking about them, inviting them into your life, and imagining their presence in nature, in flowers, and in the clouds, your experience of the angels will become more real, and more profound.

All flowers carry healing and uplifting vibrations which will help you on your spiritual path. In addition, there are certain flowers which are known to attract specific angelic beings, here is a quick look at these special “angel flowers” and the types of angels they can help you to align with. Which of these flowers are you most drawn to? This intuitive knowing can help you to realize which angels can most serve you now as well.

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Angels and Flowers

flowers and angels Honeysuckle will help you learn to be fully present in the moment, to learn from the past, release it and move on. Honeysuckle is closely attuned to the messenger angels, who speak, radiate and bring messages of divine love into your life. Meditate with honeysuckle to begin to tune into the messages of the divine through angels.

Gardenia will support and provide stimulus for spiritual growth. Gardenia attracts angels who assist in releasing worry, and also angels to assist you in opening to more prosperity. This includes abundance of love, money, spirituality, and all things good. Connect with the angels who extinguish worry by working with Gardenia.

Hyacinth brings a calm quality of knowing. Hyacinth is a natural mood elevator which vibrates with constant love. Hyacinth will help you to attract your soul angels to you. Soul Angels  serve to assist you in knowing and bringing your authentic soul qualities and light into your life.

Roses carry the vibration of love and passion. Traditionally known as a “flower of love” roses will indeed attract angels of love into your experience. Romantic love, self love and unconditional love are all within the scope of what the angels of love wish to help you learn and experience.

Lilacs radiate joy, happiness, and youthful innocence. Lilac will help you to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can align with more joy in life. Lilacs attract angels of happiness. Happiness angels serve by helping you move in the direction of happiness, they will “train” you to live life in the moment with joy and love, which ultimately aligns you with even more happiness and goodness.

If you're wanting to meet and know your angels… Stop and smell the flowers, and remember to look for the presence of angels as you do. If it's winter where you are, or if you're indoors you can still tune into the power of flowers by meditating on a picture of a flower, or purchasing flower essences.

Take a moment to breathe and just be present with these flowers, and with practice you will be able to feel that you are in the presence of angels as well.

Do you feel the presence of angels in the flowers? Was this post helpful? Leave me a comment below and let me know, I love hearing from you! 🙂

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, grow, grow.” ~The Talmud

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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