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Spirit Signs~ Top 4 Signs From Spirits

spirit signs

Signs From Your Loved Ones In Spirit

Have you ever wanted to connect with a deceased loved one? Or maybe you've wondered if your family members, who are now in spirit, are with you and trying to get your attention?

While I primarily work with high vibrational spiritual beings like guides and angels, I have had experiences on numerous occasions where I've been contacted by my ancestors, and loved ones from beyond the veil.

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When a person dies their soul lives on. The angels speak of death more in terms of the ultimate awakening, rather than a sad or scary thing lurking in the shadows…

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It is important to note when connecting with deceased people, that they carry the vibrations of their physical life with them into the spirit world until specifically addressed and remedied. A person who was often angry and irritable when they were alive, or who died from an illness, will have this energy within their vibrational energy signature until it is healed during their time in spirit.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of their presence, or listen to the messages they have for you, but it does mean you need to set boundaries. Don't let the spirits of deceased ones into your energy field (as is safe with guides and angels of of light) as this can actually lower your vibration, and it is possible for you to take on density from lower vibrational beings in this manner.

There are also spirits who were once physical beings, but who died while still attached to people, possessions, who were afraid… Or for some other reason did not cross over into the light. When this happens, they exist between the physical and spiritual realm, and their very presence is dense, and can drain your energy or make you feel uncomfortable because they haven't reconnected with the Divine light. These earthbound spirits are getting energy from the physical realm by consciously or unconsciously draining the living, instead of directly linking with Source.

A simple solution for earthbound spirits, ghosts, or attachments who are looking to get energy from you instead of Source, (or in the case of a loved one who needs help crossing over) is to call upon Archangel Michael for protection, and Archangel Azrael, and Jesus to help cross them over into the light. Call in the angels, and speak directly to the earthbound spirit, saying “look up, and release into the light”.

With that being covered, your ancestors and loved ones in spirit, may reach out to make contact with you. Spirits do this because they want to check in, let you know that you're loved, and that they're safe and well. At times your deceased loved ones have pertinent guidance they can offer you, to help you overcome challenges, and progress forward on your personal life journey.

If you do sense, or feel your loved ones may be reaching out and trying to get your attention, it is likely for a reason, as making contact in this way takes a great deal of energy and focus on their part.

Signs from spirits are most often subtle. Since your loved one is now 100% in the spiritual realm, they have no need for language (a tool for the 3D plane) and so their messages may be conveyed energetically, via a feeling, impression, sign, image… Or there may be a telepathic message for you.

To help you decipher if what you're experiencing could be an attempt from your loved one to let you know they're OK, and that they're with you, and looking out for you…
Here are the four the most common signs from spirits.

1. Dreams

The dreamspace is one of the most common ways for spirits to make contact. When you're dreaming, you're naturally more open to the spiritual realms, so it's easier for your loved ones to reach you, connect, and interact. Pay attention to the additional symbols, themes, and emotions present in your dream to get an idea of the message your loved one is attempting to convey. I have been contacted by my grandparents several times through dreams, each time I woke up feeling excited, and inspired by the loving, and meaningful dream time connection.

Click here to learn more about visitation dreams! 

2. Spirit Signs

Spirits are able to send all kinds of signs, some more obvious than others, to alert us to their presence. Have you been seeing your grandmothers favorite flower everywhere, or perhaps a number or symbol which reminds you of your loved one? This very well may be them alerting you to their presence. Animals, birds, or butterflies acting strangely, or appearing at a significant time can also be a sign from spirit.

3. Electrical Interference

Spirits can trigger the phone to ring (and no one is there), or they may cause radios, TV's and lights to turn on, off, or to flicker without any other explanation. Your TV mysteriously turning off is one thing, but combine that with a strong feeling that your loved one is near, is a great indication this is a sign from spirit. My grandmother loves this method of making contact, and many spirits do.

4. Subtle and Psychic Senses

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Your psychic and intuitive senses are by themselves, and combined with any of the above signs, a wonderful way to experience the presence of spirit and to validate the signs you're experiencing.

Seeing your mothers favorite number is one thing, but sensing and knowing she is with you as you do is that extra validation so you can know what you're experiencing is real. Smell is an especially common way for spirits to alert us to their presence, and one I've experienced many times. Once I remember catching the scent of my grandfathers cologne as I received a mental impression and feeling of his support and approval… Did your loved one smoke, and you keep smelling smoke without being able to identify the source? Scent is often used by spirits as a way to remind us they love us, and that their spirit lives on.

These are the top signs from spirit which I have received, but your loved ones may reach out to contact you in another way also. With present moment awareness, and by paying attention to your subtle senses, you will be able to affirm and validate whether what you're experiencing is indeed a sign from spirit or a sign your deceased loved ones are around.

Ready for more? Click Here to learn more about Connecting With Your Loved Ones in Spirit. 

With love and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. I have a 2 month old that likes to turn on the microwave ,she also stops. The TV on a commercial that she loves then it takes me forever to get it going then when she gets mad she blows up things I have gone though 2 microwaves when she got mad what do you think

  2. I have been seeing shadows. Muffled conversations and finding screws all over. I have had an electric adapter thrown at me as i walked out into the garage. But i am finding screws outv of nowhere often. One fell on me..could not find any fixtures with missing screws. What’s going on

    1. I have Epilepsy since I was 4. But linked to the Cosmos at birth I am able to do things think are not possible or want to believe. But it’s no joke whatever they think.
      My personality CHARACTERISTICS consists of many things. That doesn’t mean I have to be rejected by ever person I try to be with.
      I had a rollercoaster past but still now naturally have excelled above my parents conscience levels with ease. Wonder why I’m on earth 🌐 even though I care what is happening to it and love the elements outdoors and animals and weather.
      But have always been closer to my celestial family 👪.

  3. My dad died when i was 13, May 14th, 2012. Murdered in California. He built our home in Corydon, IN, lived there for 13 years at that time. I was a daddys girl, ive never got talked to about death. Every night i woke up at 3:33 am, heart racing, sitting up looking dead towards the door. I ended up having to sleep with the lights on, door open, kitchen light on. I know he was there, I could feel him standing there watching me while im dead asleep. I tried not to panic but i never experienced moments like that. He owned a car lot in Louisville, KY. My aunt was luckily on the property mortgage. 3 weeks after the funeral, after being late (7 days for is own funeral, he always said that lol) The area was gated with bob wire, office, garage and another building. Well that night my aunt had got a call from the police saying the alarm was going off from the back garage door which is chained from the inside, you literally have to take the chain off to lift it open, the alarm set off!! Well my aunt got over there and looked around nothing was touched or broken. So she goes to look at the surveillance, theres a misty, smokey, didnt have legs, but has 3 heads from his movement. I have the picture to this day. I wish I could post it.
    Also my older sissy Nikkie 26, died October 27th 2015, (myWholeWorld) died from Jaundice, she was an alcoholic, her liver, and organs shut down on her. She knew she was going to pass away soon, from going to UOfL Hospital. They couldnt helpher. She was too far gone. Even tho we talked everyday, she started calling me every 30 mins telling me how much she loved me. Her kids got took away and got placed with the Father of the kids, which was the reason she drunk herself to death, she was hurt and drank from the time she woke up from the time she went to bed. Nikkie was supposed to get visitations with her boys by herself on the 27th. October 26th, 2015 4 pm i got a phone call from my mother who stated my sissy is at Clark Memorial and isnt doing too good, i got there in 15 mins top. As sson as i walked into the hospital room, I instantly glanced at her and away and walked to the window crying, you could smell death. I pulled myself together and hugged her, she was drunk but also in and out. Mom said ” she told Chuck her belly started to hurt really bad and told him to call the ambulance, then said dont, i have to take those boys trick or treating tomorrow, it was too late…” so my mom leaves, shes (not a good lady BTW). I sit next to her, nurse asks me how was i related, i said im her sissy. Without looking, Nikkie says your not my sissy, I said the hell I aint. Then the nurse was sticking her with a needle, I said “and that is, she says something to let her get some rest.” I say’ ” why shes drunk she doesnt need that.” but thats what the doctor said. I stayed awake all night while it started to rain. I kept asking her to wake up but she wouldn’t.She kept making this noice, ill never forget. She started to bleed from the inside out, I seen blood on her bottom around 12 am. The nurse said she could of bit herself, I said HOW shes sleeping!!!!!!!!! 4:30 Am comes around. I go to rest my eyes before 5Am. literally 2 minutes after my eyes close. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! All I see is nurses running in, and my mom walks in the same time. Nikkie was having trouble breathing. The doctor comes in not even 20 minutes later, saying theres nothing we can do, all of her organs shut down on her, I asked if she could give her my liver, I would take my own life for hers. She said I can’t shes suffering, and the only thing they we can do is let her rest. My mom agrees. My mom literally makes me go get my little sister from the apartment, which was 8 mins away. They told me they would take her off in 10 minutes. I got to my sister and back to my sissy in 8 mins, running every red light, pouring down rain. I get back just in time, they pulled the last plug. I watched her take her last breathe, and screamed and cried till I couldnt no more. Fujneral comes up, I didnt leave her side at all, until the preacher walks up to me and says i wanna pray for you. So I let him. We walked in the other room and I seen him put his hand behind my back without touching me at all, he starts praying, I feel like a buzzing sensation come from his hand to my back, i turned around and said are you touching me, he said no. I was messed up from it, god i Miss her like crazy… After the funeral i get a notifaction from facebook from Nikkie JUST NOW it said.. I click on it and its from a picture of me when i was like 4/5 from 2 years ago from one of my family members, that I remebered seeing 2 years, i scroll down and one of the comments say from Nikkie ” THATS MY SISSY”. She was here still. Then I get kicked out of my moms apartment after my mom goes to jail, they made me go where my sissy lived with my granny, my grannyy was in a rehab facility getting her strength back. I felt so much energy from that home, I would wake straight up from my sleep everyday feeling her presence over top of me. 2 weeks in, I have NOBODY at this point, so I ask my sissys baby daddy to bring me a pack of cigs but dont come in, ill comee get them. Even tho I HATED asking him, but there was nobody else. Well I was putting the sheet on the couch, which I sit down on after, which I never sit on it because you can see right down the hallway if you look right. Well this mf decides to walk right in!!! As soon as he walks in and comes towards me, my head looks straight down the hallway, and I have no idea why, but I keep looking like something is strongly MAD. Even my vision got fuzzy and it felt like the time was going fast but it felt like I was dreaming. He said are you ok, whats down there, I said you need to go now, and i mean now. I felt my tummy twist up like sad and mad at the same time. He left. I told her I was sorry. That night I was in the bathroom on the sink just minding my own buisness and popping my black heads. I hear heavy footsteps literally walk straight into the bathroom. (Mind you I dont go down this hallway at night). I DIPPED. I couldn’t take it anymore. And moved after 30 days, my granny had came back in the process, I literally had her best friend take her to her home and sell that house. Its not that im scared, I’ve just always felt how people feels, and at other places, I get attacked from energy where I get drawned to looking everywhere, as if I feel people watching me, but nobodys looking. Especially at church. I dont think about it EVER, I just feel it. I try to ignore it, but I can’t when it pops up all the time. I dont feel crazy, but people who dont understand, think Im crazy. Only a few know. REST. IN. PEACE. MY. LOVES!!!!!!!

    -Maybe I’ll see how the funeral goes Saturday. ( My husband knows its true, he does it to, but LOW.

    1. I’m a night owl myself so I am up on the middle of the night go with the moon Can do things with electronics or get people out of traffic jams. Also make the cops catch speeders.
      Other things too. Has ESP. Get no thanks but yelled at when I volunteer to help out my mom.
      Sourly she said thanks the next day for helping her.
      Thought 💬 I was gonna get more appreciation than that!

  4. I recently lost my boyfriend. Last night I had a dream of him calling/contacting me on the phone telling me that his lights are getting cut off. What does this mean? I felt like he said “she’s cutting my lights off.” (possibly his sister) but it wasn’t specifically spoken as that. So I dismissed it and take it as he’s getting his lights cut off. 🤔

  5. you can possibly give me an idea of what ive run into in the last weeks. ive aquired 2 little entities, they seem childlike, i cant see them , i dont hear them, i only feel them, both physically and in the mind.
    one grabs on to my 2 feet and squeezes. it is beyond question that this is happening. i cAN feel the warmth i can squuz harder but i know id hurt it. nothing is more obvious than this is a child.
    the other climbs on to my back, and is much more open for suggestion to moving around.
    i talk but they dont make a sound. im thrilled to have the company. i live alone, i am 70. i would love a conversation but ii dont think thats going to happen. could this be a set up for something negative in the future. i dont know where im at living in arleta ca. who could i talk to if not you

  6. I recently lost my husband of 14 years in 2018. He had been ill for 10 years the last 5 were very stressful. He had 4 children grown up that did not bother help etc with his care. Since his passing I saw a gentleman that looked so much like my husband I stopped dead in my tracks. Today I saw the same gentleman again. I again stopped dead in my tracks. Is this a sign ???

  7. My name is jessica, I have just recently found a crystal or a dimond in a strange spot one day since that I have accidentally lost it on several occasions. However each time it has come back to me somehow. Meaning I always find it again.

  8. I’m not crazy, I promise, but I receive funny “coincidences” through the TV. It’s happened about 300 times in the past year. This is what happens: If I say “hello” to someone, the TV says it at the same time. It happens to my kids also. Sometimes it’s a phrase like ” See you later” and it comes out of the TV right when someone says the same thing. People think it’s crazy but I know there’s something to it. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

  9. My dad is about to die and I’m a wreck I don’t really sleep or eat. But I also have had this happen before. Each time I love someone and they are about to die willingly or not i won’t even be thinking about them and all the sudden they come to me and say goodbye or im sorry or i love you and good bye and there not physically or anything around. Today as I was sleeping my dad came to me in my head and said Wake up! My dad is still alive but in the last stages of life and I don’t know what to think about this. Can you please help.

  10. What does it mean when the lights communicate with you.. My lights were blinking once for yes twice for no and we were talking for hours. I also told it to blink 5 times and it did. My friend also saw it. Can anyone explain??

    1. Yes, spirit was communicating with you. This is non-physical energy responding to the vibration-energy you were sending out. Pure positive energy which is infinite intelligence, guides and/or family who have passed on who watch over and guide you. I always ask myself, do I feel safe, Yes, am I being harmed, No, am i comfortable, Yes, is what I’m hearing or seeing speak to me in a question I was just asking, Yes, ok, then listen or observe. Spirit communication is always, always, always here to help us and remind us that we are listened to, heard and loved. XXOO, Christine

    2. Well i have experienced light stuff….and when they blink for me…that let’s me know that someone is getting ready to pass over…..also another experience that i would like to say is that i use to work as a secretary for a few people where i live….and when the lights started to do their show, what i mean is that the lights were going low and then high….just like a heart beat….and this went on for 5 days….after that i went for a walk downtown and seen on the funeral board that there were the people’s names that I use to work for!… about freaky!….i was just in awe of this whole thing……so i try to keep my mind open when the unexplained things happen around me…I am a great believer in the spirits and can’t deny it after what i have seen and experienced in my life today…….

      Take Care Dan Sellaro…..If you have not experienced this light blinking before then the spirits are just trying to communicate with you since they are in spirit form…..prayers go out to you…

  11. I dont smoke but my mother and brother did and they both have passed away. Sometimes when I am driving in my vehicle (that has NEVER been smoked in) I smell cigarette smoke as if they are in the truck with me smoking their cigarette. I got so emotional lastweek I had to stop and pull into a parking lot and park. I know what they are trying to tell me but I feel like there isnt anything I can do. So I said outloud “what do you want me to do?” as I am balling my eyes out>? Sometimes I just want them to leave me alone seriously tell me how to tell them to leave me alone.

  12. I keep finding random screws that don’t belong to anything and not just on the floor but on counters etc….wondering if it’s my dad

    1. If you resonate with screws to be a symbol from your departed father, the answer is Yes. You are being given symbols that reflect his ability to see, hear and assist you. It’s loving reassurance that we do not cease to exist after death of the physical body. We are eternal beings. XXOO Christine

    2. I have the same thing happening to me .. all day today I keep finding screws and one bolt , today is the anniversary of my grandfathers death so I’m not sure if it can be him ? Also I found out today as well one of my friends passed away yesterday so I’m not sure what the screws and bolts can mean ?

  13. I wanted to ask a question for the last few months I have been finding single an random dandelions at first I thought nothing about it but now I have been paying more and more attention I know the flower grows in everyone’s yard but it is not summer yet and they are very scarce this time of year and I just found one just this morning when I was bringing my dog back In the house they are always just one and happen to be in the places I am walking so just wondered if you could provide some insight on this

  14. I would not be afraid you should embrase your gift. I have same experiences daily. Five days before my father past I was in the shower and someone assuming an angel announce to me and wispered in my right ear that my dad was going to die it was a male voice it was loud and clear but in a telephathy way. My father left the country on vacation and I received a call that he die while sleep. On the day of his funeral the priest hand me a heavy metal cross and I placed it linning on a window behind my bed a few days later I walked in my room and was chocked to find the cross on floor approx 15ft away right on the front door of my bedroom. Short after sitting on my sofa I clearly felt a hug. Then one day I was home alone resting on my sofa with the tv and remote control on the other side of the room and the tv turn on on his own. I think something and I see it happend befire the day is over. I can litteraly write a book of the many unexplicable experiences. When I was young I would panic of the thought of my fathers death I had a thought well let it be when I am 50 thought I would be more mature to handle the pain. My dad past when I was 50. With my kids now 34, 27 & 24 everytime I would have a bad feeling it would happend. One of my daughters wanted to go to Colorado river with her friends family I didn’t want her to go I had a strong feeling something tragic was going to happend sure enough the boat owner dived under to pull the ancker and got wrap around with the ancker chain and drown thank god he survived but was in a coma for 2 months. To many stories to tell. Have seen and sence spirits. Have had a couple out of the body experiences etc. I don”t practice anything I am a christian pray daily. I also don’t jnow why this events happend.

  15. I always find white feathers on my path, one day I found a big brown feather and I took a pic of it and I saw a female face printed on the feather. The face looks like my mother who died a year ago.

  16. I lost my son last month May 21 2016 he past in a car accident I had a dream and it was a old boyfriend he told me I had to catch a big fish and i did and we laugh he look like he did when we date it that was 30 yrs ago a week after that dream my son past is that what he was telling me I never dream of or though of him in over 30 yrs I am having a hard time with my son pasting the last time i saw him I said I will see you later did not get the chance to tell him I love him

  17. I have had the telephone ringing when awakening. Also lamps being lightened at midnight. I have got help from my father to find his key to his office when he has just died. When I cleaned his house after he has passed a bird came in, and was flying around in every room, before it fly out again. When I was 60 and had a party I smelled cigarette smoke. I think he was there.

  18. When my Mom passed a few years ago, I had been ill so could not make the funeral 800 miles away. Although I had never had a hummingbird in my yard ever, even with feeders about, a hummingbird came to my back door that is mostly window. it hovered there, facing me, for a long time and gave me shivers as I had nothing red on or near to attract it. My mother loved hummingbirds so much, and it was she saying goodbye.

    When my Dad passed 2 years later, I saw an early Robin, so for fun said “Hi Dad,” as he used to say to Robins about his Mom and Dad when they had passed. The Robin stopped and looked at me, so I was startled. I said out loud, “if you are Dad, hop across the street and come say hi,” and I swear … it did! I sat on the steps and had a conversation with a bird. It was eerie but there were so many other messages, these could not be ignored.

    I love you Mom and Dad! keep those surprises coming!

  19. In normal conversation with my wife while watching tv if we got on the subject of death she always said she would pass first. When she did her hair she would use many many Bobbie pins. She would do her little giggle and say ” you will be finding pins everywhere for years after I die”. I would say don’t talk that way you know it gets me sad. 18 months ago she passed away next to me in bed. A very young acting 50 year old. A senseless mistake by a surgeon on a simple surgery.I’ve vacuumed this carpet countless times since then. Carpet cleaning twice, and as I walk a Bobbie pin is in the middle of my path. Many times I find them and always keep them. Two or 3 months before she started staying up until 1 or 2 am. I’d try to get her to bed but she wanted to stay up. I still don’t know why, unless maybe prayer. Two weeks before her death she looked at me with a smile, a different smile though. She then said ” you would look good driving a pickup truck”. I said babe you know we can’t afford that now and then that smile again and she said, ” you never know” unknown to me she raised her life insurance and added accidental death. A couple of checks came and I was floored.. I went and got that truck. Hardly a time goes by if I’m getting out of the truck at a store someone will say that’s a beautiful truck. I always say thank you and yes she day even a 6 year old girl said that is so pretty I want one. I told her I’m positive one day you will. Now at 18 months I miss her more than ever. Its happening more and more I stop working and have to take a moment. We also worked 8 to 9 hours a day side by side for the same company. There was such a bond. My boss had a little memorial park for her right next to the office. Even a plaque that bares her name and years of service. I pass that plaque every day, go through that same door every day.All I wish is to feel her touch one more time. Now I’m the one sitting up till 2am You know I love you babe.

  20. Hi
    I dont understand myself,I would think of something at home ,and when i get to the office my collegue would be saying the same thing.It would be in the news and people around would be talking about the same thing, and this happens everyday. Some times I would presently see a glimpse of what has happened and know exactly how it happened in the past. its like I have lived in the past . This scares me a lot. Three days back I dished up an extra plate while I counted the plates but there was this extra plate that I dished up.This keeps happening every night.I sometimes feel like screamimg and I have to stop myself and end up feeling heartache with no reason.The next day I will hear that a friend of someone I know has died.I have prayed and asked God for guidance and I have burned incest and lit a candle to get guidance from my uncestors but this rare incidents still occur they do everyday. Am I mad. please answer me.

  21. You mention that you work with high vibrational spiritual beings. Once I was in my apartment sitting on the bed putting my shoes on and an ether like transparent being came to my side. When I look up to it, tears burst out of my eyes from the intense joy-like emotion I felt. I think it was an angel or … ‘?

  22. Do you know why someone may feel a heavy feeling while laying down, couldn’t move, like she was paralyzed; yet at the same time felt so light like she was floating?

  23. I often get my hair touched softly, i know its to let me someone is there, when in time of stress it happens more, am i imaging this ?

  24. I’ve experienced lights flickering after my brother’s death and my son. It went on for two weeks. I’ve had switches turned on, when no one was around. Just a week ago a hummingbird played with the water coming from my garden hose as I watered. It did this for at least 3 minutes. It was no more then 2 feet from me. I miss my son

  25. I very much believe in angels and I know they are with us everyday, we just do not listen to them like we should. I have started to look for advise from my angels since I had congestive heart failure and a triple bypass heart surgery in September of last year.

  26. I lost my father when I was ten never had a chance to say goodbye he was so important to me is he around me is he happy with me and who I have become

  27. I enjoyed reading your article. I had a 3 year old son pass away in 2006. Before he passed, I captured 2 apparitions in a picture I took. I believe they were warning me that my son was going to cross over soon. I have captured orbs in pics for several years now, since he passed. In Sept. 2014, I had radiation surgery done. After this surgery, I kept on feeling like someone was tickling my hair. I decided to take a picture of my head. I was shocked to see a face!!! It is now Feb. 2015 and I am still capturing Spirit faces in my hair and around me. Some of them I recognize and others I don’t. I created a Facebook page with my pictures. Where ever I feel them tickle me is where they show up in my hair.

  28. Hello there, My Sister died in an road accident by feb 2013. as her history has been full of woes after marriage, she always wanted to talk something to all of us including me, mother, father, brother…AN accident also one of the mystery. She was seated at back with her Husband and bike got sleep and she got bend back and hit on the road with the head. She had not been wore the helmet. She injured badly and got immediate into coma. She was in the coma for 15 hours and badly she left us. at the last 8 hours, I was there in her feet. She was just breathing. I felt that she is trying to say me something….really. Shall I contact with her??? please guide me

  29. My mother passed in 1999. Mom was a worrier. especially worried about fire and an electric heater i used to warm my garage in the winter. She always warned me to turn off the heater when I was not in the garage, which I did. The day she passed, I had turned the heater on in the garage. That night, I went to bed without turning the heater off. I realized it, as I laid in bed, trying to go to sleep. Finally, I got out of bed to turn the heater off. When I walked into my garage that night, the heater was on fire. Could this be a sign from my mother ?

  30. Hi i would like to know if it is my love to one in spirit trying to connect with met or someone higher as I have the same little Fluff robin who has visited every day , and just as I am typing this the little robin has popped up 🙂 xx thankyou
    Mandy xx

  31. I lost my dad very suddenly 3 months ago to cancer. my dad and I were very close. I need to know he is here but I have not had any signs.

  32. I have a friend that died about a month ago from cancer. I watch her children in my daycare. I take her little one a lot everywhere I go and he’s always at my house. Last night where he was sitting I happened to see a little leaf that was in the shape of a heart laying right beside him. Could this be a sign from his mom?

  33. I lost my partner just over two years ago we spent every moment together we hated being apart and would call each other about 30 times a day but i cant feel him with me and at the moment i have a lot of problems but he douse not help

  34. Both my grand parents are passed on and for both of them yes they were sick but I had a gut feeling that they were going to pass away on a certain day the following week and they did. and last week my uncle past and the night he died both my grand parents came to me in a dream and said he’s home now and he’s ok. Now since then all my dreams have the three of them in them. Yes he was very sick too and yet again I knew a week before he was going to pass on a certain day. So I was just wondering what all this means

  35. HI Melanie
    I LOVE to buy some angel meditations LIGHT BODY
    and the uriel aura clearing
    I Live in Australia do you sell them on MP3 ???
    or only cds format ????

    greg tyler
    much bliss to you !

  36. My partner took his own life two years ago. A few months after this I received what I call my first visit. They are in dream state but very different to a dream and always on my bed just like I’m awake. His first was very aggressive and really scared me indeed. He blamed me for why he did what he did. In life he blamed me for every little thing that ever went wrong. A few months later he revisited and apologised then preceded to tell me that he didn’t want to nag but could I please get the car fixed. Since then all visits have been mainly hugs and love you exchanges. Apart from telling me how long his hair had grown which he found extremely amusing. I have also experienced episodes while I’m awake, kettle had a habit of switching itself on regularly. Telly moving a good three inches which really shocked my friend who was witness to that one lol. Just worry he hasn’t moved on and maybe I’m the reason he isnt

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