Top 3 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening -
Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Top 3 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Opening The Third Eye!

Top Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

The Third Eye is an energy center located in the head. It is a gateway to higher consciousness. Opening the third eye equates to opening perception of the inner realms and spiritual vision.

In the Chakra System, the third eye is called the Anja Chakra and is depicted as the color indigo. This chakra is sometimes seen as the master command switch for the entire energy body, and is an avenue to increased  wisdom and order in your life.

The Third Eye energy center acts as a type of key, which when activated… Opens the door to higher states of soul embodiment, refined consciousness, and experiences of seeing and perceiving beyond the physical.

How Can You Open Your Third Eye?

Consciously opening the Third Eye is possible through meditation. This state of clear calm mind, and relaxed energy is conducive to tapping into higher states of light and awareness that can help to activate you further.

When you are relaxed and open to the possibilities of the infinite… Many blessings are able to naturally align with you in the present, including opening the third eye to unlock your clairvoyance, higher awareness and psychic sight.

I've channeled a FREE Third Eye Opening Meditation for you here:

Initial Third Eye Opening can and will happen in an instant.

Open Your 3rd Eye and Psychic SightBut while the initial opening is instant.. Fully unlocking your clairvoyance and awakening your 3rd eye requires a bit of patience and persistence as you are essentially building up this energy center and “spiritual organ” of psychic perception.

Once your subtle sense organ of your 3rd eye is activated… There are many blessings of higher consciousness, soul wisdom, divine guidance, and clear perception beyond the physical that open up to you as a result.

But since the full opening of your third eye is a bit of a process…

How can you know you're on the right track?

Here are the Top Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening:

1. Tingling, Pressure or Sensation Between Your Eyebrows

When your third eye is opening, there’s usually a related sensation you feel between your eyebrows. This may feel something like tinging, warmth, or density… When you focus your awareness in the center of this sensation, it will then guide you to further open your third eye by entering in to it.

2. Seeing Lights With Your Eyes Closed

As you open your third eye, you may begin to see lights, color, or movement when your eyes are closed. This may begin during your meditations, or when you're focused within the feeling sensation of your third eye center.

When light and movement begins to appear, your task is to simply observe through your awareness and not react. The minds tendency is to try to focus on the visuals which appear, which ironically make them disappear. Observe, relax and allow.

3. Increased Foresight and Intuition

When your third eye is open you will likely experience an increase in your intuition and foresight (ability to see and know how things will play out before they happen).

Initially, this heightened intuition may happen spontaneously, but as you listen to it, and continue to awaken your third eye it can become something you consciously call forth and tune in to.

For a deeper dive into 3rd Eye Opening …

I recommend Samuel Sagan's book Awakening The Third Eye.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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  1. Thank you for the tips! This is awesome about the third eye opening. I am wondering what happens next, does this third eye stay open or is it an awareness we initiate? I have wondered if a heightened awareness of intuition is the same as the third eye opening or separate. They must work together. Because of the name Third Eye I have always associated it with seeing in the spiritual realm, like visions, dreams . . .

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