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Why Is Self-Reflection So Essential Now?

Why Is Self-Reflection One of the Most Important Things You Can Do Now?

Collectively and individually, we're living through a MAJOR transformation.

Perhaps you've noticed?

We are living in the transition between ages, and waves and waves of light and cosmic energy are flooding onto the planet right now.

This time has long been foretold in a variety of spiritual lineages, teachings, and cultures.

We are transitioning out of the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness) into the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth).

These are Sanskrit words… But know that this time has not only been prophesied about by the Vedics, but also the Toltecs, Mayans, Essenes, and so many more wise lineages and traditions.

We're in transition and preparation times, for a HUGE Shift.. The awakening of Gaia Mother Earth (and humanity) to a whole new level.

For Millions of years, Gaia's consciousness has been in a sort of slumber, a sleep state.

This gave humanity the opportunity to play out distorted “games” of separation, war, destruction, suffering and lack – all consciously and unconsciously chosen through free will.

But this is now beginning to shift. Gaia is waking up, and humanity is beginning to awaken along with her.

There is an opportunity now to clear all the baggage, all the heaviness. distortion, separation, lack and fear…

So you can break free from the weight, chains and baggage your soul may have been carrying for lifetimes.

To awaken, and begin embodying Divine I Am Consciousness, Truth, and radiant light.

So why is self-reflection so important amidst these transformative times?

Self-reflection is a powerful method for deeply understanding and coming into sync with who you really are, what you truly value, and why you act in certain ways.

These are essential realizations in times of change and uncertainty, and with so many external distractions and obligations stripped away… There's never been a better time to reconnect with your Truth, core-self, and inner guidance within.

Through self-reflection and deeply understanding the Truth of who you really are and what you truly value and desire, you can then respond in the present… To make changes and take steps to bring your life into sync and desire with what truly matters to you deep down.

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How do you practice self-reflection?

The Power of Self Reflection

Self-reflection is different than meditation, or even setting intentions.

Self-reflection is when you set aside some time to simply review where you are, where you’ve been, where you’re headed, and where you truly desire to go.

It’s when you look honestly, and without judgment at your life to see where you’re on track and in alignment with your soul mission and purpose, and where you could use a little realignment or upgrade.

It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of life… The chaos of challenges, and even the comfort of routines that are less than what you really want to experience.

This is why its so powerful to take the time to pause, step back, zoom out and reflect about where you are, how you got here, and to look at the bigger picture of where you're headed…

Self-reflection is incredibly helpful in understanding who you really are, where you want to be, and where you're actually headed.

Self-reflection empowers you to learn from your mistakes, grow through challenges, and consciously progress on the path leading towards where you really want to be.

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” — John Dewey

So What Does Self Reflection Look Like?

Doing a little self-reflection is simple, but not necessarily easy.

Grab a journal, cozy up with a mug of tea, and start to look at who you are, what you've been doing, and where in your life you'd like to see some positive changes and upgrades.

Look at your life honestly… But its also important not to judge where you are or where you want to improve. It's natural to have a bit of a gap between where you are and where you ultimately want to be.

Just remember that taking time to reflect and observe this is a key step towards being able to make changes. So rather than judging the gap between where you are and the life you'd like to be leading… Honor and appreciate yourself for taking the time to be self-reflective as a key step towards initiating a wave of positive change.

Asking good questions is one of the keys to having a beneficial self-reflection session

So I've come up with some question prompts to get you started.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list of things you'd want to reflect on, but hopefully, it will help get you started with self reflectiveness and in the right state of mind to ask yourself even more personal questions about what you truly value the next time you sit down to reflect.

You may want to ask yourself some questions like these:

  • “Where am I on track in my life?
  • What am I doing now that's in alignment with my soul purpose?
  • What are my core intentions for my life?
  • Where have I gotten off course this past year?
  • How can I more fully stand in my authentic truth and shine my light?
  • What really brings me joy?
  • How can I serve with joy and love in the highest interest of all?

Self-Reflection Without Judgement

Again, the key here is to reflect on these questions without judgment…

As you practice self-reflection — presence, compassion, divine neutrality, and returning to love are essential.

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It's also a good time to clear your mind of preconceived notions and limiting beliefs and to tune into gratitude for the many blessings you do have…

When you do, the Universe can align you with so much more than you've ever imagined!

Reflection now paves the way for expansion to come!

Being honest and aware of where you are is the first step in growing, and dreaming up a more inspiring, fulfilling and brighter future…

Both individually and on a vast collective scale.

A part of this reflection process is recognizing all that you already have, honoring who you are in your full light, discovering new possibilities to step into, and also observing where your life needs a little updating and improving.

Areas of life to reflect upon:

(As you read through this list… Notice what areas you feel happy about… and with non-judgment, become aware of where you could use some positive change and transformation.)

Then do some journaling about each of the items you would like to see improvement in.

Take time to dig deep, and question what you would feel like if there was positive improvement in these areas of life.

What would your life look like if these things changed in the most positive, benevolent and beneficial ways?

Let yourself see, feel and explore what you truly value, appreciate and desire in the following life areas:
  • Love
  • Money
  • Health
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Mystical Experiences
  • Material Possessions
  • Connection with Nature
  • Connection with Spirit
  • Companionship
  • Comfort
  • Living Situation
  • Soul Family
  • Tidiness
  • Fulfilling Work
  • Work Environment
  • Abundance
  • Inspiration
  • Friendship
  • Hobbies
  • Family Relationships
  • Diet
  • Staying in Non-Judgement
  • Self-Love
  • Psychic Senses
  • Creativity
  • Purpose
  • Relationships with People
  • Fitness
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Making a Difference

… Add to this list!

What Does Your Most Vibrant Life Look Like?

Next, tap into your imagination, and start thinking and imagining what your most vibrant possible life would really look like. Let yourself imagine having the things you truly desire, feeling fulfilled, joyful and inspired.

Get descriptive, get clear, and allow yourself to freely explore these personal questions:
  • What do you really want to see, do, be, and experience in your life?
  • What does your ideal day look like?
  • What are you doing, feeling and experiencing?
  • Think about how magical, wonderful and fabulous the upgrades you're calling forth in your life will be.
  • What does your upgraded life really look like?
  • What will really excite, fulfill, and inspire you?

Take some time to journal about this and put into writing, in as much vivid detail as possible what it is you really want to experience.

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The purpose of this self-reflection prompt is to identify the areas you want to improve and then really focus and get detailed about what an upgrade looks like for you!

What do these areas of your life look like when they're upgraded from where they were before?

Get clear about where in your life you're ready to change…

We're living through a powerful time of change and transformation and using this energetic passageway to go through this self-reflective process can powerfully work to realign you with your inner light and with a fresh new supply of energy and vitality…

Self-reflection is powerful now for aligning with clarity, so you can begin to step forward in your life with a new sense of focus, clear intentions and with your outlook positively realigned.

Spiritual Self Reflection?

From this lens and perspective, self-reflection is absolutely a powerful spiritual practice that can help you to feel more connected to the world around you, aware of your interconnection with Divine Source, the One, and more empowered to co-create positive change and blessings for yourself, in your life, and in the highest interest of all.

Additionally, self-reflection is a powerful way to heighten your intuition, because by becoming self-reflected, you become more aware in the present moment. This has a way of opening you to your higher guidance and intuition so that you're able to intuitively know your highest and next best steps to align with a greater sense of purpose, and to overall heal, uplift, and improve your life…

And that is a beautiful and positive thing, both spiritually, and all around.

For now, sending you big hugs, love, and the brightest blessings,

And as always, if you have questions about self-reflection… Leave a comment below!

Melanie Beckler

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