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Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters… Is there a difference? 

What Is the Difference Between Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters?

Do you feel like you have Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters supporting you in your life?

Even if you feel completely alone, isolated, and cut off from Spirit, the truth is you are not.

Whether you are aware of and notice them or not, you have an entire team of guides and angels who are with you and supporting you from the realms of spirit.

But what is the difference between Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters anyway, or is there one?

Let's take a look! 

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Spirit Guides

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Just in terms of spirit guides, there are many ‘types of guides’ and they all have different specialties, serve unique purposes, and complete certain tasks to support you as you journey through life.

There are guides with whom you have an ancestral connection. These types of guides are usually with you either due to a karmic, family, or past life connection. Their role is to help you within your family relationships.

There are also past life guides, who are with you due to past life relationships or some sort of karmic link. The main role of past life guides is to support you through multiple lifetime lessons you’re still working on. These lessons often revolve around personality lessons, managing emotions, quieting or focusing the mind, and transcending challenges like anger, low self-esteem, or even a tendency to be egotistic or selfish. Past life guides support you through issues you were working on in past lives, and are still working on in present time.

There are also higher spiritual guides and teacher guides. Different from Ascended Masters, these spirit guides are still in the cycle of death and rebirth, but they are old wise souls who choose to support from the realms of spirit before their next incarnation.

These old soul teacher guides will often come into your life for a brief while, and then move on. They’re mainly focused on offering guidance in terms of learning life’s lessons, and progressing on a path of spiritual development.

Ascended Masters

The main difference between teacher guides and Ascended Masters, is that the Ascended Masters have fully ascended, while teacher guides have not.

Ascended Masters are free from the wheel of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.  Now, from the realms of spirit they continue to walk their ascension path. Many Ascended Masters also choose to support and guide people on their ascension paths.

In this way Ascended Masters will act as guides, but their teaching is of the highest possible vibration and focused on ascension- helping you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

In the past to have an Ascended Master as a guide was rare, and something reserved only for =advanced, old souls… But today it's not rare at all.

Today, we live in ascension times and everyone I've ever met, or seen or heard of, has had at least one Ascended Master with them.

You see, prior to your birth, you aligned with a team of guides, angels and Ascended Masters. These benevolent spiritual beings are always near and are able to support your life and help you on your ascension path in miraculous ways.

Ascended Masters are powerful allies because they have walked a path similar to the one you’re on now, and now that they’ve mastered it, they’re more than happy to help show you the way.

Your Ascended Self

When you’re ready to awaken your Christ light and progress on your ascension path into your fully ascended state, your Ascended Master teachers will definitely make themselves known. You may even experiencing spirit guides leaving, and only Ascended Masters, angels and Archangels guiding you further.

It may seem like there aren’t many Ascended Masters (I've heard some people say there are only 12, or only 33), but really there are tens of thousands Ascended Masters out there… But not all Ascended Masters serve as teachers, I think this is the main reason many are left unknown.

The Ascended Masters you do meet, and are aligned with are those who can most serve your unique life path and ascension process, and for this reason they will make themselves known to you.

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Meditation and dreams are the most common ways to initially meet the Ascended Masters who are guiding you, and then once you’re connected the possibilities for learning, growth, and well, ascension, are endless!

One important thing to keep in mind is that Ascended Masters, although further along on the ascension path, don't consider themselves to be any “better” or “superior” to you. They see you as being equal, and more accurately, they see you as being One.

Their ultimate goal is to help you fully awaken to your Ascended Self, and to awaken your Christ Light, and progress further on your ascension path.

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