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Selenite Crystals and the Angelic Realm

Properties of Selenite Crystals…
Crystallized Light!

selenite crystals

I’ve always loved crystals of all shapes, colors, and textures…. Choosing a favorite type of crystal has been something I just didn’t think I could do, because I love them all so much, but recently while shopping at a local gem and mineral shop, and talking with the woman working about how much I love crystals, it suddenly revealed itself to me.

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I was looking through a case that held some amazing crystals I really resonate with, stones like watermelon tourmaline, kunzite, hiddenite, kyanite, celestite, and lemurian seed crystals… And while I absolutely LOVE all of these stones, when she asked me what my favorite stone was… Right away, selenite popped into my mind.

I told her, and she was shocked at first. After all, selenite is readily available, inexpensive, and it’s soft, it scratches easily, dissolves in water, and can even break.

She was expecting me to pick an expensive, rare, and exotic stone like tanzanite, moldavite, or red beryl… But after I shared my reasons for loving selenite so much, she not only ‘got it’ but she was ready to add selenite to her collection of stones too.

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So… What are the properties of selenite that make it one of my favorite stones?

properties of selenite Selenite is like crystallized light from the Divine and angelic realms. It’s a stone of clarity that constantly radiates Divine light, and actually absorbs toxic and negative energy and transmutes it back into light.

For this reason, selenite is self-cleansing, and is great to use to cleanse and recharge your other crystals, assist your own healing and ascension process, or to create a protection grid to ensure a high vibrational, peaceful atmosphere in your home or office.

Selenite vibrates in closer alignment to the spiritual realms than the physical… It resides just on the cusp between pure divine white light and physical matter, hence the crystallized light reference.  These crystals anchor Divine light into the physical to bring healing, cleansing and transformation to body, mind and spirit.

Selenite has an incredibly high vibration, but its peaceful spiritual energy helps it to subtly, but effectively work to dispel negativity and rmove energetic blockages. It not only brings clarity of mind, but cleanses negativity residing in the physical, and spiritual realms.

Selenite is sensitive though, so when exposed to really harsh, dense, and negative energy, it may break apart, crack, or fracture over time. The good thing here is that if it does break apart… It’s like a reset for this high vibrational stone, and so the chips or shards remaining, while they may be sharp (so be careful), are still useful for transmutation, and accessing the infinite light of spirit in physical form.

I once dropped a selenite sphere on the floor and it broke into two. After a moment of feeling upset about dropping it, I realized it was it had reset the stone, and returned it to its full light. It was as if the infinite light of the stone had been released from within it, and it was now brighter, and more illuminated than before.

In addition to pure light and clarity, selenite balances emotions and carries the vibration of truth, honesty, flexibility, peace and harmony. This makes it great for relationships, businesses, and maintaining a peaceful and positive environment.

Selenite is also a powerful stone of psychic awareness, intuition, clairvoyance, and accessing the higher realms.

Spiritual growth and meditation are closely aligned and assisted by Selenite crystals. When you meditate with selenite you may feel like a blanket of light is warmly wrapped around you, making it almost effortless to quickly access the higher realms of spirit guides and angels.

You will naturally experience increased clarity, tranquility and serenity in the presence of selenite. Use selenite to expand your awareness and raise your vibration by simply rubbing the crystalline structure with your thumb as you meditate. Doing this may also help you to get a glimpse of the greater workings of the universe, and your unique place within it all.

White, clear, or smoky selenite is powerful for activating your soul’s gifts and spiritual abilities, and protecting you on every level.

Selenite is in and of itself like an illuminated pathway to highest vibrations of Spirit.

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If you want a versatile, light filled stone to help clear your aura, release negativity, promote peace and positive energy, connect with the angels, anchor ascension light and crystalline energies into the physical and so much more, take a moment to tune into the vibration of selenite, because if you’re anything like me… This stone is absolutely one for you!

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler

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P.S. I love Selenite so much I made a video about it! Learn more by watching here:

How Selenite Crystals Raise Your Vibration 


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  1. I have selenite on my window frames in my home. When I moved one, thick slivers disconnected from it. Does this mean anything?

    1. The way Selenite is cut/ broken into pieces it can make it quite fragile. Nothing to worry about, just be sure you don’t accidentally slice your hand on it. The sliver that broke off still has a good energy too

  2. So. A few years back I bought two Selenite pendants. They’re in macrame nets. No metal. I bought one for me and one for my guy. I read about their properties and thought it would bring us peace and luck and safety. But ever since we got them, ANY and EVERY time I wore mine (my boyfriend doesnt wear jewelry) we would both have extremely bad luck. Absolutely terrible. Why? I do not understand it at all. Can you explain it to me? I bought them off of Etsy. They came in a manilla envelope package. Both were individually wrapped in bubble wrap pouches. And it came with a thank you note that had a dried bleeding heart flower with it.

  3. Hi
    I have a question about the selenite that I’m carrying. I’m not sure if it’s an actual selenite
    How do I get to know?

  4. Hi I didn’t know ur not ment to cleanse selenite in salt water and I did the stone has gone cloudy white please how do I fix it please help ☹

    1. Hi Vicky, The good news is your selenite still has all it’s beneficial properties… Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to resolve it’s change from water… You might be able to polish it in a crystal tumbler to get it’s shine back.

  5. I’ve found raw selenite crystals. But they are caked in mud and dirt. So how can I clean them without damaging them??

  6. Thank you for this… My husband accidentally knocked my selenite wand to the ground a few minutes ago and it split in half… I was nearly in tears! I started looking online for a way to fix it (all the while knowing this was futile, but I had to do something ) then I read this and now I’m less devastated… One question, how can I keep using it and stop it from continuing to splinter (or is it even possible? They are sharp and I have pets so it worries me )

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