Free Video Reveals How To Open Your Third Eye!

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Accelerate Your Third Eye Opening With The NEW Third Eye Awakening Experience

Your third eye is the key energetic center that offers you access to the Source of All Intuition, Creativity, Peace, Bliss, Inspiration and Light.

It allows you to dream a better life for yourself which is the first step in manifestation, and embodying the Highest Divine Truth of You.

When opened, the third eye can also sense the energy of people and places around you, helping guide you towards the synchronicity that will attract love, happiness and abundance into your life.

But we live in one of the most distracted ages of human history!

With all of the instant communication on our devices and streaming content swirling around us 24/7...

Most people's third eyes are closed, or blocked.

Meaning that they are cut off from divine intuition...

They are unable to sense the difference between a synchronicity from the universe and someone pushing an agenda.

But ... There is good news.

The simple act of awakening your third eye will protect you from these technology induced challenges we are all facing.

That's why I've worked with the angels to create a new video experience that helps you to claim your innate gift as it empowers your 3rd eye to open for you...

When you simply watch the new Third Eye Awakening Experience!

You see:

Awakening your third eye is an essential component on the path of spiritual development.

And we're not just talking about psychic sight and clairvoyance...

Although that's a part...

Your 3rd eye is your gateway to the infinite vibrations of love, light, abundance and joy that await you as your Divine birth right.

It's your Gateway to Higher Consciousness and it's the portal that allows you to see beyond the veil in the higher realms of Spirit.

And, right now...

The "stage is set" for greater awakening across the Earth for spiritual seekers and awakening lightworkers like you...

Now is the time to raise your vibration.

This is the moment to to open your intuition to the next level and amplify your unique spiritual gifts!

Which is why I recorded a 1-hour video channeling with the Ascension Council of Light that will calm your mind, awaken your divine life force and activate your third eye.

All you have to do is press play and relax...

You'll feel an instant shift in your vibration and the Council of Light delivers a high frequency of love and light along with a powerful spoken message.

You will get real-time angelic assistance in opening your third eye...

The love, joy and prosperity are all possible for you when you Awaken Your Third Eye.

Get Divine Help Opening Your 3rd Eye, Now!

Here's What You Get With The Awaken Your Third Eye Experience...

First, you'll get the full Awakening Your Third Eye video session with Melanie Beckler.

This video session is one of the highest vibration transmissions out of any channeled message Melanie's recorded, to date.

By simply watching the session your nerves will calm, your breathing will slow, and your energy body will finally relax while you simply watch and enjoy the experience.

You will feel refreshed and recharged as you complete the session and begin to attract more of the positive vibrations to you that you deserve.

These powerful 1 hour sessions are valued at $197...

But today, you're getting a special one-time offer.

The second thing you're getting here, today...

Is the full session in .mp3 meditation format.

This powerful channeled message has been combined with the relaxing channeled music by Thaddeus.

This creates an audio experience that will uplift and recharge you anywhere, at any time!

You can download this to your phone or add it to your iTunes so it will be on your device at all times if you ever need to instantly shift your energy and raise your vibration...

With earbuds in you can vibe up and open your third eye while you're on break at work, cleaning the house, or simply let your phone play the audio while you drift off to sleep.

Repeated listening reprograms your subconscious mind to help you attract more of what you want into your life through your open third eye.

The more you listen the faster your subconscious mind can release what is no longer serving you...

Which is why I've added the MP3 as a bonus for you, today.


Order today and get an additional 17 minute Third Eye Awakening Meditation (a $27 Value) as a Free Bonus!

This session is perfect for a daily meditation, when you don't always have time for the full length video session.

Simply pop on your headphones, press play and relax.

Within minutes your heart-light is reignited and your Third Eye is awakened while you simply relax.

All you have to do is sit comfortably or lie down and press play...

You could be sitting on a park bench, at the beach or at your desk and you'll feel magically transported to the realms of spirit and Divine energies as your third eye continues to open.

Your guides and angels do all the work with their high-frequency vibrations delivered alongside these powerful channeled messages.

These are audio experiences you'll love listening to time and time again!

With each listening you will continue to go deeper and deeper into the inner Truth and Light your Awakened Third Eye energy center has to reveal to you.

And it's all available at a big discount for you today...

The retail value of the video session is $97.

Each of the audio sessions regularly sell for $27.

That's a total value of $151...

But I've been guided to discount this by over 75%, today.

Because the real goal is helping more light workers and spiritual seekers like you to open your third eye so you can embody more of your higher self, and attract more love joy and abundance into your life.

So, instead of paying $151...

You can get full access to the video session and the 2 .mp3 sessions for just $33.33

That's a 77% discount when you click the button below and order now!

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

As with all of my products, you have zero risks!

If for any reason you don't absolutely love these sessions you can simply email support@ask – and request a full refund!

you will get that taken care of promptly with "no questions asked" as long as you email within 60 days.

This means you can try these sessions out right now by clicking that button above and getting instant access with no risk.

Within minutes you can be bathed in high vibrational divine light frequency that will open your third eye for you.

You can listen to these sessions for the next six weeks to achieve even higher levels of vibration and awakening...

And if you decided any time that you don't love this Third Eye Awakening Experience.

If you don't feel a sense of opening, and your energy beginning to unlock and lift after taking the time for yourself to listen...

Or even if you just don't like the sound of my voice...

Just email support @ and we'll give you a full refund...

No questions asked.

I'm that confident you're going to love the uplifting energies and spiritual experiences that await you in The Third Eye Awakening Experience.

But, you must act now.

Click here and get all 3 sessions for 77% off, now...

Before it's too late!

This is a limited-time special offer and I don't know how long I will keep this available.

Treat yourself.

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With love and gratitude,

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