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5 Ways to Use Selenite Wands for Spiritual Awakening

Selenite is one of my very favorite stones. Not only do I have my house completely gridded with it, but I also have a large tower on my altar, a special piece by my bedside, and as if that wasn’t enough, I have Selenite wands easily accessible in several additional locations.

Selenite, and Selenite wands specifically, are powerful allies for spiritual awakening, especially when you know how to use them.

In this post, I’m going to share with you five ways to tap into the magic and power of selenite wands to support your spiritual awakening journey now.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a form of Gypsum with a tabular crystalline structure, which basically just means it’s crystal structure is set up in rows or columns, with striations running along its length.

Selenite can come in a variety of colors, but the most well known and popular types of Selenite on the market, are either clear or white.

The very clear and gemmy Selenite crystals tend to come from Mexico. These are the same stones found in the huge crystal caves in Naica Mexico.

The strongly striated, semi-transparent and whitish Selenite crystals used to make lamps, spheres, wands and more, come from Morocco.


Spiritual Properties of Selenite

In both of these forms, Selenite is one of the truest stones of spiritual awakening. It is also well known and loved for its clear bright energy and supportive influence for connecting to the spiritual and angelic realms.

As Robert Simmons Shares in Stones of the New Consciousness: “Selenite is a prime stone for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness in human beings at this transformational time.”

Selenite has a strong cleansing and activating energy, and can serve and support in clearing the aura and opening and activating the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra above the head.

Its unique ability to activate the energy centers above the head supports in lifting your awareness into the higher planes of the inner realms where you’re able to connect with spirit guides and guardian angels.

Learn more about Selenite and its connection to the Angelic Realm here >> 

What Is A Selenite Wand?

Selenite wands come in three main forms. The most common are the raw or polished wands made from Moroccan Selenite (the Moroccan raw selenite wands are also sometimes called “Selenite Rods).

The third type of Selenite wand is a bit harder to find. These wands are the gemmy and clear Mexican Selenite naturally occurring in a wand form. This type of Selenite is also sometimes called “Ice Selenite” or “Naica Selenite”.

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5 Ways to Use a Selenite Wand 

Selenite Wands

Once you have a Selenite Wand… Now what do you do with it?

Here are the top 5 ways I like to partner with this incredible stone.

Meditate with Selenite

Connecting with Selenite through meditation is one the easiest, and most powerful ways to tap into its magic and ability to help accelerate your awakening. Selenite helps to relax and bring harmony to your mind so you can more easily enter into a meditative state.

Meditating with Selenite also supports the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and it helps you to elevate your consciousness above your ordinary mental state so you can experience first hand the higher realms of angels, love and truth.

How to Meditate with Selenite:

working with selenite wands Loosely hold your Selenite Wand in your left hand (or hold a Selenite wand in each of your hands) and allow your awareness to enter within. Relax your mind and your body, breathing in light and positive energy and letting go of stress, tension and all that no longer serves you to carry.

Relax and allow the beautiful energy of the Selenite to connect with your energy, lifting your awareness into the higher spiritual realms, and into the presence of your spirit guides and angels.

As you meditate with Selenite, you may become aware of a central column of energy along your spine, uniting all of your chakras within your body, and extending both above and below your physical body.

Allow your awareness to naturally lift up this central column, activating and opening your third eye, crown chakra and the soul star chakra above your head.

Let your awareness rest in the lightness of the Soul Star energy center above your head. This is a powerful resting point for your consciousness, and a state of awareness where it becomes easy for your angels to reach you. Here you can also draw your Higher Self and higher awareness into your consciousness in an effortless and natural way.

Enjoy simply basking in the blissful energy, being open and receptive to what Selenite, and your personal team of guides and angels may have to share and reveal with you in your meditation.

Cleanse Your Aura

Selenite can quickly and effectively cleanse the auric field and can help you to clear stagnant and distorted energies from your etheric and physical body too.

An easy way to tap into the auric clearing properties of Selenite is to essentially brush your aura with your Selenite Wand of light.

To begin, take a moment to cleanse your wand, and connect with the spirit of the Selenite stone, and to set your aura clearing intention.

Here’s a simple invocation to connect: 

“Beloved Source of All… Guardian Angels, Guides… Spirit… 

Beloved Selenite…
Help me to cleanse my aura, release and purify any distorted or stagnant energies and raise my vibration so I may more vibrantly shine and be of service at a higher level in my life…
And so it is.” 

Hold your Selenite wand in your hand as if it were a wand of liquid light.

Now, starting at the point at the top of your head, run the Selenite wand about 2-3 inches from your body down along your entire body.

As you move the selenite wand past your neck and shoulders, ams, hands, abdomen, hips, legs and feet… Pay attention to any areas that feel heavy or sticky, taking an extra moment to sweep the Selenite through that area again.

It's as if the Selenite wand is a brush you’re running through your entire auric field.

Brush your entire aura from head to toe and all around to cleanse and release lower or distorted energies that are no longer helpful for you to carry. Selenite gently and effectively pulls out heavy emotions, attachments and negativity.

When you’re finished… Thank your team in Spirit and thank the spirit of the Selenite stone.

Cleanse your stone, and take a moment to observe how you feel differently compared to before you began,

This gentle and easy practice may help you to feel lighter, refreshed and uplifted. It's a wonderful way to start or end your day, or as an add on to any other meditation, spiritual or healing practice.

Build an Energy Grid

Selenite wands are wonderful stones to use to create energy grids in your home or outdoors.

Arrange a group of 4-8 selenite wands to create a crystal grid and positive energy vortex.

Learn more about how to create crystal grids here >> 

Another simple and powerful way to build an energy grid with Selenite is to place 4-8 stones around you as a sort of energy container. You can then then lay or sit in the middle of this miniature selenite vortex, allowing yourself to be completely immersed in the elevating selenite energy! Lying down, or meditating in the center of a grid like this can bring about powerful healing and spiritual ascension experiences.

Align Your Chakra Pillar

Sitting up in a meditative position, reach around to your back and hold a selenite wand up vertically on your back along your spinal column.

This simple act will serve to energetically align your chakras (within and above your physical body) and energetically align your vertebrae.

With awareness, follow the vertical line of light that is the Selenite wand up and down your chakra pillar to cleanse and open up this profound flow of energy and light. Infinity above, infinity below.

Don’t let the simplicity of this practice fool you. This is a profound practice! Take your time with it and it can really help you to unlock new levels of Divine Intelligence and profound spiritual awareness within you.

This column of light is what unites your head and heart, and allows you access to the highest realms of Divine light and Spirit.

Raise The Vibration of Your Home With Selenite Wands

Selenite promotes a peaceful and harmonious home environment and Selenite Wands are perfect for placing around the home to dispel negativity and call forth qualities of spiritual activation, and to create a sacred space within which you can thrive.

Place Selenite wands around your home, on windowsills, cabinets and tables to  bring light, harmony, and positive energy to your space.

You can also create an octahedron of light around your home with help from Selenite!

Take 4 Selenite Wands and place them on windowsills, or even on the floor corresponding with the 4 cardinal directions: North, South, East and West. Once you place Selenite wands in the 4 directions… Envision the energy of the Selenite arching up towards the center point above, and down towards the center point below. Creating two pyramids, or an octahedron grid of light around your home.

I like to then repeat this process with 4 more points, NW, SW, NE, SE…

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Sweet Dreams With Selenite

Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. This association points to the night time support Selenite can bring.

Selenite promotes clarity in mind and energy, which is exactly the state that will help you to get a good nights sleep. Connect with Selenite before you go to sleep each night to cleanse your aura and bring yourself into a harmonious state before you sleep.

Place a Selenite wand by your bedside, at the foot of your bed, or under your pillow at night, and Selenite will gently surround your physical, etheric and astral bodies with a gentle soothing light while you sleep protecting you from negative astral beings, nightmares, and distorted energy.

The light of Selenite in your sleep will also help you etheric and physical body to replenish so you can tap into the many benefits of deep, healing sleep.

You can also place a Selenite wand under your pillow (or on your nightstand) while you sleep to help cleanse and refresh your aura while you sleep.

Caring for your selenite wands

Selenite is often touted as being self-cleansing, and while it does have some ability to transmute negativity back into light, it will also absorb and store negativity in some cases. Especially when its worked hard to cleanse out lots of distorted energy, cleansing it is important.

For this reason, I recommend regularly cleansing your Selenite Wands by spraying them with a cleansing essential oil spray, or using sound healing.

Because of its association with the moon, Selenite is one of the stones that responds best to being placed outside in the moonlight, especially under the light of the Full Moon. You can also run selenite under water to cleanse it, however you shouldn’t soak Selenite in water because its very soft and porous and this will damage the stone over time.

Learn more ways to cleanse crystals here.

Selenite and Awakening

Selenite really is a wonderful crystal ally on the awakening journey. It will help you to heighten your intuition as well, so listen to your inner guidance as to how you’re guided to work with this powerful stone.

As a final note, remember that although much different from our own, crystals are conscious… So I always recommend approaching them with respect, reverence, and even a little awe as you would a wise and supportive spiritual guide or light being.

I hope this was helpful for you.

Have you worked with Selenite Wands?

Comment below and let me know about your experience!

With love and bright blessings,


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