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Self Healing, You Can Heal Yourself!

Heal Thyself

When you take a moment to breathe, focus within, and check in with your physical body… How do you feel?

Do you feel vibrant, energized, and well? Or maybe you feel sluggish, tired, or tense?

You may even be experiencing pain or symptoms from a form of illness within your body.

However you are feeling right in this moment, your angels want you to know that your physical body has the innate ability to heal itself.

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You Can Heal Yourself!

Within your physical body you have everything you need to heal, whether this is in terms of maintaining ongoing health and longevity, overcoming the flu, or recovering from a more serious injury or state of disease.

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Each of the many cells making up your physical body are able to heal from the inside out. Your body has the innate knowing how to repair injuries, reverse abnormal cells, release toxins, eliminate infections and keep you healthy.

So if your body can heal itself… Why aren't you completely vibrant, full of health and well being at all times?…

self healing

The simple truth is that your physical self healing ability is tied to your mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Negative thinking, toxic emotions, and external density can block the natural healing flow of your energy body.

Stress, despair, guilt and grief, and even loneliness or boredom shift your vibration out of one which supports self healing. With this basic understanding, it's no surprise that self healing abilities get blocked from time to time, or often for certain people, and we experience sickness, possibly lowering our standards of what it means to “feel good” over time.

The good news is that with awareness, you can shift the script.

Here are some simple tips to start unblocking the flow of energy healing through your body. You have more control that you may realize in creating your life experience. By being proactive in terms of your activating your bodies self healing ability, you can move in the direction of increased wellness, recovery, and prevention.

heal thyselfWhile self healing is very real, I'm not saying to stop going to the doctor, or taking your antibiotics if you have an infection… But supplementing what you're already doing to heal with the power of your mind, body and spirit can't hurt and it very well may help so check out the tips and start taking action to heal yourself now.

Four Tips to Invite Self Healing Back Into Your Life

1. Believe You Can Heal Yourself

Your belief around your bodies ability to heal itself directly influences the result you experience. Leverage the placibo effect to your advantage by believing you're getting better using whatever remedies you've decided upon, and your belief will manifest and make it so. If you buy into any diagnosis that what you're experiencing is “incurable” or “chronic”, this will be your experience. Do whatever you need to stay focused on your complete and total healing, releasing doubt and fear into the light, and returning to feeling, knowing, and believing that you are healthy and well. Come up with a plan for your healing, believe it will work and stick with it, and you really can heal yourself.

2. Leverage Support

To help keep you positive, and progressing forward on your path of healing, leveraging the support of others is essential. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So to solve your problem of needing healing, connect with someone who can provide support mentally, emotionally, and energetically. There are many talented energy healers you may want to leverage on your self healing journey. It's also a great idea to take in positive information through books about self healing, stories of others who have healed (check out the Spontaneous Remission Project), and get involved with people and activities who inspire you believe that yes, you can heal yourself. Here on, Sheelagh offers Angel Healing Readings to support you on your healing journey.

 3. Identify the Root Cause

With this step I'm not talking about buying into any diagnosis about what you're experiencing… But rather, take time to go within to identify the core emotions, feelings, and actions which may have led to your feeling less than vibrant. Any disease or injury offers an opportunity to increase awareness… What's really going on in your life that triggered this challenging state of being? Get honest with yourself as you review your choices leading up until now… Not to judge or make yourself feel bad but rather to become aware of where you can make different choices that you have been, to create a more positive result. When illness strikes you have the choice to fall into victim-hood, or to step into awakening, awareness, and forward movement on your path of healing.

4. Invoke Angelic Assistance and Honor Your Intuition

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Archangel Raphael and your team of healing angels are on hand to assist you in peeling back the layers of density present in your energetic being, to allow your vibrant, radiant, natural state of well being to shine through. To invoke the healing energy of Archangel Raphael and your team of healing angels, simply think or say, ‘Archangel Raphael and the healing angels of light, please surround me in healing energy. Help me to clear my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being from negativity in all it's forms. Release any dense or toxic energy within my being into the light, and help me to stay grounded, centered, and present in the energy of love. Help me to startmaking healthy choices in the present moment to restore my natural, radiant, state of well being.” When you invoke the healing light of the angels and of Archangel Raphael, you will receive help. Often in the form of seeing the steps you can take to heal yourself. Be sure to act upon any intuitive nudges you receive. You may also want to simply ask your body what it needs to heal, and then take action to bring yourself into alignment with the positive state you seek.

Once you've committed to healing yourself, relax and surrender the final outcome to the Divine. Take the necessary steps to self heal, but also allow yourself to be present in the moment to reclaim your power to awaken and to find the blessings within your current physical challenges.

Come up with a self healing action plan and stick with it. Be sure to include time for relaxation, meditation, and infuse yourself with positive energy and you move forward on your self healing journey.

With love and gratitude,

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