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Top 10 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Opening The Third Eye!

The Third Eye is a subtle energy center located in the head, sometimes called the third-eye chakra. It's known to be a center of psychic sight, and while it is this… It's also much more, and is a gateway to higher consciousness.

Opening the third eye equates to opening perception of the inner realms and spiritual vision.

Learn some of the things you may experience as your 3rd-eye awakening unfolds here:



Opening The 3rd Eye Chakra

In the Chakra System, the third eye is called the Anja Chakra and is depicted as the color indigo. This chakra is sometimes seen as the master command switch for the entire energy body, and is an avenue to increased  wisdom and order in your life.

Top Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening The Third Eye center acts as a type of key, which when activated… Opens the door to higher states of soul embodiment, refined consciousness, and experiences of seeing and perceiving beyond the physical.

Third eye awakening is about far more than just clairvoyance, it's about far more than just psychic sight. Third eye opening is actually about opening the subtle sense organ of your spiritual eye in order to feel and perceive in the higher realms of spirit, in order to access higher divine awareness and intelligence.

Coincidentally it's also one of the key anchor points for your higher self and soul to embody through you in the physical.

How Can You Open Your Third Eye?

Opening the Third Eye is possible through meditation. This state of clear calm mind, and relaxed presence is conducive to tapping into higher states of light and awareness that can help to activate you further.

When you are relaxed and open to the possibilities of the infinite… Many blessings are able to naturally align with you in the present, including opening the third eye to unlock your clairvoyance, higher awareness and psychic sight.

The Change of Initial Third Eye Opening can and will happen in an instant.

Open Your 3rd Eye and Psychic Sight Initial 3rd-eye opening is instant.. But fully unlocking your clairvoyance and fully awakening your 3rd eye requires a bit of patience and persistence as you are essentially building up this center and “spiritual organ” of psychic perception.

Once your subtle sense organ of your 3rd eye is activated… There are many blessings of higher consciousness, soul wisdom, divine guidance, and clear perception beyond the physical that open up to you as a result. But what about third eye opening symptoms?

Since the full opening of your third eye is a bit of a process…

I've put together a list of some of the top signs and symptoms of third-eye awakening so you can know if you're on track and if what you've been experiencing is indeed the opening of your third eye chakra.

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Here are the Top Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening:

1. Tingling, Pressure or Sensation Between Your Eyebrows

When your third eye is opening, there’s usually a related sensation you feel between your eyebrows, or in the area of your pineal gland at the center of your head. Your third eye actually extends all the way from the front of your forehead between your eyebrows, through your pineal gland, and all the way to the back of your head like a tube.

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The tingling, pressure, or sensitivity you feel may be between your eyebrows, in the area of your pineal gland, or anywhere in the head along this third-eye “tube” or column.

The sensation feels a bit different to everyone, but its important to note, that a certain “something” a tingling or pressure, or slight density that can be felt when tuned into is present in everyone, even before the third eye awakens.

However, when you tune in to that pressure and sensation, it has the way of building and increasing. When you then move your awareness into the center of that feeling, which again may feel something like tinging, warmth, or density… When you focus your awareness in the center of this sensation, it will then guide you to further open your third eye by entering in to it.

When doing this, third eye awakening practice it's not about forcing or straining or trying to create anything there. If you strain your mind to open your third eye you'll likely end up giving yourself symptoms like a headache or unpleasant sensitivity. So rather than “straining” and “trying” to open your minds eye… Just feel the sensation.

It's about relaxing and allowing yourself to enter in to that feeling to further awaken and unlock your clairvoyance as your third eye opens. The “certain something”, pressure, or tingling in the area of your third eye then becomes something you can tune into in an instant, instantly shifting in, tuning into your third eye and entering in to that center.

2. Seeing Lights With Your Eyes Closed

As you open your third eye, you may begin to see lights, color, or movement when your eyes are closed. This may begin during your meditations, or when you're focused within the feeling sensation of your third eye center.

When light and movement begins to appear, your task is to simply observe through your awareness and not react. The minds tendency is to try to focus on the visuals which appear, which ironically make them disappear. Observe, relax and allow. So it's a relaxed state of allowing that allow those visuals to continue to grow and this is a key sign that your third eye is awakening when you start to have those visuals.

Another little tip about this I have for you is when there are many lights coming into your awareness in meditation, let yourself in a relaxed and non-attached way, focus in on the brightest light in your visual field.

Allow yourself to feel that light as well as see it, and as you tune into the brightest light, allow the light to wash over you and to support you in further opening your inner subtle sense of awareness of the inner spiritual planes, divine presence and incredible light.

By continuing to move your awareness and focus towards the light as you further awaken your third-eye, it ensures that you are attracting light and positivity to you in the spiritual planes, and that a certain lightness maintains throughout your third eye opening experience.

3 Increased Life Force Energy Circulating Through Your Being.

The third eye acts like a “switch” when awakened that then activates higher frequency in your body and energy. This leads to higher states of consciousness, and beneficial circulations of energy you can feel through your body.

An increase in vital life force energy, also sometimes called prana, qi, or chi can work wonders for resolving blockages, and even disease in your physical body. So this increased circulation is incredibly positive and beneficial for you.

As your third eye awakens, there is a correlation to your being able to hold and vibrate with more divine light. This light then has a way of flowing into blockages in your fields, and has a way of resolving many emotional or physical burdens or blockages or distortions.

By simply activating the switch and allowing more divine light to flow through,this activates access to higher frequencies of consciousness. This switch, ie your third eye activates your ability to receive higher frequencies and higher divine consciousness.

Allow the beneficial flow and circulation in through your mind's eye, down along your Ascension pillar, your central column, and through your body, into your cells, organs, systems of your body, and to benefit your entire being.

4. Inner Awareness of Vastness

When your third eye is awakening, you will begin to be able to access an expansive space of diffuse purple light and inner awareness.

This vast space, that is sort of like a backdrop for your awareness, that's actually all around you is a sign you're consciously moving your awareness into an inner spiritual space through your third eye. By relaxing and continuing to focus on your third eye, in this space your guides and angels can enter in, and you may begin to open to additional visuals, colors, images and geometries. A key is to not attach or react to whatever you see… Let visuals come and go, and continue to move your awareness deeper within.

When you relax and allow yourself to just be present in this stillness, this space, which some people call the entrance to the astral realm, you may then experience your guides and angels coming in, support coming in, visuals popping up on top of that backdrop.

Again, one of the keys here is to not become attached to what you see, to let visuals come and let them go. Let your guides come… Let them relay information to you, but don't try to hold onto it or grasp it or try to focus which can cause the whole vision to melt away.

Just relax, allow and observe this fun and incredible sign of your third-eye awakening.

5. Colors Become More Vivid and Vibrant

In “normal” reality, colors become even more vibrant when your third eye is awakening. Its like new dimensions of colors open up to you. This makes things like artwork, nature, and stargazing mystical and rewarding experiences.

Time in nature has a way of becoming even more magical as you experience it from a higher place of awareness. Awe and reverence of nature then allows more of the Truth of Mother Earth and the natural world to open up to you.

6. Increased Foresight and Intuition

When your third eye is open you will likely experience an increase in your intuition and foresight (ability to see and know how things will play out before they happen).

Initially, this heightened intuition may happen spontaneously, but as you listen to it, and continue to awaken your third eye it can become something you consciously call forth and tune in to.

Essentially you begin to access more of the divine guidance, intuition, and soul wisdom that is available to you. I do want to clarify here, this is not only about seeing- clairvoyance. The third eye is like the master switch for your entire intuitive system. So awakening your third eye also increases your clairsentience -clear feeling, your claircognizance – clear knowing, as well as telepathy, and other intuitive gifts and psychic abilities.

7. A Deeper Sense of Divine Intelligence, Trust, and Knowing

When your third eye is really opening, you begin to open to divine intelligence as a result. This equates to a deeper sense of Trust, Knowing and Connection to Divine Intelligence, and to your Divine I Am.

Through this you may begin to see the sacred geometry template for creation, the underlying script, divine plan and divine will that's playing out through everything so that even the things that appear to be challenging or horrible from the perspective of the ego-mind… With your third eye open, aware and turned on, you begin to see from the higher Divine vantage.

8. Dreams and Deep Meditative States Become Incredibly Vivid

When your third eye is awakening your dreams and meditation's become so incredibly vivid and magical. You may become lucid while dreaming, or dreams may simply become very vivid and real, as if they were more real than this reality at times.

Through awareness of dreams and meditations, and taking time to then process what you've experienced in those states, there's an incredible amount of healing, guidance and wisdom that you can access an unlock as well.

9. Unlocking Your Mind

The ninth, the sign of third eye awakening is an unlocking of the mind. Your mind becomes more expansive. Your mind becomes much less tied to the ego and to identifying with your thoughts, and you become connected to Divine Intelligence by knowing-ness.

Through this there's an acceleration of mental consciousness, so that at the mental level you're able to receive divine packed thought forms, divine downloads, entire flashes of how things are going to unfold, as well as vast downloads of inspiration, guidance, and wisdom from your guides, from the divine, and from the higher levels of your multidimensional being and your soul.

This is also connected to more of your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities and divine level awareness, unlocking, which then opens the doors for greater synchronicity, grace, and greater flow and magic unfolding in your life as a result of sinking your mind with divine mind.

This mental unlocking doesn't mean your ego is completely gone, but you do become more able to keep your ego in check, to observe when your ego is chattering and to step back into the expansive perspective of divine intelligence, to be able to observe the ego and to then act in alignment with divine guidance and inspiration rather than from the perspective of the lower ego-mind.

10. Perception Beyond Duality Opens

Finally, the 10th sign of third eye awakening is that you begin opening to a perception beyond duality. So this is tied into divine intelligence, but it's different in that you begin to sense and see and feel the underlying oneness, the inherent divine plan, the miracle and beauty of One, Divine Source.

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One divine intelligence manifest as all sorts of different archetypes in the physical, spiraling into Creation in a great spiral dance, as One and as the All.

So when your third eyes open, you open to perceive this dance, this spiral, this divine song, pulsing, existing and flowing throughout creation. This opens you up to an incredible sense of perception and ability to drop into love, into knowing, into being, to access your divine knowing-ness, divine seeing-ness… To access your divine mind, which you access through fully opening your third eye.

For help opening your third eye, be sure to check out my third eye opening meditation that I've published for you, free on YouTube here:

For a deeper dive into 3rd Eye Opening …

I recommend Samuel Sagan's book Awakening The Third Eye.

I also have a powerful Third Eye Awakening Experience you can check out here >> 

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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